May 5, 2022

One Night Stand (3 Rules No Women Should Ignore)

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This article is not on some dating tips or relationship advice - This one is on do's and don'ts of one-night stand.

I have written this article for my woman group in my email list as many of them were eager to learn facts about one night stand - So ladies here we go.....this one is for you all.

Let’s be honest here: If you want to take a guy home for a one-night stand, you want to make sure he’s worth it.

He’d better be hot, good in bed, and attentive to your needs and be able to please your sexually.

Otherwise, you might have just as well come home and treated yourself to a hot bubble bath, glass of champagne, and a dishy novel!

So what should you expect from a one night stand?

Are there any rules or special etiquette you should be aware of? Here’s what my research revealed.

Rule #1: Hormones and Drinking Make You More Likely to Say Yes 

You like to think that you’re in control of the mates you pick.

You also like to think that you have the ability to make good choices in the men you decide to sleep with.

After all, you’ve been around the block a time or two.

You know what you’re looking for … don’t you?

Unfortunately, you may have less control over who you sleep with than you think.

Studies have found two major factors that influence whether women have one night stands and who they have those one night stands with: hormones and alcohol

Hormones are potent mood-altering drugs, as any woman caught in the throes of PMS can attest.

But did you know that your hormone levels also affect your libido

When you are ovulating (10 to 18 days after you start your period), you tend to want more sex, and a one night stand may be just the ticket to scratch that itch.

Not only are you more likely to have a one night stand when you are ovulating, but you are more likely to pick a cad to do it with.

Ovulating women tend to be attracted to masculine men – think a square jaw, big frame, visible facial hair, and rugged good looks that ooze testosterone.

However, this attraction is short-lived.

When that intense burst of sexual desire fades and a woman is able to think more rationally, she is more likely to pick a man with more feminine features – think attentive, delicate, nurturing, supportive – for a long-term relationship

Of course, alcohol is probably a bigger factor in one night stands than hormones.

We all know that drinking too much and flirting with strangers can lead to that unforgivable morning after, when you realize that you’ve just spent the night with the ugliest guy in the bar. 

Not only does alcohol lower your inhibitions and cloud your ability to make good decisions, but it also makes men appear more attractive than they really are – the so-called “beer goggles” effect.

A 2008 study led by Dr. Marcus Munafo of the University of Bristol (UK) found that even small quantities of alcohol makes drinkers perceive situations and other people as more attractive than they really are.

Another study published the same year by Kirsten Oinonen of Lakehead University (Canada) found that women could experience the “beer goggles” effect even when sober, depending on how many alcoholic beverages they’d consumed the month before.

So the fact is, if you’re ovulating or intoxicated, you’re under the influence of powerful drugs that have one aim in mind: getting you pregnant.

So don’t be surprised if your normal good judgment abandons you, and you find yourself waking up the next morning with an insensitive ape.

A few more tips about your Lothario: first of all, don’t assume he’s single.

For many men, having a girlfriend is no deterrent from getting a little on the side.

And he will very likely be of the opinion that a one night stand is enjoyable precisely because there are no expectations of romance or emotional involvement.

So if he slips out in the middle of the night or leaves before you get out of the shower the next morning, don’t be surprised.

Rule #2: Don’t Expect Great Sex.

There is a myth that one night stands are somehow “better” than other kinds of sex.

According to aficionados, the freedom of having sex with a stranger leads to more intense, memorable, wild sexual experiences.

But given the “grace” and “finesse” of drunken sex, it’s very possible that people remember one night stands as being much better than they actually were.

Drunk men are not particularly known as masters of foreplay, especially when there’s a chance that he might end up puking all over your bed.

A more realistic view is to anticipate that roughly half of your one night stands will be worth the effort, and not to be disappointed if the rest are less pleasurable than a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

That number is backed up by a report by Dr. Anne Campbell from Durham University (UK), which found that, although 80% of men viewed their one night stands positively, only 54% of women did the same.

Why did men and women have such different opinions?

Perhaps it’s because men consider their ability to “pull” as proof of their masculinity, sexual desirability, and overall studliness.

