May 6, 2022

Only These 11 Sex Positions Can Satisfy Her – Try Them Tonight

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If you want to learn some Exotic, new and easy sex positions and raunchy sex moves to surprise your girl and enjoy a fully climatic sexual experience this guide is for you.

These are Peak-friendly easy sex positions for mind blowing, bed-rattling orgasms and the key to that is keeping it simple, absolutely simple

It's because when you try to accomplish complicated acrobatics it distracts you from the actual sex itself, putting your focus on how you can contort yourself, rather than enjoying the sexual experience and those amazing sensations”, explains sex educator Dorian Solot, coauthor of I Love Female Orgasm. 

“When you want your partner to climax, the simplest sex positions are often also the best sex positions, and with a few modifications, you can make them even more orgasm inducing than they already are.

Don’t worry; I’d never leave you hanging.

Here, I custom-designed some of the carnal classics to make sure she always hits the high notes.

I have four sex positions to give her exactly what she wants from you during sex, plus a few extra tricks to make her squirt and ensure that the road to bliss is even more of a sure thing.

So, if you are ready to learn the best possible easy sex positions to blow your partners mind . . . Read this.

#1. The missionary

It’s both intimate and sexy, with a hot combination of eye and full-body contact.

How to make it even better.

You’ll always have a place in your bed for missionary, but this tried-and-tested position could use a jolt of excitement.

“The best way of adapting this sex position is what I call “open missionary””, says Susan Crain Bakos, author of The Sex Bible for Women.

Have her wrap one leg around your waist (or have her put her ankle on your shoulder) and leave the other leg open by bending at the knee or leaving it flat on the bed.

This increases tightness and pleasure for both of you.

And the advantages for orgasmic missionary don’t stop here. Dr. Sadie Allison, relationship coach and author of Ride ‘Em Cowgirl: Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking, says missionary is perfect for achieving a clitoral orgasm

A pillow under her hips provides easy access for pelvis to pelvis contact.

The trick is for you to stay pressed up against your partner, creating a gliding friction as you move in small circles, avoiding the in-and-out motion.

With consistent rubbing and attention to the clitoris, she’ll be having a huge clitoral climax in no time.

Trust me, you’ll never see missionary position in the same way again.

#2. Doggy style

It turns up the raunchy factor a few notches and keeps you in touch with your wild side.

How to make it even better and enhance your sexual prowess.

To maximize pleasure, have her lower her chest down to the bed.

This will elongate her vagina and create a tighter fit- so more pleasure for both of you.

You can also try edge-of-the-bed positioning, so that you’re standing on the floor rather than kneeling on the mattress.

This will stabilize you and give you greater thrusting ability.

For more ooohs, encourage a bit of self-love from her part.

While she’s on all fours, she should open her legs wide enough so she can play with herself.

You could also hand her a vibrator to hold against her clitoris. The double treatment will make her holler!

Add more sexiness by doing it doggy style in a steamy bath.

Hot, misty air is perfect for loosening stiff muscles… and inhibitions.

Steam has a relaxing effect on the body and mind, so you’re less likely to have body hang-ups.

Unlike shower sex, with its shrinkage and slippage issues, sexing it up in a steamy bathroom provides all the heat you need, sans side effects.

Run the shower on the hottest setting for 15 minutes (you can carbon offset it later!).

Turn the water off and lay a mat on the floor of the shower or bath, so your feet don’t slip.

Then step in and get hot and steamy together.

The heat increases blood flow throughout her body, which allows for easier penetration.

“Bring some ice into the bathroom and, as you thrust, run a cube down her back, for a bouquet of feelings”, suggests Darcy Luadzers, author of The Ten Minute Sexual Solution.

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#3. Easy Sex Position Girl-on-top.

Why you love it She’s in control of the angle, depth and speed, so she can work it any way she likes for maximum satisfaction and comfort.

Also, admit it, you love it when your partner takes the reins.

The majority of the dudes polled in most sex surveys picked woman on top as their number one nooky style.

And no wonder, considering the all-access view you have of her body, not to mention the excitement of watching her scale the pulse-pounding peak.

How to make it even better

The best way to have an orgasm in this position is to have her tilt her hips forwards so her vulva is in direct contact with your pelvis.

She should then gyrate in small, gentle circles continuously in one direction then switch directions.

