May 5, 2022

Why Men Leave Women They Love – Finally The Mystery Reveal

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Why men leave women they love? what happened that he pulled away after being so close.

He was so into you and now he doesn't wanna see you anymore. 

"Relationship is that thin thread of mystery you never know when it may break".

This article is for you, if you're crazy and mad about your boyfriend or husband and I want to warn you that being crazy is not the solution to keep a man interested.

You need to keep the mystery and spark alive. Let him chase you rather than you constantly trying to chase him.

Below are the reasons why men leave women they love. I want you to read them till the end if you're serious about having a life long healthy relationship.

Some of the mistakes mentioned in this article are very common and I am damn sure you are committing them. so read it till the end.

I want you to understand the thinking pattern of man in this article and this will eventually help you to find out the reasons why men ignore women and why men leave perfect women....Right

So, the basis of attracting a man or changing him is extremely simple, and is based around one fact:

Men don’t respond to words.

What men respond to is actions.

If you’ve read any relationship books before, seen a counselor, or gotten advice from blogs on the internet, you’ll already know that so-called relationship ‘experts’ frequently counsel women to ‘open up and talk’.

Sound familiar?

‘Lay your cards on the table.’

‘Tell him exactly how you feel.’

‘Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.’

‘If he really loves you, he’ll take your needs into consideration.’

No. No. Just … NO.

Attraction Fact: Actions, not conversation, are what make men feel bonded and connected.

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That’s why you can ask for what you need until you’re blue in the face, but nothing ever changes.

Because words just don’t work on a guy the way they do for women.

Quick biology lesson (I’ll keep it real short, don’t worry!) …

The human brain is divided into hemispheres. The left hemisphere is for logic, actions, and rational thinking.

The right hemisphere is for language, talking, and emotion.

In other words, the left side is the ‘action’ side, and the right side is the ‘emotional’ side.

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Now, women can shift back and forth VERY easily between ‘action’ and ‘talking’, because our brains are built for it.

But men can’t, because their brains are NOT built for it.

The connecting fibers (called the corpus callosum) between left and right in the male brain are smaller and weaker than in the female brain.

This means that it takes energy and effort for a man to ‘shift’ into talking mode, unlike women, who effortlessly shift back and forth all day long and never notice.

Attraction Fact: For men, verbal communication is often an EFFORT. Sometimes an UNCOMFORTABLE effort.

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So the key is using ACTION, NOT WORDS, to psychologically trigger the chemical responses you want from inside his brain.

Let me paint you a little picture of what most women do to try and re-attract a man, bring him closer, and end the feelings of disconnect.

Here’s what most women do to try and bring a man closer (that never, ever works) …

She tells him everything. Pillow talk becomes a litany of requests and ‘deep reveals’ about the things she doesn’t like about herself, how she wishes her waist were smaller, and lessons she’s learned from her previous relationship. Then she’ll ask him to talk more about himself.

Tries to attract him by doing MORE, not less. She’ll go the extra mile with her clothes and makeup. She’ll show some skin. She’ll cook him his favorite meal. She will pursue him.

(Unfortunately, men are like dogs in this respect: they only chase you if you’re running the opposite direction. More on this later.)

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She’ll lose all her mystery and try to bring him closer by opening up more, spending MORE time with him, spending less time on her own pursuits and friends, and making more requests of him to do the same. However, a quality man needs SPACE to come closer.

The more you try to pull him in, the further away he runs. It’s like a reverse magnet. When a man is slightly nervous of losing you, when you’re not always ‘right there’, when he can’t have everything all the time, that’s when he comes closer and tries harder.

She’ll interrogate him as to what’s wrong. She’ll frequently ask him things like, ‘What’s wrong? Is everything okay?

Are you mad at me? What are you thinking about?’ Typically, his response will be nothing’s wrong which drives most women deeper into the cycle of ‘I can tell something’s wrong …. You seem distant what’s bothering you?’

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Finally, he snaps and yells ‘Nothing’s wrong! Quit bothering me!’ Congratulations. You’ve now succeeded in badgering him even further away than he was.

She shows her entire hand. Her actions and words show him that his approval and desire is the center of her universe.

She’s afraid to be without him and her actions show it. In her mind, she thinks things like, ‘He has to know how important he is to me,’ ‘Going the extra mile is good for the relationship’, and ‘I am showing him how much I care about the relationship by doing everything I can’.

In his mind, he starts to feel, ‘She’s always there. This feels weird. She’s like my mother. Where did the spark go?’

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The spark comes when he doesn’t always know everything about you and he has the space to WONDER what you’re thinking and feeling.

She will whine, pout, sulk, cry, maybe even throw a little tantrum and stomp her foot. She has emotional outbursts. ‘You should be more loving! You should want to spend more time with me!’

This turns down the dial on his love and desire for her, because for a man to truly want and crave you, he has to see you as a strong woman who has a backbone.

He must truly believe you don’t just ‘fly off the handle’. He must feel that you are a strong woman who doesn’t ‘lose it’ emotionally.

The more he sees that you are a strong woman and someone he can respect, that’s when your hold on his heart becomes permanent and unbreakable.

The more power you have over yourself, the more power you have over him. When his actions towards you don’t shake your world, that’s when he wants to give you the universe.

She will try even harder to reignite the spark. She becomes predictable. Every time he pulls back, she comes closer and offers more. If he is starting to become unavailable, she makes herself more available than ever.

She is hoping for a big romantic gesture from him to reassure her that everything’s great, but instead, she pours cold water on the fire in his heart. When a man is acting distant and strange, that’s when you need to pull back yourself.

He can’t come closer if you don’t give him room to do so. As long as you are ‘right there’ waiting for him, he doesn’t have the chance to miss you. A man will redouble his efforts to win you when he feels that he might be losing you.

Unpredictability is the key to having a man realize he’s being a jerk. When he has the space to wonder if you’re losing interest in him, that’s when he starts to think, ‘Hang on a sec. What’s going on here? Where did she go?’

Unpredictability – when he’s not always sure when he can see you or how you feel - is what gives him the room to come through for you.


In other words the kind of stuff that most women do to ‘draw a man closer’ really does push him further away.

What works on a man is action.

Not words. Action.

And if you want to learn how to develop the right skills to make him chase you life long and never leave, then...

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And take action if you want to be the queen of his it below.

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  1. I would like to know more on how to attract a man. My hubby semms distant and gives me silent treatment I want him back

    1. Hi Paula, sorry to hear that but can you tell me what’s the reason for that what do you think is going on in his mind… because there must be something that is creating distance and bitterness between you and him and you need to find out that first to take your relationship further to solve it.

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