May 5, 2022

Try These Text Messages To Make Him Want You (get him hooked)

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Try These Text Messages To Make Him Want You

In this step-by-step I’m going to share with you a technique I call “Love Texts.” You can use these different types of text messages to make him want you.

In fact, you can use these "love texts" on any man to make him yours. That said, your own personal scenario needs to be considered because these "love texts" are strategically applied based on a relationship’s timeline. 

Of course, guys don’t necessarily think in stages or timeframes when getting involved with someone romantically, but it’s undeniable that there are various phases in a relationship; this is why you need to use these Love Texts in a particular order, starting with “Launch” texts and so on.

When done correctly, Love Texts can develop and strengthen chemistry between you and the man you’re messaging. 

On the other hand, when sent in the wrong order, chaos can easily ensue, and the guy you’re texting might make a run for it.

We don’t want that to happen. From your initial text exchange and first date, to establishing your exclusiveness, to keeping the spark alive and staying loyally committed to one another, these are the messages you’ll want to use to ignite the spark and keep the fire burning.

So, if you're ready then try these love text messages to make him want you.

The Launch Texts For Early Days Of Your Dating.

I often get asked what the difference between “seeing someone” and “dating someone” is; after all, these two phrases tend to get interlaced and interchanged quite a bit in today’s love culture.

However, as innocent as mixing these two phrases up may seem, they actually have vastly different meanings.

I’m sharing this with you because the first type of text message is for when you’re “seeing someone,” meaning you haven’t yet established any sort of mutually strong romantic feelings between the two of you.

At this point, you’re still in the midst of deciding whether or not the person you’re spending time with is someone you’d consider dating.

However, going on these casual dates doesn’t mean that you’re dating—this is extremely important to note.

The texts you will be sending the man you’re messaging at this stage are designed to grab his attention and pique his intrigue, like a rocket waiting to launch. 

They will make him happy to hear from you, and they’ll stir up the kind of attraction and excitement that you’ll need to take the relationship to the next level.

Before I give you the messages you’ll be sending at this point in the game, take into consideration where and when you met the man you’re hoping to woo.

For instance, did you exchange numbers at a bar last night, or have you been platonic friends since high school and only recently felt the two of you could be something more?

Why is this important? Well, picture this:

You went out dancing with the girls last night and met a handsome stranger.

The two of you jived and before parting ways, you exchanged numbers. Given the scenario in which you met, it’s fair to say that the primary reason for exchanging numbers is based on feelings of attraction.

Now let’s say that you are grocery shopping and run into a man who you haven’t seen since your university years. You excitedly recognize one another, exchange a friendly hug, and quickly list off some of the more interesting things you’ve both experienced since last speaking.

Before parting ways, you mutually agree that it would be nice to properly catch up over a coffee or drink sometime, and you swap numbers.

Even though you could feel the butterflies brewing as you chatted, given your history with this man, it’s not explicitly implied that you’re exchanging numbers for a romantic reason.

Despite the different backgrounds, the fact remains the same: you have his number and want to text him.

What comes next is the important part, and that’s choosing the right words.

After all, texting someone you met at the club is going to be vastly different from texting an old pal.

Still, the end goal remains the same: you want to make it known that you are interested in him, but you need to do so in a way that doesn’t make you appear desperate.

The trick here is to start small and build a texting rapport with your guy before sending him anything that’s too heavy or suggestive.

How he writes and responds to your text messages is going to play a big part in how the situation unfolds, but there are some key ideas to keep in mind when texting him in these early days.

Remember: texting reveals your personality and is a digital first impression; those first few messages you send can determine your entire romantic future. 

Here are  examples of different types of text messages you can send him at the “Launch” stage.

Even the most modest men love talking about themselves when asked, and the early days of a potential relationship are a great time to give him the chance to feel like a star.

This means that rather than rambling about yourself during the first stage of texting, you want to text questions asking him about himself. This will show him that you are interested in getting to know him better, and trust me: he’ll love the spotlight.

With that in mind, save the big (or deep) talks for when you’re in person.

Sure, texting is a great means to get to know someone, but if you use all of your fuel too soon, then you’ll find yourself scrabbling for conversation topics when you do meet up.