Women, on the other hand, can feel as they’ve let themselves down by giving in to a man for just one night of passion.

They’re more likely to feel as if they’ve been “used,” because their partner was just interested in them for the possibility of getting laid rather than because they had a deeper spark or special connection.

So don’t expect anything more than the gratification of your physical needs, and leave your emotions at the door.

Some women agree to sex in the hope that this one night stand will be the gateway to a monogamous relationship, but inevitably their hopes get dashed.

If you want a man to become your boyfriend, give him your number, not your knickers.

Studies show that 90% of married couples knew each other at least a month before having sex for the first time.

Not knowing your sexual partner very well may lead to some unpleasant surprises in the bedroom.

He might be a selfish guy who just wants to get off and is using you to do it.

Or, he might have drunk so much that he falls asleep mid-act or spends half the night retching in your bathroom.

You may need to be aggressive in getting what you want in bed.

This man has no obligation to you, and chances are he’ll be making decisions with his own best interests in mind – not yours.

The most important thing you can do to protect yourself is make him wear a condom at all times.

Even if you have to interrupt the action and run down to the local 7-Eleven to buy a box, your health is worth it.

Nothing will make you sober up faster than the realization that you’ve contracted an STD, or that your period is late.

Many women now carry a pack of condoms in their purse for unexpected encounters, because 99% of the time you’ll need more than one.

Condoms break, and there’s always the juicy pleasures of a repeat performance to consider.

The best part about one night-stand sex is the loss of inhibitions.

You can often be freer with a stranger than you can with someone you’re hoping to have a relationship with.

So let loose and try things you’ve never tried before. He doesn’t know you.

No one else is going to know what happened between you that night.

That being said, do NOT bust out your sex toys.

He doesn’t know who else has used them, and your arsenal of pleasure objects might freak him out.

If you want to go crazy, introduce him to your stash of lubes and novelty condoms instead.

Rule #3: Leave While the Going’s Good

Don’t ever forget that sexual pleasure, not love, is the focus of this experience.

Yes, he might fall asleep next to you and cuddle up to you in a way that breaks your heart, but don’t assume that his romantic gesture is anything more than the pleasure of being close to someone who’s warm and soft.

Go ahead and enjoy the feeling of his strong arms around you – fantasize that he’s your boyfriend, if you like – but don’t assume that his embrace means that he’s falling in love with you.

After the deed is finished, you have two choices.

Either you can leave (or kick him out, if he’s staying over at your house), or you can fall asleep together and leave early the next morning.

Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to use the quiet after glow of climax to “talk.”

When women are feeling particularly close and intimate with someone, they often feel compelled to open up and share their thoughts and feelings.

That is inappropriate with a one night stand.

Do not talk about personal things. Do not ask him whether he’s ever fallen in love before, whether he has a girlfriend, or what his favorite place for breakfast is.

Do not tell him how glad you are that he’s in your bed or how long it’s been since you’ve felt this close to someone.

If you must talk, keep it sexual, i.e., “I want you do to that to me again,” or, “Your muscles are so big and hard.”

You will also need to ask him practical questions like, “Do you have condoms?” or “Do you have a way to get home in the morning?”

If you do end up falling asleep together, one night stand etiquette is to leave as early as possible the next morning.

This is for your benefit as well as his. Most women do not look their best in the morning, especially if you’ve been out drinking and partying the night before.

You don’t want him to see your panda eyes or smell your morning breath.

Sure, you could shower and freshen up at his place, but even those simple morning rituals can make him worry that you’re looking for reasons to hang around.

Instead, it’s better to leave him with undiluted memories of your night of passion.

Sneak out while he’s still asleep, and make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

(Guys are wise to the ways women create excuses to get in contact again.) Don’t expect a kiss goodbye

As the harsh morning light floods your tired eyes, let the memory of last night put a spring in your step.

You have nothing to be ashamed of. You had a need, found a suitable partner, and fulfilled it without drama or fuss.

Let your sexual encounter serve as proof that you’re a modern, desirable, sexy woman whom men can’t keep their hands off!

So these are the 3 important rules of one night s that every women must follow.

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