May 5, 2022

11 Tricks to Give Your Girl Full Body G Spot Orgasms Tonight

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Do you want to give your woman a life-changing intense G spot orgasms? Keep reading each and every word for this life-transforming guide.

Ready? let's start learning how to give a girl toe-curling intense G spot orgasms every time you sleep with her.

G spot - That elusive little pleasure zone that women have that you have likely heard stories about.

Some people have already discovered it’s amazing ability to give women the orgasm of their dreams, but then a lot of other people have no idea what it is, where to find it, or how to work it to their advantage.

If you’re reading this amazing guide, it’s because you want to be one of the people in the know.

You want to be able to take your woman to a whole new level of sexual pleasure in the bedroom

Let's  discover this special little spot called G spot and learn all about its wonders.

In order to discover the G spot, we first have to learn about what it is and where it is.

It’s not as obvious as other erogenous pleasure zones on the human body.

If you’re asked to find the clitoris, the vagina or the breasts, it would be pretty simple to point those out on a chart.

The G spot, however, is lesser known because it’s a lot harder to locate.

That certainly doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, it just means that you have to know where to look.  

Before getting into where to find the G spot, let’s learn a little more about what it is.

An interesting fact that most people don’t know is that the male and female body is much more similar than we realize.

When our bodies begin to develop in the womb, small changes begin to occur as we grow and develop and our body begins to differentiate itself as male or female.

But when we examine the process of development, you can see that for every male part, the female has her own counterpart.

It may look quite different, but sometimes these parts are more similar than you think.

This is the case with the penis and the erectile tissue in the female body.

In males, the erectile tissue is very visible, as it takes the form of the penis.

But in women, the erectile tissue is more elusive.

The visible part is the clitoris. This body part can take on many shapes and sizes.

Some women have small clitorises and others have much more profound and visible ones.

But that is not where the female erectile tissue ends.

There is a whole network of erectile tissue inside the female body. When you see how it is shaped, it’s quite amazing.

It has a similar form to the penis, with the clitoris acting as the head. The “shaft” is inside the female body.  

You might be asking yourself at this point, why am I telling you this and WHAT does it have to do with giving my partner a G spot orgasm???

Well, the answer is, it has everything to do with it!

The G spot is actually erectile tissue inside the female body.

It is located in an area that is accessible within the vaginal walls. 

This is why it is possible to stimulate this spot and get an orgasm much different than the clitoral orgasm that your partner might be accustomed to.

#1. The History of the G Spot​

The G spot was discovered way back in the 1940s by a German gynecologist named Ernst Grafenberg.

He didn’t name it after himself, but he did write about it in a 1950 article in the International Journal of Sexology.

He wrote that he had discovered a spot within the front vaginal wall that swelled when stimulated during arousal and orgasm.

He called it the “urethral sponge” because it surrounded the urethra (the tube in which urine exits the body).

After its discovery, the G spot was virtually forgotten about until the 1980s when sex researchers Beverly Whipple and John Perry rediscovered the spot in their own series of studies.

Then they found Grafenberg’s original study on the subject and decided to name the spot after him: the Grafenberg spot, or the G spot for short.

There has been a lot of controversy in the field of human sexuality regarding the G spot.

Some have claimed that it doesn’t exist for all women, but others insist that it does, but it just might not be that easy to find for everyone.

What is clear is that much more research about the G spot should be done in order to understand it better.

Much like other areas of sexuality, and especially female sexuality, it is often difficult to get funding for research.

That is why the G spot has been around for so long, but little scientific research exists about it.

There is still so much research that needs to be done in order to make advances in the world of female sexuality.

So the Question Now is Where is the G Spot Exactly?

Now that you have the background story on the G spot, you’re ready to find out where it’s located and learn how to give your girl intense G spot orgasms.

Remember that it’s not easy to find for every woman, so it might take some work.

Don’t give up! A lot of fun can be had as you explore and get to know your partner’s body in a whole new way.

As always, this exploration should be viewed as an adventure.

Don’t be so focused on the goal of discovering the G spot that you put unneeded pressure on yourself or your partner.

Pro tip: The G spot is easiest to find when a woman is very aroused, so that should be the first step in this process.

In fact, many women can’t find their G spot at all unless they’re already turned on

Remember that it is erectile tissue, so when your partner is sexually excited, it will fill with blood, swell and grow in size, thus making it a lot easier to locate and stimulate.

It is located on the front vaginal wall, that is the inner wall of the vagina that is closest to the woman’s belly.

When you insert your finger into the vagina, it is between two knuckles deep and a full finger length deep.

Of course, this distance will vary from woman to woman so you may have to explore a bit before finding it.

