May 4, 2022

Best Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life Today – [With Pictures]

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In this step-by-step simple guide (with diagrams and illustrations), I will share different sex positions that you can try as a couple. 

And learn EXACTLY how to experience toe-curling orgasms, using this best sex positions with your partner.

Note that these sex positions range from beginners to crazy along with the images for so that you can incorporate and try innovative and new sex positions in bed.

I want you to fulfill your lusty longings with this fun sexual positions guide 🙂

so if you are ready let's start learning sex positions for beginners and also some crazy sex positions for advanced couple.

You are going to see some familiar friends in these pages, but what’s different is that I will tell you what type of orgasm you can achieve with each one. 

And a bunch of tricks and variations to modify them to suit you!

From your sexual stamina. . . to flexibility. . . to your partner’s size. . . it’s all considered and listed out for you.

First, though, let me mention that our illustration “models” on the following pages are a teeny bit creepy.

I don’t know about you, but faceless people tend to weird me out.

But I suppose they are slightly better than the people in Joy of Sex (remember that? Seventies pubichair-a-palooza! Ha!)

#1 Face to Face Sex Positions


Facing each other allows you to talk, gaze into each other’s eyes, and to passionately kiss during intercourse.

But it doesn’t have to be all sweetness. . . you can throw plenty of spice in with these!

The missionary sex position but of course Not Your Mama’s Missionary

Ideal for: romantic connection, 

How to: lie on your back with legs open, providing easy access for him to slide right in

Cucumber Considerations: comfortable for all sizes

Fitness Level: low

Orgasm Type: clitoral with added manual stimulation

Variations: Feel free to massage (or spank!) his booty, like the model’s doing in the picture.

Massaging or running your nails down his back also feels good.

Add a pillow or tilt your hips upward a few inches and have him use shallow strokes to get in a little G-spot stimulation.

#2. Over the Shoulder Sex Positions


Ideal for: deep penetration with eye contact, anal penetration if desired

How to: from missionary, just swing one or both ankles over his shoulders

Cucumber Considerations: awesome for the small-to-average size penis. He can get very deep!

Fitness Level: he needs arm strength and stamina during sex, and you should stretch out your hamstrings to warm up!

Orgasm Type: deep thrusting can reach the A-spot, shallow thrusting can reach the G-spot

Variations: you can put your feet against his chest or shoulders for even deeper penetration.

Hoisting your feet up and over you, resting them against a wall or bed frame feels acrobatic but is quite easy (but don’t try this if you are gassy, as the pressure on your tummy may cause a toot to escape!).

Another variation is for you to keep your legs closed together and straight up in the air while he enters you either in push-up position or on his knees. It feels extra tight AND the friction can stimulate your clitoris!

#3. The Push-Up Sexual Position For Couples


Ideal for: admiring his arms and chest

How to: from missionary, he pushes up onto his hands, arms extended Cucumber Considerations: great for all sizes!

Fitness Level: he needs arm strength

Orgasm Type: clitoral. It’s also easy to add a vibrator with this one

Variations: If he’s well-endowed, try a slow sliding and rocking motion with this position.

He can control the pace and depth. He can also angle his pubic bone toward your clit to get some added stimulation there.

#4. The Outsider Sex Position


Ideal for: romantic connection with clitoral stimulation

How to: lie on your back, legs together, while he straddles your legs and penetrates

Cucumber Considerations: great for larger guys but it works for all sizes

Fitness Level: low

Orgasm Type: clitoral is possible

Variations: use a pillow under your hips to give a slightly different sensation/angle, or place a vibrator against yourself for added zing

#5. The Slow Ride Sex Position For Couples


Ideal for: G-spot stimulation and slow lovemaking, with the bonus that he feels your breasts rubbing against his chest

How to: he lies on his back (feet extended or over the side of the bed as shown), and you have one leg extended between his while the other drapes over his side.

Slide yourself onto him, and then use slow, sliding motions with your body to create friction

Cucumber Considerations: not great for teeny weenies, as he can easily slip out

Fitness Level: low-medium Orgasm Type: G-spot

Variations: you can try both legs extended or both straddling him to vary it up

#6. Ride His Dick ’Em Cowgirl (Women on Top Sexual Position For Women


Ideal for: female controlled depth/pace and clitoral stimulation, with the bonus that he gets to watch your boobs bounce around

How to: he lies on his back, you straddle him and lower yourself on board

Cucumber Considerations: works for any size, and you control the depth!

Fitness Level: medium (can be tough on your knees for extended periods), and also gives your legs a workout! Orgasm Type: clitoral

Variations: he can elevate his back with pillows to be closer to you, or you can also lean forward, which helps in getting added pressure and stimulation on your clit

#7. Lap of Love (Different and New Sex Position To Try For Couple)


Ideal for: eye contact, and good visual stimulation for a boob guy

How to: he kneels while you straddle him, with your feet flat on the bed/floor

Cucumber Considerations: great for all sizes, as you control the depth

Fitness Level: medium (tough on both sets of knees, and also gives your hamstrings a workout)

Orgasm Type: G-spot if you use short and shallow thrusts, angling slightly forward, or also good for clitoral stimulation

Variations: this works on the floor, too! You can also move your hips in little circles in addition to the up-and-down bouncing.

