May 4, 2022

Why Men Lie in Relationship 13 Secrets Women Don’t Know

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Why men lie and cheat in relationships? Still a mystery why do men lie, probably every women want to know the reason behind this brutal truth.

I believe sex, Money and Emotions are three vulnerable traps that can change people's mind. Ever since evolution men and women especially men have been lying and cheating in their relationships with women.

My definition of cheating is - Cheating Severely shrinks Your Options. Either You Break Up … or You Break Up.

Whether you're man or woman, if you happen to cheat your partner, the fact is you just can't continue to ‘carry on’ with your relationship or marriage.

It's because you’re simultaneously ‘dating’ another person which will naturally ruin your personal life with the original partner.

Since we are talking only about men and why men lie in relationships with women, we shall stick to the main theme.

In this post I will try to highlight some significant secrets that will help you understand what's going in your man's mind and what makes him cheat you.

#1. Love Means Something Different To Man

Do you know love is a completely different feeling for both men and women.

When he says "I lOVE YOU" you better understand that he's not saying what he feels, he's actually saying what you hope "He'll be saying" I will prove it here.

When you talk of love for most women love is passion, obsession and craving.

A natural feeling of being absolutely in love with the man they love.

But for men love means sex, enjoyment and more sex and more enjoyment possibly with another women.

Most men who cheat, lie and ignore women fall under this category. Love for them is a temporary feeling.

Once this temporary effect fades away, they too will fade away from your life.

It's like as long as you can entice and keep them interested with your sexy look and sexy figure, they'll stay with you.

Once they get bored they'll find ways to fall apart and break up with you

#2. Romantic Relationships Are Always Complicated As The Desire For Sex Cannot Be Ignored

Even though the word romance lights up your dopamine level, still it can get extremely complicated at times.

Most men who lie and cheat women are bored having with the common style of sex life.

In the process of satisfying their kinky sex desires they walk on the path of infidelity.

The desire for sex with multiple partners is the main cause why men lie and cheat in relationships.

In fact most marriages and relationships fail due to this one unfortunate reason.

It's obvious that if a woman comes to know from her sources that her man is cheating on her, it's going to spoil everything.

This is reason why men lie and try to avoid telling the truth and in the process things get more and more complicated.

#3. He's a Insecure Men

It could be you're in relationship with a insecure man, it happens you found a interesting guy, the chemistry seems to be awesome, so you hooked up with him.

Few months later, the exotic sex and romance begins to fade away and now he reveals his true colors.

At first he was awesome in making love to you, he was amazing in his talks, he appreciated you for every little things and now every thing seems to have vanished.

This is a sign of abusive relationship where he lie and cheat with you just because now he don't find you interesting enough for dating, sex and romance.

The reason is man with insecure nature are very unstable and psychic. They only care about there own needs and wants and this selfish nature pushes them to do wrong things.

And it's obvious when you do wrongs, you'll end up lying and cheating in your personal relationships.

#4. Love Creates Happiness And Heartache

Undoubtedly falling in love is a beautiful feeling, but it's only one phase of love. In the initial romantic phase love feels beautiful.

But with time things change and love too changes, the intimacy level decreases and that makes things even more delicate.

One very significant aspect of love and romance which is that love creates happiness and heartache, opportunities and constraints, joy and sorrow.

The reason being men are visual creature, most men are fascinated by seeing new beauty and this is where things turn upside down and eventually cheating, lying and betrayal happens to be the end result which is a clear sign of a bad relationship.

#5. He's Immature

Most men who lie do not realize the seriousness of the situation.

They believe they can continue cheating and lying keeping everything disguised and hidden.

And they're so immature that they believe in their mind that by hiding the truth they're not hurting their girlfriends or spouse.

Some where they have misconception that people get hurt only when they find out the truth and not knowing the truth won't hurt their sentiments.

In other words this kind of man have tendency of taking woman for granted. If you're with such a man better observe his behavior to find out the reality and leave him.


#6. For Women Love And Sex is Being Emotionally Connected, But For Men It's Not True

Note that women don't make love with anyone or everyone they meet. For women sex is secondary, emotional connection and bonding comes first.

In case of men he may love his wife or girlfriend, still on the back of his mind there always lies a feeling of having sex with someone new.

Trust me no men can deny this fact, probably one or two percent men in the world would deny this, because they love their partner from the core of their heart, but most are same.

For men sex comes first, if given an opportunity, he may lie and cheat to you by having sex with other woman.

Now that doesn't prove he don't love you, the only thing is men just can't resist the feeling of having sex with other women.

This is again one of the reasons why men lie and cheat in relationships.

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#7. He Has a Bad Past

Having a traumatic and bad past is also a critical reason why men lie and cheat.

To be honest this can't be an excuse, just because someone had been abused or cheated on in past, so he will also do the same thing in return to others.

It could be that his past pain and wounds are not allowing him to fully commit himself to another women.

It's understandable to certain extent, but not fair enough to be acceptable.

In fact he should take it as a lesson that what happened to him, he won't let it happen to the one with he loves.

#8. He Doesn't See You As An Ideal Partner

This is very critical as well as insulting. If he don't see you as an ideal partner he will definitely try to seek relationship some where else.

