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How To Get What You Want From a Man Using This Proven Formula

How To Get What You Want From a Man Using This Proven Formula

A Quick Warning: What you are about to discover in this guide is a very effective psychological tactic that will show you how to get what you want from a man.

In fact this guide will give you the power to make your man do almost anything and get everything that you want from your man in a relationship.

Now, I expect that you use this responsibly. This guide is definitely not for the following people –

  1. – Women who want to manipulate a man for personal amusement or benefit. 
  2. – Women who stalk men.
  3. – Women who love playing mind games just to feel powerful.
  4. – Women who want to trap a guy and use manipulation to keep him interested in a relationship
  5. – Women who seek revenge from an ex or a guy who rejected them.

What you will NOT learn in this special guide on how to get what you want from a man.

I am not going to show you how to rule a guy an make him eat out of your hand.

What I will rather teach you is how not to be taken advantage of. I won’t tell you to be negative or do the things which are manipulative just to get a certain reaction from your man.

Neither will I teach you how to make yourself seem like you are better than everyone else or house an attitude.

What I will show you are proven tactics you can employ in your daily dealings with a guy and how to effectively get what you deserve out of your relationship. Alright!

Now that we have that out of the way let’s get to the real stuff and learn how to get what you want from a man.

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Men Are Driven By Ego – They Would Do Anything To Protect It And Every Man Has A Secret Desire To Look Like A Hero In Your Eyes.

Have you ever wondered why men never ask for help or directions?

In their world, asking for help is a sign of weakness. They want to feel like they are doing the right thing and they want to feel like they have the power and control in the relationship.

Now here is the big secret in a nutshell – If you learn the art of tickling his ego and giving him the illusion that he is in control, he will always do what you want him to do.

Deep down every man wants to be in control and wants you to treat him like he’s your hero.

Here’s The Step-by-Step Process On how to get what you want from a man.

Step 1 – Give him the illusion that he has the power or he is in control (tickle his ego).

Step 2 – Say something positive about his actions which will make him feel like a hero.

Step 3 – Then gently suggest what you want him to do by creating a positive expectation.

For example – Let’s say you want him to keep his commitments, here is what you must say when you’re in conversation with him…

“Tom, I really appreciate the fact that you are a man of your word and always deliver on your promises. This is one quality I really love in a guy. I know you are someone who will go out of his way to deliver on his promises and will never disappoint anyone.”

Now let me explain why this works so well –

1- By saying that you believe he is a man of his word, you have indirectly tickled his ego and now he will feel powerful.

2- By saying you love such a quality in a guy you have given him an appealing compliment which will make him feel like a hero.

3- And here is the important bit – By saying that you know he’s not someone who will ever disappoint you and will always deliver on his promises.

You have indirectly told him what you want him to do by creating a positive expectation.

He will follow through with your request just because he wants to look like a hero in your eyes. This is what he will think –

“ Oh wow! She thinks so highly of me. I better not screw up.”

So the next time he promises you something he will struggle to not follow through with his promise.

Don’t be surprised if he starts doing more of the things you like and over delivers on his promises after this point. Men would move mountains to protect their ego.

Now let me give you some really good examples of how you can use this tactic in other situations with men.

Scenario #1 – Let’s say you want him to be honest about everything. Say the following to him.

“Tom, I am glad that you aren’t like most other guys & you are always honest about everything. Such guys are very rare to find nowadays. I know you are someone who will never lie about anything.”

And even if he has been lying to you so far, he will feel super guilty & will either tell you the truth or will not lie to you at all from this point forward.

Scenario #2 – Let’s say you want him to take you seriously after the first few dates. Say the following

“Tom, you are probably the only guy I know who doesn’t play mind games with a woman just to get into her pants. You are one of those rare guys who are genuine. I know you aren’t someone who will use a woman just for his personal pleasure.”

Scenario #3 – When you want him to give you the special treatment – say the following

“Tom, you are one of those rare guys who knows how to treat a woman right. You make me feel wonderful on a whole new level which can’t be described. I am really glad to have someone like you.”

Scenario #4 – When you want to intensify his attraction towards you

“Tom, you are the first guy I have ever met who knows exactly what a woman wants. I love it when a guy not only keeps my needs in mind but also respects my personal space. You have some very impressive qualities.”

Scenario #5 – When you want him to do something special for you – Try the following

“Valentines day is coming & I am already buzzing with excitement. I know you will have something very special planned for us. I know you love to give surprises.”

Scenario #6 – When you want to ensure that he doesn’t cheat on you or dates other women while he is with you – Try the following

“Tom, I was just talking to an old friend of mine who just realized that her boyfriend was cheating on her. I am so happy to have you in my life as I know you will never do anything like that to me. I really appreciate the fact that you are a man of strict principles.”

And I am sure by now you understand how it works and can come up with your own variations of this trick to deal with different situations around a man.

It’s really fun to make him have this little bit of adrenaline rush for you once in a while. It’s one of the factors which will keep him glued to you.

If you properly follow everything you have learned so far I can almost guarantee you that not only will you get what you want, get treated better but you will also feel happy about yourself in the long term.

That’s all for now. If you really enjoyed reading this guide on how to get what you want from a man than you should also watch this special video presentation below.

About the Author Manish Yadav

My name is Manish Yadav and I’m the owner of the blog "Love Finds its Way". My advice does away with the manipulations and mind games recommended by magazines and the surface level advice of TV gurus… We’ll dive DEEP into the psychology and biology of desire and give you actionable steps you can use today. Over 900,000 men & women have transformed their relationships as a result, and I've been featured in Lifehack, Return of Kings, Menimprovement, Urban Dater, and so on... ...and no... We're not here to play games so you can manipulate your significant other... ...My only intention is to help you and your partner have a healthy and loving relationship by working on your intimacy with each other. And we’re just getting started!

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