This will add the pleasure of clitoral stimulation, which puts her on the express service to O-town.

This also has pleasure payoff for you. Besides the bodacious view of her breasts, you’ll love the soft circling motions.

And the unexpected twist in a new direction will keep you in a horny holding pattern, so you won’t climax quickly.

Another variation is the G-spot-friendly a​​ngle. She should move down so your penis is angled straight.

Then slowly guide the tip of your penis to her G-spot and le​​t her begin her glory ride. 

The reverse cowgirl position is also an orgasm favorite.

When she’s facing your feet, she can lean forwards at a variety of angles to achieve different sensations.

Pro-tip - Bring some ice into the bathroom and, as you thrust, run a cube down her back, for a bouquet of feelings

#4. Side by side sex position.

It’s the perfect “lazy Sunday” easy sex position, when you’re looking for something hot and fun, but not too strenuous.

How to make it even better

When you’re in a spooning position, a good trick to increase pleasure is to have her, well, shut her legs! Instead of holding her legs open with one knee up, she should keep them tight together.

This will create extra snugness for you, and more stimulation for her.

For something a bit more adventurous, I would suggest facing each other and introducing a vibrator into the mix.

When you’re holding her and watching the pleasure that you’re causing, it’ll turn a sweet position into an extremely hot one.

Apart from these 4 easy sex positions I have some creative kinky sex ideas to make your sexual encounter even more interesting.

Want to turn tonight’s amorous encounter into an erotic adventure?

Give your mattress a rest and attempt my new, super hot pleasure poses- perfect for getting it on upstairs, downstairs… heck, even on the stairs.

Chances are, when you and your partner are about to get it on, you make a beeline for the bed.

Now I’m not knocking between-the-sheets sex, but you can make your intimate encounters even more intoxicating by moving them beyond the boudoir.

“Shaking it up by doing it in an innovative location will create a new, exciting dynamic in your sexual relationship”, says Kimberly Raye, author of The Sex Solution.

“Having sex somewhere unexpected or where you’re not supposed to often releases brain hormones that increase desire and passion.”

With the benefits of novel nooky in mind, I’ve mapped out some daring and innovative sex positions to try in every nook and cranny of your home.

Let the room christening begin.

#5. Kitchen Encounter (crazy sex positions)

Have her sit on the edge of the counter, with her knees pulled up to her chest, and her feet placed flat on the counter.

Stand facing her, between her legs, and have her scoot her bum far enough forward (it may have to hang over a few inches above the surface) so you can enter her.

If she’s too high up for you to reach her comfortably, stand on a phone book or a sturdy crate.

While she holds on to your shoulders for support, grab her butt to help propel her back and forth.

“This is a twist on an ancient position in the Kama Sutra where both thighs are raised in the air, which allows for very deep penetration”, says Alex Williams, author of Kitchen Kama Sutra: 50 Ways to Seduce Each Other Outside the Bedroom.

Pro tip: innovative and new sex position.

The kitchen offers you easy access to homemade passion props.

“You can tease her with the sink sprayer as she sits in the sink”, points out Joan Elizabeth Lloyd, author of Naughtier Bedtime stories.

You’re also right by the fridge so you can find creative uses for ice, fruit, whipped cream, and other fun lickables.

You also have the option of laying the table… but this time in a fun and sexy way.

Have her lie down on her back on the kitchen table (just make sure it’s clean and any condiments have been removed) with her bum close to the edge and her legs open.

Stand between her legs and hold onto her hips as you enter her and pump in rhythm, building as the orgasmic tension mounts.

You can also raise her legs in the air, rest them on your shoulders or have her bend them with her feet on the edge of the table.

Big O booster: Clench and lift her bum to increase the flow of blood to her pelvis. She’ll love it even more.

#6. Doorway play Crazy Sex Position

Standing-up sex can be a challenge, unless there’s some solid structure for support… like a door frame.

For this pose, squat with your back against one side of a doorway.

Your thighs should be parallel to the floor, and you can put your hands behind your lower back for cushioning.

Have her stand facing away from you, with her legs spread so they’re on either side of yours, and then have her back up onto your member.

Once you’re positioned like that, she should bend forward and push against the opposite door.

Because she’s in the driver’s seat, she’ll most probably want to mix up the moves- swivel her hips back and forth in a circular pattern or figure eights- and experiment to see what feels best.

