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What is love definition In A Relationship

What is love definition

What is love definition?

Can you define if somebody asks you, you will be confused to answer it even though you know what love is.

You will find difficult to answer as it is the most difficult question for anyone.

Some may say love does not exist, some might say love is friendship and many different angles and perceptions but no one will give you the exact definition of what is love.

Defining love and finding true love is like defining a specific color to someone who has never seen it. To know what love is first you have to feel it. It is with the heart not the mind even i get confuse when it comes to speaking about love.

But, will still try to answer this in my own way hope you all will find this post useful.

History of the world says that there has been a lot of research on the topic of love.

But, no one clearly understand what is love definition. and how to find it. For me it resides in our hearts, in paintings, poetries, monuments. In simple words it reside everywhere it is the immortal truth of mankind.

Love is the bonding of connection between two people and our feelings determines the value of that connection.  Intimacy in love needs to be true not fake it should be real and genuine. True love is caring and loving someone unconditionally even if your partner makes mistake. Accepting them the way they are without changing them.

Love them who really love you keep caring and supporting attitude towards your partner. To be in love forever takes courage and sacrifice. It is about making sure you understand your partner well and not make decisions that would hurt their sentiments. It requires caring of little things.

Love is everything, love is strength, love is happiness, it is the only end to all the misery in the world. Not everyone in the world are fortunate enough to find love that is true enough.

When you find one make sure you respect it from the bottom of your heart to have a wonderful love life. If you can do this your search to find love will surely end. In order to find love first you need to deserve it and when you deserve you will surely find it someday.

Love is not something that you open a dictionary and get the answer to it. It is not something that can be tied down, it happens on its own no one can trap it. Love is an extension to who you are, no matter how the situation good or bad it stays with you and doesn’t leave you.

It is not something that should be defined, it is something that needs to be felt and preserved. Love has the potential to make all your dreams possible, even if they are not looking good today.

When it comes to couple it has two different feelings one is physical intimacy and other one is emotional. It depends on what you choose, note that physical intimacy will last and give pleasure only if your emotional connection is strong.

This is when things would turn exciting and you can move together. This is what matured love is.

So what is love definition it is feeling of wanting to have simple and hard things facing together and surviving them with the help of emotional connections.

We all have fallen in love at least once, in this busy era of social media, hectic life schedule how would you spot love even if it exist. It is easy to say by words “I love you” but do we really mean it. Loves needs to be showed and proved not by saying in words.

Probably the best answer to what is love definition when it comes to couples is “ feel it” don’t say Just “feel it” and if it really exist you will do feel it. It is so simple and straight forward.

Many people think that love is real only when it lasts and you go along and get married.

But that’s not the truth it is something that makes your life adventurous and interesting. It gives you a purpose to move on, imagine you are in brand new relationship with someone and you are sitting at your working place.

What would be your feeling at that point of time, won’t you feel to complete all the work as early as possible so that you would get more time to spend with them.

Now this feeling to meet is the real adventure in love.

You don’t even know whether you will get married to that person or not, still you have the feeling called love in your heart for them and this is what is love definition.

One needs to understand is you may get married to that person or maybe not, even if you don’t get married doesn’t mean the feeling that you shared was not love, those moments were not real you can still laugh at the times that you spent together and that what is love definition.

Love will always remain love, no one can change it.

Relationships may last or break it all depends on circumstances how we handle them. What important is to allow yourself to feel it and enjoy the moments because it cannot be explained or define, but definitely it can be felt and that’s what is important when it comes to love.

For once in life we all fall in love but the intensity differs with each one of us. For some people it’s a casual phase of life, some take it as infatuation. But fall in love slowly but develops and continue to grow it into some stronger.

Love is different for different individuals it all depends how each one of us except it and feel it. 

This is what is love definition for me.

If you want to find true love than all this qualities are essential. Hope you found this post useful try and look in your conscience where do you stand when it comes to love.

We all want to be loved and pampered but, are we ready to give the same in return. True love requires lots of patience, perseverance and sacrifice. All you ready to take that pain think over it and comment below.

I hope you found the post on what is love definition useful, if you really liked it please comment and share.


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