February 24, 2021

25 Women Reveal What do Women Want in Bed – Survey Results

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So what do women want in bed? Or which of these pleasure zones on her body are you neglecting?

How can you enjoy mind blowing sex with the woman you love?

Do not worry here is your top secret game plan for shockingly intense orgasms and mind-blowing sex (from women to men)

What if a woman’s down there region could talk…

Wouldn’t it be nice if the anatomy of the female orgasm would come with a particularly detailed set of instructions?

You’d know where exactly to find all her hot spots to satisfy her and what to do with them in order to give her the orgasm she wants.

In other words, you would know EXACTLY what do women want in bed to experience mind blowing sex.

Unfortunately, as it is in relationships, women don’t walk with a guide hung on their neck.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that they are not willing to fill such invisible sex tutorial on what turns them on by communicating with their partner.

Either they’re ashamed to bring up the subject or they actually don’t know that much about their own bodies themselves.

For example, most women don’t know where their G-spot (a veeery sensitive part of a woman’s underskirt anatomy is actually located.

So they’re not really accountable when it comes to giving lessons about their down there region.

But because I hate the idea of a man approaching a woman’s body metaphorically blindfolded, I’m going to fill the blanks in your knowledge concerning a woman’s body by providing you with inside insight.

What would a woman’s down there region would tell you if it could talk? And what would you do to make her squirt.

It’s easy, it will direct you to all of a woman’s hot bits, showing you exactly how and where you should put pressure.

But, since we’re not in a fantasy porno movie, I’ve gone exploring for you, so that you don’t spend your time waiting for her down region to suddenly grow a mouth and tell you what to have to do.

That is why I surveyed real women to tell you EXACTLY what they want in bed to experience mind blowing sex.

So, Boys I request you all to read this guide until the end to find out exactly what do women want in bed. I surveyed a lot of women and here is what they had to say (From women to men)

The real women tell all what she loves and want sexually in bed.

Sometimes it’s better to Get your information directly from the source. That way you know for sure there’s no way you can go wrong.

I asked some real women to describe- in nitty-Gritty detail- the one technique that never fails to take them over the edge to the brink of sexual orgasm.

And wow, there are some tricks here that even I, an authority on orgasms, didn’t see, uh, coming…

#1. “Every woman is built differently, so there isn’t one sex trick that makes all women climax.

But if you spend some time experimenting, you’ll find at least one surefire maneuver that will push her through the finish line”, says Lou Paget, author of How to Be a Great Lover.

Forget about a signature dish, hairstyle or soccer move. How about some orgasm-proof sex moves, ones that never fail to take her to the finish line?

To help you determine your bull’s eye move, I asked real chicks to describe their no-fail secret.

Read them, try them out, and see which ones work in your couple’s case.

You might find tricks that are so simple you will actually be surprised you didn’t think about or tried them on them earlier.

#2. “For me, it takes long, sensual thrusting on his part.

To help my guy do that, I put a pillow under my butt when he’s on top, which gives him better access to my G-spot.

He grinds in a circular motion, so I feel not only his penis massaging my G-spot but also his pelvic bone rubbing against my clitoris.

Since he’s hitting both sweet zones at ones, I’m a hundred percent stimulated after a few deep, slow thrusts.”- Says Holly

#3. “I like clitoral orgasms best, but I can’t handle too much direct contact down there, because I get too sensitive.

So whenever my guy is rubbing my clitoris and it’s getting too intense, I bust out my lube.

It feels tingly, which provides a cooling sensation, and the extra slipperiness takes away any discomfort I felt.

That soothing feeling helps me calm down and truly focus on what my man is doing down there, which allows me to let loose and have an awesome orgasm”- Says Audrey

#4. “My ahh-mazing O move has two parts.

First, my Guy slows down right as I’m on the brink and kisses me on my neck.

That feels really good, and I think it helps me let go because it’s such an intimate and caring kind of kiss.

The bigger power move comes after, when he enters me one more time and Goes super fast, almost animal style.

I normally don’t like it that quick, but since it follows such a sensual smooch, it creates this amazing mix of love and passion that gets me all riled up and gives me a killer, explosive orgasm.”- Says Annie

#5. “I need to be flat on my stomach or it doesn’t happen.

