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Secret Sauce To What Men Want From Women But Mostly Never Get

What Men Want From Women in a Relationship

What if you knew a powerful secret about men that could make you happier, healthier, and more irresistibly attractive than you ever believed possible?

What if you knew the truth about how a man’s mind really works the truth he would never willingly tell you himself (but desperately wishes you knew anyway)?

This post on what men want from women in relationship is for all those women who are struggling in their life to build the right connection and balance with their men.

This article is for all the tired and frustrated women who are dissatisfied in their short-term relationships with guys who are hardly interested in being with them.

I know there are times when some women start to wonder if this is all life have in store for them.

To be honest I cannot compare your situations, but I am absolutely sure about one thing!

If you are here reading this post, it means you are facing some difficulties in your relationship and it could be anything, but you want to solve it.

It’s just that somewhere deep inside you want to experience that secured feeling of being emotionally and physically connected with the guy you love.

Don't worry I am here to help you and I promise I ll try my best to provide value in this post which will ultimately help you strengthen your relationship.

Girls I invite you to try on a new perspective. It’s a perspective that has the immense power to transform your results with men.

It does so by activating instincts buried deep within your own mind and body

1. The Secret Sauce That Connects Men With Women in a Relationship

This secret sauce is what men really want from women in a relationship.

There’s a easy mental trick you can use to easily become more magnetic and tempting to any man.

I call it the Secret Sauce.

I will take you to the secret sauce mentality which is understanding the concept and signs of true love in your relationship.

I believe that true love is something when two people love each other so much that their greatest joy in life comes from trying to make each other happy.

More importantly in any given situation good or bad. That’s the definition of true love as far as I am concerned.

You love your partner so much that you just don't have anytime left to think about yourself.

What I mean is you become so selfless that you derive your happiness in trying to make your partner happy.

Imagine if you receive the same love in return from your partner... How satisfying it would feel? Right?

Two people trying their best to make each other happy at the same time, that’s the "Secret Sauce" for true love.

It means you don’t need to look out for your own interests because the other person is busy doing that for you.

But How To Develop This Secret Sauce? I Will Tell You...

How to Develop the Secret Sauce? Men want Emotional Security From You

It is a belief that a man needs to be emotionally strong and avoid appearing vulnerable in any circumstances of life.

Man has no rights to complain on anything, he is supposed to find an answer to every problem it can be anything official or family related, as in most of the cases they are the head of the family.

But, in many situations men too need their partners support in such a scenario if you can support him than it will be really fruitful for your relationship.

If a man cries in front of you or expresses his problems, you should be able to console and comfort him.

But if you push him away at the time when he desperately needs you, he will never trust you again with his emotions.

In such a situation if you fail to provide him the emotional security he will lose interest in you.

Men Are Suspicious By Nature, They Want You To Be Transparent

In most of the relationship women don’t tell their men about their feelings and needs, as they don’t want to bother their men, but the fact is hiding your feelings leads to miscommunication.

You leave them in the dark by hiding the truth instead of sharing it. You need to share your whole life with them but, you actually share only some part of it.

Remember relationships develop by fighting adversity, walking together on the broken road not by hiding things and living life separately.

By hiding things you are creating a wall in the loving space of your relationship.

It is much better to sought out things mutually and try to find a solution rather than hiding, which will encourage you both to build trust in your relationship.

Don't give them the chance to doubt your integrity as you will lose the trust and respect he has for you.

2. Key Steps To Get What You Want In a Relationship and Give What Men Want.

I know you want to be loved and pampered by your man, but... you must learn to give love first.

I hope you remember the "Secret Sauce" idea I mentioned above.

When you learn to give love it means you’re sure about what you want and taking action happens almost automatically.

Respect is What Men Really Want From the Women He Loves

As mentioned above, the Secret Sauce True Love is what men want, but there's something else which I believe is far more important than love - it is respect.

And this is because men treat respect as love, it is a very sensitive area of a man.

What men want from women in relationship is some respect, It's mainly to satisfy their ego.

