May 5, 2022

Does My Boyfriend Love Me? 16 Signs To Find He Loves You Or Not

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Does My Boyfriend Love Me

Ok Girls! before you start reading I want to ask you one simple question. Tell me how many times you walk through this horrible thought in your mind...wondering does my boyfriend love me or does he still love me? Probably many times in a day and it's totally acceptable as you love him and expect the same in return - isn't it?

Do you know why you get obsessed over someone you love madly. It's because love is the only unique feeling in the world that cannot be purchased or forced.

This four letter word L  O  V  E  rules everyone's heartbeat. Falling in love is a unique feeling for each one of us, but sometimes this unique feeling can turn into painful experience, when the man you love from the core of your heart, don't feel what you feel for him.

There are instances when he might admit he loves and not feel it or he may feel it strongly but not able to tell you.

Understanding man can be tedious especially when you are trying to find out whether he loves you or not.

This is reason why you are reading this post and to truly find out whether he loves you, you must keep an eye on the signs he gives away when he doesn’t realize it himself.

So let's find out some easy ways to read his mind and understand whether your boyfriend loves you or not.

1. He Keeps You On His Top Priority

How do you define the word priority in your life? It's an important word in any form of life whether you talk of professional or personal life.

Giving priority or importance is not about giving it in your free time.

It's when you are too busy in your hectic work schedule and you take time out of your hectic schedule for the one you love is what I believe is the true definition of priority.

Everyone of us are busy and we all have commitments at different stages.

If he really loves you, he will manage his time in a way that his personal space with you is not getting disturbed.

And if someday he is too busy, he’ll make sure to let you know.

It's because he loves you and you’re the most significant person in his life and that is why he will make sure to carve out a place in it for you.

2. Your Happiness Matters Him a Lot

If your boyfriend loves you, he will definitely care about your happiness, it's because his internal happiness is associated with your happiness and if you are not happy life will be blue for him too.

If you want to find out does my boyfriend love me or not, there's a easy way.

Just tell him to quit or shrink his one bad habit (only if he have) like smoking, drinking or late night parties.

Let him know you are not happy and if your boyfriend really loves you, he will quit and if he keeps doing it, this is not a sign that he’s in love with you.

He will at least tell ask you to give him sometime to quit as it's not easy to quit bad things in few days or weeks, but what I want to say is he will at least make an effort to stop doing things that make you unhappy and start doing things will make you happy, 

3. He Includes You in His Future Life Plans

As far future plans are concerned this can be a bit overwhelming if you have just entered in a new relationship, you must try to build your new relationship and take it to the level where he is forced to include you in his future plans.

I hope you are getting my point. It can be daunting to plan a future together when your relationship barely new.

To be honest firstly you don't want an overly impatient guy or hyper active guy who wants to get married right away, without even knowing you that well. You must spend sometime understanding each other's likes and dislikes and get to learn each other.

Secondly, if your relationship has already passed this phase he should definitely talk about the future and include you in it.

For instances if he talks about having kids, planning for a new house or he takes you to friends marriage or frequently visits your place to see your mom and dad this are signs he is thinking long term relationship with you and you really don't need to worry in your mind thinking "does my boyfriend love me".

4. He Believes in "We" Not "I"

If he really loves he will make sure whatever he speaks he will use the word "We" and not "I" meaning he believes in his mind we are both two body but one soul and consider you as a life partner.

It proves he is serious about being in long term relationship with you and if a man is doing this every now and again it is a healthy sign of a strong relationship and you must stay in peace and not bring any sort of negativity in your mind whether he really loves you or not.

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5. He Respects Your Thoughts And Opinions

If he asks for your opinion and thoughts in his personal and professional matters, it means he value your opinions and I believe being a woman it's very prime responsibility to guide him in the right direction in order to make his life prosperous and successful.

If he is calling you to discuss and share your input on carving out his future, you should be sure that he sees you as a potential partner and you seriously don't need to think much, rather try to improve his life by providing good value whenever he seeks your opinions, be the wife material he craves for and believe me if you can do that every time he asks. Trust me he will always be your man and you will rule his heart for life long.

6. He Trusts You Completely

Whether it’s his bank account or his faith in you, once he trusts you completely, it is a definite sign that he has made up his mind for building a future with you.

Moreover, he believes in his mind that you will stand by him in any given situation good or bad meaning however challenging the situation is, you will support him and he believes you this blindly without any second thought.

It's obvious that he values you being in his life and fully trusts you, now what I suggest you is if you see this sign in your man or boyfriend you should be happy about it and instead of worrying thinking "does my boyfriend love me" you must think about what else you can do to improve his life and build more trust in his eyes for you. 

7. He Misses You When You Are Away

Men are complex creature they tend to miss you in your absence, not in your presence.

Of course he will love and pamper you when you are with him, but what matters is how much he miss you in your absence.

