May 5, 2022

How To Make Him Want You Back Again in 13 Powerful Ways

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In this guide I’m going to show you how to make him want you back

Breakup is a part of life and every guy and girl has to go through it at least once in their life time. Most guys and girls When it happens they go on google type a keyword "how to make him want you back again" or "How to get your ex back again".

But you never try to go to the root of the problem to solve it and that's where things go absolutely wrong.

If you are thinking how to make him want you back.

It means you still love him and want him back for you it’s not the end yet.

Do not worry I know you are hurt and sad, I am here to help, in this post I am going to lay out a step-by-step process that will show you how to rekindle your relationship and bring the romance back in your with your ex again.

The story of your love life goes like this, as usual things seemed to be going so well. You had awesome romance, hot and great sex. You had a ton of fun together.

Things seemed to be progressing, Until the day you got that fateful phone call.

“I feel like you don’t respect and love me, things are not working out between you and me and I believe we should quit.

Well I am not telling this is exactly what would have happened but the point is somehow it ended and now you want to know how to make him want you back again and how to get his attention again.

If you want to know the secret to how to make him want you back again, I request you to spare some time and read this post line by line as it will get more and more interesting in the later parts.

#1. Be Honest And Admit The Truth

The very first thing you must do if you want to make him want you or come back is accept the truth.

If you lie to yourself about why you and your ex REALLY broke up, or what you really want this article to do for you, you’re going to be very disappointed so better accept the reality

Honesty can be painful and tough to accept. Facing the actual reasons for your breakup can be more hurtful than the actual breakup itself.

But accept you played a important part in the breakup? Ouch. This is tough stuff. Face it now–or stop reading before you hurt yourself more. Got it? Good.

Before you try to get your ex back, you need to spend a little time under- standing why you broke up in the first place.

This might seem obvious, you might even have spent hour after hour thinking just what went so horribly wrong that you guys ended up and now you are wondering will he come back to me.

Or maybe you are blank and have no clue. You have to do a bit of emotional detective work to unravel the mystery of what happened.

I am asking you to be honest and do this is because once you understand and analyze what went wrong it will be easy to move further and more importantly in the right direction.

I hope its making sense to you and you are getting my point.

#2. I know It's Tough But Avoid Him For Sometime

I know you love him so much that you are obsessed with his thought, but you need to stop getting obsessed and think beyond that.

Now that you have analyzed everything the reasons and the mistakes, it's time to implement the right strategies to make him want you again.

Just avoid him for sometime stop calling or texting him, doing this will only spoil your situation and make you look vulnerable in his eyes and that's not what you want.

I know when I broke up with my ex, I use to constantly look at my phone thinking she will message or call, but it never happened in my case, finally it all ended and my painful breakup is the inspiration behind my blogging career.

Anyways lets get to the main point as this post is not about me, it's about you mine is already done and dusted so I have no hopes of getting her back again in my life.

But by God's grace I have found someone who truly love me and I am mad in love with her, although its bit illegal but I am happy with her.

You should not text or call him, or try to get in touch with him by any means of communication for sometime at least.

Avoiding him will push him to think about you more and more, at the same time he will wonder why you are not calling, are you done with him, are you dating someone else.

All these questions will push him to keep coming back to you, believe me this is one of the best ways to make a man want you back.

#3. Show Him You Are Happy Without Him

We all love ourselves more than anything else it's a fact and no men or women can deny it.

But when you breakup the situation was so tensed that you just can't get over your guy and that situation seems unavoidable as you love him so much that the concept of self love just don't apply on you.

But understand that it’s time to get back to your life. I know you’re probably feeling the urge to jump at him and fall deeply in love again, but it’s not time yet.

This is a period when you need to be strong and show him that you are happy without him even though internally you are not happy.

It's mandatory as sometimes you have to convey that you are important and you love yourself.

It also proves the point if you cannot love yourself first, you just cannot love someone else.

