May 5, 2022

How To Get a Man To Commit To You For Marriage in 11 Impressive Ways

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Wondering how to get a man to commit to you and only you for marriage. Don’t worry you are not the first woman to think about it.

It is something that every woman think about at some point of time, especially when she is immensely in love with a man.

Now, the desire to have a partner is a strong one, so strong that it’s led many people to end up in less-than-stellar relationships because they feel that any relationship is better than no relationship.

That’s where most relationships fail, but don’t worry this is not something that will happen to you.

Luckily, if you are a smart and sexy single woman. And you value yourself and understand that settling in a long term relationship or even getting married to a good guy takes time.

But for the sake of this post we will assume that you have already found your soulmate and now you seriously want to get him to commit to you and only you.

In this post I will try to highlight some powerful tricks and techniques that will take your relationship status to another level or even to the point of marriage if everything goes well.

Let’s read below and find out how to get a man to commit to you for marriage.

A million dollar question that has been asked thousands of times by thousands of women around the world and I request you to read this post till the end as it will get interesting later on.

#1. Understand The Hidden Male Desire

Understand hidden male desire can be a tedious task, but if you want to know the secret to how to get a man to commit, you have to find ways to dig deep into his desires and cravings.

Note that men always crave to be with a woman who inspires and motivates them to extract the best out of them.

Most of the times women tend to think about their own needs and wants, which is not at all bad. But it’s even not good every time.

In fact sometimes it’s good to focus on the feelings of your man to make him feel desired and important.

Relationships grow with mutual support and not by fulfilling expectations and desires of only one person.

Note that knowing his hidden desire is not about cooking awesome food and being hot as hell in bed. No doubt this are also important aspects of relationship and can’t be ignored.

But this are secondary things. It’s when you truly understand and master the art of tapping into his emotional buttons only than you can make him move mountains to want you, that’s what it means by understand the hidden male desire.

#2. Learn About His Needs And Yours Too.

In any relationship, especially in new relationship you have some wants that needs to be satisfied by your partner. But, this doesn't mean you have insecurities that you want your partner to heal.

What I mean every relationship starts with primary needs, such as loving your partner and wanting to be loved in return.

Now once, this primary need is satisfied the basic foundation is built.

In most relationships, men and women don’t realize the importance of loving each other which is the reason why most relationships and marriages fail.

Meaning when the primary needs are not met for a while, it can cause a relationship to weaken and eventually end up broken.

The point is being a woman even before you think about your own needs and satisfaction, you must know your partner's need and see if you're meeting them, too.

What you can do is talk to him to see if you're meeting his needs. Ask him what he wants in your relationship with him.

Of course, this doesn't mean that unrealistic expectations should be put on you or him. It just means primary needs should be met in order to have a happy and healthy relationship.

However, if he's unsure about his needs himself, better take some time apart from each other and allow him to figure himself out.

Note that you can't control what another person wants or needs.

That's why giving him the space to think may help in this situation.

I am asking you to give him some space because I really don’t want you to look clingy or needy in his eyes as this little things separates ordinary relationship and the best relationship.

This is one of the most important ways to getting him to commit by understanding the reality of relationships, needs and wants. So better take care of that.

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#3. If You Want To Make Him Commit, Make Him Believe You Are a Confident Women.

Confidence is king as they say and confidence is what separates a ordinary woman from the best woman.

But what is confidence and how can you build it to make him fall in deep love with you and commit to you for life long.

Confidence is nothing but your internal belief and thoughts, whatever you think and believe if you are confident about that’s it.

However, I am not talking about negative belief and thoughts that would hurt anyone. I hope you are getting my point.

Confidence is when you truly embrace your thoughts and beliefs yourself in a loving way.

More importantly how you implement your thoughts and beliefs to improve your man’s life.

I'm talking about the kind of belief and thought that parent shows to his or her child. It's the kind of love where you would give anything and do anything in pursuit of the child's well-being.

What would happen if you brought that level of love upon your partner, what if every thought in your mind was directed toward a true loving embrace of having only one person in this world that you have the most power over.

If you realize that person is your man and that power is your confidence and if you can really make him feel that confidence and love for him nothing in this world can stop him from committing you.

Note that your confidence will grow when you focus more on relationship experiences than on relationship outcomes.

On a first date, your primary concern becomes having fun and making it enjoyable for your partner too. This primary focus replaces the desire to impress him.

Wanting to impress him has more to do with the future of the relationship than it does the unfolding experience of the date itself.

The more you focus on future outcomes, the less confident you will feel. This is true in any area of life. The more you focus on things in the future, the less control you have.

The less control you have, the more insecure you feel. To increase feelings of confidence, focus on what's here and now.

If you really want to know how to make a man commit to you to marriage, focus on the experience of your interaction with him rather than making the right impression.

#3. Look Attractive especially around him Your Appearance Really Matters Him a Lot.

Being a women you need to know one very significant factor, if you really want to make him commit to you and only you point that initial phase of attraction are mostly effected by visual attraction meaning how you look.

