May 5, 2022

How To Make Him Monogamous (4 Crucial Steps To Make Him Commit)

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This technique in this guide is used when you want to move your relationship from casual to exclusive. In other word, when you want to learn how to make him monogamous.

Seriously, don’t use it if you aren’t sure this guy is boyfriend material or ready to be in monogamous relationship with you.

It may seem like getting a man to commit to you is impossible.

Guys have this irrational fear that being in a monogamous relationship means giving up on a dream.

You see, deep down in the psyche of most guys lives this vision of being the ultimate alpha-male stud with supermodels throwing themselves at his feet.

Or some variation on that fantasy.

Men tend to believe that if they make enough money, drive an awesome enough car, or work out to achieve massive muscles, they will be living a rock star life with hot babes at their disposal.

Even if that picture couldn’t be further from the current situation or seems totally out of touch with reality, somewhere in his mind, he harbors that vision.

And let’s face it, in the modern life, where he can go online to a dating site and view thousands of available women, the idea of a never-ending supply of females is somewhat real.

The “perfect woman” could be just a click away.

Which makes the idea of committing a bit unappealing and that is why I want you to learn today how to make him monogamous without trying too hard.

Because in his mind, commitment equals giving up freedom.

Even if you are super chill about dating and spending time apart, on some level, he equates exclusivity with captivity.

So there are two things you need to accomplish to make the idea of commitment worthwhile.

And the key here is that the idea of commitment is HIS, not the result of you giving him an ultimatum (those only create resentment) or nagging him into it.

This technique creates a desire in him to commit to you. The two things that create this desire to commit are. . .

  1. Create some space to draw him in
  2. Make him feel amazing

You have to implement both concepts to get him into a monogamous relationship with you.

And while they seem slightly at odds with each other, I will show you exactly how to do it and make him monogamous with you.

***Important Note!***

I cannot guarantee that this will work 100% of the time.

There are men who are damaged from past heartbreak or other trauma and simply aren’t capable of commitment.

There are also men who are abusive, dishonest, or cheaters, people you wouldn’t want to have as your boyfriend, either.

So even though you believe he is the ideal man for you, you have to be willing to walk away from him, too, without a scene or ultimatum.

You are a smart and sexy, irresistible woman who many men will find desirable.

One bonus of this technique is that it keeps you in control and empowered.

You are actively enjoying your amazing life. And you are keeping your options open in the event that this relationship doesn’t pan out.

And if this guy doesn’t choose to join you in your amazing life, you really won’t be losing out. I promise!

#Step One

It’s important to understand why you want a monogamous relationship with this particular man. It has to be more than physical attraction!

#Step Two

Create Space: The biggest mistake smart women make is to act like they are someone’s girlfriend when they aren’t.

Until he asks you to be exclusive, you are BOTH single.

That means you are free to date and talk to other men. And your weekends and downtime aren’t automatically saved for him.

So leave your online dating profile up if you have one.

Continue to answer emails and go on other dates.

Do NOT feel guilty about this. You can limit the dates to daytime coffees if you want.

And don’t feel obligated to kiss a guy or get physical.

Also, fill your social calendar with outings with your girlfriends and other people in your life.

Do NOT leave yourself with no plans so that you can be available at a moment’s notice to this man.

If he asks you out for a Friday and you have plans, tell him you aren’t available that evening, but offer a night that you are free.

And you don’t owe him an explanation of what you are doing!

If he asks what your plans are, simply tell him “I am meeting a friend for  .” Don’t elaborate.

Even if you are going to happy hour with your aunt.

Give him the chance to fill in the blank that some other lucky man is taking you out. (Use this tip if you want to make him monogamous)

The important thing here is that you continue to lead an active and interesting life on your own.

Yes, you will make time for him, but he cannot take for granted that you are at his beck and call.

Creating a void where you aren’t just automatically there forces him to put in some effort to see you.

It’s human nature to want what we can’t easily have, and by hinting that there are other guys in the running, you will activate a little competitiveness within him.

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#Step Three: Build desire to make him monogamous.

If you’ve already been sleeping together, pull back a little.

Sex at this stage of your relationship should not be a given or something to take for granted.

