May 5, 2022

How to Get Her in the Mood Fast For Sex By Talking Dirty

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How’s your sex life with your girl? Good, Bad or Awesome? I hope it’s awesome, but if it’s not don’t worry.

I am here to help. If you want to become the SEX GOD of the bedroom and want to discover the secrets behind how to get her in the mood fast for sex by talking dirty, then read this article till the end.

In this step-by-step guide you’ll learn exactly how to get your girlfriend or wife in the mood for sex by seducing her and creating the perfect sexual environment she only dreamed off by talking dirty.

So, if you’re with me continue reading to learn how to get her in the mood for a thrilling lovemaking session with your dirty talking script.

Now, you are going to create your own thrilling sexual environment to arouse her sexually and make her chase you for life-long.

If that sounds intimidating, you can relax. I’m going to teach you my three-step dirty talking script to get her in the mood.

I've made this technique really easy for you to learn by breaking it down into three totally basic elements to turn her on.

Even if you feel like you don't have a creative bone in your body, I promise you, you can use this formula.

There are three steps to creating your sexual environment and getting her in the mood fast: 

1. Fantasy-Brainstorm the scene.

2. Fantasy-Brainstorm the action sequences.

3. Put the lustiness all together.

I am going to walk you through each step, and at the end you will be able to confidently share your creative masterpiece!

Step 1: Fantasy-Brainstorm the Scene

No matter what medium you use to share your idea of creating an awesome sexual atmosphere, you need to describe the creative location.

You can choose familiar surroundings, a place you have previously had sex, a place you want to have sex, a setting from historical times, or a totally creative, imaginary place and space.

Think Guardians of the Galaxy – but with sex.

Right now, let's just come up with some ideas. You will decide in Step 3 which one you are ultimately selecting.

There is no limit to what you can choose, and brainstorming can help you figure out what turns you on, which will lead to story ideas for the rest of the plot.

Here are some locations to get your creative juices flowing:

Living room 


Hotel room


Beachfront cabana

Coat closet in a fancy restaurant

At work / in the office


At an event or function

Someone else’s event or function

Someone else's house

Your backyard

In the shower

The back seat of your car

A place at which she has already mentioned wanting to have sex

Add in some supporting descriptors to the setting. When you add these details, especially if you are doing this by text or phone, you tap into her imagination and get her mentally into the picture with you.

Are there other people around? What are you wearing?

What is she wearing? Remember, mentioning that she is wearing something that she’s worn on a date with you before and having her know you thought it was sexy will make her feel adored.

What is taking place nearby?

How did you or she arrive there?

What sounds/sights/smells are present?

If outdoors, is it sunny or stormy or snowing or . . .?

Is she in some kind of trouble or distress?

Step 2: Action

Once you've thought about the scene, you want to move into the action part of the plot that will set the environment for her to get in the mood for sex and also make her squirt when the time comes.

In this step, as in the first step, you are just brainstorming.

Let your desires run the show; there is nothing off limits or too crazy right now. The point to Step 2 is just to get creative and see what you think.

From Step 1, you probably already have an idea of the locations that sound fun to you, so it can help to think of how the action would unfold based on one of those locations.

For example, if your sexual environment scene opens in the kitchen, food would be a fun prop to take advantage of during sex.

Things to consider: 

Non-sexual action: What are you doing as the scene opens?

Who is the aggressor/initiator? You can show her how you surrender by having her be the aggressor.

You can also be objectified by letting her be the one who takes charge. It is also possible to have both of you swap roles in a scene. 

Foreplay: Kissing, touching, dry humping, oral . . . or maybe there is no foreplay at all!

Intercourse: Positions, use of furniture

Pace: Slow, wild, fast, rough

Sensations: Slippery, wet, warm, hot

Props: Toys, restraints, blindfold, food, ice, water, heat

Jot down your kinky sex ideas and see where your imagination wanders. Don't edit yourself. This is simply a creative brainstorm right now.

It's quite possible that after completing these two steps, you will have the makings of more than one sexual environment script!

Remember you goal with this is to please her sexually and mentally both.

Step 3: Put it all together!

Now it is time to make some decisions and bring your script to life.

You've had the chance to let your creativity run wild, and you should have some specific locations and scenarios that are turning you on or that you know will turn your woman on.

Also, think of the specific ways you can use your movie to hit those sexual psychology triggers of hers: praising her beauty (making her feel adored), letting her know that she drives you wild (making her feel irresistible to you), and giving her ownership/possession of you (making her feel safe and in control) are all great ones to include.