Some women report having trouble finding it on their own because the positioning might be awkward for inserting their own finger.

For that reason, some prefer to have their G spot stimulated by a partner.

You’re going to be feeling around for a relatively small, spongy area that will be oval shaped.

The size when a woman is aroused is between the size of a dime and a quarter.

The spot will feel spongy, ridged, or rough to the touch.

Some have described the texture as being similar to the roof of the mouth.

Note: If you’re having trouble finding the G spot, your partner might not be aroused enough yet. (so do not stress)

Remember that the spot will grow and become more firm and pronounced as she becomes more aroused.

Try taking a break and engaging in some intense foreplay before trying to find it again.

It’s also important to keep the lines of communication open when you’re searching for the G spot.

Don’t be afraid to ask your partner for feedback.

Ask things like,

“does that feel good?” 

“do you like that?”

or “is that the spot?”

You can also pay attention to her body language and nonverbal communication.

Her body will tell you a lot about whether or not she is turned on.

How is she moving (or not moving) her hips?

Is she breathing heavily? Is she moaning or making any kind of noise?

Some women feel a sensation like they need to pee when they have their G spot stimulated.

This is because the G spot is located right along the urethra.

Pushing on it and stimulating it will make some women have that same “I need to pee!” sensation.

This is important to know for two reasons.

1) If your partner feels that sensation then you know you have found her G spot.

2) It’s important information for her to know that so she will expect it and can relax if it does happen to her.

She will also be able to give you feedback if you’re on the right path.

It’s helpful for women to urinate before G spot stimulation so that when they feel the need to urinate they can fully relax knowing that their bladder is already empty and it won’t actually happen. 

So what is all the hype about G spot orgasms?

Why are both men and women so excited about integrating them into their sexual lives?

Maybe some men are excited about an orgasm that they can make happen all on their own (without the help of the clitoris), only using their penis or fingers to do the trick.

Other men might enjoy the challenge of an orgasm that not every woman has experienced.

Women who have experienced G spot orgasms say that they are more intense than clitoral orgasms.

They report that the sensations are different. They feel a warm flooding feeling that echoes throughout their whole body.

Whatever the destination, it’s always exciting for a couple to venture down a new sexual path.

Exploring Positions To Make Your Woman Experience Intense G Spot Orgasms.

The usual position for finding and stimulating the G spot with a finger or sex toy is the woman lying flat on her back with her legs spread wide open and her knees bent.

Some women find that it also helps to draw their knees into their chest (thighs pressed up against the breasts) when in this position.

She can also put a pillow or two under her butt/lower back to prop herself up.

This often helps to locate her G spot more easily.

Another useful position to try is with the woman squatting down.

The position is essentially the same as the first, but instead of laying down, the woman is upright.

This particular position might be challenging to maintain for long periods of time, however.

This position might be helpful to use to locate the G spot and then once you have begun stimulation, the woman can move into a more comfortable laying down position.

Fingering Techniques to Stimulate The G Spot

#1. Locate the G spot using the information in the previous sections.

Remember that it will be about two knuckles to one full finger length in.

With the palm of your hand facing up, bend your finger and sweep it across the surface of the vaginal wall.

Here you’re searching for that special spot or area.

It varies from woman to woman, so it might be small, it might be bigger, and it may be off to one side or the other.

Explore around with your index finger until you locate it.

Put pressure on it to see if you have found the right spot. Check in with your partner to gauge her reaction.

#2. Remember to use lubrication. If your partner is aroused (which she should be at this point), she will have already produced some of her own natural lubrication.

This is great, but women don’t endlessly release lubricant, even if they are really seduced. 

That’s why it’s always helpful to have a good water-based lubricant on hand. It will make the sensations better for her.

#3. Crook your finger in a come hither-like motion.

Slowly, but firmly sweep your finger along the G spot with that same come hither motion.

Another technique is to push or tap the G spot firmly with your finger.

You can also swirl your crooked finger around the G spot firmly in circular or figure 8 motions.

The pressure should be firm, but not rough.

The G spot is a sensitive area, but nothing like the sensitivity of the clitoris.

Your touch needs to be firm in order to get a good result.


Once you have located and stimulated the spot with either your fingers or a sex toy, you might want to try a new technique, stimulating the G spot with your penis during sex.

It’s best to start out with a fingering technique because it will allow you to really master the G spot, know exactly how big her spot is, how she likes it to be stimulated, and it’s exact location.

Once you have that information down, there are some amazing sexual positions that will allow you to get in on the fun and do the stimulating with your penis.

#1. Cowgirl Position

This position is called Cowgirl because the woman straddles the man like she’s riding horse.

