May 4, 2022

How To Stop Obsessing Over a Guy Made Easy in 16 Unique Ways

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how to stop obsessing over a guy accept the fact and move on
Stop Stalking Him On Social Media
You Hate to See Him Hang Out With Other Girls

How To Stop Obsessing Over a Guy! one question that haunt every girl with a broken heart.

​It’s a fact in life the more you cling towards something or someone very special in life you lose them. Same holds true for your boyfriend, The more obsessed you get over your boyfriend the more easily he slips away from you.

Simple example is the soap in the bathroom, if you try to grip or hold it firmly, it slips out very easily. But when you hold it lightly, it remains stable in your palm.

What does that mean? It proves that you will definitely lose your special someone maybe a guy you love if you try to grip him too firmly.

It’s because you are obsessed with negative thoughts, and you need to come out of it and learn how to stop obsessing over a guy or you will never stop thinking will he come back to me or not.

Unless you find better ways to stop thinking about someone you love, You will only end up making your situation bad and life would turn from bad to miserable.

Lets find out ways on how to stop obsessing over a guy or your crush.

1. Learn Not To Get Obsessed

The best way how to stop obsessing over a guy is by learning about your own obsession and trying to kill that feeling of getting obsessed over a guy.

Falling in love with someone is not bad but expecting the same in return is not good.

Ask yourself why he is so important? Why can’t you live without him?

Definitely he is not the end of the world, so why not stop thinking about him and find ways on how to fall out of love.

It’s important to convince your mind that you can survive any damn situation without any fear of losing him.

Turn it into a mindset, believe me you will rule your thoughts, instead of your thoughts ruling your mind.

2. Get Support From Friends

Note that obsession only increases distance in any relationship. Whenever you feel obsessed or sad thinking about him, divert your attention towards your friends.

It would really help, because they would definitely have different views than yours. You are so obsessed with your imagination that you would never think correctly.

Say for instance, if you get to know from your sources that your crush is hanging out with some other girl.

It would make you more frustrated even though you don’t have any proof. You would think that way because you are obsessed with negativity in your mind.

On the other hand your friends would think differently they would advise you not to trust any rumors unless you see the reality from your naked eyes.

You cannot accuse someone without any evidence. This is the reason why you need to spend time with good friends to differentiate correctly between right and wrong.

3. Shut Down All Means Of Communication

Note that the intensity of obsession in mind grows with the feeling of ignorance. Even if someone is not ignoring you still you assume in your mind that they are ignoring.

The best way to come out is by closing all means of getting in touch with him like cell phone and social media.

It will keep you guessing that he might have called you but you were unavailable.

What it does is it keeps your ego in check and control, which is a decent idea to try when you are trying to get over your guy you love madly.

4. Stop Stalking Him On Social Media

This one is very obvious for all guys and girls. It happens when you like or love someone.

You want to visit his social profiles like Facebook or Twitter at least ten times in a day. But you actually forget that in the process of taking a quick peek at his profile.

You spend hours scrolling down his old posts, status and pictures. By doing this you actually add fuel to fire which increases the intensity of your obsession and that is obviously not good for you.

So if you want to stop this guy from invading your mind consistently.

Better stop stalking at his social profiles and whenever you feel the urge try to divert your mind to something else.

5. Have Fun With Other Guys

Another way how to stop obsessing over your boyfriend or crush is by dating other guys. Change your attitude to come out of your obsession.

There are way better and attractive guys in this world you can go along and have fun with them. By fun I am not asking you to fall in love with them.

What I want to convey is hanging out with other guys will give help you to forget your obsession at least for some time and you won’t be completely stuck in his thoughts.

Simultaneously you will learn interesting things about the other guys and they will learn something interesting about you too in return. And who knows you might actually end up falling in love with one of them.

6. You Hate to See Him Hang Out With Other Girls

It’s absolutely fine to feel jealous of the other girl hanging out with him. If he is dating a girl you would definitely have bad feelings for that girl.

But that don't really mean you should hate him or the girl he is dating.

It’s not ethical at all so better try to console your heart, if you are in that situation.

Stay positive and pray to come out of it peacefully without causing any harm to yourself and others in your obsession.

Ask yourself what you are doing is right or wrong? Your inner heart will definitely show you the right direction.

But the only condition is to think twice before you start hating someone.

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7. Stop Thinking About Him

It is fine that 24/7 he works on your mind and it seems unavoidable to get him out of your mind.

It’s bound to happen because you are obsessed with his thoughts. But what you need to understand is constantly thinking about him is not going to help anyways. On the contrary you will end up getting more obsessed.

So try to avoid thinking about him by pursuing your hobbies, music, shopping still if you find it difficult than think about some weaknesses that you don’t like in him.

I know it’s tough to find one, as you are so obsessed that his weakness also feels like his strength.