At the same time will also make him feel a bit jealous and it will add to the situation getting in your favor.

#4. Dress And Look Attractive Like You Never Did To Make Him Feel Jealous

Now this is important I know you are hurt and you don't feel like doing anything, but you have to remember we discussed about self love and importance, looking good and dressing good is also a part of self love.

Don't ever skip this step, I will tell you why.

Ask in your mind do you believe constantly thinking about him and keeping yourself packed in a close will make him come back. No definitely not.

Why not than try something that will get him bit a jealous and also push him towards you.

Believe me in real life the guy you love won't even realize you exist, so get his attention you have to look like a goddess.

In fact wear something that he loves, somehow if he sees you wearing you his favorite dress and also making more effort to look good for parties and occasions when he's not around you.

But you guys are a part of that party or occasions. Trust me girls he will be more than jealous.

Whether you want to entice him to come back, or just prove him what he’s missing.

Make an effort to look even more attractive and sexy than you did when you two were in a relationship. No doubt it will hurt him a bit, but sooner or later that jealousy will again turn into love.

#5. Use Social Media To Show You Are Great Without Him

Never underestimate the power of social media, I will tell you why even if you are heartbroken and hurt with your breakup.

The best way to make him want you want you back is to make him think you are doing better even when he is not around.

Have fun at parties, click pictures with your close friends, post status updates about the new and cool stuffs you are doing.

In general do whatever you can to show him, how free and happy you are without him.

Trust me this happiness factor will definitely kill him from inside and he won't be able to ignore the fact how happy you are without him.

And the best part is that by doing all of these cool stuff, you are keeping yourself amused and over time you will realize you are happy again.

But that's not the whole point the point is this little things will drive him wild and slowly he will think of getting back to you.

#6. Wait For The Ideal Time To Talk To Him

Now after doing all the above stuffs, there's a fair chance he will call or text you.

But if he doesn't it's time to take the initiative and I believe you love him, so there's no harm in that.

It's fine you guys broke up, but if you really want to know how to make a him want you and only you.

I suggest you to start to initiate a conversation with texts.

You can do this as things now have cooled down, the anger and desperation has washed off little, so now its time to play the tricks.

But be cautious start with a casual text  and not a direct phone call. You can use this texting idea to ignite his emotional hot buttons.

The best way is to keep the texts simple but powerful. If everything goes well next day, try to talk about awesome moments you spend together.

This will definitely trigger his emotions and push him to think of how much fun you had and how beautiful life was being together. 

Texting Tips - Once you have started a conversation make sure you are talking about things that you guys loved doing together.

Talk about stories that will crawl right into your man's unconscious the stories that will make him smile, laugh, or reminisce.

Being able to bring that back up in your man's mind is very powerful emotion that you can create. This doesn’t have to be the first time you met.

Try to think of the moment when you knew you were meant to be together, whether that was the first time you locked eyes or the first time you kissed.

Note that this are little points but it will make a huge impact on his mind and you must use the power of this moments, if you want to find out how to make him want you back again.

#7. Make Him Feel Jealous of The Other Guy

Even though you guys are not together still the love won't die in span of week or two or even months.

Now what I am asking you to do is a bit dangerous as it can get him furious and even turn him off, but if you do it gracefully and tactfully he will definitely come back to you.

Now that you are on casual talking terms with him just tell him “I just saw (romantic movie) with a friend. You should watch it too, it's just awesome, see it you will enjoy it too.

Oh, man. Can you feel the power? That’s the kind of thing that will have any red-blooded man or woman start a-simmerin’ and a-stewin’.

He will start thinking what the hell is that she is watching a movie with someone, this will get him really red hot.

And yet so subtle! Remember that you’re not saying “I was just on a hot date” or anything as cruel as that.

You want your man to be able to FIGURE OUT that you were out on a hot date without you actually having to come out and say whether you were or not.

Just the idea is enough. In fact, if you’ve played your cards right up to this point, it won’t matter even if they know it’s not a hot date.

