May 4, 2022

How To Flirt With a Guy [ No Nonsense Only Quality Tips]

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Flirting is an art that is not common with every woman.

If you've been struggling to learn how to flirt with a guy without being obvious. I believe you've come across the right page.

To day you'll discover the true art of flirting with a guy. What is flirting and how to flirt with a guy that will make him feel irresistible attraction toward you.

So let's begin and learn the tricks on how to flirt with a guy

FLIRTING MYTH: Most women think that, to master the art of flirting with a man, you’ve got to be a master of conversation. But this just ain’t so. The ends justify the means.

FLIRTING TRUTH: A good flirt is someone that other people are emotionally and psychologically attracted to. That’s it. If you can attract a man, and get him to commit, you’re a great flirt.

Simple, huh?

So What about the rest of us who aren’t attracting people already?

What are we supposed to do? ”Good question.

The following couple pages delve right into the main aspects of upping your flirting ‘game’in order to get more and better results with the MAN of your choice.

Starting right now, let’s get flirting, baby!

First up, something you’ve gotta know: there is only ONE thing you need to master in order to become an outrageously successful flirt .Just one thing. Literally.

No learned material, pre-practiced sexy grins in the mirror, or bottles of mail-order human pheromones required. Just this ONE, SUPREMELY IMPORTANT thing.


Being a woman you need to awaken that sexy inner confidence that man find irresistible.

Without confidence, you simply cannot learn how to flirt with a guy, there’s no way you’re going to be flirting with anything (except the wall, as you cling to it at social gatherings.)

Sound disappointing? A little too ‘obvious’? Were you hoping for some ‘esoteric inner-circle mastery tips’ on EXCELLENT flirting skills? Relax. They’re coming.

By the end of this article, you’ll know things about relating to other people – including catching their eye, their attention, and their heart – that most others couldn’t put a finger on if you offered them their weight in Mars bars.

But your first initiation into that ‘inner circle’ of social and sexual success is still as follows:Your main ‘prop’ is your confidence. It’s literally the ONLY thing you need in order to get results.

There are two types of confidence you need in order to flirt successfully with man. Those aspects relate respectively to your ‘outer game’ and your ‘inner game’ (the way you SEEM to be versus the way you ACTUALLY ARE.)

Since it’s easier to change our ‘outsides’ than our ‘insides’, let’s start easy and look at ‘outer game’ first.

Why Bother With Outer Game?

It’s a sad fact of life that most of us here in the Western world are more focused on how people look rather than who they’re being.

Doubt my word? Check out the huge number of reality TV shows based around the antics of some heiress,

Playboy bunny, or random sisters who got famous for having a big behind (yes, Kardashians, I’m looking at you.)

If you think these people got shows on PBS because of their ‘inner beauty’, you might want to check in at the lab to have your BOLTS tightened.

Simple fact of life: as a culture, we’ve learned pay attention to HOW people LOOK rather than WHO they are BEING.

Of course, the reasons for this are solid: paying attention to what people APPEAR to be doing is a basic survival mechanism first and foremost.

Think we would have survived as a race if we weren’t able to deduce from appearances whether someone is an enemy or a friend? No way.

If we weren’t such suspicious, externally-focused, appearance worshipping little devils, the human race would have died out like a new-born baby left outside overnight in the rain.

So, as a survival mechanism, this ‘paying attention to appearances first’ thing is naturally ingrained pretty deep into our collective psyche.

Case in point: can you imagine male heads turning on the street to follow the nicest woman walking past, rather than the hottest?

However, the very certainty of this unchanging facet of human nature can be put to your advantage when it comes to creating attraction!

Outer Game’ Self-Confidence: How to LOOK as Though You Have What It Takes.

My take on ‘attraction’ at is to DO WHAT WORKS.

In other words, don’t complain about the fact that men will always be attracted first to the women who look good.

Don’t complain about the fact that women will always be attracted first to the MEN who look good.

And don’t complain about the fact that the best flirts will ALWAYS be those who look like they have buckets of self-confidence.

