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How To Attract an Alpha Male

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Key Tips For Attracting An Alpha Male

Many women wonder how to snag an alpha male when it comes to attracting men. And it’s no secret that alpha males are incredibly attractive. They’re confident, assertive, and know how to take charge. If you’re interested in attracting an alpha male, there are certain things you can do to boost your chances. Here are some key tips for attracting an alpha male!

What Is an Alpha Male?

Alpha males are often the leaders of their social groups and have great power or money. He often holds the top position in the social status hierarchy. They easily attract women with charismatic personalities that love being around confident people.

 Interestingly, research shows that the human alpha male population is probably less than 10%. This means there is roughly one alpha male out of 10 men.

How Do You Get an Alpha Male’s Attention?

How Do You Get an Alpha Male’s Attention?

1. Presenting Yourself Well

Always look your best when trying to attract the alpha male. This is very attractive to him

2. Let Him Make the First Move.

Alpha males are primarily known for their dominant characteristics. If he’s an alpha, he will want to feel like he’s in control of the chase. For example, if you catch his eye at a party or club, smile at him so that he knows you’re interested, but let him come to you first. If he asks for your number, don’t ask him for his. With such a strategy, he will have to be the one to call or text first.

3. Show that you are Self-Assured in how you speak.

Practice speaking slowly and clearly as an indication of self-assurance. 

 Speaking slowly will give the other party the impression that you’re confident and knowledgeable. Additionally, it will seem more authoritative if you slightly lower your vocal range as you speak.

  • Do not be afraid to leave a pause between sentences while you’re speaking. It will make you look more confident than using filler words like “um” or “like.”
  • When telling a story, reflect on each sentence and how it relates to what you’re saying.

4. Use Your Hands When You Talk.

People who are more physically engaged while speaking seems more confident than those who do not.

  • Use hand gestures to emphasize strong points.
  • Reflect on how to use your body to convey a message. For example, you can lean forward and rest your hand on your chin when interested in what the alpha male is saying.

5. Speak About What You Are Passionate About

Finding a piece of common ground to talk about or something that you’re genuinely passionate about yourself will attract this Alpha quickly. The alpha male will be thrilled that he has met a confident and like-minded person, and if you can add in some compliments, you’ll find the process goes your way!

6. Don’t Make Fun of Him.

Whether you’re joking or not, make fun of your alpha male. He has a strong character, although his ego is easily wounded. Be patient until you two have established your union a little before teasing him with jokes.

7. Be Confident but Not Cocky.

To attract a mature alpha man, you need to know your worth. By valuing yourself, you’ll show him he should also value you.

  • Show your confidence by accepting his compliments without deflecting them.
  • Discuss your accomplishments in a non-prideful way.

8. Flatter His Ego by Complimenting Him

 Make him feel like he is number one by telling him everything you like about him.

  • Try saying something like, “I love how you are always working for your betterment,” or “It is always fun to watch you work the room at a party.”

9. Make Him Feel Needed.

An alpha male likes to have his ego stroked from time to time. Even if you don’t want his help, pretend that you do. Show him that you are underhanded because it works!

You can achieve this from anything. For example, you can help the alpha man change your car tire or show him that you can’t open your bottle of soda – whichever works!

When you open up a conversation with “oh, I need your help,” it is crucial when you want to attract an alpha male.

10. Contribute To Coming Up With Fun Date Ideas

An alpha male likes to make decisions, but it doesn’t mean they’ll always want to be the one with a plan. You can let him know a few things you’d like to do, then sit back and enjoy as he makes it happen.

  • For instance, if there’s a movie you want to watch, let him know you are interested in going to the movies for the next date.
  • Spontaneous dates can freshen up things. If the weather’s nice, ask an alpha man if he’d like to eat lunch in a nearby park.

Can Alpha Males Be Monogamous?

Can Alpha Males Be Monogamous

Some common misconceptions exist about alpha males and the ability to be in a monogamous relationship. Many people see them as cheaters and womanizers.

An alpha male can talk to women easily, get whatever woman he wants, and likely has his share of partners. But in reality, alpha males are typically loyal and committed in relationships– and he expects the same from you in return. 

Alpha Male Weakness

1. They Hate to Show Weakness or Vulnerability

Alpha males don’t believe in vulnerability and think showing any vulnerability makes them look weak. For this reason, getting close to an alpha male can be hard, and sometimes it can seem like they aren’t even human.

2. They’re Painfully Honest.

Don’t expect him to soothe you with lies about how good that dress looks if it doesn’t. He wants you to look amazing, so he isn’t being mean. Alpha males are just honest guys, sometimes to a fault.

3. They Have Strong Alpha Characteristics that Demand a Lot of Themselves

This weakness may make them listen to their inner critic more readily, which can be related to poorer emotional well-being.

4. Desire To Control

An alpha male may have difficulty in sharing authority at work and in his relationships. He may become overloaded at work and become stressed or burned out. In personal relationships, it could cause conflicts.

Why Are Females Attracted to Alpha Males?

Why Are Females Attracted to Alpha Males

1. Their mysterious side invites women to know them more.

 The air of mystery surrounding Alphas is very attractive to women! It gives them the urge to know you more since there are so many layers to them; the process of digging deeper to learn about the unique alpha male personality traits is intriguing and enjoyable to women.

2. A true alpha male is not concerned with other people’s opinions about himself

An Alpha man knows what they are doing and gets whatever they want. They are full of energy yet calm and confident, and he shows it in his aura. That is his magical allure with girls.

3. Alpha males’ attention to detail helps them build the ideal environment.

If going on a date set by an Alpha, they consider everything from lighting and music to privacy and safety. They care about the details which contribute to a magical, memorable ambiance and experience for you. Alpha men’s attention to detail is very attractive to women.

4. Alpha men maintain composure and don’t escalate situations needlessly

Non-reactiveness is a unique characteristic that sets alpha males apart from other men because it helps them stay calm, cool, collected, and confident. Women believe they can count on alpha men to step in and handle any situation with high patience, grace, and tact.

5. They seek connection over validation.

Alpha Men have steady confidence rooted in their identity. This means they care about connection, shared values, and intimacy over superficial validation. They are not motivated by a need for affirmation or validation. On the contrary, they like to engage with others emotionally and have a good time without always being the center of attention. He also wants to connect in a meaningful way that adds value to others. This greatly attracts women to them.

6. The aura and leadership of an Alpha male are attractive.

 It is not all about the cash but about strength in character and the ability to be respected by other colleagues. Women identify alpha males as people with innate superiority and leaders of the pack. These are men who are aggressive and powerful despite their limitations.

Final Take Away

As the article shows, Alpha men are seen as leaders and often lead successful lives. They are characterized by confidence, the ability to take charge, and being assertive. Additionally, we have highlighted the different ways a woman can attract an Alpha man. The article has further answered the following questions: How do you get an alpha male’s attention? Can alpha males be monogamous? Why are females attracted to alpha males, and finally, Alpha male weaknesses? We hope this article has provided you with relevant information regarding Alpha men and that you have better understood this type of man.

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