Of course if a man don't love you, he won't be able to show false love for long.

But being a woman, you need to be matured enough to find out what's cooking in his negative mind.

Or else he will continue to play with your emotions.

In most relationships where a man is not interested he will pull away sooner or later, but I believe it will be much better for you to leave him by knowing about his bad intentions to keep your self esteem high and unbroken.

#9. He Just Wants To End With You

Some times men do it intentionally, He wants to end his relationship with you and he wants you to know that.

In this scenario he tries to send subtle signals and hints to you that he wants to break free and end the relationship with you.

This is something that is quite common nowadays, because they want new women and new relationship every six months.

Maybe he is a man who doesn’t like being tied down in one relationship for long and this is the reason he seeks new and “better” person for a newer and fresher romance.

#10. He Tries To Impress You

There are also men who lie by trying to impress you by faking their background.

These are men who will speak highly about them of having awesome job, amazing car and exotic life style.

In reality it's not true, but they lie to you just because they want to have some fun and if you're a woman who is crazy about luxurious things may fall in their trap.

But as they say, you cannot hide truth for too long, some or the other day you will find out that he was lying to you.

But the point of concern is that this kind of man will keep lying you time and again to put a mask on the previous lies.

But being a girl better ensure that you don't fall in trap of such men who just don't have his own dignity and self respect.

These were 10 manipulative and unhealthy reasons on why do men lie in relationships.

To be honest there maybe many reasons even 1000 will be less and I can continue writing all day long.

But that's not what matters. What matters is understanding how to keep a relationship strong.

Let's just few ways that will make him want you more and more. Tips that will keep his attention only on you and you.

Sometimes, you think that everything is going awesome with you and your significant other.

But being too careless could get into the danger zone.

And by the time you realize what went wrong your relationship is on the verge of extinction.

Being in a relationship is like playing a sport. Every now and then, you need to check if you might be committing some bad habits you’ve gradually become unaware of.

Being a woman if you want to stay on top in the game of love and romance, there are some very vital aspects which you need to avoid so that you don’t unknowingly hurt your relationship.

#11. If You Want To Ensure Your Woman Do Not Cheat Or Lie To You Make Sure Your Do Not Let Your Past Effect Your Present.

Before entering into your present relationship, You too might have stumbled into some good and bad relationships with some positive and negative experiences. This must have subconsciously shaped your outlook on relationships.

This is something you need to be aware of, lest you drag your partner into the personal hang-ups you’ve developed from previous relationships.

Being human we learn from past experiences meaning the mistakes you did, the pain and agony you went through in your previous relationships with men where obviously due to some immaturity from both the ends.

It's important to learn from them and do not repeat them again in your new relationship.

Suppose you have a guy in your life who really love and care for you. Just reciprocate the same in return to help prosper the relationship.

Understand him as far as you can, doing this will make the connection more intact and even he will think 100 times before cheating or lying to you. 

I am telling this because sometimes emotionally traumatic incidents from the past can put you on guard to avoid repeating history.

From a naturally survivalist angle, it does make sense to guard ourselves from harm.

However, you need to keep this within reason when dealing with a new relationship.

Try and understand that your new partner is a entirely unique individual, so give him the benefit of the doubt before assuming that you’ll have the same experience this time around. I hope you got the point.

#12. Do Not Arrive At a Conclusion Too Soon

If something has happened in past, doesn't mean the same thing will repeat in your new relationship.

Some men lie to woman because they're afraid of hurting them, they are fearful of the fact that you may take their actions and decisions other wise.

This may stop them opening fully with you and if there are fear and misunderstandings no relationship can survive.

The point is If you keep dealing with your partner in the same way as you did with your ex, it’s going to create a lot of confusion and misunderstandings in your relationship and that's something which is not appreciable.

#13. Do Not Mix Your Past With Present

This is the worst of them all. Some people don’t just act with the past in mind. Others unconsciously want their new relationship to be just like their last one – the good parts anyway.

But as we discussed, bringing in old dynamics which don’t apply to a new situation is counter productive. Your current relationship has totally different set of dynamics, so wanting to make your new partner fit into pre-molded expectation is unfair.

If you just expect your current relationship to make up for the mistakes of the past (and not enjoy it for what it is), it will be hard to grow together with your partner. It’s quite unrealistic to want today to be simply a copy of what you liked about the past.

Instead, stop carrying yesterday’s emotional baggage and leave them at the door. This is a wonderful opportunity to start anew and leave the old ways behind. Don’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

To make your relationship last, try to think of it as reshuffling the cards. You’re dealing with a completely new hand here, so learn to adapt to the new circumstances and live the present with an open heart and an open mind.

If not, you might play out a self-fulfilling prophecy and end up where you feared you’d be in the first place.

To be honest these were few nice ways you can keep your relationship healthy and also ensure that your man stays in love with you and do not cheat you.

Before I conclude this post, I want to recommend you something I won't talk much about it here. If you trust me Watch This Free Video Here and Find Out What Men Really Say When You're Not Around.

I hope you found this post useful and if you really liked it, please do not forget to share it on your favorite social media profile. See you another day in a new article, till than have my best wishes, stay happy and stay blessed.

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