The true intensity of his love is when he misses you in your absence too.

Does he make an effort to reach out? Or does he appear for days on end and then tell you he’s sorry for being able to stay in touch with you.

Remember true love is when you crave for the presence of your lover especially when they are not around.

I am not telling that constantly missing someone every minute and second proves that you love someone. In fact that would be an unhealthy obsession not love.

True love is remembering the person you love anywhere and everywhere in the back of your mind without being too possessive. It naturally builds a emotional connection even when you’re apart and this is how it feels when you miss someone.

If this is what he makes you feel, he will definitely try to reach out to you by sending texts messages or love poems that would describe his true feelings for you.

8. He Always Makes You Smile

The word relationship appears to be a very serious word, but it's actually not.

Being in a relationship is not always about making future plans or fighting over pity issues.

True relationship is when both the partners are willing to make each other laugh by making fun of themselves.

If he is willing to make a fool of himself in front of you just to bring a smile on your face, it means he's madly in love with you and he's ready to do any thing to make you smile.

9. He Feels Jealous of Your Guy Friends

To be honest men are egoistic by nature and if they happen to see their girlfriend or spouse talking to some other guy, it directly hits there male ego and believe me it just cannot be changed as it's inbuilt in there characteristics since evolution.

But you not take their jealousy in wrong sense, in fact you should feel happy when he gets jealous (obviously not over jealousy as it can ruin your relationship). It shows that he really love and care you and he never want to lose you.

Being a good girlfriend or spouse even you should ensure that you maintain your limits with your guy friends

Or else it may influence your current relationship negatively and that's not something you would appreciate.

Just imagine how would you feel if he does that too you. I hope you understood what I want to say.

10. He Does Everything That You Like Doing

Every one has own interest, passion, likes and dislikes and he too must be having.

But when it comes to you, he forgets his likes and dislikes. The only thing he remembers is what you like and love doing.

And he gets completely involved in things that please you even when he himself doesn't enjoy doing.

Does he watch your favorite movie just to see you happy, sacrificing the final match between Brazil and Germany?

Does he clean the dishes after you are done eating? Does he play with your dog, even when he is allergic to dogs.

If he is doing all these stuffs for you, it clearly indicates that he really loves you from the core of his heart and you should not doubt his integrity.

11. He Spends Most Of His Time With You.

If he is making excuses to spend most of his free time with you, perhaps even more time than he spends with his friends.

It means you are the most significant person in his life. He is truly in love with you and sees you as a life time partner.

Being a girl you must realize that finding a guy like him in modern generation can be tough.

You must ensure that you are never ever letting him go from your life, because good guys are hard find and if when you happen to find one, better be with him.

12. He Sits Close And Hugs You Tight

True love always gets you emotional and the one you love will always try to hug you and sit close to you to feel that emotion in reality.

Does your boyfriend sits close to you or hold you tightly occasionally, without any obvious reasons?

Does he whisper slowly in your ears? It feels  so good when I hugs you baby! This are signs that he’s in  deep love with you.

A tight hug that lasts more than just a few seconds releases dopamine a feel good chemical in human body.

Believe me the release of this chemical will keep reminding him of the intense love he feels for you and that's something you should appreciate and feel good about.

13. He Always Supports You

One who loves you will never leave you alone in tough situations and if he really loves you with all his heart and soul, he will ensure he keeps you safe by supporting you in trouble times.

He will treat your problem as his own problem, and he may pull your leg or tease you occasionally  but you will always find him standing beside you without any judgement or making you pay for it or pointing out your mistakes.

14. He Never Stops Texting You

Are you the one who has to text and call him in order to stay in touch? Or is he sending you little texts and reminders that he’s thinking about you?

If he keeps texting you to make you feel his presence and show how much he cares and love than believe me he is someone who really loves you and you should never doubt him.

15. He Lifts Your Mood When You Are Down

There are times in life when you feel low due to work pressure, health issues or anything that bothers you.

In those times he will listen to your problems truly instead of just nodding his head in general. He will go out of the way to make you feel good by doing funny things to life your mood.

He will get you your favorite food when you’re feeling down, or take care of you when you’re sick, or just do what it takes to make you smile if he really loves you

16. My Final Thoughts

Love isn’t a showy gesture. It’s a sequence of love full motions and gestures that creates new memories by adding up to the old one's for lifetime.

Your boyfriend and you may truly be in love with each other. 

But there are times in life, when you will feel a bit insecure, confused and doubtful.

But that's how love is and you can’t help this feeling of insecurity all you need to do is trust him that he really loves you.

Note that the feeling of insecurity is a part of experiencing love. It’s absolutely normal and something all of us experience now and then.

What important is to keep patience, it is key when it comes to falling in love and getting loved in returned and it's a process which takes time and it cannot be done overnight.

I hope it's making sense and you are getting my point. 

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