See the bottom line is not to hurt him or make him feel bad, it's just that you want to ignite that emotion he had for you once in life and you want to see and feel that same love and intensity in his eyes again for you and that's the reason you are doing this.

One more thing you can actually watch a movie in real or even fake him it's up to you, but make sure whatever you do it works out nicely for you without getting you in further trouble.

#8. Talk About The Romantic Experiences

Talk with him about those romantic moments include anything where it was really just the two of you enjoying each other without any outside interference. It could be ten minutes, an hour, a day, or more.

However bad or painful your breakup was but the moment you recall the romantic memories things automatically appear cozy and wonderful again.

This could also be the moment you discovered you were in love or other emotionally heavy moments.

I bet guys out there are like, “Chicks dig romantic stuff; this is perfect.” But girls don't underestimate the power of romantic memories to entice your man.

In fact, science shows that men are actually more romantic than women.

Dr. Terri Orbach has done years of studies showing that men fall in love more easily, expect more romantic gestures like hand-holding, and even tend to believe that "love conquers all" more than women do.

So recall your most romantic experiences to ignite his emotional buttons, believe me this how to make him want you back again.

#9. Sex Just Can't Be Ignored If You Want To Get Him To want You

See whatever tips I gave you in the initial part of this article was too create the right situation to reach at this point and it wouldn't had been possible without the above steps.

Now it's the right time to trigger his emotional buttons to a point of no return by talking about your best sexual experiences.

Ahh, sex. Obsession and taboo. Bio- logical necessity and spiritual sublimity. Sex isn’t everything in life, but it’s definitely something that you cannot ignore.

No matter how long you were together (or how bland things may ultimately have gotten in the bedroom),

I’m willing to bet you have some particular sexual moments with your man that you revisit in your fantasies again and again. And I’m willing to bet your ex does, as well.

Talk about those moments and see how it transforms him emotionally towards you.

Believe me this little things will make him want you back again as no guy would want to lose a partner like you and that's what you want him to feel.

#10. Time Can Heal Give Some Time Don't Rush

When a relationship end it ends roughly most of the times. Probably because you were both immature to handle it carefully and peacefully.

In the process of breakup Harsh words are exchanged which hurts the sentiments of both man and woman.

You need to give yourself and him enough time to come out of that rough breakup by allowing things to cool down, reflect and heal.

I believe rushing is not always the correct option and it will only make your relationship more vulnerable.

Better wait until some time has passed that you can think about the break-up objectively and can speak to your ex without getting upset or angry repeating the same past again and again.

#11. Change Something That He Didn't Liked in You in Past

There are always two things in any relationship, good and bad. No matter how pretty you're or how good you were in everything you did to him. There's always something lacking in everyone of us.

Be honest you already know it very well, there was a reason why your relationship ended? If there is and you think this is a reasonable complaint, then you should try to change it.

It could be anything maybe you were too possessive and he didn't appreciated it. Maybe you were too talkative or too shy or quite.

Maybe you were too sarcastic in your language or maybe you were bit immature. Whatever it was change it, if you want to make him want you and beg to be with you.

These are little things that really matter in a relationship, this small things can make or break a relationship.

I believe you must think about it, if you do so the next time he sees you on the road or in a common friends party, He should be astonished to see the changed you, this will change his entire perception and thinking about you.

#12. Find Out Whether He Want You Back Or Not

The point is it could be he has really moved on and is not interested in getting back together with you.

If this is the case you're probably wasting your precious energy and time or just embarrassing yourself in front of him which is not something that you would like to happen to you......Right?

To be honest this should have been the first point out of the 9 above, but I kept it in the end because I knew it's difficult to console a broken heart that is mad in love.

In other words even if you knew he's not wanting to stay in relationship with you, still you would give yourself a chance to Try at least Once.

If it was so easy to control your heart's emotions than love would simply not exist. We would have been living in a world where relationships were build on giving and taking and not on emotions and bonding.....

