May 5, 2022

How to Bring Passion Back into Your Relationship (Women’s Guide)

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Go Back to Your Ex-Girlfriend

What’s your recipe for romance as a couple? Keep it alive, fresh, and new! Romance isn’t dead.

Is it? Of course not. If not are you wondering how to bring passion back into your relationship?

If yes! Read this amazing article to bring romance and passion back into your relationship and make him crave you.

Remember, romance and passion in a relationship doesn’t die by itself. It simmers down to non-existence when you place high expectations on your partner, or the communication has ceased to continue.

Romance is alive only for couples who can learn to speak the same language, set expectations from the get-go and learn to come together in a way that no two others can.

Just think about all of the good stuff you’ll miss out on without a passionate, romantic relationship.

Those butterflies in your stomach when you merely think about him, let alone see him; the hope and faith in your belief of your ‘soul mate’; the goal of being better, looking better and feeling better just because you’re with the one your meant to be with.

The truth is, when you put stock into romance, and he does too, it’s a never ending ‘give back’ to the both of you.

But the question remains: How can you possibly get your partner to reciprocate the romance and bring back the same passion and intimacy again?

Learn exactly how to bring passion back into your relationship?

You’ll learn some of the best ways that he’ll respond to affection, desire and passion.

Just as you try a new egg scramble with the ingredients you have lying around the kitchen, in your relationship you want to work with what you’ve got as a ‘love chef’ – those characteristics he loves about you.

In order to discover how he will best bring forth more love than ever to you him to ignite his desire for you, from the start of your relationship to the end!

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Become the Ringleader of Stimulating Conversation

It doesn’t matter if going on your 20th date with your boyfriend, the one you can see being with for the long haul.

It doesn’t matter if you feel that you know your spouse (of six years) inside and out.

There is always more to learn and discover about your partner, which is why learning what he thinks about sex and romance is so vital for your future.

So, what do you have left to discover about him?

Good conversation is the key – and the pathway – to romance and passion.

Believe it or not, the words you use have meaning, and the way you say those words, hold an infinite amount of opportunity for intimacy, passion and romance.

But this is important to remember - There are only two options for conversations with your long term love interest, and it reciprocates in him only two emotions: exciting or boring.

What does your usual conversation look like?

Does it begin with the usual, “How was your day?” or does it start by offering something unique, exciting or thrilling?

Does it set the tone for stimulating conversation, or is it full of the usual same old, same old?

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Good vs. Bad Conversation

Good conversation starters ignite romance in the both of you, whereas bad – or boring – conversation can perpetuate a boring, dull relationship. Just think about how often you talk to your partner.

Whether you talk a lot, or a little, conversation matters.

So does how you talk, what you have to say, and if your intellect is on the same page.

Don’t roll your eyes or simply wait until he generates a good conversation topic.

It’s your job too. So here are some great conversation topics to bring to the table:

-“Do you remember the first thing you said to me after our friends set us up?

I couldn’t believe that you had the nerve to use that pick-up line! But I loved every word of it…”

-“What’s the best memory you have of us? I want to see if it’s the same one I have in mind.”

-“If you were guaranteed success at any business of your choosing, what would it be?”

-“Would you rather have biological children, or adopted ones?”

-“What’s the most attractive trait to you, in another? What’s the worst?”

-“Think about your worst first date. What was it that made you be 100 percent certain there wouldn’t be a second one?”

-“What movies and/or music inspires you? Why?”

-“Tell me your non-negotiable. You know, those deal breakers in someone else that you wouldn’t ever tolerate.”

-What do I have in my closet right now that you think I look sexiest in?”

-“Describe your dream home, and in detail. Tell me where it’s located, what part of the country or world it’s in, and who fills your home up.”

-“What are your biggest professional and personal goals that I don’t already know about?”

-“If you became a millionaire after winning the lottery, what would be the first three things you would spend it on? What about the first five, or ten?”

-“What is one of your favorite holiday memories? What about your favorite memory when it was snowing?”

-“Today, right now, what are you most thankful for?”

-“How would you define love, sex and intimacy? Or are they the same thing?”

-“If our relationship was a movie, who would play us?”

-“What sexual fantasies do you have, that you want us to fulfill? Be specific! I’m all ears…”

-“What’s the best relationship advice you’ve ever been given?”

-“What did you learn about relationships from your parent’s marriage?”