If he ever feels you don’t agree to him on some issues, you disapprove him on his decisions, he will have tough time trusting you.

It will force him to think that you don’t respect him and agree to his thoughts, and if you don’t agree to his decisions, it's obvious you don't love him!

Believe me, that's what he will think, even when you know in your heart you truly love and care for him.

When this happens it will be difficult for him to feel love and respect for you and he will try to distant himself from you which will weaken your relationship which is a sign of a bad relationship.

So, it is important to ensure that you respect him and give him the status that he truly deserves.

Give Him What He Wants and You Will Attact What You Want

The problem with most women is that they do the opposite.

That is the reason life drains their energy because they don't understand how to respect and love man in order to satisfy their ego.

(Note: I am not talking about respecting man when they do wrong).

Instead, they spin their wheels and burn themselves out

The Secret Sauce Love and Respect has the potential to create dramatic positive changes in your love life.

Accept these changes and practice them with short sprints instead of long marathons.

In other words, go all out and really embrace this secret sauce and follow it with the right mindset.

Trust me in couple of weeks or months you will relax back into the comfort of your normal way of being and by giving what he wants, you will automatically attract what you want.

3. The "Respect Principle" To Get Amazing Results With Men.

If you really want to gain relationship mastery you must focus on one core principle.

This core principle has tremendous power to influence your romantic life by taking it to the next level.

As a result, it is critical to your success with man.

Master this core principle, and you will be amazed at the results.

Core Principle - The Art of Respect

Mastering the Art of respect principle will amplify your power to influence his emotions that we discussed above.

For instance He may forget what you said, but he will never forget how you made him feel.

So better focus on respecting, loving and giving him what he craves for, so that you radiate irresistible qualities men find particularly attractive.

Men and Women are two different species with different motivations, emotions, hormones, drives and feelings.

It’s one of the most powerful ways you can connect with a man on a deep emotional level.

And that powerful difference is respect principle we discussed above "Man crave respect even more than love" and this is one aspect or good quality every men want in a woman.

If given a choice, men would rather be respected than loved.

Because respect is directly connected with man's ego and most men if not all consider the respect principle as the binding factor in the context of his relationship with you.

Not All Men Deserve Your Respect

Important note: I want you to be very clear about the topic of respect so that you don't misunderstand the concept of Respect Principle.

​All men are not equal just like our five fingers are not equal. Similarly all men do not deserve your respect.

There is an easy way to understand a man who does not deserve your respect.

He is the man who does not have an natural desire to respect and honor you with dignity.

Real men with true character respond to respectful actions by lowering their defenses and becoming more humble and polite in their attitude and actions.

A man who is worth your time will become more loving and caring over time and not more hot-headed or boastful, when you respect him with your actions.

A men who is controlling by behaviour and emotionally abusive by nature will never accept you and show respect, simultaneously no amount of respect will improve your relationship with him.

There's no point in showing respect and love towards such a man

If you are with such a man quit and end your relationship right now. It is your right and your most urgent task to do so.

Do not spend your valuable time with such a man in a hope of "Fixing His Flaws" He is not worth your time.

I hope it's making sense to you of course respect is one thing what men want from women in relationship, but give them only if they deserve it.

Shocking Survey about How Important is Respect to Men

I would like to share with you a shocking survey conducted by Shaunti Feldhan a inspirational writer and author of the best selling book For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men.

In the survey, men were asked two questions and of course they had to pick one answer.

The questions were these:

1. Would you rather feel "alone and unloved in the world".


2. Would you rather feel "Inadequate and disrespected by everyone".

Many of the men responding to the survey item were confused because they didn't see any difference between the two.

Think about the implications of that alone... 

Now consider that even with this confusion, 74% of men said they would rather feel unloved than disrespected.

I hope now you understand what respect means to men.

It's a circle. 

--> Because you love him,
--> you show him respect,
--> and this makes him feel loved.

Men feel disrespected far more often than you might imagine. That’s because they hardly reveal others when they feel disrespected.