Instead, stick to texts that will get him revved up and chatting about the more basic things he does and enjoys.

Examples of texts that will “Ignite His Passion For You"

Your job sounds really interesting. How did you get into your field?

I heard you scored tickets for the Radiohead show in Vancouver next month! That’s super exciting! What other shows have you been to lately?

I’m heading to yoga tonight. Do you have any hobbies?

Perfectly Customized Text Messages To Make Him Want You.

In the early stages of texting, you’re going to want to focus on making plans.

Since texting allows you to create whatever impression of yourself you wish to convey, too much of it may set you up for failure.

In other words, it could put so much pressure on you that when you do finally meet up and interact face to face, you don’t feel like you can be your natural self.

What’s worse is that even if you choose to fake it for the first little while, your true colors will eventually shine through, and he will realize that you’re not the same person you were pretending to be in your early texts.

This is why in the first few messages you send him you’re going to want to initiate plans.

While doing so, you need to be specific. Sending a message like, “Want to do something sometime?” or even, “Let’s hang out this weekend” is vague, and it doesn’t ask for much commitment

On the other hand, being specific about your plans gives him something to commit to, and it also shows your assertive side—this is a good thing, because no man likes indecisiveness.

The more original you can be here, the better. Sure, asking to meet for a coffee works, but instead of opting for the typical date or meet-up idea, suggest something fun and unique.

Maybe there’s a show in town you’d like to check out, or a new restaurant opening.

Perhaps the weather is getting nice and there’s a great park to stroll in nearby. The more creative you can be here, the better.

If you can propose an event or place that the two of you have chatted about in a previous conversation, that’s perfect.

If you’re feeling shy about initiating plans, or if you’re worried about rejection, or if you want him to be the one pursuing you, then you may want to put the ball in his court.

To do so, it’s crucial that you let him know you’re interested in going on a date and give him the opportunity to ask you out.

For instance, you could text him, “I’ve loved chatting with you and think it would be wonderful to do so in person.”

This works well, because the message is positive, and it opens the door for him to ask you out without fear of being turned down.

A more playful version of this kind of message would be something along the lines of, “You have amazing eyes. I’d love to see them in person ;).”

perfect text to send to a guy

Examples of “Perfectly Customized” Texts:

Hey, how about dinner at that tapas restaurant we talked about, this Wednesday night? Around 8-ish?

Spring is in the air! Would you like to join me for a stroll tomorrow evening? I’ll bring the cider!

I just found out that Art Battle is back in town this Friday. Want to join me for the paint party?

I love chatting with you. When are you going to ask me out already?

Texts That Will Make Him Laugh.

It’s an age-old fact that laughter is one of the easiest ways to a man’s heart, so if you have something comical to share with him, do it! Of course, there are a few things to ask yourself before doing so.

First, is whatever you’re sharing with him relatable, and will he see the humor in it?

Again, you’ll need to take the time to recall something you know he likes for this message.

This may be something the two of you talked about in person, or it may be something he shared about himself in his online dating profile.

For example, let’s say you meet a guy in the local market and start chatting about the selection of vegetarian products they sell.

When you text him, find a witty or comedic way to reference that conversation.

Or if you recall reading that he enjoys collecting coins, then you could use that as a launchpad for a joke.

The second thing you’ll want to consider before blasting off a joke via text is this: could it be considered offensive in any way?

A distasteful text to the guy you’ve yet to date can destroy your chances of building a relationship with him.

That means this isn’t the time (or place) to try out your latest standup routine or drop your dirtiest wisecrack.

Instead, simply give him a glimpse of the fun he’d have hanging out with you without getting too far ahead of yourself.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t overdoing the humor or making all of your text messages sound like a joke.

A clever one-liner or a fun pun can take you far, but adding “haha” or “LOL” to every message could take away from it, and it could even confuse him

For instance, if you send him something along the lines of “It was so nice seeing you last night” and add “HAHA” to the end of it, then he’s going to be unsure of whether or not you actually mean it.

If you can make him chuckle with a Laughter Text, then you can almost guarantee that you’ll be on his mind all day.

So be the happy-go-lucky, whimsical woman that every guy dreams of finding, and you’ll have him counting down the seconds until your first (or next) date.

