May 6, 2022

3 Words Every Man Wants To Hear (You Already Know It Trust Me)

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This is a very short guide to be honest. In fact the one of the shortest article on my blog. But believe me this 3 words every man wants to hear is a guide that is full of emotions and love.

You'll surely love this guide on 3 words every man wants to hear. But before I reveal those three words I want to tell you something special very special something about you my friend.

Even though I am a Man but I trust me I know a lot about female emotions and their secret psychology.

Read this carefully. . .

To be a modern woman, you likely went to school to learn a profession or trade. You’ve built a career. You’ve paid your dues and can hold your own in front of your colleagues.

You got there by being independent, focused, and determined.

To be a modern woman, you probably didn’t go straight from your parents’ house to your husband’s house.

Chances are, you lived alone or with roommates. You may have cohabited with a boyfriend. You might live alone. Or you may be raising your children on your own after divorce.

You manage day to day by being independent, resourceful, and willing to figure things out when you need to. You’re tough and you’ve got this!

To be a modern woman, you manage your own finances.

You’ve given your heart to other men, and most likely you’ve had a handful of (or more) sexual partners.

You own a vibrator. You know what turns you on. You are well-versed in everything from mutual funds to why eggs from free-range chickens are better.

You can make your way in the world.

"Hey. . . you must be wondering what's going on what about the 3 words every man wants to hear".

Just continue reading. . .

So in life you’ve probably said you desire a partnership or marriage not because you “need” a man but because you want him.

I can hear you, my friend. It is how most women live their life and how most of your friends have, too.

The thing that has gotten tossed by the wayside—that seems really obvious, but rarely gets acknowledged—is that men also want to feel needed.

Along with wanting to feel loved, desired, and appreciated. . . at the core of what makes a man feel like a man is knowing he’s a vital part of your life.

That you need him. . .(you need him is one of those words man wants to hear from you it makes him feel special. . .trust me)

“I need you.”

This is not a desperate or “needy” way of needing a man.

This isn’t to manipulate him into fixing your car or “doing” anything for you.

This phrase indicates the powerful, heart-centered, and deep sexual hunger way of needing.

You might be able to fulfill all sorts of requirements in your lives all on your own, and many of the things a man used to be “needed” for back in the olden days just aren’t there anymore.

You can vote. You can own property. You can have credit cards in our name. You can get an education and have a career. You can bring home the bacon AND fry it up in a pan!

But when it comes to the yearning for intimate emotional connection to the man you love, that is a need he still fulfills.

He is a vital part of that connection.

You can’t feel that intimacy all on your own. And when you recognize how important and necessary he is in your life, you have to own the fact that it’s more than a want.

It’s a need.

And it’s okay to say you need him. And you want him. But the phrase

“I need you” is powerful beyond measure when a woman says it to the man she loves.

You know what? It might feel really effing scary to say it. If you are a modern woman like any other, it can be downright terrifying.

So sit with it for a bit. Twirl the phrase around your tongue several times.

Think about what it feels like to acknowledge the need. When you get to the place of feeling comfortable with it, tell him.

Tell him, “I love you, I want you, I appreciate you, I respect you, I desire you.” 

These are the 3 words every man wants to hear, every man dies to hear this 3 emotional words from his partner.

This phrase might be made up of simple words that don’t sound sexual. . . but I promise you they are.

By being vulnerable and telling your man that you need him, it will trigger a powerful and deep sexual connection between you.

Bonus Content: You see the desire to have a partner is a strong one, so strong that it’s led many people to end up in less-than-stellar relationships because they feel that any relationship is better than no relationship.

Luckily, you are a smart woman. And you value yourself and understand that settling for someone isn’t in your plan.

Remember a man doesn’t have to be perfect, because neither are you.

None of us are! However, these 3 words are the foundational building blocks that make a healthy relationship. Choose your words wisely, you deserve a happy relationship!

I will stop here. If you loved reading this short guide on 3 words every man wants to hear then do not forget to share it on your favorite social media.

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