-“What is your most outrageous sexual fantasy? Do you want to try it?”

-“Do you believe in fate? What about synchronicity? Destiny? Coincidence vs. everything happening for a reason, at exactly the time you need it to happen?”

-“You know my idea of romance. What’s the ideal romantic day or night for you?

If you tell me, I might do it…”

Learn some more exciting ROMANCE IDEAS to bring back the passion and intimacy into your life – and his!

Bonus Content:

Create a date for the two of you that doesn’t cost a thing. 

Cheap romantic dates may just be music to your date’s ears.

Remember, he’s not so concerned about what activities go on during the date, as what feelings the date triggers in him, about you.

Set your sights on a creative way to spend your time instead of the usual dinner and a movie.

He’ll be relieved that you took the time to consider an outside-the box date!

There are many things you can do together that doesn’t cost a thing, and that will help you to open up new opportunities to flirt, get to know one another on a deep level and spark new interests to explore together.

Cheap date ideas can be any of the following: take an exploratory walk through your city’s natural preserves; meet him early in the morning at his place and watch cartoons and eat pancakes.

Buy two tickets to the ballgame, but sit in the nosebleed section and people watch while talking about all the interesting dynamics you witness.

Rent a tandem bike at your local park, and take a picnic. Ride through the park, and stop for wine and appetizers you made for the occasion.

Are you passionate about animals?

Visit the local animal shelter and give some tender loving care to someone who needs it more than you!

This activity is a great one to try out, especially when you want to know how animal or kid friendly he may be. If he can hold a newborn puppy with ease, he just may be a keeper.

There are always opportunities to flirt – whether you’re watching your home team hit the ball out of the field, or you’re reminiscing about the cartoons you watched as a child – laugh at each other, laugh at yourself and be open to whatever those cheap dates lead to.

# Get cooking! Make his favorite meal – whatever he loved growing up, or whatever he loves now.

This is a perfect third or fourth date, when you feel comfortable having him over to your place and you have overcome the nervousness but the excitement of seeing one another again is at an all-time high.

The first kiss has come and gone, and as you know – the third kiss is the one of meaning and intention.

He’s ready to be around you and can’t wait. So make this one good – flirt with him while you cook up a meal of nostalgia for him.

As the dish is baking in the oven, enjoy a glass of wine, and walk over to him and sensually feed him an appetizer you slaved over.

Let him feed you next.

Kiss, talk and most of all, enjoy the flirtation that cooking can bring on.

It will excite him, it will keep him wanting more, and the combination of you and the delicious meal you prepared will encourage him to think about nothing but you for the upcoming week.

Forget paying to see a movie, make one instead. 

Nearly every mobile device these days has a camcorder, and if you haven’t put yours to good use yet, now’s the time.

Suggest going outdoors and head to the park. Run around like teenagers, dance, talk, laugh, kiss and put it all on film.

Spend hours having a relaxing picnic or just lying down on a blanket outdoors, and watch what you’ve just filmed.

Since we can’t normally watch ourselves in life as we can in a movie, it’s exciting to see ourselves and our love interest in action – watching, observing and experiencing ourselves on film.

The way you smile lovingly at him, and the way he looks at you while you talk to him is very revealing.

Most of all, making a movie of the two of you together can be something to laugh over, to make light of your serious emotions you may have (an evolving love, for example) and a way to feel like teenagers again.

Set the Standard

If you think flirting is out of your reach, think again!

Flirtation is an immensely important part of attracting the opposite sex and bringing back the passion, spark and intimacy again in your love and sex life.

It’s exhilarating, it’s powerful and it has the ability to promote a romantic life that has the potential to be never ending.

Consider what you’re comfortable doing, and when.

If you can use your body language to show him you’re into him, then the rest of your relationship will be a piece of cake.

Flirting is about setting the standard for what you want him to reciprocate back to you: romance, affection, passion and a continuing love.

If you think a romantic relationship is in your cards, it will be.

Program your mind to expect it, and put in the work it requires. If you flirt, and show desire, so will he.

If you help him to see that you’re into him, he’ll show you the same.

Bouquets of flowers, thoughtful gestures of appreciation and the stuff that great love stories are made of aren’t within your reach.

In fact, when you fuel your date with a flirtatious vibe, it’s just around the corner and passion + romance becomes automatic.

I will stop here. If you loved reading this article on how to bring passion back into your relationship then you’ll also love this powerful video presentation below.

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