October 3, 2022

How To Tighten Your Vagina (Safe & Best Ways)

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how to tighten your vagina

As women get older, it’s common for our bodies to change and the vagina might feel looser than it did when you were younger. While this isn’t always a cause for concern, some women do feel self-conscious about the looseness and may want to know how to tighten their vagina.

There are also wrong beliefs and myths out there about loose vaginas and making the vagina tighter. These make women afraid that their vagina will become loose, and they look for ways to have a tight vagina.

Whatever your reason, you can tighten your vagina naturally, and we shall discuss ways to make your vagina tighter in this article. So, keep reading to learn how to tighten your vagina safely and effectively.

But First, Let’s Dispel the Myths About Loose Vaginas!

There are lots of myths about loose vaginas out there that are false.
So, let’s set the record straight:

The name ‘loose vagina’ is often used to shame people for their sexual activity.

Regardless of how many sexual partners you have or how often you have sex, your vagina won’t become permanently “loose” or “stretched out.” The truth is that penetration won’t cause your vagina to stretch out permanently. This is because the vagina is a muscle, and like all muscles, it can change over time. It’s not possible to “stretch out” the vagina permanently.

All vaginas are the same.

 We need to understand that there is no such thing as a “normal” vagina. Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes and can change over time due to childbirth, aging, or other factors. So don’t worry if your vagina doesn’t look exactly like someone else’s. Your vagina is as unique as you are!

There is therefore nothing like a “perfect” vagina. Just focus on taking care of your own body and enjoying yourself!

What Causes the Vagina to Stretch and Loose Elasticity?


Changes in the elasticity of the vagina occur as a result of childbirth. Your vaginal muscles may feel looser after giving birth because they stretch to let the baby pass through. They’ll snap back within a few days, but it can take time for them to return completely and be in their original shape again. 


As you grow older, the elasticity of your vagina may begin to decline. As a result, it becomes harder for tissue to stretch and contract. This can lead to decreased sensation and dryness and an increased risk of infections.

What Is a Tight Vagina?

Vaginal tightening is the process or application of making the vagina tighter. The benefits of a tight vagina from vaginal tightening include improved sexual satisfaction for both partners, increased friction during sex, and decreased risk of vaginal prolapse (when pelvic organs slip into the vagina).

Additionally, some research suggests that vaginal tightening may help improve vaginal moisture and reduce leaks.

However, a tight vagina can also signify an underlying medical condition, such as vaginismus. This is a condition when the vaginal muscles contract involuntarily, making intercourse painful or impossible.

Fortunately, vaginismus is a treatable condition. If you’re experiencing pain during intercourse, it’s important to see your doctor or OBGYN to rule out any underlying conditions.

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Best Ways to Tighten Vagina Naturally

Sexual Intercourse

The ideal Kegel exercise is to contract and relax the vaginal muscles at intervals of 0.8 seconds, which happens during orgasm. This is a surefire way to tighten your vaginal muscles for a tight vagina. It is arguably the most fun as well!

Avoid Stress

Your body is deeply affected by your mental health. Your mind and body are connected in so many ways. Your pelvic floor muscles, which are instrumental in enhancing sexual satisfaction, can be harmed by stress.

Enhancing your pelvic floor strength is easier if you eliminate unnecessary stress. Connecting your body, mind, and soul through meditation and yoga may increase your mind and body health and, subsequently, your happiness. Make sure to stay happy so your body will remain happy.

Regularly Perform Pelvic exercises that will make your vagina tight

 These are the recommended pelvic exercises to do regularly.

1). Kegels

In essence, a Kegel is a simple procedure to control urine flow by tightening and relaxing the vaginal muscles. For an effective Kegel exercise, empty your bladder before you begin. 

How to do Kegels:

  • Sit or lie down 
  • For 8 seconds, tighten your vaginal muscles and then relax for 10 seconds.
  • Afterward, repeat the exercise 10 times. 

Do this twice or thrice daily, and you should be fine. Don’t overdo it, as this may lead to too much vaginal contraction, which can cause pain during intercourse. These exercises should not be attempted when you are urinating. If you’re straining, the vaginal muscles might be harmed, and the kidneys may get hurt over time.

2). Medicine ball sit-ups

You can try the medicine ball (or any ball) sit-ups to work your abs and pelvic muscles.

How to do the medicine ball sit-ups:

  • On a mat, sit and bend your knees.
  • Have your feet flat on the ground.
  • Lie on your back in this position. 
  • As you slowly sit up, hold the medicine ball in your hands. 

Do this exercise once or twice every minute, and wear thin gloves if possible. To begin, exercise for 15 minutes every day.

3). Glute Bridges

This exercise tightens the core muscles and the butt, as well as the vaginal muscles. 

How to do the Glute Bridges:

  • The knees should be placed slightly apart with the feet still on the ground. 
  • Slowly raise your hips, clenching your pelvic floor (glutes) at the same time. 
  • From this perspective, the body appears as a bridge from the shoulder to the knee, as the upper body presses on the floor. 
  • Focus on keeping the stress on your glutes constant as you return to your initial position. 

Repeat 3-4 sets of these 15 glute bridge exercises daily for the best results.

4). Squats

Besides targeting vaginal muscle tightening, squats are also excellent for core muscles, buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings, and thigh muscles. This compound exercise also works for several muscle groups in addition to the quads, hamstrings, and calves. 

How to do a squat successfully:

  • Stand and put your feet in line with your shoulders. 
  • Then squat down until your butt is level with your knees. 
  • After that, rise back to a standing posture by pushing your legs. 

You should be able to repeat each set 3 times before you add weight. After a few weeks, you will see dramatic results if you follow this routine daily.

5). Pilates Exercises

Pilates is great for tightening your pelvic floor, but it can be expensive because you need a teacher who emphasizes exercises focused on the area.

Pilates classes that are focused on the pelvic area may help you work out this area more effectively than just doing general fitness workouts like running or weight lifting.

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 6). Eat Healthy and Hydrate to Help to Tighten Your Vagina Naturally.

One key way that women look for ways to tighten their vaginas naturally is to eat healthily. An excellent diet can assist in improving inner muscle strength and vaginal health and keep your vagina tight.

Choose to eat a healthy diet that is high in fiber and low in cholesterol, which may also help maintain healthy body weight.

There are, however, certain types of foods that can specifically help to keep your vagina tight and healthy. These are:

1). Cranberry juice. This can help to prevent and relieve symptoms of urinary tract infections by acidifying the urine and balancing the pH of the vaginal area. 

2). Avocados are also rich in potassium and vitamin B-6, both of which are essential for strengthening the vaginal walls of a tight vagina.

3). Sweet potatoes are another excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, which is necessary for healthy vaginal and uterine walls that will make your vagina tighter.

4) Apples are a great way to improve sexual function and lubrication while also strengthening your ability to orgasm. 

5). Drinking plenty of water is also critical for keeping the vagina lubricated and healthy, which is a good way to tighten the vagina naturally.

6). Consume probiotics such as yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, and green tea.

7). Eat estrogen-rich foods like pomegranates, soybeans, and carrots for the health of your vagina.

By following these health tips, you can tighten your vagina naturally and enjoy healthier and more enjoyable sex life.

Final Take Away

So, there you have it! We have busted the myths about loose vaginas and discussed four effective ways to make your vagina tight;

The best ways to tighten your vagina naturally are to keep your mental state relaxed and stress-free, do the recommended pelvic exercises like Kegels, eat a healthy diet rich in specific foods, and, yes, enjoy more orgasmic sex!

We hope this article was helpful and that you will share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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