May 6, 2022

What She Truly Enjoys While Having Sex In The Shower

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How To Have Sex In The Shower Learn With This Amazing Tips.

Have you ever wondered how having sex in the shower feels like? Believe me it’s incredibly hot and sexy. Can you imagine seeing your partner naked, let’s go one step further naked and wet isn’t it a dramatic feeling.

Shower sex is obviously different from routine sex, but having sex in the shower with your partner is something that we all have fantasized in our life at some point of time in life. In shower sex you can really experience long foreplay and spice up your sex life.

If done correctly with patience and precautions.

Watching your girl in wet t-shirt can be extremely appealing, it appears like all her physical traits are waiting to come out of her body and that is really tempting and exciting.

You can definitely try variety of sex positions while having sex in the shower, but before you plan to have adventurous shower sex.

Make sure that your bathroom is spacious enough for you both to be comfortable.

Or else you guys might end up with bruised elbows or knees if there is any discomfort while trying different sex poses.

So guys let’s learn some shower sex tips and positions to make your fantasy come to reality.

Now, even before we go deep into how to have sex in the shower. The very first thing I want you to do is create the right scene and environment it will you to fantasize and feel it in real. I will tell you how..

You must have seen examples of what an Erotic Action Movie can look like, now it's time for you to create your own.

DO NOT stress if that sounds intimidating right now! I understand that it may seem impossible.

However, I’ve made this technique really easy to learn by breaking it down into three totally do able steps.

Even if you feel like you don’t have a creative bone in your body, I promise you, you can do it!

There are 3 important steps to creating your Erotic Action Movie

  • Brainstorm the sex scene
  • Brainstorm the action sequences
  • Putting it all together in your actual sex scene

I am going to walk you through each step, and at the end you will be able to confidently share your creative masterpiece.

So grab a piece of paper and pen to write down your sexual fantasies and ideas.

Brainstorm the sex scene

No matter what medium you will use to share your movie, you need to describe the location where it takes place.

You can choose familiar surroundings, a place you have previously had sex or a place you want to have sex, a setting from historical times, or a totally creative imaginary place.

There is no limit to what you can choose, and brainstorming can help you figure out what turns you on, which will lead to story ideas for the rest of the plot.

For ready reference in our case that place is your sexy bathroom because we are learning how to have sex in the shower.

Once you’ve selected the place, decide what time of day you're planning to execute your sexual act of having sex in the shower.

  • Morning, Afternoon, or Evening

Try to set the scene through by text or phone, taps into your partners imagination and gets him or her mentally in the picture with you.

You can read some sexy text messages here or make your own

Take Action

Once you’ve thought about the scene, you want to move into the action part of the plot.

In this step, like in the first step, you are just brainstorming. Let your desires run the show, there is nothing off limits or too crazy right now.The point to this step is just getting creative and see what you think of.

From step one, you probably already have an idea of the locations that sound fun to you, so it can help to think of how the action would unfold based on that location.

For example, if your movie scene opens in the kitchen, food would be a fun prop to take advantage of during sex.

Non-sexual action: What are you doing as the scene opens?

Who is the aggressor/initiator? You can show him or her how you surrender by having them be the aggressor. You can also objectify him or her a bit by making yourself the one who takes charge. It is also possible to have both of you swap roles in a scene.

Foreplay: Kissing, touching, dry humping, oral. . . or maybe there is no foreplay at all! Also, your movie could only be about giving/receiving oral like my Stress-Reliever Movie example.

Intercourse: Positions, use of lubes in shower.

Pace: Slow, wild, fast, roughSensations: Slippery, wet, warm, hot

Props: Toys, restraints, blindfol d, food, ice, water, heat

Jot down your ideas in your journal and see where your naughty imagination wanders. Don’t edit yourself, this is simply a creative brainstorm right now.

Putting It all Together in Your Actual Sex Scene

Now it is time to make some decisions and bring your story to life. You’ve had the chance to let your creativity run wild and now use the below 11 tips to fulfill your sexual fantasies and have sex like it's done in movies.

#1. Never use condom
Condoms are good while you do sex normally in your daily routine. But when you are planning to have sex in the shower you better avoid using condoms as they are not reliable during shower sex.

