May 5, 2022

Secrets to Build Successful Long-Term Relationship With Man

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For a successful long-term relationship with your man, it does NOT always have to be ‘passionate’ and ‘exciting’.

Many women have a moment of self-examination at some point in relationships and panic at what they see.

Instead of the glamorous drama – with themselves as the prima ballerina – that they thought they wanted into, they see a man and a relationship with a couple of, well, flaws.

But are those few flaws reason enough to let go of the relationship in search of something new?

Or can you see these things as a call to action for a successful long-term relationship.

In other word, a motivation to create the vision of perfection that you truly desire?

There are a number of ways you can create lasting passion in your relationship with your man, including a few key mindsets which I’ve laid out for you below.

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# First: Every Day Is A Gift It is the Mantra of a Successful Relationship.

Here’s an interesting fact: you really have no right or reason to take your partner for granted.

There is no telling how long your relationship will last for.

The truth is that it could literally end at ANY TIME.

Far from being a scary thought, I actually believe this to be an incredibly empowering viewpoint to subscribe to – reason being, if you’re actively appreciating every moment that you have with this man.

You’re choosing to spend time with, then it’s literally impossible to experience the kind of complacency-born resentment and frustration that so many women complain of. 

You don’t know how much time you have with this person.

Why not choose to value each moment as the precious gift that it really is?

We often let the bad days drag out because we don’t value the time we have.

You don’t know when it will all end, so there is no scarcity or reason to value the moments.

But that doesn’t mean that every moment isn’t precious.

# Second: Speak Up to Keep Your Long-Term Relationship Thriving And Successful

Compliments are one of the major sources of emotional sustenance in a relationship.

And I’m not just talking about telling him he looks hot today (although comments like those certainly have their place!) …

I’m also talking about normal, positive interactions that overtime build to a successful long-term relationship.

For e.g. 

‘Thank you for taking me to dinner.’ 

‘Wow, you did such a good job!’

‘I’m so glad you’re in my life.’

‘That shirt looks great on you.’

. . .and any other other genuine compliments and appreciation that would help your relationship to last.

For people who aren’t used to vocalizing their appreciation, speaking up in this way can feel kind of weird at first – almost like you’re walking around naked.

But part of the beauty of relationship is the opportunity to be truly vulnerable in front of another person – and, far from having it be a source of angst, actually having them love you more for it.

Without the knowledge that you value and appreciate him for all his unique individual qualities, your partner is going to feel taken-for granted.

Worse: he might even feel ignored or undervalued.

Relationship therapists say that, in order for a relationship to survive and thrive, the balance of ‘positive to negative’ comments needs to be at least 5:1.

That means that, for every negative or critical thing you say, you need to counteract its effects with a minimum of five positive statements before you hit him with the next whammy.

I invite you to take a moment to yourself here, and consider what YOUR ratio of positive-to negative comments is.

How often do you value and appreciate your partner out loud?

How often do you give him a verbal slap in the chops?

And is your commentary balanced in such a way that your connection can truly thrive?

Third: Date Nights Forever to Keep Your Long-Term Relationship successful And Spicy 

When people complain about the lack of passion in their relationship, they seldom come up with any actions to help overcome the situation.

If the ‘spark’ seems to be lacking somewhat between you and your partner, have you actually thought about why this might be?

Most of the time, the same reasons get thrown up again and again: too tired at the end of the day, not enough time, and work, household chores, and children get in the way. Sound familiar?

There is really only ONE way to include passion in your life, and that is to create time for it.

Guess how you do that? By prioritizing it.

We all have the same number of hours in the day; you get to decide how you fill them.

And let’s face it; there’s never going to be time for passion unless you MAKE time for it, so it really is imperative that you actually make the decision to make that time.

Think back to the last time you spent a romantic weekend away as a couple.

Typically couples that come to me haven’t spent a weekend alone for over 2 years.

There’s certainly no need to go so long without privacy and connection!

Regular ‘date nights’ are a great idea to build a successful long-term relationship. 

And no, they’re not just for couples who are saddled with multiple children, either: simply trying to juggle two separate professional schedules is reason enough to create a weekly standing ‘date night’ with the man in your life.

So make a time to connect, and honor it.

Finally: Make Passion A PRIORITY to Spice Your Long-Term Relationship.

It may feel like you are sometimes more ‘friends’ than you are ‘lovers’, but that doesn’t mean things have to stay that way.

Nothing is irreversible, and every day is a brand-new opportunity for you to start over. So dive in!

If you are serious about creating passion that lasts, in other words a flourishing relationship then you've to make it a priority.

It must be more than something you just talk about.

It must be something more than just wishing or hoping it will happen. You’ve really got to want it.

Passion for your partner and your life together is not just a feeling. It’s something you make happen.

With a little creative thought and effort you can keep the spark alive in your relationship for many more years to come.

So what are you waiting for?

Put this course down, go grab your partner, and give him a long, lingering kiss … and see what happens next!

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