May 5, 2022

Sex Tips For Women: 7 Steps To Expand Your Sexual Horizons

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Sex Tips For Women 7 Savoir-Faire Tips For The Ladies

Author - Sandra Knezevic

Sexuality is more complex than what is tucked between our legs. In this guide let’s explore 7 sex tips for women like us and delve deeper into our own appetites and expand our sexual horizons.

There are always ways to spice things up and make your sex life even better, especially when we are left to our own devices, ain’t that right, ladies? 

Yes, this is where imagination comes in to take over the show.

But from a male perspective, women’s needs are not climax oriented at all.

Truth is, it’s not that women aren’t heading towards that direction, it’s just that they need love and attention - all over the body - to reach the destination.

So if things under the sheets have been getting a little monotonous lately, these 7 sex tips for women will surely change the dynamics and reboot the excitement of your love life.

#1. Buy Some Sex Toys

Now, now - first off, no playing coy!

Sex toys have been around since time immemorial and we have all done some intimate things, which deserve no witnesses.

But the truth is: It’s OK! Everybody has sexual fantasies as well as their own little private indignities.

The purpose of empowerment is not to let those things stop you.

We are our own greatest obstacles anyways, so BE inquisitive and open to new experiences.

Dildos, vibrators, and other lewd thingamajigs are all purposefully designed to enhance the physical sensations - for both men and women.

They are tools, which can at times accomplish more than any human touch could.

Not undermine the necessity of real skin-to-skin contact but these babies are made for pleasure only.

It is literally a sensory treasure trove waiting to be discovered so shop your dildo today!

Every woman needs some sugar when she is “soloing out” and swaggering naked in her palace.

Find positions that hit your spot

Don’t get lazy with this one! Although different sex positions might not change a lot for men, women can definitely tell the difference.

However, every woman reacts to stimulation differently, so you can’t expect one position to be the silver bullet for everyone.

Experiment solo or with your partner. Let your senses drive you.

Whether its man on top or woman on top, missionary, cowboy, Kamasutra gymnastics - anything goes as long as it rocks the boat.

Above all, sex is intuitive and you would do well to follow your intuition.

#2. Lube it up, babe! One of the best sex tips for women is to use Lubes while making love.

Without pain, there can be no pleasure - but certain thresholds you do not want to cross.

In order to keep everything within the confines of reason (until everything explodes, of course), best to be prepped with some lube.

Apart from the obvious health reasons, it also makes the whole experience juicier.

Luckily, there are plenty of jellies and lubes that decrease friction and make sex more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Some products even include specialized features, like a cooling sensation for women and a warm one for men. Neat, right?

#3 Try Ultra-thin Condoms

Condoms tend to lessen the experience of pleasure for both men and women.

Drastically. Still, they are a necessary form of protection.

So how can we avoid the sensory impairment and retain its preservative qualities?

As the heading suggests - ultra-thin condoms! It’s safe to say that latex technology has come a long way, so it would be smart to invest in some, especially if there is a special love occasion coming on.

Cut down on excess friction to ensure smooth sailing!

#4 Extend the Foreplay a Very Common But Mostly Ignored Sex Advice.

Of course, this is easier said than done but, ladies, you need to teach your man how to properly worship your body just as he needs to teach you how to send him to the stratosphere and back.

The secret is in foreplay. This is the gray zone where all the magic happens as you are both on the verge of crossing to your animalistic side. 

Show some humor, play a little sassy tease, do things to him like you are born to do it.

Frankly, there are a million ways to do foreplay.

When it comes to sex, men are beasts but also easy pickings because the only thing they cannot retaliate to is a woman confident in herself. 

Show him who is boss and tell him where to start kissing you before clothes hit the floor.

#5. Let Foreplay Turn into Roleplay

Kinky thought, right? Along the same lines, foreplay can become even more exciting if it turns into roleplay.

This is a particularly sex move to surprise your man and keep the romance alive in a relationship that has lost its zest. 

#6. Play into your partner's fantasies and desires.

Remember, this is not about turning fantasies into reality but giving each other space to feel different and sexually see one another under a different light.

It can be therapeutic. Roleplay can make sex fresh and exciting again because you are consenting to step outside of your default mode.

It is literally a sign that you actively trying to shake things up.

#7. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

In most cases, the phrase ‘to communicate’ itself doesn’t typically mean the same to men and women.

Again, yes, easier said than done - but first, you need to find a common tongue with your partner if you are to expand your sexual comfort zone in any way.

You’d be surprised with how many things some couples find completely “normal” which are downright obscene to others.

The only difference is that the former were able to communicate their desires and appetites to one another whereas the latter probably didn’t.

Sex is also a great indicator of where you currently stand as a couple so when things start to turn boring, chances are one or both of you are not fully expressing your prevailing desires.

In conclusion, you can always masturbate on your own...but it takes at least two to tango.

Whether you plan on spicing things up in your bedroom for yourself or want to renew your love life with your partner, the goal is the same:

You need to be adventurous and daring enough to uncover more about yourself.

To paraphrase David Bowie from one of his interviews in 1997 when he gave advice to artists -- when you are deep in the water barely touching the ground with your feet, this is where the most exciting things happen.

Sex, too, is artistry. If you do not experiment with it and push the envelope bit by bit, it will become stale and monotonous. Let’s not let that happen, ladies!

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