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How to Find Her G Spot & Pleasure This Sweet Little Kitty


Before we learn how to find her g spot and stimulate it for her sexual pleasure here is something that is more crucial.

If you want a woman to feel safe enough to really let go with you sexually, you must understand just how important it is that she knows you love everything about her vagina.

And more importantly you know how to find her g spot and love it lovingly. I prefer to call it the pleasure spot in women.

Woman’s G Spot are way more complicated than penises. But do not worry you’ll learn everything in this article about where is the g spot located? Where to find her g spot? And how to hit her g spot to make her orgasm.

Well it’s true. Penises are like the clashing cymbals in the orchestra. That’s the note they play and they play it loudly. Vaginas are more like the entire orchestra.

First of all, your penis is on the outside of your body. You can see and familiarize yourself with all of its parts easily. Especially the ones you’ve been rubbing since you were a kid.

Vaginas, G spot and clitoris, on the other hand, are much more mysterious. Many women don’t even know what their G spot looks like.

They haven’t held a mirror up to their pussies to find out.

And if G spots weren’t mysterious enough already, the confusion is compounded by a misogynistic culture that teaches women that good girls don’t touch themselves.

Women are shamed into believing that they have no right to feel any pleasure, let alone sexual pleasure or self-induced sexual pleasure.

Women often feel guilty for doing things for themselves.

With men, however, we are expected to explore our pleasure and jerk off all the time.

So what we end up with are a lot of women embarking on sexual relationships as G Spot novices – completely unsure about what feels good, how their anatomy works, and how to get themselves off.

And we embark on sexual relationships as total penis experts!

For instance, you know exactly how long it takes to get off, how much pressure to use, and how fast or slow you like to stroke the g spot. Plus, you know what other types of porn you like, etc.

The lack of competent sex education for women and the cultural attitude against women pleasuring themselves in general – leaves women with lots of things to have anxiety about when it comes to their vaginas including her g spot and clitoris which is the most significant pleasure organ inside the vagina.

Women can feel doubtful or insecure about:

the size of their labia

the size of their vagina

their smell

the amount of wetness (not enough or too much lubrication)

the color

clitoris size

having a bush

scars from ingrown hairs caused by waxing

period-related issues (flow, cramps)

yeast infections, UTIs, or other non-sexual infections and inconveniences

fear of childbirth-related tearing

shitty boyfriends saying something terrible and scarring about their perfectly functional, healthy vagina

squirting or not squirting

queefing (passing air out the vagina) during sex

the taste of her vagina

Women will also have questions like:

Is squirting really pee?

What’s a G-spot? Where’s the G-spot located? Does every woman have a G-spot?

Should I be able to have orgasms from G-spot stimulation alone? Or I need clitoral stimulation for orgasm? If I can’t, does that make me less of a woman?

Is something wrong with me if I can’t orgasm during sex?

This is why it is important that your woman knows that you love everything about her vagina and its internal parts!

I asked women if there was anything they wished more men knew about the vagina.

I wish I didn’t feel like if I want to use lube the guy might feel insecure about whether or not I’m really enjoying myself.

I just like using lube. It’s not personal. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t make me wet enough.

I wish they knew that I can handle rubbing my own clit during sex.

There is just too much going on for him to really be able to give me the right amount of pressure and speed for the right amount of time to get me off. I’ll take care of it!

I wish guys with big dicks knew that my vagina is not ready for deep pounding right off the bat! Give me some time to relax and open up first. PLEASE!

I really hate it when a guy calls my vagina a yoni. I wish he would just call it a pussy.

I dated a guy who would make a big show of spitting on my vagina when he was going down on me. It always kind of grossed me out. I figured it was just something he picked up from watching porn.

I’m not really that into oral sex. It stresses me out because I’m afraid it’s taking me too long to cum and I worry that he might be getting tired. I always eventually just fake it, so he will stop and we can move on to having actual sex.

I wish they knew vaginas and sugar do not mix! I had sex with a guy who used cheap drugstore lube with glycerin/sugar as one of the main ingredients. It put my vagina out of commission for two weeks with a horrible yeast infection. This is not the kind of lasting impression you want to make!

I wish they knew that I really don’t want sex to last forever. It usually takes me around 10 to 15 minutes to orgasm. After that, I’d like it to be done. I don’t want multiple orgasms. Just cum when I cum. It’s cool.

Love her vagina, her g spot and clitoris and she will have mind-blowing orgasms with you.