Stop struggling against the current, and simply go with it. Instead of thrashing around in paroxysms of denial, put your energy towards putting reality to work for YOU.

Here’s what that means in your reality: You should FEEL GOOD about the fact that you can become a better and more successful flirt, simply by ACTING like one. Do you understand the supreme beauty of this fact?

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Allow me to emphasize:To become ASTRONOMICALLY more successful socially, you don’t have to ‘learn’ anything hard, ‘do’ anything hard, or ‘become’ someone you’re not.

All you have to do is COPY the physical behaviors of the best flirts.

ACT like a great flirt … and over time, your little ‘lie’ will become the TRUTH: You’ll no longer look like a great flirt, you’ll actually be one.

This is why, first up, we’re going to deal with ‘outer game’: how to LOOK like the best, until you actually become the best.

When it comes to flirting, that means LOOKING like you’ve got unstoppable confidence. Unstoppable self-confidence is not optional when it comes to succeeding socially. It’s mandatory.

Following are some easy tips on how to look, and act, like the Ruler of the Room.

The best part? Not only will you look the part, but also - since “motion creates emotion” -you’ll start to FEEL the part, too. Your body will ‘trick’ your mind into believing that you are what you act.

#1. Posture Comes First

Posture is, without a doubt, THE most important aspect of looking confident and oozing sex appeal.

I know that tall women sometimes slump – it’s like they’re ashamed of their height and are hoping to somehow ‘disappear’ into the background.

 Ain’t gonna happen! If you are tall and you have bad posture, guess what happens?You look like a tall, nervous person with disgusting posture. That’s IT.

But if you stand up straight, pull your shoulders back, and suck in your stomach a little bit you can make the best entrance ever. Seriously.

If you want to turn heads, learn how to live your life with a STRAIGHT SPINE and SHOULDERS BACK.

You’ll look like Galadriel from Lord of the Rings (if you’re a woman).

  • Keep your spine erect. Imagine there’s a string coming out the top of your head that’s pulling you up to the ceiling. It’s not about forcing yourself erect; it’s more about floating up towards the ceiling.
  • Keep your shoulders back. Imagine a diagonal string coming from your left shoulder blade to your right rear pocket, and from your right shoulder blade to your left rear pocket. Now imagine those string being tightened. This will bring your shoulder blades down and back, which makes you look elegant, poised, and dancer-like.
  • Suck your belly in. Imagine you’re ‘scooping’ your belly muscles in towards your spine. This shouldn’t be uncomfortable or cause breathing difficulties – it should just feel taut and maintainable for hours. Not only does this look good,but science now knows that tensing your belly muscles a little bit literally ‘wakes you up’ and makes you feel ready for whatever happens next – a handy tool in your arsenal!

Those three tips are your BEST ARMOR EVER against looking shy, nervous, flustered, or ill at-ease.

Three More Outer-Game Tips

  • Quit fidgeting! Fidgeting is a sign of serious social unrest. If you pick at your nails, jiggle your foot, play with your hair or send serial text messages in order to dilute your discomfort, STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Be physically calm - mental calm will follow.
  • Be careful with your voice. Your voice is one of your greatest seduction and confidence tools. But so many people overlook the power of how they sound– and never realize they’re throwing their power down the drain by doing so.Never, never underestimate the power of a sexy, slow-sounding voice – it WILL set you apart from everyone else. If you’re a fast talker, or have a screechy voice, you MUST get this under control. The best way to overcome this flaw is to practice a better voice. Read 3 pages of a book, out loud, to yourself every night before you go to bed in your new, sexier voice. Practice dips and rises in voice tone, as if you were speaking normally. Hint: don’t choose a voice that you have to think too much about; it should simply be a variation on your existing one(but a slower, sexier, smoother variation!)
  • All this will feel like a lot of work at first, but it will become second nature.Don’t worry if it feels like you’ve actually INCREASED in self-consciousness at first. That’s OK; it’s to be expected. The fact is that it’s necessary to pay more attention to how you look in order to create new habits. It takes three weeks to forge a new habit though – so in less than a month, you’ll be gliding around like someone off the cover of a magazine.