I hope it's making sense to you. To be honest I really want you to try all the above steps to get him back again in your life. 

You tried still you failed, it's OK, maybe he was not yours, but if you didn't tried, it will always be on the back of your mind that maybe I should have given one more try and you will have to die with pain.

#13. Last But Not The Least Make It a Challenge For Him To Get You Back Again

I must say one thing when it comes to man, they have a habit of taking people and things for granted. Not all men of course, but most do.

All the above steps are awesome, but if he gets you back easily, you will not be of value for him.

And it's a fact when you get something too easily you tend to devalue it. And in your case he may disrespect you by repeating the same mistakes and arguments again.

To avoid this from happening again make yourself a prize for him to achieve. Make it a challenge, let him grind a bit (Note: Not to overdo it or else things may turn blue again and all your dreams of getting him back will shatter)

Say for instances when it comes to money. Man work their butt out to save money, they tend to spend it wisely and they don’t make exorbitant purchases.

They value their money, because it shows their hard work. That same value and respect should reflect in his eyes for you and this is only right cure or  medicine that will get him back again into your life.....Trust me.

Imagine those lovely moments when you guys first met. Think about the first date when he brought you BOOKIE at your doorstep, opened the car door and helped you seat at your first romantic dinner?

Remember all the little but memorable surprises he planned just to see you smile and make you feel special.

You have to bring back that time again for your relationship to flourish and excel. So throw him a challenge in a disguised way.

It will prove his love for you.....BUT REMEMBER NOT TO OVER DO IT..... His respect and dignity matters too take note of that.

I believe this are 13 helpful and very powerful tips that can make him want you back again.If you can follow the above steps and use them strategically you will definitely win the game of love and depending on what your relationship with your man was like before you started, you have one of three possible outcomes. 

You’re dating your ex again. Congratulations! Have fun and KEEP DATING. You have plenty of time. Don’t rush things.

Keep it interesting, and don’t fall into a rut. You probably learned from your first breakup that sustainable relationships take a lot more work than you thought. But what greater challenge is there in life than staying with the person you love.

And this is critical for your success with man, no matter how hard you try to make him want you and love you. But if he is just not interested in relationship with you than it just don't make any sense.

Even after all this if nothing is happening quitting is the best way out, don't lose you dignity. Believe me you deserve someone better that's all.

I will stop here I hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to make him want you back again.

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  1. It’s been a few days so I message my acts talking about the NBA draft which she is very most interested in so I kept on talking about it and he said really like you didn’t believe me that I would like the NBA and I watched it so it went on for a while and he text back at reasonable time all of a sudden he said “who got you into it” at 10:30 pm and I replied “I was going through channels & started watching it it was really good” at 10:42 now he won’t respond )): I never use to take an interest of the NBA but now I seem like I do but do u have any advice?? I really wanna talk to him like I did yesterday .. today I posted a snap of me with gym equipment and he viewed it..

    1. well. you I will advise you to check first how he responds if it’s positive go ahead and create situations to talk to him but if he is ignoring, you need to find out the reasons why he’s doing that and then proceed ahead.

  2. He broke up with me 3 days ago, it was his first serius relationship and I could see he was tired of 1 and a half year relationship. So we broke up, but he told me that he wants us to stay on good terms (he is not the type if guy to say that just to be polite) and also he said that if I wanted to stay friends with benefits with him, i could. I told him that I can’t have sex with him knowing that he is seing somebody else and he said that if I dont want to, he will not be seing anybody else. Then i asked if he wanted to stay on good terms just so he could have sex and he said that he wanted to stay on good terms because I’m too good to lose and that I’m the best girl he ever met. I responded with an “okay” and he asked how was my vacation (i just came back) and I asked why is he starting a conversation with me because he just broke up with me 5 hours ago. He got a little mad saying “ok sorry for asking” and i told him that im going to sleep and he said “goodnight and text me when you will know about the friends with benefits thing” and i just said “goodnight” and three days had passed. O the second day we had a small “party” at my friends house where he wasnt invited, but there were his two guy best friends that are my good friends too, and he knows about us meeting because I posted a story on instagram with them and he saw it. Also yesterday I went out with my girlfriends and wore his favorite dress and he saw that too. We have a party in two weeks that both of us are going. Now I dont know if i should text him and i dont know if its a good idea to stay friends with benefits with him.