So after a few minutes in missionary, I get on top and lie with my chest flat against his.

Then I move my hips back and forth so my clitoris is really rubbing against his body, and when I feel like I’m almost there.

I have him thrust his butt up a few times so his pelvis hits my clitoris even harder. That final thrusting always does the job.”- Says Jill

#6. “It’s a sure thing for me when my guy and I do doggie-style sex position where I get on all fours and he kneels behind me.

All he has to do is enter me from behind and push deep inside me, and soon he’s making nice with my G-spot.

If I need extra stimulation, I’ll reach between my legs and rub my clit or have him do it.

The end result is one of those deep, rush filled orgasms that leave me out of breath.”- Says Zoe

I hope guys you've started to get some idea about what do women want in bed sexually for mind blowing sex?

Continue reading for more survey results.

#7. “I require serious pressure and friction to orgasm.

My boyfriend presses the heel of his palm down hard over my clitoris and moves it back and forth so fast, his hand starts to blur like the blades of ceiling fan on high.

At the same time, I push my body against his and gyrate my hips to increase the friction.

After as much as two full minutes, whoosh, it happens. It might seem exhausting, but it sure is worth it!”- Says Alice

#8. “when my Guy pulls out our bullet vibrator, I know I’m done.

Just the sight of it turns me on, because I know what’s in store.

He starts by putting it on a slow speed and teasing me by buzzing it around my clitoris or a couple of minutes.

Then he ups the speed to medium, inserts it into my vagina and goes down on me at the same time.

I try to hold out, but about a minute later… mission accomplished.”- Says Stephanie

#9. “I tend to take much longer than my boyfriend does to finish, so I’ve found the best way to satisfy us both is to have him put his index and middle fingers inside me after he climaxes.

Not only does it not feel as rushed as foreplay, but since I’m already turned on, it’s easier for him to really explore down there and take the time to find my G-spot.

When he does, I have him alternate rubbing my clitoris with his thumb and pressing his fingertips firmly against my G-spot for a few seconds.

That bit of pressure makes it happen big-time.”- Says Anna

#10. “my tried-and-true method for reaching orgasm is when I touch my clitoris myself as he’s thrusting.

But he can’t be thrusting too deeply or it’ll feel overwhelming in a distracting way.

It has to be kind of shallow thrusting, because I need enough room to get my hand in there.

I’ll hold all my fingers together, press them firmly over my clitoris, and then move them side to side at varying speeds.”- Says Lisa

#11. “When I feel myself about to let loose, I squeeze my pc muscles for five seconds, release them, and then do that over and over again until I finally finish.

It creates this amazing friction against my guy’s penis, which he feels too, making it extra hot.

And it doesn’t even matter which position we’re in- it works regardless.”- Says Ann

#12. “I like to Grab my own nipples for a minute or so toward the end of the act. Usually, I’ll just massage them lightly in a circular motion- anything harder and it hurts.

My guy loves the show, so it makes me feel sexy, and the added sensations help me climax.”- Says Dawn

#13. “I love it when my Guy uses the tip of his penis (rather than his fingers or tongue) to massage my clitoris when he’s on top.

After a couple of minutes of thrusting, I have him pull out and caress my clitoris with the tip of his member before entering me again.

The stop-and start technique helps him last longer, and just knowing his hard erection is in contact with my clitoris gives me a psychological thrill. It’s a total win-win.”- Says Katie

#14.“there’s no way I’m Going to orgasm unless I’m on top, meaning I control the motions and the pressure.

I get up there and then, when I lower myself onto his penis, he uses his arms to push himself up, so that we’re sitting facing each other and my legs are wrapped over and around his waist.

A few minutes of grinding slowly back and forth in circles in this position, and boom… I’m down for the count.”- Says Anne

#15. “I need to be really excited to orgasm, and I’ve found that a great way to do that is to keep my underwear on for as long as possible. That's what I love in bed.

I have my boyfriend lick the sides around the fabric to tease me then press his tongue firmly over my underwear so I feel the pressure right on my clitoris.