For example, at the end of a date that might normally end in sex or a sleep over, make out passionately and then cut the night short.

Press up close to him, kiss him, then pull back and bite your lip.

Look him in the eye and say something like, “Your kisses drive me wild, but that 7 am wake-up call will come mighty early.

So it’s time to say good night,” and send him on his way.

After he leaves, text him and say, “Enjoy those sexy dreams you’ll be having of me tonight ;)”

This step works just as well even if you haven’t already had sex.

There is something intoxicating about a confident woman who teases a guy.

Even if you aren’t totally sure that he is having sexy dreams about you, telling him that he is plants that seed.

Plus, it’s super flirty and self-assured.

It doesn’t mean that you stop sleeping with him altogether, it’s just that you intentionally hold back.

If it’s just a regular old Wednesday and you went out for a quick bite after work, use that as a no-sex date.

If it’s a special occasion where you’ve gone to a fancy party or are doing something particularly romantic, then go for it.

By alternating no-sex dates with amazing-sex dates, you are keeping him slightly off balance and eager.

#Step Four: Make him feel amazing

This step gets a little tricky because it may sound like it’s contradicting the other three.

But if you are implementing all of the steps, it isn’t.

And while making him feel amazing physically is a huge focus of this guide, here I’m talking more about making him feel appreciated in the broader sense which is important to make him monogamous with you.

A man will value the woman who makes him work a little bit to have her.

And he wants to put in work for the woman who makes him feel like an incredible man.

Most women tend to do one or the other.

Either she plays so hard to get that she comes off like an ice queen, or she showers him with so much attention and makes herself boring by appearing entirely too available and needy.

The key to this entire technique is balancing the two.

Create the space for him to chase you and also make him feel amazing.

You want to let him know that you value and appreciate him.

You do this by giving him honest praise and genuine compliments.

The key here is to not go overboard.

Look for natural opportunities to pay him a compliment.

For example, if you are attracted to his passion for his career, next time he brings up work, tell him, “I really admire how much you enjoy your work. It’s very attractive.” Also, send him unexpected appreciative love notes via text.

Start your text with something like:

I admire...

I adore...

I appreciate...

I really like...

I enjoy...

I value...

I respect...

And follow up that with something you genuinely want to compliment him about to get him into monogamous relationship with you. 

Men love feeling respected and acknowledged for their accomplishments, hard work, AND how they make you feel.

. . . your integrity. It’s a rare trait!

. . . your passion for your career.

. . . how much you love your kids.

. . . your willingness to always help someone you care about.

. . . your sense of humor. You always can make me laugh 🙂

. . . your intelligence.

. . . how you make me feel safe when we are out together.

. . . your willingness to be goofy in front of me.

. . . how much fun I have with you.

I recommend giving him these compliments (in actual conversation or via text) at least once per week to get him into monogamous relationship.

And the final way you make him feel great is to express gratitude!

It is such an obvious thing, but you’d be surprised at how often people forget to do it.

Thank him when he takes you out and pays for dinner, drinks, or the activity.

After a date, send him a text thanking him for a great time.

Mention something specific, too. Tell him what your favorite part of the evening was, for example.

“Thank you for taking me to watch the baseball game. My favorite part was you cheering for that crazy triple play!”

“Thank you for dinner last night. I especially enjoyed the delicious Chardonnay you chose for us.”

“I had such a great time bowling with you. The way you wiggled your butt on the approach was super cute”

And yes, tell him that you enjoyed it when you did get physical!

“Every time I think of last night, I get a delicious tingle through my whole body.”

“I swear my legs are still quivering from that amazing orgasm you gave me.”

“You totally rocked my world last night. I sure do enjoy sex with you! ;)”

“Thanks to you, I can’t even concentrate on work today. Would rather think about how incredible you feel.”

It feels amazing to be appreciated. As humans, we naturally want to be close to the people who appreciate us and make us feel special.

By using these steps in concert with each other, you are showing him that you are worth chasing and that a relationship with you makes him feel great, both sexually and otherwise.

I will stop here. If you loved reading this guide on how to make him monogamous with you then do not forget to share it on your favorite social media.

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