#2. Inner Game: Actually HAVE What It Takes

OK, so we’ve now dealt how to look as though you have self-confidence. And yes, a rock solid ability to ‘seem’ confident will absolutely see you over any initial ‘bumps’ or weird moments when socializing.

Remember all these steps are critical when it comes to understanding how to flirt with a guy so keep reading.

Again, Step One: Start saying ‘Hi’ to people.

Guys and gals, this applies to everyone, so listen up.You know that feeling when you’re walking along the street, and you see someone REALLY ATTRACTIVE walking towards you and that little voice starts up in your head:

Say Hi. Go on, say it. Only five steps away now! When he gets a little closer, I’ll say it then SAY it! Three steps away two steps say it, say it, last chance Too late.

I’m sure you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about: you know what you want to do, which is say something – anything – to this extra ordinary looking person that’s caught your eye but you WIMP OUT at the last minute. The worst part?

Not only do you wind up LOSING OUT on the opportunity to get a smile (or even a date) from the ambulatory eye-candy, but you also confirm a fact that’s DRAGGING YOU DOWN:


You don’t have the GUTS to succeed with GUYS. And guess what happens next time you want to greet another sexy member of the opposite sex? Too right: You fall into the HABIT GROOVE that you’ve dug in your brain through WIMPING OUT in the past.

It’s a neurological fact that the more often you perform a habit, the MORE LIKELY you are to perform that habit again in similar future circumstances.

So the more often you WIMP OUT around GUYS, the more likely you are to do it in future.

Thus, every time you let yourself down in this way, you INCREASE your chances of self sabotagein future. It’s a double-whammy!

But fortunately, there is an easier way to operate You’ve got to start SAYING HI to people.Even people you’re not attracted to.

In fact, especially those people – at least, at first – because they’ll help you break the metaphorical ice and get used to the sensation of putting yourself out there.

So here’s the deal: over the next week, you’re going to say hi to fifty random people. Yes, FIFTY. Think about it: that’s less than ten a day.

When you’re out walking around, shopping, putting gas in your car, WHATEVER at some stage, you’ll see a man approaching you.

And as you walk up to him, do the following with confidence if you truly want to understand the concept behind how to flirt with a guy.

1. Make and hold eye contact.

2. Give big happy grin. (Or sexy smile, if you feel like it.)

3. Say, ‘Hi!’

Whatever happens next is entirely up to you. However, be aware: some people WILL stop to chat when you do this.

It’s okay. Nothing to fear. If you’re in a laid-back mood, just let them take the reins and simply respond to what they say.

You don’t need to ‘come up with anything’ or try to be‘funny’, ‘witty’, or ‘smart’.

Just RESPOND to what they throw out. Remember, your mission is to SAY HI, not jump the reins and charge headlong into a sexed up lifestyle.

Step Two: Bash Hesitation on the Head with a 20-Pound Rubber Mallet.

Are you familiar with a popular rule in PUA circles known as the ‘three-second rule’ (or “3-s”)? Well, don’t worry. I’m not going to ask you to follow 3-S.

What I AM going to do is tell you that, if you want to TRULY succeed at becoming self confident (and thus, a demon in the flirtatious sack), you must QUIT PROCRASTINATING.

Stop making everything so difficult for yourself!

Stop analyzing! Stop wondering what could go wrong! Next time you’re out and about and you see someone you like the look of WALK UP TO HIM AND SAY HI.

You’ve had plenty of practice by now. Remember, nobody said this would be easy.

The first time is the hardest .But here’s an interesting factoid for you: EVEN IF YOU GET REJECTED, THE ‘CRASH AND BURN’ RATE IS LESS THAN 1%.

Most people – guys especially – have it in their heads that getting ‘rejected’ is going to be this big, ugly or deal.

