May 5, 2022

How to Support His Dreams And Strengthen the Bond With Your Man

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If you truly love a man and want to be with him for life long. Here's one method that will strengthen your bond with you. All you need to do is learn how to support his dreams.

Trust me this really works because this method will not only strengthens the bond in your relationship but also stops him from losing interest in you and take your relationship to levels you never imagined. 

If you truly learn how to support his dreams this method will make your boyfriend a commitment-a-holic for you

That's why I call it the "Oxy-Bomb". Because it really stirs up the Oxytocin in him and helps take the bond between you to the next level.

And what's great is you can use this at any stage in your relationship.

How to do it? How to Support His Dreams...Keep Reading

First, find out what his biggest dreams and aspirations are. Does he want his own restaurant?

Does he want to go back to school and get his masters degree?

Is his dream to be the next big country music star?

Whatever it is, find it.

Next, what you're going to do is once a week, fuel his aspirations.

Every week, you want to take at least one action to help him achieve his goals.

This may sound vague, so what I did is is show you 3 examples of this method in action below so that you can support his dreams in the right way.

Example 1. Say your guy works as an auto garage as a mechanic. He's a huge car nut, loves working on them.

But he hates working for somebody else. And his real dream is to start his own shop.

Ask him presupposing questions and statements like,

"Who's gonna be your first hire once you open your shop honey?"

"What neighborhood is your shop gonna be in?"

"I'm getting all my friends to come to your shop when you open it Hun"

Send him little text's while he's at work like,

"Hows work babe? 

It's going to be so awesome the day I text you, 'how's YOUR shop going babe?' it's coming babe I know it."

"Imagine how many customers that are going to follow you when you open your shop babe...your boss is gonna be pissed! lol"

Get on Google and search for vacant buildings for rent in your city that would be good locations for a shop and show them to him.

Example 2. Let's say your boyfriend/husband loves video games and tech stuff. A real tech geek.

He's a computer programmer working for a company. But his REAL dream is to build his own video games and phone apps.

-Show him stories you found online of others who recently started their own game company and are successful

-Ask him what he thinks about other popular games.

-Get you a shirt made that says "iHeartCoders" on the front and wear it when you two are out.

Send him text's while he's at work like,

"Can't wait to play the first game you make baby"

"You're gonna be one sexy video game CEO ;)"

"So what's the first type of game you want to build"

"Tell me the story line for your first game"

Example 3 on how to support his dreams- So for the last example let's say your boyfriend/husband works as a chef at a restaurant. 

He went to culinary school and enjoys the job. But his REAL dream is to one day have his own restaurant.

Ask him presupposing questions and statements like,

"What's gonna be the best meal on your menu when you open your restaurant?"

"If you could serve a celebrity at your restaurant, who would it be?

"Can't wait to everybody gets to taste how good your food really is when you open your restaurant, because you won't be limited by your bosses lack of menu variety anymore ;)"

Send him little text's while he's at work like,

"They are gonna be so mad when you leave and go start your own restaurant"

"Hey we are gonna devour this bottle of wine I just bought and come up with logo ideas for your restaurant ;)"

Buy him a subscription to any magazines about restaurants or owning a restaurant business.

Don't tell him you're doing it.

When he checks the mail one day and finds the magazine he's going to say,

"Hey Hun, I got this awesome magazine in the mail I didn't even order."

Then you just smile, and say, "Surprise!" Whatever you do, DO THIS...your guy will fall to his knees in excitement that you did this for him!

And he'll happily pay you with affection, respect and attention and lust.

So do you see what you're doing here?

You're basically fueling his drive to accomplish his dreams by supporting him and boosting his confidence level externally.

One thing to note, don't come off as pressuring him to work on his dreams.

That will probably backfire.

For instance, if he was supposed to go scout locations for where he'd want his restaurant this week, but hasn't done it, don't tell him.

"Hey you need to start looking at locations for your restaurant this week".

Instead say, "Hey babe, did you still want to check out locations for your restaurant today? I'll go with you"

He already feels enough pressure in his life trying to accomplish them himself.

Just come off as his "supportive cheerleader".

Be the person who reminds him of where he's going in life.

The whole idea is to show you care about what he wants to do in life proactively.

See, most women do care about their men's dreams and goals.

But what they don't do is take proactive action to SHOW they want him to accomplish his dreams.

This is probably the most powerful method I can share with you to help you create that long lasting love with your man.

You see at the end of the day, in order for your man to feel truly alive and truly fulfilled with you, he needs pursue his deepest aspiration and his dreams in life.

And your ultimate gift as a woman is to inspire him to conquer them, and realize his full potential as a man.

Well what if you don't know what he wants?

Here's how to find out:

Ask him this question:

If you could do anything you wanted, and have your dream job, what would it be? It's that simple!

You can even ask him where he wants to be 10 years from now.

This method is also magic because in his mind he automatically starts picturing himself as a success, and guess with who? YOU!

Because you're anchoring and supporting his dreams with you in the picture and that's really really important.

Note: This method works for single, dating and also if you've been married for 20 years, or on your first date!

If you've been together for sometime, this should be easy.

Because you already know everything he wants.

If you just started dating him?

Then every time you two meet up be sure to ask him how his aspirations are going.

You can also use the text methods from above too on your new found love.

I will stop here. If you loved reading this guide on how to support his dreams you'll also love this powerful video presentation here.

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