May 6, 2022

11 Tips Prove Why Missionary Sex Position Is Still The Best

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Missionary sex is one of the most common sex positions that most couple enjoy in their routine sex life.

But most couples also find it boring, considering the fact that missionary is still the most common type of sex position.

They feel that it lacks sexual adventures and thrill. But survey shows that 45 percent of women enjoy missionary sex position.

Many couples try different sex positions, but I believe missionary position sex still ranks on top when it comes to easy, safe and stress free sex.

It’s also because most women love doing it, looking seductively in eyes of their men and getting dominated in the bed with lots of kissing and dirty talking.

It gets really passionate when you get completely wrapped up touching one another skin to skin with no inch missing it really feels awesome and sexy.

More importantly missionary sex position is easy and friendly for first timers, who don’t have much knowledge about different kinky sex ideas and positions.

So it’s proved that missionary sex is still one of the best positions in sexual adventure.

But how it can be intensified with new hotsex moves to make it better and more enjoying, let’s learn missionary style in this post.

#1. Man look more hot from the top angle.

Women love to have sex in missionary position, more importantly men too look smashing hot from the top angle.

This view brings hard feeling of penis rubbing on vagina vigorously resulting in sexual climax stimulating the clitoris.

It’s because when a woman looks at her man from below she gets more aroused in excitement.

It’s really sexy to feel his arm bulging on her shoulder, his thighs rubbing on her thighs.

It feels really hot and sexy getting dominated by man, even a thought of it can really make you turned on it is so stimulating and influencing.

#2. Closed legs give her intense orgasm.

Most couples enjoy missionary sex position with their woman’s legs open and parted no doubt it’s very stimulating and sexy.

But I believe it becomes more enjoying when a woman wraps her legs around her man’s waist.

When the legs get wrapped the vagina tightens up with deep penetration around the penis and that results in more sexual tension and sensation.

Wrapped legs during missionary sex allows man to penetrate deep creating perfect angle for more clitoral rub against the penis resulting in more clitoral stimulation and intense orgasm.

And everyone knows 90 percent women around the world feel orgasm through clitoral stimulation and most women even squirt.

One quick tip before you ask your girl to wrap her legs around you, note that it can result in quick orgasm spoiling the whole excitement.

So better try it when the foreplay part is over after about 15 hrs……Oops sorry… I mean 20 to 25 minutes.

#3. Get high on her and go slow.

Slow sex is one of the best ways to enjoy missionary sex looking into her eyes and heating it up with the sexual foreplay.

Get on top of her with your hips above her and penetrate with intense pressure but slowly into her rubbing through the clitoris at the downward angle.

Back and forth repeat the whole process till her juices oozes out in extreme pleasure.

Believe me guys the rubbing of the penis on the clitoris can really make her go wild with extreme sensation and pleasure.

#4. Get on your knees

If you want to get little mysterious and try different sex position something more adventurous other than missionary sex position than get ready to rest on your knees.

Ask you woman to lay down naked on the bed as you kneel and sit down on your ankle.

Grab her hips pushing close to you keeping her legs wide open, making her package clearly visible to you.

Just by imagining it in my mind my stick is oozing to come out of my pants.

Ok Ok let’s get to the point.

As you grab her close to you make sure her lower back is elevated with her ankles and legs resting on your shoulder.

To make things comfortable place a pillow below her lower back and go ahead to penetrate her deep.

The benefit of this position is that she can herself rub and give sensual massage to her clitoris.

And as you penetrate her deep you can watch your handle slipping in and out of her and that really brings more sensations in the sexual act.

Once again before you try this elevated sex position note that it is made for slow and intense sensual sex and not for rapid love making.

#5. With missionary sex you can see the pleasure

Missionary sex position is like win-win situation for every couple around the world.

As it provides better rhythm, focus and control of the situation, you can not only feel the pleasure of back and forth movement of your partner slipping in and out of your wet vagina.

But you can also the see it lying down on your back.

Missionary style is really very fascinating as you get to see your vagina’s defloration by your man.

Being a girl you yourself know how it feels and I don’t think I need to elaborate more on it.

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#6. Brings something extra in bed

If you see any picture of couples having sex in missionary position, it really feels pleasing to eyes.

Missionary means full body contact it really brings in something extra spice into your sex life.

Can you imagine how seducing a woman looks in this sex position, getting dominated by her man as he bangs in and out of her beautiful wet vagina.

For me missionary style is one of the best sexual intercourse positions and there are tons of sexy reasons that make this old school style sex position as my favorite when compared to other sex positions.

#7. Missionary sex helps in grinding

Having sex in missionary position is holy experience, being a woman you may feel that since he is on top he is in control of the situation.

But I believe it’s not, suppose you want more clitoral stimulation.

In that situation you can grind your clitoris against his pubic bone simultaneously with his every thrust.

Once you get comfortable grinding to and fro in rhythm with his thrust.