You know, kind of like getting shot down in flames in the middle of a circle of people all staring, pointing, laughing, and chanting ‘It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault!

But guess what? Most people are actually a lot NICER than theory would have it. (It’s true.)

Just say something like this: ‘Well, nice talking to you. I’d better get back to my friends. ’Then … LEAVE!

And once you’ve done it, guess what? you just completed a totally spontaneous approach.

And it only gets EASIER from here on in. Why? Because CONFIDENCE is built on ACHIEVEMENT.

And the more times you prove to yourself that ‘you can do it’, the HIGHER your confidence levels go.

Step Three: Don’t Let Anyone Else Change Your Mood, Vibe, and Style of Conversation.

Have you ever noticed that there’s nothing like the presence of an attractive member of the opposite sex to turn you into a drooling, in articulate lump of matter?

One moment you’re scintillating the pants off of everyone around you (provided they’re either of your own sex or totally unattractive) but the moment that someone even REMOTELY sexy hoves into view, you’re SUNK.

Or at least, your conversation is. I’ve personally known women to become so flustered by the presence of someone they find attractive that they start doing klutzy things like pulling sanitary pads out of their bag instead of their wallet. (Always a great way to pay for a round.)

Or drop their handbag and scatter lipstick, coins, tampons, and condoms all over the club floor in surround-sound closeup view of the attractive man in question.

Or start flushing, babbling, and asking inane questions laughing really, really loudly and doing that gross thing where they stick their tongue out between their front teeth whenthey smile. (Why do some women do this? Why?)

Guys, on the other hand, tend to just CLAM UP.Even if they were the life and soul of the party not five minutes ago, the presence of an attractive woman renders them MUTE and HELPLESS.

Here’s an idea for you: Don’t let yourself be intimidated by someone else’s attractiveness.

Becoming a spontaneous deaf-mute, a serial cackler, or a handbag dropper is all the sign of one mistake and one mistake only:

You’re letting yourself become frazzled by the possibility of LOSING OUT on something.

Something you don’t even HAVE yet, in fact. Simply put: when women and men clam up around MOTOS, it’s because they’re afraid that their ‘real self’ will drive the other person away.

They’re afraid to maintain the happy vibe they had going on in case it some how DISATTRACTS (is that a word?) the one they’ve got their eye on.

But guess what? Act genuine, and yeah, you may fail. But you miss EVERY opportunity you decide not to go for. Make this concept your watch word in social situations:

It doesn’t matter what this person thinks of me. It really doesn’t! The world is a BIG place and it’s actually FULL of attractive GUYS.

Even if this one isn’t impressed by your (authentic, genuine, high-energy) vibe, OTHER ONES WILL BE.

And let’s face it: you’ve got a hell of a lot more of a chance of impressing someone when you’re being your real, unshackled, un-clam-like self than when you’re impersonating a hunk of raw pizza dough, socially speaking.

Don’t let ANYBODY change your vibe. YOU are the ONLY ONE who’s deciding here whether you want to dial it down or not.

If you feel the waves of fear coming on, the best thing you can do is to TAKE A MOMENT.

Take yourself off to the toilets or anywhere you can be alone for a second, shut your eyes,and re-center yourself.

Remember the deal here: authenticity is the ONLY thing that’s truly attractive.

And the CONFIDENCE to BE that authentic ‘you’ is the ONLY way to truly succeed at this flirting game.

Take a moment. Take a breath. Then get back out there and DIAL IT RIGHT BACK UP AGAIN. Your future self will thank you.

I will stop here I hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to flirt with a guy.

Now, before I stop I would love to recommend you something that will not only improve your self-confidence but will make you irresistibly tempting, attractive and appealing.

Remember it doesn't matter if you don't think you're naturally beautiful or smart...Because once these innocent words reach a man's ear, he will feel an undying devotion to you...And he won't be able to stop thinking about you all day long...

You seriously need to try this out yourself because it's worked well for thousands of women already...And if you haven't heard of this yet, you're missing out.

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