May 5, 2022

6 Fun And Crazy Sex Ideas to Amp Up Your Daily Boring Sex Routine

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Do you feel your sex life is getting stale? Do you wish to try some fun, innovative and crazy sex ideas with your partner? If Yes! Read this.

When it comes to sex sometimes you need to explore your sexual boundaries gladly push it. And, in fact, sometimes pushing it is necessary because even the best sex life can become a little routine.

So, when I set out to cook up a new batch of sex moves, I knew they had to be unbelievably sexy, easy to master- and guaranteed to intensify the erotic experience for both of you.

Some women (wrongly) believe that nudging the sexual boundaries and trying fun and crazy sex ideas is a complex thing, but that isn’t true, and you can prove your partner that. 

All you have to do to accomplish this is introduce an unexpected element- whether it’s a prop or just a switch in location.

I know daring men like you are always up for a lusty challenge.

Achieve Sex Ninja status with some boundary-pushing, masterful sex moves and crazy sex ideas.

I know you’re interested in making sex as exciting as possible.

And according to top experts, the key to both you and your partner being satisfied is to keep rising the bar.

How do you do that? By becoming what I call a sex ninja- a person who can turn everyday objects into sex props, knows how to be creative and get it on in unusual places, and can even transform into someone different in the bedroom.

In other words, a master of all things naughty.

Trying new, wild sex techniques not only keeps things fresh- being adventurous is a serious turn-on for you both.

Here are 6 advanced, fun and crazy sex ideas that will bring her to her knees plus erotic variations for each to switch up the action and make sure it stays surprising and hot.

#1. Do it in a teeny, tiny space

“Tackling her somewhere small, like in a closet, adds a must-have-you-know vibe that’s hot”, says Ava Cadell, author of 12 Steps to Everlasting Love.

“And since you won’t have room to undress fully, it’ll feel even more all-consuming, spontaneous and animalistic.”

Lean your back against a wall, with your legs together and knees bent so your hips are slightly below hers.

Press your hands against the wall for balance or, if it can take your weight, hold on to the rod above your head.

She should then be able to straddle you by planting her feet on either side of yours.

Once you’re in position, either you or she can move up and down.

Because your bodies are pressed tightly together and you’re slightly slouched down, you don’t take up much room.

Sexy variations…to add with this crazy sex idea.

#1. Take control! Hold her by the hips and move her any way you like.

#2. Another great confined space: the bathroom. Prop her on the sink, pull up her skirt, and enter her as she controls the thrusting by guiding your butt with her feet.

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#2. Sneak a silent quickie in a crowded house

Maybe you are at your parents’ house for the week-end or have a roommate who sleeps in the very next room.

Whatever the situation, there’s something totally badass about getting down with your girl when someone else is close enough to discover you- while making sure you don’t actually get walked in, causing the mood to sputter out.

“The key to being stealthy is to use a sex position where the bed won’t creak loudly and alert the world that you’re doing it”, says Sonia Berg, author of Spectacular Sex Moves He’ll Never Forget:  Ingenious Positions and Techniques That Will Blow His Mind.

“Get into a spooning position with you behind her.

It’s almost impossible to move up and down- which is what causes creaking- when you lie like this.”

Enter her and move your hips in a wide circle instead of thrusting in and out.

Sexy variations…to try with this fun sex idea

#1. Have her turn around so she’s facing you, and have her swing her top leg over yours to allow you to go extra deep. 

Not only will you be chest-to-chest, creating feel-good friction, but you can kiss her to stifle any moans she lets loose.

#2. While she’s staying on a side, kneel so you can straddle her lower leg. It gives you a great view of her booty, and you can still move in wide circles to prevent any bed noise.

#3. Defy gravity in the wildest way possible

The regular version of 69 is killer enough- both of you getting oral pleasure at the same time? Come on. 

But you can make it even more hardcore by going extreme: you standing… with her upside-down.

Here’s how: Stand behind her at the end of the bed, and have her bend over, placing her hands on the bed.

Help her lift her legs straight into the air so she’s in a headstand position, while you’re holding her around the waist.

Her mouth will be right near your penis, and if you open her legs a little, you’ll have easy access to her clitoris.

Plus, because she’s upside down, blood will rush to her head, making her orgasm more intense.

Sexy variations…to try with this fun sex technique

#1. Spread her legs wide, then bring them together (so her thighs hug your face).

Repeating this move will work the muscles in her vagina, giving her more feel-good sensations.

#2. If you’re strong enough, hold her around the waist and actually lift her up and off the bed.

It’ll make you feel more masculine, but you’ll still have the soft bed underneath you… just in case.

#4. Be a wicked “other man”

Transforming your sexual personality amplifies the excitement for both of you.

You feel more free to try new things and be vocal than you might usually.

But look, you have to get into the fun of playing a role to pull this off. Start by thinking up a name for your alter ego.

Pick something flirty or sexual- maybe something from a movie you both like.

Prep yourself up with some special clothes to really impersonate the fictional character you’ve got your mind set on.

Then decide on one bedroom trait you’re going to focus on- maybe it’s giving her orders or pretending to be completely submissive.

Whatever it is, choose something that’s new for both of you.

Walk into the bedroom and tell your partner that she’s sleeping with someone different tonight.

She’ll be so excited and curious as to what’s to come, she’ll play along.

Sexy variations…to try with crazy sex idea

#1. Chose your favorite steamy sex scene from a movie to reenact with your partner.

Watch it first and get revved up knowing you’ll be doing the exact same moves soon.

#2. Take notice of the kinds of celebs your girl lust over, and turn yourself into a version of them for the evening.

