May 5, 2022

How To Get His Attention Again Back On You in 12 Powerful Steps

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Take a deep breath because I know you are having issues in your relationship and you are worried about how to get his attention again back on you and bring your love life on track again.

Definitely this is the reason why you’re reading this guide, you’re feeling hurt right now and you feel like your heart got ripped out and stomped on, and that the pain you’re feeling will never go away as the guy you love is getting distant from you with each passing day.

But don’t worry you have just landed on the right blog and believe me I will guide you and help you to discover some amazingly easy ways to get his attention again back on you.

OK, let’s begin…

All you need is just take a cup of coffee sit back and read through this guide and implement the steps to get his attention again back on you and make him chase you again.

But before you go ahead I want to let you know that getting his attention back again on you is a process and will take some time.

I’m sorry to say it, but there’s no “magic formula” here. There’s not any tricks to get his attention through sexy text messages.

Trust me I don’t have any fast working trick for you that will change your man’s mind in 20 minutes and have you back again in romantic land.

But I can assure you if you follow the tips in this guide you will definitely get his attention back again.

1. Stay Positive and Stay Happy

Being happy and positive is an important factor for getting your guys attention back on you again.

If you feel miserable without him constantly seeking his attention it means you are not doing the right things.

In fact you must try to stay positive and happy within your own self.

Try to discover hobbies, passion and interests that you always wanted to pursue and always wanted to follow but never got chance, trust me it will help you find happiness and positivity outside of dating and romance.

It’s all about creating the right balance, if a guy feels you constantly want only him around you and you have no passion and interest of your own. In this situation he is more likely to leave you.

On the other hand, if he finds you’re passionate about your hobbies and interests, he will be more keen to be interested in you and at the same time there’s more chance he will come back chasing you again.

2. Show Some Class In The Way You Dress

Wearing right clothes is the best ways to get his attention back again on you.

But hold on with clothes I don't mean you wear sexy bikini and upload it on social media to grab his attention. Believe me don't ever do that it won't work.

Definitely you will drive some attention from your guy or maybe other guys too, but it will not be the right kind of attention and it will get you nowhere in the long run.

Every women have something very attractive when it comes to her physical traits.

Maybe you have nice pair of perky breasts that looks sexy on a deep cut v-neck top or maybe you’ve got a gorgeously smooth thigh that looks perfect in a mini skirt.

(Note: I am talking about looking sexy and not vulgar there's a difference looking sexy and looking vulgar)

What I want to say is learn the art of being sexy for your man by wearing clothes that shows your good qualities while downplaying the odds in the competition if there are any.

This will not only help to get his attention back on you, but also give you an extra edge in comparison with other women around.


3. Be Gentle And Kind Towards Others

The act of kindness can win hearts, guys love women who are soft, gentle and kind towards other.

If you are with a guy who thinks of you as a self centered woman trust me he will never ever stay in love with you, at the same time it will be very difficult for you to get his attention back fast.

No offense I am not blaming you for anything, if you are a kind woman its great, but if you are little self centered who thinks only about herself, better change this attitude as it maybe one of the reasons why he got away from you.

What I mean is do something that contributes positively to the people and the society where you live in, it shows you have a kind heart and you think about other's happiness too.

This act will bring him closer to you and he will give you more attention, love and respect in the long run.

4. Wear The Best Perfume To drive His Attention Back Fast

Good perfume has the power to turn a guy on or off. Good scent is the surprising element and the factor that can get any man's attention.

Its proven scientifically Dr. Hirsch says good scent has a aroma that connects to deep emotional craving.

Good perfume works on a subconscious level to loosen him up and make him feel happy and relaxed.

Remember as I mentioned above he is already transfixed by your looks and the way you dress, meaning he is already impressed a good scent will add the extra ting to get his attention back fast on you and definitely a tonic to enhance his craving and feeling towards you.

A tip on how to apply perfume on your body - You should never pour lot of perfume on your body, in fact a light mist is all you require to mix and mingle it with your natural aroma.

So girls never ever neglect the power of applying good perfume as it can be the difference between losing and winning a man's attention and love.

5. Talk About Best Experiences And Moments You Guys Spend Together

One of the best ways to get his attention again back on you in a very fast way is by getting on his emotional side.

The best way to get on his emotional side is by talking about the best moments that you both had gone together. 

Talking about this moments every now and again will make him realize how much he loves you and maybe you guys were involved together in a life threatening or traumatic situation.

Because sometimes trauma brings us together, as any war vet or survivor of a natural disaster knows.

This incredible bonding effect on human beings the experience of “being in a foxhole” together can create lifelong and unbreakable relationship.

Trust me just use this tips and see the end results, this will automatically create a sense of belongingness and also help to keep him interested in you for life long.

6. Have Intimate Eye Contact Sessions

Intimate eye contact is powerful if you know what you are doing and how to use it with your guy.

It can specify as an helpful gauge if he is interested or not. But more significantly, it is one of the most powerful communication cues of attraction and also for creating the right sexual chemistry with your guy.

The key is to pay more attention to the signals and also using the right eye contact tricks in order to do it right.

It's the way you look at you guy tells the whole story. After all, it's said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul.

If being sexy and tempting doesn't come natural to you, then you must some time to figure out new ideas to catch his attention.