Instead, they just pull away.

The respect principle is not about gliding around his delicate ego.

In fact it’s the secret language of love you can use to beautify his feelings of attraction toward you and get amazing results with him.

Remember it's the question of your relationship and love life don't compromise over it if you really love him and want to be the queen of his heart forever try this program below:

4. How Your Appearance And Look Matter in Relationship.  It's something that every men secretly want from women.

Being a women you must realize one very important point: initial stages of attraction are particularly influenced by visual appeal.

It's because men are visual creatures and they fantasize with what they see and even more about what they do not see.

What most women if not all, do not realize is how significant it is that your man believes you put effort into looking attractive for him in particular.

Make note of this point as looking good is the feel good factor that drives every man crazy for women and it becomes more important at later stages in the relationship as it unfolds.

This is yet another aspect where men end up feeling respected or disrespected.

If he develops a feeling that you are exercising and taking proper care of your body, and doing what it takes to look great especially when you see him, he will feel and believe you desire him.

This will automatically make him feel respected and therefore, loved.

The secret sauce is to manage your appearance to look attractive and you will surely make it easier for him to feel attracted to you and it affects him on an emotional level too.

If you're with a really great guy and you want to end up being "The One," don't underestimate the power of taking care to look your best.

Now you may be thinking I'm not beautiful and attractive like other women around.

Trust me you don't have to be more beautiful than other women. You don't have to have model figure and looks.

In fact you just have to be what you are and try your best to improve in what you have.

The point is that he will appreciate your gesture of going out of your way to impress him.

This will make him feel proud of being with woman like you. 

It will eventually and naturally make him to think of you as someone he wants to spend him life time.

Example of Something to Avoid In Your Relationship with Your Man

As the relationship grows older the importance of relationship starts to fade away.

I ll tell you how, there are instances when you dress up very nicely to go out with your friends, but you dress up very casually when you go for dates with him.

Think about it what impression he gets and what he thinks in his mind, here is what he thinks, “You just take me for granted and doesn’t seem to put much effort or importance on how I see you anymore".

This is just one instance. There are many instances just like this one better take care and understand what men want from you.

It’s not that men actually find you less attractive just because you wear less makeup or dress casually for a date.

In fact, it’s something deeper and at more emotional level.

It’s the subtle message that you want to impress others more than you want to impress him. That's what he thinks, believes and do not like.

That’s the whole point.

Just keep that one simple idea in mind, and you’ll find it easy to avoid this particular situation.

Let your actions reflect a desire to impress him and not others around you.

Doing so communicates a form of respect that will make him feel attracted to you.

5. The Secret Ingredient To Be His Dream Girl.

There are multiple good things men look for in a woman, but research has proved that an upbeat, positive, caring, full of energy and loving attitude towards life is desirable trait that he seeks in women he love.

It is the secret ingredient to be his dream girl and the top most reason cited by men while making a choice to pursue a serious relationship with a woman.

Men are attracted to women who love life and enjoy it the way it comes. For men, the relationship is a moment-by-moment experience.

Of course they will commit you at deeper level in relationships, but the road to getting to that point can be difficult, if you do not understand their perspective and what they want from you.

They don’t look for emotions, meaning and importance in the initial stages of relationship as women do.

As a result, even little negative feelings in the initial stage of interactions can break your idea of being his dream girl.

If you are feeling confused I will explain my point briefly.

In a new relationship most men are not actually in love, believe me it's a fact.

Men are visual by nature and attraction is what they crave for.

In a new relationship they want to have fun and experience positive emotions with someone who makes them feel good.

The desire to be with a woman and really get connected with her emotionally develops at later stages when he has experienced and enjoyed the positive surface level interactions.

On the other hand most women are on mission to make the relationship the best from the start (initial stage).

Basically they go with the idea of trying to improve the relationship and in the process when things do not unfold as they want, they tend to get frustrated and that's where the relationship issues kicks in.

It happens because the man is on a different time scale, he takes your approach negatively.