The cowgirl imagery is especially helpful in this position because it will help the woman remember that she wants to lean backward slightly.

Think of riding the mechanical bull. The best bull riders slightly lean back in the saddle.

This is a key technique in this position because it will allow the penis to naturally rub along the front vaginal wall, hitting the G spot.

The penis, when erect, naturally points upward and that really works to your advantage in this position.

Take it slow and allow her to set the pace here.

Because she is on top it will be easy for her to show you exactly how fast and hard she likes it.

Follow her lead and take note for when you are in other positions where you have more control.

#2. Missionary with Knees Bent to Give Her Intense G Spot Orgasms.

The missionary position is an old classic, but with this amped up version it’s also a G spot pleaser.

The woman should be positioned on her back with her knees bent and feet flat on the bed.

She should prop her pelvis upward by placing a few pillows under her butt and lower back.

You should kneel before her and enter her thrusting upward in order to hit the G spot.

This will allow you to recreate something similar to the tapping technique using your penis instead of your crooked finger.

The thrusting upward part is key to this position.

Remember in each of these sexual positions that you’re trying to stimulate the G spot with your penis.

Keep in mind her G spot’s location and your penis’s natural position and inclination.

With each position and technique you should be keeping this information in mind in order to provide maximum stimulation.

With this position you can also try putting the woman's legs over your shoulders or folded against her body.

This will allow for deeper penetration for you, but it might be too much for her. Remember to check in.

#3. Doggy Style Position For Hip-Shaking G Spot Orgasms.

This is a well known G spot stimulating position, but it needs to be done in the right way in order to have maximum effect.

Think again about the position of your penis and the location of her G spot.

The woman should be on all fours, elbows on the bed.

You will enter her from behind, being careful to thrust downward toward the G spot and not upward.

If you thrust upward you will risk hitting the cervix, which can be uncomfortable for some women.

Her position plus your thrusting downward toward the spot will be key in hitting the G spot in just the right way.

#4. The Wanton Wheelbarrow Position.

Your partner needs to be a bit flexible for this one.

You will both start out standing up.

Your partner should be facing a chair or the bed and will slowly lean down over it until she can rest her forearms down.

You will stand behind her and grab one of her ankles and pull it up near your hip.

Take it slow so that she doesn’t lose her balance.

Once you are in position you can enter her from behind.

Take it slow with this one, remembering that balance is key here.

Something about one leg being up and the other down gives you a great position on her G spot as long as you’re both spry enough to pull it off.

#5. Lap Dance Position.

In this position the man is seated in a comfortable cross legged position.

The woman straddles you, also seated, as if she is going to give you a lap dance, facing you.

She then should lower herself down over your penis.

She can slowly lean back, with your hands holding her in position as she rides you and you thrust upward.

Her leaning back will enhance the position and allow for the perfect stimulation of her G spot.

The position also feels incredibly intimate because of the closeness of your bodies and ability to make full eye contact.

#6. Standing from Behind Position to Give Your Woman G Spot Orgasms.

Both partners should be standing for this one. As you would expect, you will enter her from behind.

Considering your penis position and the location of her G spot, once again, this position will really maximize the amount of stimulation you’re able to provide, making it a sure thing.

The woman might want to hold onto a chair or other surface to steady herself against the thrusting.

Just remembering the more she leans forward, the more it will change the angle of your stimulation.

#7. Spooning Position.

You’ve probably gotten into this position many times when you’re cuddling up with your partner after a long day.

In this position, you fit together like a pair of spoons.

She lays slightly curled into a fetal position and you press yourself against her from behind, fitting your whole body against hers.

Yet this time, you’re not cuddling up to go to sleep.

You’ll enter her from behind in this position and the angles of your bodies will allow for the perfect G spot stimulation.

This position also feels loving and intimate because of its association with cuddling.

#8. Stairway to Heaven Position.

This final bonus position is perfect if you really want to change it up and try something you probably haven’t before.

You’re going to need a set of stairs in your home for this one.

The woman will position herself on a step facing upward, away from you.

You should be one step below. You’ll enter her from behind and the combination of the angle that the height difference creates and the backward entry will give you great G spot access.

A bonus on this position is that you’re also changing up the place where you have sex, which can be a huge turn on all on its own for couples who generally have sex only in the bedroom.

Now that you’re more comfortable and confident in your G spot stimulation skills, it’s time to move into the final technique to have the best sex of your life.

Having mastered the fingering techniques and tested out some of the killer sexual positions is going to really help you out with the final G spot technique, so make sure you have gone through it all, step by step.  

The final technique is adding other types of stimulation to accompany the G spot stimulation in order to really give your partner the best orgasm of her life.

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