May 4, 2022

How to Understand a Men (6 Crucial Points You maybe Ignoring)

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You love him, but you don’t always understand him and that’s when the relationship turns sour. Most women fail to understand men in relationships and that’s when men leave good woman even when they love them.

In fact, it seems at times like you are often on a different planet, let alone a different page totally confused wondering how to understand men and their behavior.

Sure, you and him may have a lot in common, but there are times when he gets that faraway look in his eyes, and you have no idea what he is thinking about.

It can even feel like he’s blocking you out and getting distant from you, especially when he’s trying to concen­trate on something!

His focus on tasks may be unparalleled, but as far as this goes in your relationship, it can be a real source of frustration.

Case in point: have you ever tried interrupting him when he’s working on a project?

Many men simply won’t notice you, and if they do, their response is often hostile and resentful.

What does that mean for your relationship?

It means being aware of the differences between yourself and men, and learning to work around them.

Too many people try to suppress aspects of their partner’s personality they don’t like, without con­sidering whether they are crushing the very es­sence of what makes them who they are.

Let’s face it. It should come as no surprise to you that women’s and men’s brains are hardwired dif­ferently and that’s the reason being a woman you need to learn how to understand men in the right sense.

While you may seamlessly flow from one chore to another, doing several bits and pieces at the same time, to a man, that seems illogical and difficult.

A man, by comparison, may choose to focus on one task to completion before moving on to the next one.

That way you can devote all your focus and knowledge in one area at a time, which for men, will lead to greater efficiency.

The important thing to realize here is that neither method is more correct than the other. They are simply different ways of approaching the same issue.

But what’s important for you is that you under­stand your man has a different way of doing things to you, but that this doesn’t make him wrong.

As far as men are concerned, you have to either love them or leave them – there’s no such thing as ‘If only he would He is who he is; either choose to love him AS HE IS, or choose to leave him.

Don’t waste both of your time trying to change him ‘just that little bit’.

And by the way - the majority of niggles and marital issues stem from nothing but plain old misunderstanding, which is why you must get on top of understanding your man…….Compliments.

If you want him to compli­ment you, come straight out and ask.

Don’t mask it as a test. Guys don’t notice details in the same way women do, so don’t expect him to no­tice your new shade of nail polish, the different brand of eye liner, of if you have lost 2 pounds.

Just because he doesn’t notice the finer details doesn’t mean he doesn’t notice you or think you look great. It just means he’s conditioned to no­tice other things.

#1. Clear Communication

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Men can’t read your mind, or second guess the hidden meaning behind your words.

If you want him to help with the kids or wash the car, ask him specifi­cally to do that.

If an issue needs addressing in your relationship, resist the temptation to make him work for it. Help him help you by making your communica­tion clear.

I always find that being really open and honest, even if it feels scary to just ‘come out and say it’,, is the ONLY way to ensure that the bond stays strong between me and my partner.

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#2. Playing Games. 

Game players attract men who play games in return. If you don’t want to get burnt, don’t play with fire.

It’s fine to flirt and tease a bit, but if you are seriously playing hard to get or trying to get his attention, you just can’t expect to attract a quality man in that way.

#3. Taking an Interest. 

Your man’s hobbies and interests are something he is passion­ate about, so while you don’t have to have a comprehensive knowledge of football or formu­la 1, he may appreciate it if you take the time to enter his world and understand a little bit about it.

At the VERY least: don’t make fun of the things he cares about.

(How many women do you know who roll their eyes and give their guy a hard time for watching the Super bowl – just because it’s something that they aren’t in­terested in?) It’s all about respecting your part­ner, and choosing to be KIND to one another.

#4. One Thing at a Time. 

While you may love to sit with girlfriends and talk over half a dozen different topics, the same may not be true for your man.

Men are more often characterized by their ability to focus on one thing at a time - which means if he’s watching television, it’s probably not a good time to talk to him about ANYTHING.

As far as ‘bring­ing up problems’ goes, ku­dos to you for having the guts to speak your truth; but try to choose your times wisely. (I.e., wait for a time when he’s re­laxed, happy, and willing to put his attention squarely on YOU!)

#5. Annoying Habits. 

If your man has developed an annoying habit, it’s helpful to take a few moments to consider how you are going to bring it up.

Resist the temptation to nag. A gentle re­minder or gesture may do the trick, and if possible, bring some humor into it. Smile.

Even annoying habits aren’t the end of the world, and a friendly gesture can often go further than a sharp remark.

#6. Get to the Point to understand your man better.

Men tend to appreciate women who don’t spend a lot of time waffling emotion­ally.

If you’ve got something to say, how’s about this: get to the point, say what’s on your mind, and then move on. Wow! How refreshing!

We are past the wishy-washy days of the metro­sexual. Women aren’t afraid to admit they want a real man.

But in wanting the real man, you need to accept that there will be parts of him you might not always understand, or perhaps even like but that, in choosing to be with him, you’re choos­ing to accept him AS HE IS. Period.

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