The bottom line is: the more you tell her how much you love the taste, smell, feel, and look of her vagina, the sexier and more confident she will feel.

The more confident and sexy a woman feels, the more she can relax into feeling good and then be able to openly express herself, which means the orgasms will be that much deeper and more intense.

Eat her pussy like a pro and she will be able to express her authentic sexual self with you, the more she will see you as a sex god and be completely obsessed with you.

For women, the key to cracking their code and unleashing the sexual beast that lives inside is all about creating a safe space for them to play.

The more they know you love their g spot and clitoris and know everything about it, the safer they will feel with you, and the more fully expressive and adventurous they will become.

Here is what I want you to do:

First, ask her what g spot name or names she thinks are really hot to use during sex. Always use those or that name (if it’s not the word you want to use, too bad. You must use her language not yours.)

If she isn’t sure, offer her a menu and let her choose. Here are a few names that women I polled like to use:












Cum bucket

Once you have that information, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to get in the habit of saying things like:

I love your yoni.

Your vagina or g spot or clitoris is incredible.

I can’t believe how tight your pussy feels on my cock.

I love how your yoni is always so wet and ready for my dick.

Your vulva is beautiful.

I can’t believe how good it feels to be inside you.

Your kitty gives me so much pleasure.

I love how your pussy tastes.

Your smell makes me crazy; I love your vajayjay so much!

Just looking at your vagina makes my dick hard.

I love how swollen your clit gets when you’re turned on.

Yikes! I really don’t feel comfortable talking during sex!

Don’t worry if talking during sex makes you uncomfortable. Lots of people feel that way.

However, I promise you women love to hear good things about their vagina and it’s parts!

And knowing that they have your full approval can really help them get over holding back during sex.

If you remember, I promised to share with you where and how to find a girls g spot and its location.

We will cover it here in this Bonus Section.

How to be a G-Spot Genius?

What You Will Need:

1. Clean Fingers, Clean Nails

2. Coconut Oil

3. Towels or a waterproof mattress cover

4. A hand towel

Basic Anatomy 3 Exact Steps.

1. Discover, touch, and tingle her G-spot (the tissue with ridges and bumps on the top of her vagina at about 1-3 inches in internal depth).

2. Apply even pressure with the flat pads of your fingers on the G-spot and drag the pads of your fingers toward you and the opening of her vagina.

3. Release the pressure, moving fingers toward the bottom of her vagina, then circle to the back of the G-spot again and repeat dragging your fingers forward, as always applying pressure.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 over and over. Increase pressure and speed as needed. Generally, as she gets closer to squirting, she will want more pressure, speed, or both.

Keep it light. Have Fun. Play and discover.

If it helps, you can always take out the word “vagina/pussy/yoni” and substitute the word “you” where appropriate.

You are so tight.

You feel so good.

Your smell drives me crazy.

You taste amazing.

You get the idea!

G spot Cupping Technique:

I use this technique all the time. Don’t be fooled. It sounds simple, but this technique is really powerful.

I’ve had many a woman cry the first time I used this on her because it feels so deeply comforting to have someone touch her g spot this way.

This technique will set you apart from the rest because I can almost guarantee that you will be the first person ever to touch her this way.

So let’s get to it!

A woman’s g spot can feel physically sensitive after sex, and she may also feel a little emotionally vulnerable.

You can show her that you love her vagina and use no words at all by cupping her vagina after she orgasms or after sex.

I call this kind of touch of the vagina – comfort touch. (And you can find out all about the comfort touch in this article Here: Tantric Sex Touch Technique.

A great way to convey safety and care is by cupping her vagina with the palm of your hand after sex or after she orgasms.

You do this by placing the bottom palm of your hand over her vaginal opening and allow the rest of your hand to curve over the top part of her pubic bone and apply gentle pressure.

Women who have experienced this kind of sexual touch have reported to me that it helps ground them after sex and also communicates a level of appreciation and care that feels nice.

If you want to really take it up a notch you can put your other hand over her heart. While touching this way, remain quiet and focus on taking deep, relaxing breaths together.

This technique lets a woman know that what just happened was really pleasurable and intense.

You both deserve to take a minute to just bask in that bliss. Notice her breathing.

Usually, at some point, she will take a big deep breath and that is your cue to pull your hands away.

If love and a long-term relationship are what you are after, use this technique on her. She will be yours forever.

I will stop here. I hope you loved reading this article on how to find her g spot and loved reading it then I have something really amazing for you below.

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