It’s this negativity that kills the relationship in the initial stages as woman allows her frustration or negative feelings come to the surface.

Better avoid these situations and understand what men want from you and slow down the process of forcing a relationship to work.

Give time and try to enjoy the moments.

Instead of blurting out the thing you need him to understand, preface it by saying there’s something you need to tell him and wait for him to reply when he wants.

Let the curiosity develop in his mind for what you want to say, trying to force things will not help.

6. Amazing Tips To Develop the Right Chemistry and Attraction With Your Man.

Note that the right chemistry and attraction will not develop with fights and arguments, instead it will develop with patience, love and gratitude especially in trying circumstances.

It's human nature to talk louder and louder during arguments. It happens because men and women both feel they are right on their part and the other person is absolutely wrong.

It's the vicious circle that's plagued in our mind and the biggest reason why most relationships and marriages fail.

In romantic fights, we often accuse the other person of having intentions to hurt us or disregard our feelings and that's when the ego clashes.

When our partner argues, we feel hurt instead of agreeing with their views. That hurt very quickly turns into frustration and anger.

We try to prove our point and stick with it, It's due to the pain of not getting heard by the person who we love the most in this world.

We shout louder and louder, trying to convince and some how get our message heard.

Now the problem is that both partner are shouting and trying to prove their own points over and over without even trying to go to the root of the problem to solve it.

I have a simple and effective solution to handle this arguments and problems peacefully, but first you have commit to be patient without getting hyper.

The best way is try to stay calm and turn your full attention toward understanding your partner's words, from your partner's perspective.

While doing this try to forget and ignore all sarcasm, frustration and anger, at the same time behave in a way that he should feel you are hearing his call.

Of course this will not solve the problem, but definitely make him feel better as it will make him feel that you truly heard what he said.

Believe me, by doing this you can really develop right chemistry and attraction with your man.

You must be wondering... Why we women should listen to men every time?

I want to remind you again if you argue and do not listen to their words they will consider your action as disrespect and we have already discussed the significance of respect for men.

Trust me, try this tip and you will see better results in your relationship with men.

These are the little things what men want from women in relationship. As you start using this tip over time you will see the difference.

He will be more attracted towards you and will listen to your thoughts too, because you listened to him every time he wanted you too.

Of course it's not miracle, but do this kind of work for a while and you'll start to see some. 

7. The Perfect Way To Build The Right Sexual Tension.

No romantic relationship can survive without the ting of sexual romance and sexual chemistry.

It's one of the secret sauces what men want from women in relationship.

Sexual tension is the sort of thing that completes men and women and it is difficult to speak of with words.

Of course sexual tension may not be something new to you.

But you must understand that even very slight differences in feelings between partners can imbalance the feeling of something like running and chasing.

You don’t want him to feel like you are always running from him, and you don’t want him to feel that he needs to continuously back away from your advances.

Sexual tension and chemistry is something that has to be pursued and nurtured from both sides or else the sexual chemistry will die and once sexual chemistry dies, automatically.

The relationship will drown and that's not what you want, in fact give away what men secretly want from you of course only after building some trust.

Instead of running away from him, you must compliment his thoughts and try to build positive romantic tension should through each stage of the relationship.

You want to hint at interest and attraction while being some what playful in the way you hold your cards close to your chest, revealing only one play at a time.

This will not only build the right sexual chemistry but also make for a great story and a great beginning to your satisfying dating and love life.

The best relationships can only reach to its full potential with the magic ingredient of balanced pursuit which is possible only by giving first what men want from you and than getting back all when it's your turn to receive.



To be honest, I have covered a lot of ground in this article. I’ve shown you the inside secret sauce of the Respect Principle and how you can use it to attract a man's attention.

I have discussed methods for enhancing the way he experiences your presence. And I’ve shown you the true form of respect, being fully present in the moments when he needs you.

But the real magic will happen when you stack these secret sauces together and implement them in your relationship with men.

I really appreciate you for reading this guide of what men want from women in relationship.

If you liked it, please leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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