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Social media negative effects on relationships

Social media negative effects on relationships

Social media is a term which is very common in the current generation. We all know what social media is, but do we know about social media negative effects on our life and personal relationships. There is no question about the fact that social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and many more has offered convenient ways to connect with our family and friends to rekindle the connection that otherwise would have been lost. It certainly allows us to keep in touch with our loved ones. One more important think to note is we often tend to share feelings with our friends on social media, but not with real life friends. Online friends are so influential that most of the times we get mental support from them which is a good thing. There was time when we use to write letters and wait for replies, with time things changed due to enhancement in technology we are able to send messages and letters instantly but, those were the old days. Well the idea behind writing this article is not to criticize social media or its influence. I just want to divert your attention on social media negative effects on relationships, not in all the cases but in some cases social media negative effects on relationships can be seen. Lately i have been writing articles on love and relationship as it is my niche, but in this article I have come up with the same idea but a bit differently. Frankly speaking if we talk of social media in general there is no end to it, but I will try to focus on only one thing i.e. social media negative effects on relationship as we all accept that relationship is integral part of our life and without it we do not exist. I will share some points on social media negative effects which would probably help you to strengthen your relationship.

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social media negative effects

  1. Doubt and insecurity

There is always two sides of coin for everything, same is case with technology and social media. It is the cause of insecurity, doubts and jealousy in most relationships. I have seen some real life examples where couples fight just because one partner visited there ex’s profile. It is but natural when you are in relationship doubts will creep in. Some people get so much involved in the online world that they tend to feel more comfortable with their online friends, but, what about the real life friends who care about you so much. It is important that you don’t get duped in the online world which is just your imagination it will only provide temporary happiness. True happiness will come from the friends in your real life. Don’t crave for the things you don’t have, in fact be happy in what you have. Time once passed cannot be recalled and it is the most precious gift you can give to your partner. What important to note is you are already busy and stressed out with the hectic schedule of life and when you do get chance, you get engaged on phone. In longer run it creates distance which is not healthy for any relationship. Interaction on social media is fine we all do for refreshment but not continuous that too keeping your relationship at stake which is not a good thing as it will only develop doubt and insecurity which will leave you nowhere.

dual relationship effects

  1. Dual relationship

Social media always forces you to go out of your limitations and boundaries, this is where your honesty comes to test, with so many applications around it is really easy to find anyone you want. This is when you need to control your urge and emotions as you get enticed or tempted to do something which you shouldn’t do because in the end you fall in your own trap and repent. It is very common mistake people make, I can give you live example of it one of my friend was out for a movie with his girlfriend and his girlfriend was continuously busy on her phone, when he asked her what the matter was she avoided and that is when doubt creeps in, somehow one day he got a chance to check her phone which is actually not a good thing to do, but he could not resist his temptation and when he checked her phone, he found out that she was cheating on him. He checked the whole archive of the chat which proved that she was cheating. Ultimately the relationship ended in despair because when you lose clarity and trust in a relation separation is the only option that is left. This again is one example of social media negative effects on relationships, what I want to convey from this example is that you need to understand that we are living in world of technology and it is very easy to get influenced and take the wrong step. Remember when you are eyeing the grass on the other side of the river, there are others who are eyeing the grass at your side and they would be ready to trade places with you. You might find the grass on the other side more green but in the end you will regret, things that you get very easily often you lose easily too. So it is important to concentrate on what you have and build trust in your current relationship. Social media negative effects can be nullified by bringing transparency and honesty in your relationship once you cut the middle man i.e. social media you will be able to set the right tone for your relationship to work.

The ex factor effects on relationships

  1. The Ex factor

Most of the relationship gets ruined because of one partner’s addiction to social media. This addiction can turn in to obsession when the Ex factor comes in picture i.e your Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend it is the worst thing that can happen to any relationship. It is the road where you are not supposed to go. But your mind is so obsessed with the influence of social media that you forget the social media negative effects, you don’t think of the end consequences. It all happens because of the privacy that you get on social media, you know you are not going to be with your partner 24 hrs a day. So its natural you will get ample opportunity to chat with your ex and trust me this freedom itself pushes you to commit this mistake. You feel that no one will know it will always remain a secret, but someday somehow it gets revealed and ruins your current relationship. What you need to understand is each time your ex invades in your space, it betrays the love and the space that you have formed in your current relationship. Being in touch with your ex dilutes and takes romance and energy away from the current relationship which serves no purpose. This is again good example of social media negative effects. It is important to note that secure and honest relationship depends on the level of trust between both partners. If any one of the partner breaks this level of trust than a perfect relationship cannot be established.

Technology has dual face it can ruin you or help you both. It totally depends on your choice what you want if you want to use it for knowledge and entertainment it will do wonders for you. I am stressing again that social media is a good tool to freshen up your mind but make sure it is not influencing or diverting your mind. Remember anything that turns into obsession will always reflect in your body no matter how hard you try to hide it. Moreover you need to understand that unlike online relationships, real life relationships take time and determination to develop, trust in real life once broken is hard to regain. Social media negative effects can be avoided in many ways example – Being in online friendship with someone is really valuable, I totally agree to it and sometimes that friendship turns in to emotional connection, that emotional connection is good only to the point it is not affecting your real life connections. It is totally up to you to set your limits and boundaries. This are some of the real life examples that can be used to avoid social media negative effects on relationships.

I hope you found the post on social media negative effects on relationships good. If you really liked it please comment and share.


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