Believe me men are visual by nature and they visualize what they see and even more about what they do not see.

What most women fail to understand is how important it is to make him believe that you put effort into looking appealing and attractive especially around him.

I am emphasizing this point because looking good is the feel good factor that drives every man wild for women and it becomes equally more significant important at later stages in the relationship as it unfolds and especially when you seriously want get a man to commit to marriage.

If he feels that you are exercising and taking good care of your body, and doing what it needs to look attractive when you see him, he will believe in his mind that you desire him. This will also make him feel respected and loved.

This is the secret sauce make note of it, just look appealing and you will certainly make it easier for him to desire you in return and believe me this will also trigger his emotional buttons to think of getting committed to you and married before its gets too late or some other guy comes in picture.

Now you may raise a question, I'm not sexy and appealing like other women around. But my friend you don't have to be more sexy or appealing than other women.

You don't really need to look like Angelina or Jennifer. In fact you just need to be what you are and try your best to improve in what you have.

The point is that he will appreciate your gesture of going out of your way to impress him. This will make him feel proud of being with woman like you.

It will naturally make him to think of you as someone he wants to get committed and married.

I will share a simple example that you must avoid doing in your relationship or else your relationship will suffer if not today later.

As the relationship grows older the importance of relationship starts to fade away - I will tell you how, there are instances when you dress up very nicely to go out with your friends, but you dress up very casually when you go for dates with him.

Think about it what impression he gets and what he thinks in his mind, here is what he thinks, “You just take me for granted and doesn’t seem to put much effort or importance on how I see you anymore.

It’s not that he finds you less appealing just because you apply less makeup or dress casually for a date. In fact, it’s something deeper and at more emotional level.

It’s the subtle message that you want to impress others more than you want to impress him and that's what he believes in his mind and do not like.

If you really want to get a man to commit to only you better avoid this situation.

That’s the whole point. Just keep that one simple idea in mind, and you’ll find it easy to avoid this particular situation.

Let your actions reflect a desire to impress him and not others around you. Doing so communicates a form of respect and love that will make him feel attracted to you.

#4. Don’t Ever Try to Change Him At least Not Over night

I have seen many women who try to manipulate their thoughts and decisions on their men. In general you want to change him into something that you want him to be.

Now ask yourself is it needed when you entered into relationship with him you accepted him the way he was, now why do you want him to change, this is one problem that has broken thousands of relationships all over the world.

Going deep into that if you really believe in your mind that the change is for betterment of the relationship than go ahead, but not overnight give him some time and never ever try to force him.

Believe me if he gets a feeling that you are trying to rule him, he will have hard time trusting you forget about committing you for marriage.

Instead try to nurture his thoughts with love and care by understanding his emotions without hurting his manly ego. Slowly and steadily your love and care will change his mind.

At the same time he will naturally build love and respect toward you as he will appreciate that you understand him emotions and this little gestures will make him think of you highly as a perfect mate for him.

And he will himself feel like getting committed to you without you trying to force the issue. So start this practice from today if you want to get him to commit to you for marriage.

#5. Add Flavor and Spice in His Life

Relationship is not only about commitment, confidence and building attraction. Of course this things are important but if there’s no spice in your relationship, it will soon decay and eventually end.

By spice what I mean is, he must enjoy your presence and feel pretty fucking awesome around you.

And you should feel that way, too. Yes, you have to be at your best. Not perfect, because no one is. But you have to make sure that the spark and energy continues to exist in your relationship.

You need to make him feel that healing experience around you Eyes lock. Cheeks flush. Butterflies flutter. A dizzying exchange of words and smiles confirms the connection is real.

When this little flavor and spice added in your relationship, you experience most refreshing and electrifying feeling in the world and that’s the feeling you need to bring into his life, if you want to get him to commit to you and only you.

#6. Always Be a Part of The Solution If You Want To Get a Man To Commit To You.

Have you seen how some relationships crumble in tough situations, in fact most relationship fail to create the right balance and understanding in times of adversity.

Every thing feels awesome in good times, but the true character of couples is judged in sheer adversity.

Do you possess the quality of being the part of the solution without complaining? Do you have control over your negative emotions?

Do you have the courage to solve a problem when your man appears vulnerable and desperately needs your help.

It's your prime responsibility to make him truly feel that you will always stand beside him whenever he needs you without expecting anything in return.

If you know how to resolve the problems in his life and also the problems in your relationship, it will certainly grab his attention toward you and believe me no man would want to leave a woman who stands for him in times of adversity.

Coming To The Last Part - If You Want To Know How To Get a Man To Commit To You For Marriage Avoid The Friend Zone, It is The Key Step.

#7. Stop Being His Buddy

If you go out to watch the game in your sweats or generally do things with him as “one of the guys,” stop right now!

To change his perception of you from friend to potential lover, you need to change the way he sees you.

Meaning shrinking the “buddy time” to a extent. Can you still hang out? Yes. It just won’t be as often if you spend tons of time together presently.