Another idea is to arch backwards, resting your back on his legs/knees.

#8. Warm Embrace Skin to Skin Sex Position For Couple

warm-embrace-skin-to-skin contact-sex-position

Ideal for: close skin-to-skin contact, and slow, tantric-style lovemaking

How to: straddle him while he’s seated on a chair or stool, or with his legs extended on the bed

Cucumber Considerations: good for all sizes

Fitness Level: low

Orgasm Type: not ideal for your quick orgasm, but prolonged contact with small rocking movements can build to a powerful orgasm (be patient; it takes time)

Variations: try this on a rocking chair!

#9. Tree Climber Different Style Crazy Sexual Position For Couples


Ideal for: men who have upper body strength and petite partners; this feels very exhilarating!

How to: climb him and wrap your legs around his waist while he lifts you up

Cucumber Considerations: smaller penises can slip out with too much bouncing

Fitness Level: both of you need to be athletic, and you need to trust he can hold you up!

Orgasm Type: clitoral if you can rub your mound against his pubic bone, and larger penises can also reach A-spot.

Variations: lean against a wall for support, or wrap one leg around him while keeping the other foot on the ground, to give his arms a break.

For the extremely flexible and daring, arch yourself into a back bend and rest your hands on a piece of furniture.

#9. Tree Climber Different Style Crazy Sexual Position For Couples


Ideal for: couples whose genitals match up height-wise

How to: face to face, nestle your bodies together with your legs slightly apart. You may need to stand on your toes as he penetrates you

Cucumber Considerations: ideal for larger than average penises, but smaller sizes might not be able to reach all the way

Fitness Level: low

Orgasm Type: clitoral is possible, depending on how you line up and if slow, measured pressure can arouse you.

Variations: lean up against a wall or counter, giving a little more leverage for you to angle your hips toward him

#11. Edge of the World Crazy Sex Position For Couples To Try


Ideal for: deep penetration with eye contact, and an added sense of urgency if you’re doing it on a counter or table

How to: lie on the edge of the bed with him kneeling or standing. . . this also works great on furniture, counters, etc.

Cucumber Considerations: great for all sizes!

Fitness Level: low-medium (if you use a counter top, getting up there can take a little effort)

Orgasm Type: G-spot if you tilt your hips up

Variations: try this one while still partially clothed. . . sweep stuff off a table or counter, hoist yourself up, and just pull underwear to the side. Very hot!

#12. Deeper Over the Edge Sex Positions For Deep Penetration

Ideal for: extra deep penetration with eye contact

How to: lie on the edge of the bed with him kneeling or standing. . . this also works great on furniture, counters, etc.

Cucumber Considerations: great for small-average sizes, but can be too sensitive with a well-endowed partner

Fitness Level: low-medium

Orgasm Type: clitoral, especially since his hands are free to stimulate you (as are yours)

Variations: keep your legs closed and straight up in the air for extra friction and tightness

#13. Downside of the Edge Rapid Thrusting Couples Sex Position


Ideal for: eye contact and rapid thrusting, as your legs pulling downward push his cock up to the front wall of your vagina for great G- and A-spot action

How to: lie on the edge of the bed with him kneeling or standing. . . this also works great on furniture, counters, etc.

Cucumber Considerations: great for all sizes!

Fitness Level: low-medium

Orgasm Type: G- or A-spot (depending on depth of penetration)

Variations: add a pillow to elevate your hips to get even more downward pull

Rear Entry

#14. Classic Doggy Style Sex Position Good For Married Couples


Ideal for: deep penetration, giving you a chance to manually stimulate your clitoris at the same time

How to: with you on all fours, he enters you from behind. You can have your legs together or spread wide. . . experiment, because leg position can give lots of different sensations!

Cucumber Considerations: great for all sizes, but the well-endowed man may get “way up in there,” so communicate if his thrusts border on painful for you (our cervixes can be sensitive!)

Fitness Level: surprisingly low but feels athletic!

Orgasm Type: G-spot with shallow thrusts (and arched back) and A-spot for deeper thrusts

Variations: rest your chest and tummy down on the bed, with your hips and booty still up in the air (face down, ass up) to give him a slightly different angle. Another variation is to scoot your knees up under you to give him a totally unobstructed view of penetration.

#15. Tummy Time Idea Sex Position For Couples


Ideal for: G-spot stimulation, particularly if his penis arches downward

How to: lie on your tummy with legs spread apart, and angle your hips up toward him as he lays between your legs and enters from the rear Cucumber Considerations: great for average sizes on up

Fitness Level: low

Orgasm Type: G-spot

Variations: close your legs together and have him penetrate for added friction.

#16. Downward Dog Sexual Position For Deep Penetration.