Couple of tips on how to get his attention again back through eye contact 

Apply mascara as there's something about it that does that to any guy. Mascara enhances a woman's eyes and the way that she bats them.

Mascara gives that seducing look to your eyes that you usually get after drinking a wine. It is the same effect that will help you enhance your sexiness.

Another trick that you can try with your eyes, which I believe is not that hard if he's really cool and attractive in looks and physic, is very slowly check him out, but only above the waist and than go close and whisper slowly in his ears you are really looking tantalizing.

Trust me it will drive him mad this are little things but can make a lot of difference.

What I want to say is your relationship and love life shouldn't be boring, you need to keep trying new and innovative ideas to make his chase you for life long, meaning you have to ensure that your relationship is moving smooth with lots of adventure and thrill in it.

7. Take things easy and slow

Sometimes you may get panic seeing him getting distant from you, but in such a situation you must try to stay calm and take things easy and slow.

Don’t get overexcited or seem desperate and don’t blow your trumpet every single time he sees you telling he doesn't care or love you.

In fact when things aren't going well in your relationship, try to find positive ways to overcome problems or misunderstandings if there are any, try to have interesting and healthy conversations to make him realize how much of a catch you are and what he might lose if he is not giving attention to you.

8. Be a Mysterious Women

Believe me if you really want to know the secret sauce on how to get his attention again back learn the art of mystery.

I will tell you how to be a mystery queen. First of all don't reveal every little detail about where you are going, what you are doing and all your plans.

If you want to get his attention you have to push him to know more about you.

Arouse his curiosity by telling him a few things about yourself that will make him want to ask more questions about you. Remember speak less and he will automatically ask more.

Talking about your weekend spa trip or regular massage session can seem harmless, but it’ll make him think of you in the nude. Add in a few pointers that can awe him or make him desire you.

Believe me it will keep the excitement and thrill alive in your relationship at the same time he will be pushed more and more towards you and that's what you want isn't it?

9. Don't Try to Get him To Love You, Fascinate Him Instead

​Believe me or not, but all men are wired to fall in love with a women. Deserted together on an island with few other distractions, everything that's feminine about you would call him.

It would only be a matter of time until your feminine qualities triggered his love instincts.

Deeply wired in his brain are all the instincts needed to cause him to crave your body, your presence, your gaze, and your friendship. Man is not meant to be alone.

If this is true, why is he so hard top in down? Why do his interests seem to scatter in so many directions?

It comes down to the many distractions in his life. In this modern world, his primary drives can be met in many ways.

Only the things that fascinate him will capture his attention long enough to secure his deep investment and you need to understand that drive to capture his attention, if you want to get his attention back again on you.

10. Give Him The Space He Needs

It's a wonder feeling falling in love. However, staying in love especially in long run can be quite challenging.

I will tell you how when you become part of your guys personal life, there will be times when things will get crazy and out of your hands and you may end up stepping on each others’ toes.

​This happens especially in long term relationships when you love him so much that you wish to spend every moment or every single minute of your life with him which is not possible to be honest.

You can’t help how you feel, you just want to spend every waking moment you can with him and if some times you do get apart for hour or a day you keep texting and calling him and that's not appreciable by any means.

​Being a girl it's your prime responsibility to provide him with him own space, you must allow him to spend some time alone or with his friends.

You cannot keep him bonded in the confines of your love, of course it's true men want emotional connection with woman he loves but sometimes providing them with their space will do more good for your relationship than showing extra love and care.

11. Give Him The Respect And Attention He Deserves

​Note that man equate respect more than love, respect plays a very vital role in your relationship with man.

If he ever gets a feeling that you disapprove him on his actions or decisions, believe me he will have hard time trusting you as a partner.

​It will push him to think that you don't love him and do not attend his calls and actions, doing this will not only create distance in the loving space of your relationship, but it will divert his attention from you which is obviously a sign of a bad relationship. 

​If you want to get his attention back fast and make him chase you give him the respect and attention he craves and trust me he will give what you want from him in return, apply this little tips in your relationship and you will see dramatic changes but as I said above be patient it will take time but it's definitely worth trying.

12. How To Get His Attention Through Text By Triggering His Curiosity

​A short sexy text which is hard to ignore is more than enough to trigger his curiosity. Remember the message you send should not reveal any kind of problem, desperation or need.

In fact the message should get him interested enough to catch his attention on what's coming next. I hope you are getting my point.

​You can find some sexting examples here

​Once you send the text, now it's time to wait and don't make the mistake of sending another text make him think, guess and wait what you are up to.

Please do not send any emoticons or smileys as it will divert his attention from your initial text.

​Now when he asks you what are you up to in form of a question, reveal your desire or need without expecting it to be fulfilled by him. All you need to do is just mention it.

​Now wait again after that and give him time to think about your need or desire, note that you are not asking or pushing him. In fact you are just trying to trigger his curiosity.

​I hope this 12 tips are more than enough to get his attention again back on you, but if you really want more helpful and sure shot ways to trigger his curiosity and make him chase you for the rest of your life.

I recommend you to try "Language of Desire System" by Felicity Keith a Very famous Relationship and Dating Coach where she reveals the secret obsessions of your man and what you can do get his attention again.

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