As you both are already wet and slippery due to the flow of water. It will easily slip off when it gets in touch with water spoiling all the enjoyment and fun of great sex.

#2. For first timers
If you don’t have much idea about how to have sex in the shower, than you can do one thing.

Start by standing in the shower as we stand normally. Hug one another by kissing and caressing each other’s body feeling the flow of the water.

As things get heated up, you bend down and ask your man to penetrate from behi​​nd. It becomes more fascinating if you have a mirror placed in front.

You can see your man entering you from behind in the mirror and it’s really thrilling and exciting to see yourself getting fucked slowly by your man.

#3. Lather up soap
Forget about having sex for a moment just because you are under the shower for sex don’t mean that you have to get turned on immediately.

Let things happen at its own pace, lather one another with shampoo or soap all over the body.

Behind the neck, on the breast, play with the soap bubbles and apply on all the curves and gap to make things slippery and exciting.

Hug each other lying down in each other’s arms If possible ask your girl to relax and sit on your lap wrapping her arms around you.

Have fun doing it for sometime the slippery feeling on your bodies will automatically heat up things to build the sexual tension making the situation sexy and hot.

#4. Sitting sex position
This is one of the most fascinating positions while having sex in the shower.

Ask your man to sit below the sink of the shower with his legs parted and knees little bent not much, you sit on top of him facing away from him.

For support you can get hold of something on your hands to maintain the balance and rhythm.

As your head is above him he can easily play with your boobs sucking your nipples and squeezing them simultaneously.

On the other hand you can thrust him up and down into the cold. How sensational it is you and your man close to each other with the sink of the water falling on you.

It’s feels damn good with lots of kisses, the wet feeling, sensational neck bite, the passionate gaze into each other’s eyes.

Believe me guys even visualizing about that moment in my mind is making me go mad and insane.

#5. Make use of silicone lube
No doubt having sex in the shower is exciting and thrilling, but you also need to take care of few important things to enjoy your shower sex at the absolute best.

If you think the flow of water will help to keep things wet and lubricated than I have to tell you are absolutely wrong.

Water actually dries up the natural lubrication and secretion in the vagina which makes the penetration difficult and uncomfortable.

So it’s important to use silicone based lubrication instead of other forms of lubrication as it keeps you lubricated and slippery for longer period to have intimate sessions in shower sex.

But, also make sure after you guys have enjoyed your adventurous sex wash it off completely with soap to avoid any kind of skin irritation.

#6. Hands against the wall
Hug the wall with your hands raised up spread your legs keeping your knees in a better position bending your back to give your partner every possible chance to penetrate from behind.

This position is highly dominating for man especially when he is highly aroused.

In this position the man is in complete control of the speed, penetration and the depth of his thrust. With your man behind you and the wall in front, your body movement becomes limited.

It makes you feel vulnerable as if you are in custody and wants to break free, which really is a huge turn on.

As he keeps slipping in and out, try and tighten your thighs.

It will squeeze your vaginal opening inducing pleasing friction that would eventually end up in having intense climax. Isn’t it excitingly hot?


#7. Play physically with one another
Note that shower sex is not only about sexual intercourse or putting it in and out and done.

No it’s not like that. While having sex in the shower you also need to play with each other’s body parts.

Use the lube to good effect put it on the penis to make it feel more slippery to give sensation hand job.

You can stand backwards on the wall and ask him to penetrate you from behind kissing your back.

Biting your sexy neck from behind entering you slowly and steadily while fucking you from behind, he can also press your breast covering it up with his whole palm.

Believe me or not it feels really sexy and seducing.

#8. Lift her up
Well this tip is only for those who are strong enough to lift their girl in the sink of the shower.

If you have the power and energy than hold her against the tiles, ask her to wrap her legs around your waist.

When you feel that the balance and rhythm is perfectly stable, start penetrating into her vigorously.

Once you are in grind inside her putting your whole pelvis weight on her to increase the stimulation.

It’s a bit of a task but can really give intense orgasm if the grinding perfectly hits the g-spot every time you thrust into her.

Better try this one only if you are comfortable or else you may end up having severe strain and pain in your lower back.

#9. Make good use of toilet seat
If you want to try something little different than ask her to sit on the covered toilet seat and give you a nice blow job.