Ideal for: deep penetration and G- or A-spot orgasms

How to: lean forward into a downward dog yoga position while he stands behind you to enter

Cucumber Considerations: great for small-to-average sizes, but hard thrusting might be too much if he’s rather well-endowed

Fitness Level: medium to high, depending on how hard he’s thrusting. . . you’ll have to steady yourself so you don’t fall forward! Orgasm Type: G- or A-spot

Variations: if you are daring, he can also grab your waist and hold you in a “wheelbarrow” type position

#17. Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position For Couple

Ideal for: him to view your luscious booty, and for you to control depth/pace

How to: he lies on his back and you straddle him, facing toward his feet Cucumber Considerations: good for all sizes as you control depth/pace

Fitness Level: medium (can be tough on knees after a while)

Orgasm Type: clitoral, G- and A-spot, depending on positioning

Variations: by leaning forward or tilting your hips, you can reach all the angles of your lady bits, including your clitoris if you rub or press it against his leg

#18. Seated Reach Around Sexual Position For Nipple Stimulation From Behind


Ideal for: you control the depth/pace, and plenty of opportunity for clitoral and nipple stimulation

How to: while he’s seated, sit on his lap, with your legs straddling him or your feet on the floor

Cucumber Considerations: great for all sizes, particularly with your feet on the floor to control depth

Fitness Level: medium

Orgasm Type: any, depending on exact positioning

Variations: bending your head forward and raising your hips slightly gives a different sensation, also can reach A-spot

#19. Sidewinder Sex Position For Clitoral stimulation


Ideal for: deep penetration with eye contact

How to: lie on your side with knees bent, he kneels behind to enter

Cucumber Considerations: great for all sizes

Fitness Level: low

Orgasm Type: clitoral, as your (and his) hands are free

Variations: try one side, then switch over to the other side while staying

“connected” by rotating slowly around his body, to give an interesting sensation to you both

#20. Sneaky Snuggler Advanced But Crazy Sex Position For Couples To Try


Ideal for: a spicy post-coital snuggle for round #2, or a “need you now” surprise while washing dishes (arch back and tell him to slide your pants down)

How to: either lying down or standing, arch your back and hips toward him so he can penetrate

Cucumber Considerations: best for larger-than-average

Fitness Level: low

Orgasm Type: G-spot since fairly shallow penetration

Variations: if you spoon while sleeping, this is a great way to wake up in the morning, especially if you feel his penis saying “Good morning!”

#21. Spoony Side Up Different Sex Position To Try.


Ideal for: doing the Heimlich (just kidding!), can also be used for anal penetration

How to: he lies on his back and you lie on top of him

Cucumber Considerations: he’ll need to be larger-than-average for vaginal intercourse, since arching your hips backward is difficult

Fitness Level: low

Orgasm Type: G-spot, since it’s likely to be shallow penetration

Variations: he can stimulate your nipples (or you can!)

These are 21 best sex moves and positions you can try as a couple to add the spice in your sex life.

FAQ's on Best Sex Positions For Couples.

#1. Do Men Like Foreplay Or Sex Directly?

Just like women, men too enjoy foreplay. It's a common belief that men directly go for sex, but that's not always true.

There are men who enjoy the act of foreplay before the final finale. They secretly crave for more foreplay.

So ladies, take the lead to pleasure your man in the bedroom using the amazing sex positions mentioned in this powerful guide. Time to return favors.

#2. What is the Best position for a quick sex?

For a quickie, you have to try sex positions that leads to orgasm in almost no time. Still the, penetration should be so intense and hot, you should be heading to climax in lesser time than usual. 

Here are some 3 quickie sex positions you can try:

#1. Stand and Deliver

In this sex position the man is standing on his feet with the woman's back supported on the wall. The support of the wall makes it easier for the man to hold the woman. 

This is a very common sex pose used in the movie scenes - it's quite hot, yes, but also pretty effective in making sure the guy hits all the right spots quickly.

#2. Hot Seat

For couples who want to do it in the sitting position this one's the ideal choice. It's like the Reverse Cowgirl where the man is sitting on the chair and the woman sits on his penis moving up and down.

In this position while she is bouncing up and down the man can also press and play with her boobs from behind.

#3. The Butterfly

Keeping the woman's legs on his shoulders, he is in total in control of her body, making sure that she is at just the right angle to make it work. This position can be tried in the kitchen.

#3. What are the best sex-positions to try on the first time?

First time sex be intimidating because you've no experience. Emotions will be running high, but the anxiety and doubt of something going wrong can bring your confidence down.

But this can be avoided if you try these well known and simple sex positions.

#1. Classic Missionary

Missionary because you both can look in each other's eye and pleasure one another and also because missionary is widely used and common sex position all over the world. Almost every one who is having sex for the first time in their life starts with missionary.

#2. Women on top.

This sex position is good especially for women because in this you've the control in your hands. In this position you can control the depth, angle and movement of the penetration which is important if you're a virgin.

#3. Doggy Style.

Doggy style because it adds a little fun and experiment in your first time adventure. It also gives couple the confidence to try out more advanced sex positions in future.

That's it. I hope you loved reading this article on best and different sex positions for couples if you really enjoyed reading it please do not forget it to share it on your favorite social media.

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