But you need to find one at least, to avoid thinking about him. Better try this idea once it might help if you really want to stop thinking about him.

8. Accept The Fact And Move On

When you love someone you always try to pretend your heart by constantly saying to yourself hat he loves you.

But as far as I know when it comes to men better try to keep things real and accepts the fact.

Though you are busy trying to convince your obsessed heart, but deep down even you know the actual reality that he isn’t interested in you.

It’s better to stop wasting your precious time pretending that he loves you which will only delay the unavoidable heart break. It will be better if you come to your senses and accept the reality and move on.

9. You Get Tagged With His Name

When you love someone, it’s natural you love talking about them. But that doesn’t mean you would talk only about him wherever and everywhere you go.

If you do this consistently your friends would think that you have no other topic to discuss or talk except talking about him. It will create bad impression of you on your friends.

They will start tagging you with his name saying “there she is now she will start talking about him let’s go from here”.

By doing this you will create a situation where your friends may start to ignore you and that’s not what you want isn’t it?

So try to convince your mind not to get obsessed to a extent where you have no one left to talk and share your feelings.

10. Pursue Your Hobbies

Loving a guy can sometimes be like pain in Ass, meaning you are so busy impressing him that you hardly have anytime to follow your own hobbies and passions.

Rather than obsessing over your boyfriend, Its time now to invest some energy to pursue your own hobbies and build some positive vibes in your life.

Convince your obsessed heart to not to make your romantic feelings an excuse for your laziness.

Life has many things to offer, all you need is to start exploring them.

So, instead of wasting your whole night and day just daydreaming about him, do something useful that will improve your life.

11. Understand What You want

Life can be romantic and stressful at the same time, you met someone, you fall in love, some misunderstanding happened and everything changed and here you are now just can’t stop thinking about him.

It can be very frustrating, but you need to decide what you want, you cannot just constantly think about him staying obsessed with his thoughts on your mind, it's just not going to help.

Relationship and romance can be so tempting that sometimes we just don't understand what we want.

Even after breaking up and fighting with him, you are wondering whether what's done was right or wrong. But you need to ask - Is he the right guy to be with? Do we want the same things?

Of course it's hard to get over someone you love, but if you really want to stop obsessing over an ex, you have to decide what you want to stay firm.

12. understand you are not the first one it happens everyday

It's obviously sad that you in a bad situation where you are hurt and it feels bad to be single again and see other couple in happy relationships.

But what you need to understand is even the best relationships has to pass tough periods to blossom like a flower.

Managing relationship is an ongoing process, there will be ups and downs, its how you handle them determines the fate of your relationship.

More importantly you need to realize that you are not the first women, there are others like you going through this pain of a broken heart.

Sometimes we get so swept up in the story of the fairy tale that we create our own fantasy world and we forget the harsh reality.

But you must come out of your fairy tale fantasy, accept the reality and move on if you want to come out of this obsession phase.

13. Simple Tip To Avoid Thinking About Him

If you are so obsessed with his thoughts that your days and night begin and end with him on your mind, and you feel this obsessed thoughts about him are ruining your days and night, than its time to try some tips and tricks to help your situation.

One of the best thing you could do is start doing some yoga (breathe in, breathe out) or start reading a book, novel or think about your childhood dreams.

It will divert your focus from him, of course it will be tough initially but as the saying goes practice makes us perfect.

Repeat the process again and again without getting irritated surely it will help you avoid thinking about him.

14. Take a Short Trip

Spending some time away from every day things and people can be the best way to stop thinking about him.

Take a short, couple of days trip that will be certainly help to calm and relax your obsessed mind. Believe me it's all you need, to take your mind off of things at home, including the guy you’re obsessing about.

15. Don't Be in Hopes Of Expecting His Calls it will only hurt more

One of the worst things most girls do is starring at their phone for messages and calls in expectation.

Don't do this it will only increase your obsession there's no point in waiting desperately for him to text you. If he had to he would have done it the day you guys fought and ended up.

Accept the fact, if he’s not texting you, he’s obviously not thinking about you, I know its tough for you to digest, but the sooner you do, the easier it will be to come out of his thoughts.

16. Have Faith And Confidence

Falling in love is a very wonderful feeling and we all love it. But falling out of it equally difficult and we all hate it.

But know one thing that you cannot allow one guy to control your life, if he is yours he will always be yours. But if he is not meant for you, no matter how hard you try you cannot force him to love you.

The only thing you can do is frustrate yourself and others around you in the process.

Better get motivated and learn how to stop obsessing over a guy you love and try to change your thoughts and actions in positive direction.

Love will follow you if you are true person and definitely the best guy would fall for you.

All you need to do is keep waiting for the right person at the right time without getting obsessed and frustrated.

I hope you found the post on how to stop obsessing over a guy useful. If you really liked it please comment and share.

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