One of the best ways to make a guy laugh is by sending him animated GIF's or memes.

If you have an iOS or Android device, you can install special keyboards or add-ons that will allow you to send him funny clips. This is a great way to break the ice after a long period of silence.

Examples of Laughter Texts to Make a Man Want You.

*Send a funny meme* This is what I think when I look at you. 

*Send a picture of a greasy hamburger you’re eating* I’m on a strict diet here. Burgers only.

*Send a funny YouTube video* This is me after Pilates.

Make Him Feel Proud Text.

Imagine this situation.

Sitting in the lunchroom, Joe unwraps his homemade ham and cheese sandwich and pulls out his phone. Seeing he’s received a message from Laura, he taps the screen to open the text

You know that big project I’ve been working on? Well, my boss absolutely loved it and told me how much he appreciates all of my hard work!

I’m feeling great and wanted to share my good news with you. I hope you’re having a wonderful day, too!

Grinning ear to ear, Joe can’t help but feel proud to be the one this impressive woman is texting with her good news.

What I call “Making Him Feel Proud Texts” are the type of texts that give the guy receiving them a glimpse into what life with you would be like.

They are designed to make him feel lucky to be on your mind, and to show him what an outgoing, confident, happy, and motivated woman you are.

To properly send this kind of love-for-life messages, use words that ooze positivity.

Whether you’re sharing your own achievements or encouraging his endeavors, telling him how great of a day you’re having, or letting him know how blessed you feel, the point of these messages is to make him think about how bright the future looks with you in it—because Girl, you’re radiating sunshine!

What’s the secret to pulling off this type of text? Expressing a genuine love for life.

Don’t be afraid to be fun and flirty in this type of text either, especially if you can send him something that you know will make him feel good about himself.

Whatever you choose to send him, just make sure that your text tells the story of a woman who is bold enough to know what she wants, and brave enough to take it!

When you can be the one who makes him feel a vibrant love for life, he’ll go gaga for you and have the urge to make you his own.

Examples of Make Him Feel Proud Texts.

Good luck on your presentation today. You’re going to be absolutely amazing!

I woke up this morning and remembered how lucky I am to live in this absolutely breathtaking city. I hope the sun is shining for you this morning, too!

Good morning! I hope you have a productive day and get all of your to-do list tackled. You’re such a hard worker, it’s impressive. Don’t forget to give yourself a well deserved break at some point, too!

Building The Connection with a man through texting

Building The Connection Texts To Make Him Yours.

You’ve been texting the guy you’re into, but lately his responses are few and far between. When you ask if something is wrong, he says he’s just been busy.

This may very well be true, but you’ve noticed that he’s found time to like posts on Instagram and reply to comments on Facebook . . . yet he doesn’t text you back.

If you’re like most women, then you’re probably feeling dismayed.

Maybe you’ll want to call him out on it, or maybe you are tempted to send him a snotty “Cool story bro” text; or maybe you’ll wallow in your own self-pity and wish that you were someone he wanted to message.

Well, if you’re looking to win this guy over, then it’s time to put those behaviors to bed.

Instead of getting your knickers in a twist or sending him passive-aggressive messages because he’s not replying, send him the kind of text that he’ll want to respond to—the kind that will grab his attention and, like a moon circling a planet, pull his orbit back to you.

I call these “Building The Connection Texts.”

Building The Connection Texts can be tricky because you don’t want to be overbearing or make it seem like you’re desperate to hear from him.

Even more importantly, you want it to come across as though his lack of communication hasn’t been affecting your life—after all, your life is far too fun and busy to be put off by a few unanswered messages.

Before sending him another message, take the time to reflect on the texts you’ve sent that went unanswered. Were they rambling or, from his perspective at least, pointless?

Did you send them at a time when he was likely busy with work? Did they require a lot of thought, or a long response on his part?

To pull him back in, you’re going to want to send him a building the connection Text. This kind of message doesn’t beg for a reply, but instead, it’s of value to him. 

For instance, you may want to share some news that you think he’ll find fascinating, or, if you are going to ask a question, make it one that he’ll enjoy answering because it’s of interest to him.

As you may have guessed, because of the draw it creates, this kind of text is great in situations where you’re looking to win an ex back.