Let her lips suck your penis with her saliva for a while, in the mean while you can linger your fingers on her hairs or even give her a nice massage on the neck.

Shower sex is exciting and fun only when done in the right manner or else it can be pain in the ass so better chose your style and positions correctly as per your comfort.

#10. Talk to build intimacy
Shower sex is something more than normal routine sex, in order to make it more intimate and sexy.

You can talk dirty and relax in each other’s arms in the flow of the hot or cold shower depending on your preference.

Talking session can help both of you to connect better without thinking too much about the sex.

Once you get intimate talking and teasing playfully with one another it will naturally build up the required emotional intimacy and that can eventually turn you guys on to have wild sex in the shower.

Note that shower sex is just another way of spicing up your sex life trying new ideas all you guys need is to trust each other completely in the act.

#11. Spank her to add spice
Spanking is not painful, but it’s just a way of expressing our kink while having sex.

Spank her while playing with her body lathered with soap bubbles, love her, caress her but make sure you spank her too on the butt.

Little bit of spanking during sex doesn’t hurt in fact it ignites the tempo and adds spice into the sex.

So why not try it while having sex in the shower too, trust me guys it will work like charm.

But remember one thing don’t forget to gently caress the spanked area to soothe it little bit to show that you are concerned.

These are some tips and ideas to use while having sex in the shower, but most couples think it involves lot of discomfort and too much time consuming with less enjoyment.

But I believe if you try the above tips and do it gracefully shower sex can really be adventurous and thrilling experience of your life.

Get inspiration from the movies where couples perform hot sex in the shower.

Try it once in your life you will love to try it next time again as it will definitely leave you craving and wet for another steamy session full of sex.

I would love to end this post with sizzling shower sex story of a couple you guys will really love it

The story goes like this “The hot sex in the shower after sexy sensual night”

Me and my girlfriend after a long sensual night were really tired sleeping in the bed.

It was 9 AM when I woke up i thought my girlfriend is in the bed.

But to my astonishment I could hear the sink of the shower in the bathroom I found she is in taking bath.

As I went inside the sight of her wet and sexy body made my sleeping dick throb and alive in action again after long sensual night full of steamy sex.

I couldn’t control myself biting my lips I went down to her started rolling my tongue into her with subtle licks and strokes.

I parted her beautiful thighs and went on to kiss and lick her desperately between her gap. The sensation of my tongue touching the outer wall of her vagina instantly turned her on.

Before she could think and react she was already wet inside, I could feel her body getting into a sensual mood again. 

It was clearly visible from her facial expressions and small gasps that she was enjoying every inch of my tongue rolling into her wet pussy.

Seeking advantage of the situation she started moving her hips to and fro in rhythm.

In span of ten minutes of vigorous licking and fingering her pussy was dripping wet with her hot juices flowing out.

It was highly exciting to see her pushing me hard again to go down on her pulling my hairs in extreme pleasure.

I could see her legs spread open like eagle. In every moan I could here she wanted me to go deeper and deeper inside her.

Eventually a time came when she couldn’t control my teasing anymore.

The flow of shower sink falling on her made her look so sexy that I couldn’t take my eyes of her.

Her sexy curves looked amazingly hot in the flow of the shower

I could see the wild tigress in her coming out, I knew now it’s time again for me to satisfy all her sexual desires.

The sink of the shower on her sexy body really got me going.

She sat down against the shower wall exposing her legs making her sexy package clearly visible and begged me to dig in hard.

But I made sure to tease her entering only the tip of my handle into her by taking it little longer to enter into her.

I made her wait and cry till the point she least expected it and entered my handle vigorously into her.

The way she moaned and cried really blew my mind, she begged me to finger her tight pussy as she screamed louder in excitement.

I made sure to insert my fingers deep into her simultaneously went on fucking her too. After five minutes I came into her.

My body rocked with intense orgasm melting around her as i removed my handle out of her.

She was so tired, she could barely walk, I cleaned all the mess and took her to the bed.

What a wonderful shower sex it was, the best of my life.

If you liked this story don't you feel like trying the same kind of sex in your life too. If you're really curious read below, I bet you guys will love it.

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