Believe me it feels like heaven and in a matter of time you go in orgasm land and it is the reason why missionary sex position works like charm for every couple no matter you are new to sex or experienced couple.

#8. Side sex in missionary position

Sideways sex is as good as missionary sex, but the only difference is instead of lying on your back and man on top.

Both the partners roll down on their side, it feels awesome just allow him to enter you from sideways and feel the difference.

The twirl that comes with this sex position will keep you begging for more and more as it creates serious friction moving in and out of the vagina stimulating the G-spot.

Once you get into good rhythm in this sexual pose you both will really enjoy a feast of sizzling sensation.

#9. It’s the most versatile position

Most women believe that it’s an awesome feeling having your lover on top looking into your eyes.

It’s dramatic, thrilling and intimate enough to influence very high sexual excitement and closeness with your lover.

Many women reveal the secret how they feel “the kissing of the lips, the exchange of heat when the body gets rubbed, the crave for more sex in your lovers eye, the warmth of your partners lips on your neck, dominating look in the partners eyes, all this feels amazingly hot during the love making session.

Missionary style is simply the most versatile and safest sex position in the book of kamasutra.

#10. Grab him from back.

Many couples have misbelief that women have very fever options while performing sex in missionary position.

But I believe it’s a myth a woman has all the possibilities to perform better like she can bite his neck and squeeze his chest hard, caress him all over, hug him tight from back grabbing him from behind, kiss him intensely while he is pushing hard into her.

The best part is she can grab his buttocks and pull him close to her for deeper penetration and intense orgasm.

Believe me or not in missionary sex position a woman can provoke her partner to go hard and deeper into her.

Can you imagine it sounds so sexy and appealing while writing as I am thinking about it, how awesome and sexy it would feel when you will actually do it?

#11. Play music during sex.

If you want to add some creativity into your missionary sex position, play some soft music to start of things in a smooth manner.

You will definitely reach in world of new pleasures once you start performing your sexual act to the beat of the music.

Music while having sex stimulates your sexual senses by building more physical sensations and emotional undertones.

I believe music is one of the best tools if you want to enjoy great sex (not good sex) as it helps you to perform at your absolute best in the bedroom.

I believe good music simply proves the difference between good sex and great sex.

These are some of the points that proves missionary sex position is not boring in fact it’s one of the most ultimate sex positions to try.

But every couple needs to know that when it comes to sex lot goes into it.

For complete sexual satisfaction, complete love, affection, attraction, intimacy, faith and commitment is required from both the partners.

Before I end I would love to share a seducing sex story with you to leave you on a high note.

The story goes like this - “He pulled my panties off, but my dress stayed on”

We met in a marriage before that we were strangers. I hardly knew him but don’t know why I found myself chasing him desperately.

There was some kind of spark and intensity in him that pushed me towards him.

We became friends and after that I went with him on two dates, but the kinky sex stuff happened on our third date.

To my astonishment he was a married man tall, dark and muscular but not more than 30 and at that time I was 23 and had sex twice with my ex-boyfriend, but it was not satisfying and pleasing at all.

Ok let’s move on with the story we went into nearby hotel after having lunch.

We were both highly aroused the sexual anticipation was easily visible on our face.

We were so excited that I wanted to get fucked hard and bad and he was desperate too to deflorate my little tight pussy with his big hard penis.

The moment we entered into our room, we put the do not disturb sign on the door lock.

Before I could undress myself he pulled my panties off, but my dressed stayed on. I still remember I was wearing long skirt that day.

He started kissing, biting my neck and lips with so much passion and rubbed my clitoris with his fingers.

In between with his hands he curled my hairs with love looking into my eyes. In matter of minutes I was totally wet down under.

Meanwhile I unbuttoned his jeans and put my hands in his underwear to check his package.

Believe me he was big not less than 8 or 9 inches approximately.

I started sucking his penis as if I was eating a chocolate.

I nibbled and stroked him after five minutes he moaned with pleasure and deposited his hot cum in my throat.

But after some moments he was hard again. He went on licking my pussy until I experienced climax.

Later he started fucking me hard with his 9inch penis slipping in and out of my tight pussy. I was totally wet inside and outside.

My pussy juices were dripping all over the bed as I felt intense orgasm.

He fucked me five times that day and fingered me expertly hitting my G-spot every time. I

 experienced orgasm eight times that day and each time I felt, it was more intense and pleasing than the time before.

It was really the best sex of my life I loved getting dominated by him into the bed.

He proved he was real man who could satisfy any woman on the earth.

Our sex was amazingly hot, a sex like that I would never feel again in my life.

Having sex with him made me feel like a complete woman, but in a month of time it all ended as I knew he was married.

Even after he is gone his words lingers in my thoughts as I miss his intense touch on my body.

The day he left my life he took my life too with him because I do know somewhere in my heart, no one else can make me feel the way he did…….

I hope you found the post on missionary sex position useful. If you really liked it please comment and share.

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