After a minute or two, the anticipation is too much for us both.

He rips off my underwear, and it only takes about half a minute of him swirling his tongue around down there for me to reach orgasmic bliss!”- Says Britt

#16. “I can have an awesome O during oral if my guy licks my clitoris and puts a finger inside me at the same time.

He’ll either use slow-and-out strokes or keep his finger in and twirl it around- all while his tongue is lapping steadily against my spot.

By doing this, he’s hitting my G-spot and my clitoris… and that combo almost never fails.”- Says Jaclyn

#17. “When I get stressed, I find it hard to enjoy hooking up with my boyfriend because I can’t think about anything but what’s bugging me.

So I make him take me to a surprise place to have sex; one time, he took me to a tree house.

Being in unexpected surroundings lets me get out of my own head and focus on my body more, which nearly always brings me to O town.”- Says Jess

#18. “When he’s on top, I put my feet up so they’re on his shoulders, which puts his penis in line with my G-spot.

I press the soles of my feet against his shoulders firmly, so he has to stay on top of me.

It’s intense and the beginning of a mind blowing sex for us!

Then I grind my lower body against him as he’s thrusting in and out.

We keep at it for a while, and we can usually orgasm together.”- Says Grace

#19. “I love a finger up my bottom when my boyfriend is Going down on me.

But not too far in; just lightly thrusting is perfect.

It took me a while to get used to, but now it gives me the most explosive orgasm ever.”- Says Alysin

#20. “The signature sex move that I always rely on is the “prayIng mantIs”.

It works best if you are on a low bed or coffee table- whatever furniture is around!

I get my guy to stand at the edge of the bed, and pull my legs up so that my feet are resting on his shoulders.

He hoists my bum up with his hands so that my back is in a straight line and my pelvis is tilting forward.

Basically, my crotch meets his- it’s a very visual display that gets him so turned on he is hard like a rock! More pleasure and squirting orgasms for me!”- Says Jess

#21. “I credit all the hot sex I’ve ever had to teaching him my abc oral sex trick.

He used to rush into sucking on my clitoris like mad, but now he knows that taking it slow makes me more relaxed and more likely to orgasm.

He goes through the motions of the alphabet using his tongue; up, down and all around my privates.

He makes some letters bigger and wetter than others, and if he makes it all the way to the Z without me begging for him to climb on top of me, she gently hums on my clitoris. Works like a charm!”- Says Sam

#22. “I love sci-fi sexy! Role play always makes me feel desirable, but I prefer to dress up as a sexy character from an action or sci-fi movie or game.

It’s a fresh change from the traditional schoolgirl/stripper look, and always gets me fired up.

Once we combine some acting with a whole lot of foreplay, I climax within minutes.”- Says Mandy

#23. “Whenever we’re having sex in the missionary position, I slide my hand down so that my pointer finger is on one side of my man’s shaft and my middle finger is on the other side.

I squeeze my fingers together while he is moving in and out; it gives him a great sensation, making him harder, and my thumb rubs my clitoris at the same time.

It’s a great trick that works with a lot of other positions as well.”- Says Tara

#24. “I bought a we-vibe, the c-shaped vibrator that can be worn by a woman while she’s making love.

I also like to squeeze some water-based lube onto my toy and, give it to my man.

He cups it in the palm of his hand and gives me a super-intense vibrating had job by rubbing it up and down my labia.

With a gentle squeeze, he can increase the tightness and really send me into overdrive. The ending is more than happy for both of us!”- Says Tina

#25. “My favorite part for stroking during foreplay and/or sex is a part many men ignore.

I call it the “mmm” spot- the area spanning from my belly button down to my labia.

Women love to be stroked, licked and kisses in this area, trust me.

I speak from experience.

I get wet the minute he pushes me onto the bed and, with a wicked smile, bends over and blows gently on these parts.

He drives me crazy by gently kissing my groin and near my hip bones as well.”- Says Joanna

So dude, by now I believe you've a better idea of what do women want in bed sexually, these 25 women revealed the real truth about how to make them orgasm.

I will stop here. I believe you loved reading this article on what women want in bed for mind blowing sex.

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