Before you begin to write and create your sexual environment, make a list of some dirty, sexy and tantalizing words from GOOGLE.

This list gives you lots of different words for body parts, sex acts, sensations, etc. that will help you in this activity!

I am going to provide you with a couple of easy-to-follow, basic, dirty talking-script templates that will get her in the mood for sex on the go.

You can use them, but feel free to create something completely your own.

Template #1: This script is ready-made, you just need to add in the details.

This format gives you the ability to use language you are comfortable with when it comes to the sex action. If you want to include intercourse, you can say “making love” or you can say “fucking.” It's completely up to you.

So, let’s begin the thrill and get her in the mood fast for sex.

I walk into (name of location) and see you are already there (doing some action). I can't help but admire your (physical or other trait).

You turn to look at me and you give me a sweet smile. I see that look of confidence and passion in your eyes. You’re wearing that (item of clothing) that you know turns me on, and today is no exception.

I walk up to you and pull you in for a hug. You smell like (name her typical fragrance). I feel instantly high and place a light kiss on your neck. I feel a shiver rush down your spine.

I grab your exceptional (body part) and give it a squeeze. You giggle and say, “Careful. Someone could walk in any minute.”

I reply, “I don’t care.” And place your hand on my (body part).

You gasp and say, “You’re naughty!” I notice a tinge of color rising into your cheeks and know you are turned on.

I suddenly pull my T-shirt off and pull you hard against me and begin kissing you passionately.

Your nails are digging into my back, and while you’re (yanking your dress/pulling your pants down), you mutter something about how much trouble we could get in.

We’re alone in the (name of room). You gracefully mount (item of furniture), while I swiftly take off my pants and am suddenly standing naked in front of you.

I can see your (body part) and I’m out of control with lust.

You ask me, “What do you want me to do?” Your hands begin to travel to your (body part). I let out a deep growl.

“You know what I want.”

“Tell me how you want me.” You say now in a more demanding tone, which makes me even more mad with desire.

I reply, “I want you (body position).”

You follow my instruction and get on your (body part: back, knees etc.)

I am on you in seconds. Neither of us caring who hears us or sees us. I am drunk with my need to be inside you and have lost all ability to think clearly.

With wild abandonment, (you or I) begin to (sex verb) (me or you). I feel your whole body shudder and you let out a deep moan. We are both now covered in sweat.

There we are (sex verbing) on the (furniture/floor) in the (location).

I can’t wait any longer. I pull you in and feel you so deeply. A few more thrusts and I feel myself explode as I surrender to you in orgasmic bliss.


Template #2: This template gives you much more creative control over your script to get her in mood.

I'm just prompting you on the specific points of the story you want to include and a possible order to the plot.

You can dive right into the main event or you can pace things out, telling a more comprehensive story. The choice is yours, there is no wrong way!

Title: Setting/Location: 

How you both arrive at the location: you arrive OR he arrives OR you arrive together

Describe what you OR she OR both are doing.

You admire her outfit OR physical trait OR personality trait.

Describe what you OR she OR both are wearing.

Provide supporting detail of environment (such as the weather, lighting, activity in background).

Decide which person is going to initiate sexual activity.

Share sexual/sensual action or feeling #1.

That leads to sexual/sensual action #2.

Describe how your body feels or what you want her to do.

That leads to sexual/sensual action #3:

Describe what you are doing to her or what she's doing to you:

OPTIONAL: Incorporate sexual action #4.

Conclusion builds toward complete satisfaction (usually with one or both of you climaxing).

Remember, there is no wrong way to write your sexual script!

It can be short and right to the action (a “quickie”) or it can be very detailed with plot twists and a full supporting story.

What To Do If You Run Out Of Ideas

If you run into “writers block” and can't come up with ideas, don’t worry at all.

Hitting a creative wall is normal – think of Hemingway's entire life. Even seasoned writers run into this situation.

When it happens to me, I stop what I am doing and do a totally unrelated activity, something fun.

And there’s exercise, or playing with kitties or dogs. Do something else to take the pressure off.

Seeds of creativity grow in the unconscious mind – my creative ideas really bloom when I shift my attention away from them.

Pressure is no bueno when it comes to creativity –or erotic pleasure.

And this exercise aspires to be both.

Wrapping It Up

Once you have your dirty script written out and ready to get her in the mood for sex then it’s time to make the best use of this golden opportunity.

Remember to give her the best orgasm of her life.

I will stop here. If you enjoyed this step-by-step guide on how to get her in the mood fast for sex you’ll also love what I want to share with you next.

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