Does she dig celebrities with the “nice-boy” public persona?

Put yourself at her mercy and tell her you’re hers for the night and she can do to you exactly what her heart desires.

Is she into tough guys? Slap on a fake tattoo and get “rough” with her.

#5. Be an X-rated multitasker

I’m sure that for some of you this might come as a surprise, but chicks love to see you get yourself off.

Here’s a real bad-boy twist: Pleasure yourself at the same time as you make her climax

Have her lie on the bed on her back while you lie next to her on your side, perpendicular to her body, with your head near her lady bits.

Start giving her oral, making sure she gets as turned on as possible. Once she’s wet and enjoying herself, reach down with your hand and start rubbing yourself (your position gives her primo view).

Don’t worry about being precise with your technique on her anymore, because watching the action that goes on down your package will turn her on so much, she won’t need much attention to climax.

Also, if you start moaning and breathing heavily as you near orgasm, that’ll make your lips vibrate on her clitoris, providing an intense sensation for her.

Sexy variations…to try with this innovative sex technique.

#1. If you really want to go full blaze on her, bring out the sex toys.

Use a vibrator on her, and a vibrating ring for your penis. Don’t go vaginal with the vibrator right away though.

In order to make her hot out of her mind, tease her with it, by rubbing it against the sides of her labia for a few seconds before inserting it inside her vagina and letting it work its magic on her.

#2. While pleasuring her with your mouth, bring her hand down to touch you.

Cover her fingers with yours so you can make sure her movements are exactly what you need to ejaculate.

It’ll arouse her even more to get to see you taking control of her actions, and she’ll love getting to feel you.

#6. Vamp it up with a view

Public displays of erection can land you in jail, or at least get you heavily fined, in many states.

But damn, it’s so hot, it’s worth figuring out a way to do.

Have her leave on her top, but take off her skirt and panties and have her lean out an open window so you can enter her from behind.

You’ll both get a thrill knowing people can see you while having no clue about all the naughty stuff going on just out of view.

If you’re still a little worried, do it at night.

Sexy variations…to try with this fun sex idea.

#1. Have her sit on the window ledge with the window closed.

Her back will be pressed up against the glass so others can still see her, but she’ll be face-to-face with you, making for a far more intimate experience.

#2. Get frisky in your car at night when it’s parked on your driveway.

Not only is it fun because it’s not a place you usually have sex, but being outside your house (where someone could see) will spike your adrenaline.

These 6 fun and crazy sex ideas are good enough to enhance your sexual techniques but what I'm going to share now will certainly blow your mind.

Consider these your weapons of pleasure- knowing how to wield them will grant you bedroom superpowers.

#1. Temperature.

Forget about stroking your woman with just your hands.

For a real treat, pop one of her silk scarves in the freezer a few minutes before you’re ready for action.

Then take it out and loosely wrap the icy fabric around her hot spots and gently slide it up and down.

“The coolness combined with the satiny smooth texture provides a surprising sensation”, explains Olivia St. Claire, author of 227 Ways to Unleash The Sex Goddess.

But act fast- the heat coming off your partner’s below the belt region will melt the chill rapidly.

So once the scarf hits room temp, go the opposite route and really warm things up.

Microwave it for about 15 seconds then use it to rub her in an up-and-down motion, just as you did when it was cold.

Not only is the warming sensation soothing, but is also brings the blood flow to her groin area, increasing her arousal.

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#2. Food.

Incorporating food into your passion play is a classic carnal activity.

Turning your bodies into a sexy buffet is a fresh, tasty spin.

Take a few of your favorite erotically appealing combinations, like peanut butter and honey or whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Put a dollop of, say, peanut butter on an area you’re you know she’d like to be licked (avoid the genitals, as it can lead to nasty infections).

Then dot the honey on the same spot on the opposite side of her body.

First lick off one flavor and then make your way over to the other, providing a pleasurable sensation for her and a flavorful sensation for you.

Continue mixing up yummy treats in symmetric spots all over her body.

#3. Body Paint.

Try this crazy sex idea and fun sex technique for a unique sensation, use a clean artist’s paintbrush to tickle her skin.

Run it across her inner arms, behind the knees, over the top of her feet- any area where she’s very sensitive.

The bristles arouse the nerve endings, sending a message to the brain that she’s yearning for more touch and sensation.

For varying effects, test out different brush sizes.

#4. Mint tea.

You can create a pleasurable hot-and-cold double-whammy sensation with a few sips of warm mint tea.

The tea makes your mouth hot as you put it on her private parts, meanwhile the menthol in the mint will cool down the area when you pull your mouth away, creating a hot-and-cold tug-of-war.

Take a small sip of the tea before exploring her with your mouth. Sip often to ensure she’s getting the full mint effect.

Alternate by blowing cool air on the warm, tea-soaked skin, making the tingly feeling more intense.

#5. Tying items. During intercourse, you’re all wrapped up in each other.

So extend the carnal concept even further by literally tying yourselves together.

Take a really long piece of sturdy plastic wrap (long enough to fit around your body about eight times), then fold it in half, twist it into a long rope that fits snuggly around both of your bodies twice, and secure it with a knot at your waist so you’re locked together.

You can also use a Pilates stretch band or a knitted scarf that has a bit of give.

Whether you get into girl-on-top, missionary or she straddles you face to face, you won’t be able to move more than a few inches from each other.

This not only increases sexual intimacy, but also the fun factor, as you find inventive ways to move in sync.

I will stop here. If you loved reading this advances and crazy sex ideas guide then you'll love this powerful video presentation below.

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