This is good news for you because every time she switches direction, you’ll both experience new pleasurable sensations.

Pro tip

Ask her to leave on a pair of sexy stiletto heels… and nothing else.

The shoe’s shape will help keep her pitched forward on her toes for maximum maneuverability, and the mere sight of them will drive you wild.

#7. Thigh High advanced sex position for couples

Have her kneel on the floor in front of an ottoman (or use a couple of cushions), then have her lean forward so her stomach is flat against it, palms on the floor.

Kneel between her legs and hold on to her hips as you penetrate her. While you’re firmly inside her, she should straighten her legs so that you can hold on to her thighs.

You can lift her legs to create a better G-spot angle- just watch the way she reacts to it to see how high you should go.

Another bonus of this from-behind position for her: Not being able to see you lets her fully focus on the tingly sensations.


If she has the flexibility to pull it off, she should start by sitting cross-legged, each foot on the opposite thigh.

Then when she leans forward, she should keep her legs forward during intercourse.

They will form a triangle with her butt, for a sexy sight like you’ve never seen before, and her locked limbs will create an incredibly snug fit for your member.

#8. On the level sex position.

This is a perfect sex position if there’s a big difference in height between you and your partner… but it’s pretty hot even if there’s not.

Have her stand with her back to the wall, either at the bottom of the staircase or one or two steps up if you are taller than she is. (If she’s taller, do the reverse)

Stand facing her so your pelvises are at the same level.

Get yourselves situated, then have her lift one of her legs and rest it on the banister that’s across from her to help support herself.

She should hold on to your shoulders for balance as you enter her.

(You both might have to twist your torsos a little to meld the right way.) The angle created by her raised leg will give you a tighter fit, making it more pleasurable for both of you.

Pro tip:

By slightly bending her outstretched knee, she’ll have more leverage to rub against you, giving her clitoris some extra feel-good friction and boosting her orgasm.

If she flexes both her knee and her PC muscles- the ones she uses to stop the urine flow- in sync, you’ll feel even tighter inside her, and the subtle rocking motion created by bending her knee lets her control the speed and rhythm.

#9. The couching tiger sex position for couples

Have her sit on your lap while you’re on the couch, and tuck her feet into the crease where the back and seat connect.

When you’re inside her, hold on to each other’s forearms for support, and have her slowly lean back until she’s lying on her thighs.

She should straighten her legs slightly and push back her hips to ride you; you can use your arms to help propel her back and forth.

This position is visually hot. You can look at her spread out before you, and she gets to see the action as well.

It also angles her clitoris for direct contact and make is easy for you to give her manual stimulation.

Pro tip:

Place a pillow underneath her thighs (up by your knees) to allow for even deeper entry.

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#10. Good vibrations

Have her sit on top of a washing machine, with her legs dangling over the side or placing the soles or her feet against it to steady herself.

Stand facing her, between her legs, while she tightens her thighs around you after you’re inside.

For deeper penetration, grab her butt and pull her close. Once you’re going at it, turn on the machine.

The vibrations will feel delicious against her bare body.

And every time the machine changes cycles, you’ll experience a different sensation.

In addition to the shaking, the surface of the washer will create a scintillating heat from bellow.

Pro tip:

Lean forward so your thighs are against the machine. The vibrations will rock through your entire body.

#11. Flooring it

Finally, a ground position with no rug-burn risk. Kneel (you can cushion your knees with a towel or pillow), and have her slowly lower herself onto your member, facing away from you.

For more her PC muscles, take action by grabbing her by the hips and lowering her yourself. 

You can tease her and ensure some sweet eye candy for you by slooowly inching her way down.

She should stay squatted without fully sitting so she’ll be able to thrust with abandon.

You can lean back with one hand and use the other to stimulate her pleasure zones.

This is one of the best sex position for you to bring her to orgasm manually.

Another bonus: If she leans back as well, you get the naughty thrill of not looking into each other’s eyes but the intimacy of having your faces so close.

Pro tip:

Spread your thighs wide, while she kneels on the floor in front of you. If she keeps her legs together, she’ll be able to feel every inch of you as you slide in and out of her.

Dude I will stop here. If you loved reading this guide on crazy and easy sex positions for couple than do not forget to share it on your favorite social media.

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