Just remember, men like to keep things simple, so if your texts demand a lot of attention or are overbearing, then he may be choosing to avoid them.

Also, keep in mind that guys love their freedom, and a smothered man won’t stick around.

If you want him to respond to your messages and be happy to hear from you, then the trick is to keep your texting relationship lighthearted and easy

Here Are Some Really Good Examples On Building The Connection Texts.

Hey, I hope you’re having a great day. I just wanted to let you know that the radio station is giving away free tickets to the Blues Fest. I thought you might be interested in scoring a few!

My sister and her boyfriend are coming into town for the weekend and want to check out some live music. You’re more of an expert in this area than I am. Do you have any suggestions for where they should go? Hey!

I was hoping to hit that cool Mexican cafe you took me to again this weekend. Can you please remind me of its name?

Bring The Spark And Chemistry Back Again Texts.

Imagine This Scenario.

Dawn and Ben had been texting each other for a few weeks and had gotten together a handful of times.

The spark between the pair was undeniable, but due to a previous heartbreak, he was keeping her at arm’s length.

Desperate to bring him closer, Dawn used a clever “Bring The Spark And Chemistry Back Again” Text.

What did you get up to tonight? 

I went to the theatre to see the new IT movie with Josh. It was amazingly terrifying, you should see it!

Ben could feel his body temperature skyrocket as he read her message. Not because he was angry with her, but because of the jealousy that overtook him as he pictured her sitting in a dark theatre, clinging to some other man’s arm as she jumped and shrieked out of fright.

In that moment, he knew that he had to drop his guard and sweep her off her feet—before someone else did!

It’s pretty rare that you hear of a case where intentionally agitating a person can spark a positive reaction, but in the early days of seeing someone new, stirring up feelings of jealousy or discomfort can actually do wonders for making the man you’re seeing commit to something more with you.

Of course, this needs to be done subtly. If the man you’re texting gets the impression that you’re intentionally trying to get a reaction out of him, then this will backfire on you.

Don’t worry, though, because building chemistry through these types of messages is easier than it sounds.

By being mysterious in your messages—more specifically, by remaining vague about your plans and company—it will get the wheels in your man’s head turning.

From casually dropping other guy’s names in your texts to sending him ambiguous messages about your “crazy” or “amazing night out,” tidbits of information like this will have him wondering what you’re doing, who you’re meeting, and where you’re going.

Make note that when sending this sort of message, it’s important to keep all of your texts positive and not overdo it.

If you hold back too much information on a regular basis, then he may start to get the impression that you’re into someone else.

Examples Of Getting The Spark And Chemistry Back Again Texts.

Last night was crazy! It’s been a while since I’ve gone out and let loose.

I’m meeting Mark for a drink after work, but I’ll message you when I’m free.

I’m Sam’s plus-one for a wedding this weekend. Apparently there’s a pool where we’re staying, so I have to go bikini shopping tonight.

Conclusion: Important tips to keep in mind while texting him at this point in your relationship:

Be straightforward - Since you’re still in the stage of determining whether or not the two of you are compatible enough to take things to the next level and date, it’s important that you don’t play games.

As you already know, men and women text quite differently from one another, so if he’s struggling to decipher your messages, or if he feels overwhelmed with confusion when reading them, then sooner or later he’s going to give up.

Keep it simple and relevant - So you want to text the guy who’s been monopolizing all of your thoughts, but you can’t justify a reason to message him.

A good icebreaker is to recall the previous interaction you shared. For example, let’s say the last time you spoke he mentioned that he was going to play hockey with the guys.

Asking him how the night went will not only show him that you were in fact listening to what he said, but also that you have a genuine interest in his life outside of you and him. A good rule of thumb is to send one key point per text message.

Also, while texting can be used to create intimacy and enhance your relationship, it can also ruin it if your messages become boring or annoying.

Keep it interesting and relevant to his life, and message him tactfully; texting a guy too much is a big no-no.

I will stop here. I believe you truly loved reading these step-by-step guide on text messages to make him want you. 

Before you go I want to share an amazing program with you that has transformed the love life of millions of women around the world.

You can take a look at this amazing video presentation here and see for yourself how it can help you transform your personality as a woman.

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