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Working Mom and Stay at Home Mom


This article tells about drawbacks and benefits of both working and staying home moms for themselves, their kids, and their relationship.

To work or not to work — a question of every young mom

When a new mom holds her newborn for a first time, the entire world becomes different for her, and actually not only for her. In our blog, you can read the term paper help about how the couple's life changes with a baby appearance.

If earlier the woman was involved in work and daily reports, now she mostly is interested in questions of correct breastfeeding, healthy food for herself, and care about the baby.

 Nowadays, many women came back to full-time work early after the childbirth. They want to make a career, but in the same time they may feel worry about they don't pay at their baby as much attention as they want.

A question of choosing a career or children comes for every woman to solve in her life, and even when she makes her decision, she could feel still unsure if it's right.

Needless to say that most of the women would prefer part-time work, but they don't always have this option, so women have to choose between full-time work or babysitting a child at home.

This is the most important decision a mom does, and of course, both variants have their pluses and minuses.

If you decide to work, then it's good for you because you'll feel connected to the large world of people.

Those moms who stays at home, have their children as their little world, but they often complain they lost their connection with friends, other people, and they feel a bit lonely without that. 

They may feel they don't develop intellectually at all when they play peekaboo with their kids every day.

The benefit of working mother is she can distract from her boring world of diapers and toys to understand that she's raising her child but she also has another part of her life at work.

Needless to say that working moms don't see how their baby grows up, they even have a risk to miss first steps and first words with making their long reports at work.

Of course their children won't value the benefits of their mom's paycheck, but kids of working moms are able to learn to do things for themselves much faster and earlier compared to kids that stay at home with their moms.

And women who preferred raising their children instead of work, get a miracle gift — they can watch their baby develop.

Stay-at-home moms can take a photo or make a video how their 10-month old baby made their first steps, and such women are mostly very connected with their children, because they spend with them most of their time.

Working moms try to spend evenings after work with children, but they also know how it can be torturing when they're going to work in early morning, and their toddler is holding their hands, begging the mom to stay at home.

People are different, and women are also different. Some of them enjoy their role as raising children and cooking for the family, when others need to make a career apart from the family to feel confident.

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