Along with not hanging out like one of the guys, you need to stop sharing some of your secrets. It will add a sweet little mystery to the situation.

If you are close and talk daily, don’t tell him every little happenings of your day.

When you go out with other friends, don’t check in every hour and be purposely vague at times about what you are up to. Give him the chance to wonder a little bit about you.

Since, we have already discussed the appearance and looks part in brief above we will not discuss it again.

Note that how you look, dress up and take care of your overall body also matters a lot in avoiding the friend zone and getting a man to commit to you and only you.

#8. Treat Him Like a Friend And Date Other Guys

If you’ve been obsessing about wanting to get romantic with him, chances are he already sense can sense it. And that can feel like pressure to him.

At this point of time if you really want to get him to commit to you just take all of that pressure off of him so much so that there is zero pressure because you are interested in other guys.

This step is vital believe me he will crawl back to you just have some patience.

Even though you want to be more than friends, you need to actually pretend he is only a friend to you. Stop day dreaming about your future marriage and get busy living in the now.

If you are a chronic day dreamer, get yourself a rubber band and put it around your wrist. Each time your mind gets diverted to romantic reverie, snap that rubber band. Hard.

If you aren’t already, go create an online dating profile. It’s the easiest way to nearly immediately conjure up a line of guys beating down your virtual door to date you.

Let him know you are dating. Don’t go into tremendous amounts of detail about it (like you would dish to a buddy), but casually tell him you joined a site and have met a few interesting guys and give him a hint that some of them are really interesting and this will literally make him feel jealous.

#10. Flirt And Tease Him 

At this point, he’s probably observed that you have changed a bit.You no longer hang out in your scrubby clothes with him at a moment’s notice, when you do hang out, you look like a million bucks.

And he knows you are out there being courted by other men, men who don’t see you as their buddy, men who see you as a sexy and desirable romantic possibility and that's more than enough to create a sense of urgency in his mind to getting committed to you as now the fear of losing you will ingrained his mind with all the negative thoughts in the world.

This will definitely push him to start thinking of you in a entirely different way. Maybe he’s even begun to wonder why he isn’t dating you.

Now you are going to test the waters with a little flirting and innuendo. This may feel weird at first and definitely requires confidence, but I believe if you have read this post till here you definitely can do it.

Compliment him on how he looks.

  • That new haircut is super awesome
  • I must admit that your hard work in the gym is paying off
  • You look very manly with that 5 o’clock shadow
  • Those jeans look... wow, they look nice on you

Tell him he finds you attractive. This one is hard to do but works! The trick is to wink or laugh when you text it. It’s playful, not over-confident.

  • I know it’s distracting when I look this good 😉
  • Totally random, but I had a dream we made out (or had sex).It was quite something!
  • I saw you checking me out in this dress. It’s ok, I don’t blame you 😉

Look for opportunities to crack sexual jokes and innuendo. Even if they are silly like Michael Scott in The Office. He is your friend, so it’s okay to be goofy with him.

Obvious flirting with him may be enough to get him to make a move out of the friend zone. Judge his reactions and responses as objectively as possible.

If he starts to flirt back, that’s a great sign! If he doesn’t, you don’t have to give up hope yet.

#11. Lay Your Cards On The Table.

This is the scariest step. Because after doing all of the other work, if he hasn’t made a move on you, there is a chance you may get rejected. However, there is also the chance that he’s waiting for a clear invitation from you. After all, you’ve started treating him differently, and he knows you are dating other guys.

So, if after all of this time when you’ve been dating other men, you still carry a big torch for this guy who hasn’t made a move, you need to either get an answer or cut your losses and move on.

Many women have been in this situation before. And when it gets to this point, They realize we are only ever going to be friends.

And they slowly opt to move on without making a bold declaration. But if you are the type of woman who needs a definite answer, here are a few possible ways to give him that clear invitation:

  • Tell him your last hangout felt like a date. Ask him if he noticed that at all.
  • Tell him you went on a date with a guy and you found yourself thinking about him instead.
  • Next time you hug goodbye, pull away a bit and look him in the eye. You can say, “Funny, I think I want to kiss you right now.”
  • Or you could just really be bold and tell him you have romantic feelings for him.

How do you know his answer? Well, he’s either going to kiss you, tell you that he thinks of you in a dating sense too, or tell you he has romantic feelings back.

If he doesn’t kiss you, or changes the subject, or tells you he doesn’t want to “ruin the friendship. . . ” you have your answer.

And while you might be terribly disappointed that this guy only wants to be friends, you can take heart in the fact that you’ve been feeling sexy,meeting other men, and working toward being your healthiest and most spiffed-up self. And you can finally move on with a clear answer!

If you really want to get him to commit you to marry you this 11 tips are more than sufficient, these are powerful and impressive ways that you can use to stimulate his emotional buttons and make him yours.

I will stop here if you really admired reading the post please do not forget to comment your thoughts and do share it on your favorite social media...

I will appreciate your little help and contribution. See you another day, keep coming back have my best wishes, stay happy and stay blessed.

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