    1. I would suggest you keep quiet and stay calm let him take the initiative as he is the one confused, not you…. and don’t ever involve in sex with him just because he is talking about “friends with benefits things” there’s a lot to say but for now follow this let him chase you and enjoy the music.

  3. Hello there. Something like this happened to me just today.
    We were so happy literally last night. He is been feeling numb ( emotionally) from a month now, but it always comes up when something is stressing him out; if we are good, everything is amazing and synced.

    Today he flipped over nothing, or maybe a lil jelousy (no reason for it I promise ) and he decided that is better to break up.
    The funny thing is that:
    He doesn’t want me to move out; he always says stuff that he doesn’t truly feel when he is angry; he is so freaking stubborn, that it can get ridiculous sometimes; and he said that he hasn’t changed his mind today, but he will think about it.

    So, my heart, my logic and my whole being tells me that he still loves me, but my guy is somewhere behind a big ice wall.

    He didn’t want me to leave; then he said he doesn’t care;
    But I see the jelousy in his eyes and words! He doesn’t like the idea that I may go at fr’s house for few days and I may go out and have fun!

    But in the same time he is stubborn, not wanting to talk about it right now and saying that he can drop me off at our fr’s house if I want.

    Everything that I read is about ppl that are already separated….
    This is SUPER fresh and I truly can’t believe it’s true!

    PS: his bday party that I planned is tomorrow night. I don’t even know if he will want to go….. Or if it’s a good idea….but I want to make him happy even after today’s situation…

    So please give me an advice, because I’ve never been in a situation like this before and truly feel that he still loves me!

    Hope hear from you soon
    Thank you

  4. guy and I have been broken up for a couple of months now. We had an apartment lease that just ended this past week, and we decided to stay civil and still live together. For comfort reason, we decided to still cuddle every night because it helped both of us fall asleep.
    Now the apartment is over and we are living separately and now he said he needs space and that we cannot go to each other’s places anymore because he needs to try being alonet and be more independent. He said he wants us to be best friends forever and to still hang out all the time, but he just doesnt feel ‘that way’ about me anymore. Im so confused and heartbroken. What do I do? He says we need time and space, but for what— if thats how he feels? He said his feelings are not completely gone, but needs to let go, which also breaks my heart. Do i have a chance to have him fall back in love with me someday again? If you met us, we are so awesome together, even broken up. But i want to be with him, but he doesnt want to with me. I have from now til the end of summer, and he wants to make this summer amazing, but this tugs at my heart. Do i let go… what do I do? Im still in love with him..

  5. My boyfriend broke up with me about 3 weeks ago and it came out of nowhere. We had a “fight” a week earlier and we’d been working through it. I thought it was all going well and even the day before he broke up with me he was talking about how in love with me and how excited he was to see me (I’m in college and I was going to see him over the weekend). The next morning I called him and he was crying saying he was scared and didn’t know what he wanted. This then ended up with him breaking up with me so he could “focus on school”. His friends still talk to me and so does his sister. He genuinely believes this is for the best but I’m not so sure. I don’t know what to do, should I give it some time and contact him? Will he come back once he gets his life together? Or should I just forget it all and move on?

    1. Hi my friend this is really unfortunate but this things happen especially with teenagers. For now I advice to wait for sometime maybe a month he will certainly come and talk to you by himself as you said above his friends and sister talk to you that means things are in favour and not against you. But for now do not force just stay calm ….This will surely work out…

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