July 27, 2023

5 Way to Enhance Your Sexual Prowess Before Bedding Your Dream Babe

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Do you that being a man your sexual prowess should always be at its peak before putting it to the test!

No matter what sort of relationship you are in, be it an open relationship, monogamous, friends-with-benefits or even a polyamorous relationship.

It is always nerve-wracking when you take your latest partner over the bedroom's threshold and show her what true heaven feels like.

Whether it is the first time you have had sex with your partner or the latest in a string of flings, the last thing you want is to see an expression on their face that shows they are disappointed.

The feelings of being sexually unsatisfying in bed can break down the sexual confidence of any sort of person.

For you truly want to make sure that your partner is experiencing the ecstasy of passion, rather than just lying there, growing impatient over your fumbling hands and lack of knowledge about where their pleasure buttons are located.

Do not leave yourself feeling sexually vulnerable.

For everyone deserves the internal excitement associated with sexually pleasuring someone else in bed.

Just by listening to the sound of their moans, watching how her body tenses up or just by observing her facial expressions and sexual direction, your emotional awareness can be your guide in learning what your partner likes and dislikes on an individualized basis.

Whilst everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to sex, there is no harm in practicing your sexual prowess before you leap into bed with your latest beauty.

Here are 6 tips to get you started and enhance your sexual prowess and skills to please your woman in bed.

Tip 1. Porn like a Pro

Although you cannot take Pornography at face value, watching a few videos can give you a general insight into some of the best ways of planning your sexy night, as well as give you new and creative ideas that you may want to try out when interacting with your lover for the night.

When you start your sexual research, try not to go for hardcore pornography, at least at the start.

You have to remember that Pornography does involve Adult Actors who are simply putting on a show for their viewers.

That means that the actions, emotions, and desires are fake.

Whilst the actors themselves might be enjoying their time together, if it looks unrealistic, then it will not be able to provide you with tips of how can create a wonderfully intimate night with your partner.

Instead, look up soft-core pornography and see if you can find a scenario that might reflect what may happen between you and your partner.

Remember that your experience will also depend on your sexuality and your partner's gender.

Although pornography is extremely specific, as it focuses on different fetishes and sexual interests rather than the same scenario over and over again.

Heterosexual Pornography does tend to focus on the Dominative-Submissive relationship between the man and woman. 

Most Lesbian Pornography tends to focus more on foreplay and intimacy, whilst Gay Pornography tends to be centered on the ideas of domination and raw sexuality. 

Please remember that not all Heterosexual and Homosexual pornography focuses on these themes, but you will find them hinted at through the majority of sexual films.

Once you have found a video with the appropriate couple, theme and sexual experience on it, then it is time for you to get down to business.

Watch the video carefully to see how the romantic liaison is conducted and it will certainly improve your sexual prowess. 

Soft Core Pornography will show how romantic scenes are conducted and will focus on the sensuality of the lovers and help you improve your sexual prowess and skills. 

Pay special interest in regards to how the pair use their hands to touch each other, keep strong eye contact one another and pay attention to the other partner's desires and needs. 

You can also focus on the different sexual acts and consider what your partner would feel most comfortable doing.

Although you do not have to copy the movies themselves, as do remember that they will most likely be exaggerated sexual experiences, they will show you the basics of how to initiate a romantic night.

If you are feeling a little cheeky and know your lover's favorite sexual acts or fetishes, you may even want to research into them so that you can spoil them for the night!

Who knows, they may even return the favor on a different night by bringing to life your favorite erotic fantasy.

Tip 2. Escorts and Trial Dates

If you are feeling a little nervous in the realm of romance, as well as sex, you may want to consider practicing your charms on an Attractive Escort before to take the leap into a secure relationship.

At the very mention of the word "Escort", your mind may immediately start screaming at you that you should not be going near them.

Instinctively, you may classify them as "whores" or "prostitutes", but this is certainly not the case.

Adult Companions can be either Men or Women who can be hired to go out on a date with a client.

They are not illegal to hire as they do not only offer sex as a service.

Instead, they are happy to go out on a range of dates with clients, accompany them to conferences/ work parties and socialize and entertain them.

The offer of sex is available, but the client does not have to pay for this service if they are not interested in it.

Escorts are available in every sort of location imaginable, from Cheap London Escorts to Independent Edinburgh Escorts, and are ready to meet you at any time of the day to start a date. 

A date can literally range from a relaxed cafe trip, a high-end restaurant dinner or even a vacation trip out of the country for the week.

The date is personalized to suit you, your time table and your every need.

What makes hiring an Escort so great is due to their flexibility of appearances, personalities, and sexual actions.

Your Escort can be anyone that you want them to be.

That means if there are certain romantic gestures you want to practice, your companion would be happy to work with you and give you advice on how to really woo a lady effectively.

Not only that but if you are struggling to impress in the bedroom, your Companion, for a fee, would be happy to take you for a test run.

If you want advice on how you can improve on your sexual prowess, then just let her know!

She would be happy to give you some hints on what your partner may want out of you, as well as let you know some of the sexiest ideas and ways to tease your partner into sexual intoxication.

Your Escort's advice is indispensable, so be sure to put it to good use in and outside of your dates.

When you finally feel ready to meet a woman, then that can be the time you stop meeting with your companion and move into the realm of dating. The World of Sex will become your Oyster!

Tip 3. Virtual Reality

Whilst this tip may be for the select few, it really will provide you with some useful hints and tips that you can put to good use in the bedroom.

If you have a VR Helmet then you may want to consider looking into VR Pornography

Whilst this may sound a little strange to start with, once you get used to the feeling of interacting with the VR Models on your screen, you will find that you are able to learn both sexual and flirtation/socialisation tricks to help you inside and outside of the bedroom.

A VR Pornography download will allow you to jump into a pornography film. You are the lucky man, or woman, who is being pleasured by the actor. You are the one who properly pleasuring them in return.

Not only will this fill you with sexual self-confidence, but if you take mental notes on what positions, actions and sexual acts the Adult Entertainer likes, then you will then be able to apply them in real life.

Although you must always keep in mind that these videos have been created to appease the viewer, in other words, present a sexually exaggerated situation for the audience's satisfaction, that does not mean you can take the general principles i.e. sexual positions and techniques from them and use them on your partner.

Your VR Headset will be able to download a range of pornography scenarios.

Thus, you will be able to take notes on each one and even move your favorites from the screen into real life.

Tip 4. Help and Advice

You should never feel embarrassed about seeking advice about how to improve, especially not when it comes to having Sex.

Sex is an age-old topic that people have seen the best and worst of. Everyone has had their fair share of successes and failures.

That's why it is perfectly okay to sit down with someone you trust to talk about it.

As long as you do not go into graphic detail then that will not turn it into an awkward experience

Consider Questions like:

  • What sort of Sexual Techniques do Men/Women like?
  • How do I create a romantic mood before sex?
  • How can I understand what sort of sexual activities my partner wants from me?
  • How do you meet/attract Men/Women?
  • How would you address foreplay?
  • Are there any positions that Men/Women like?

You can ask any sort of questions you like as long as you do not make it too personal.

Your friends would be happy to give you advice and pep talks in order to bring up your self-esteem.

Even if the questions are just as simple as finding a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Your friends are not your friends if they are not willing to give their advice on your worries.

If you feel too embarrassed about addressing these sort of issues with your friends, then why not go on Google?

Just one quick search of your question will lead you to a menagerie of sexual/romantic guides that are guaranteed to provide fantastic advice on any problem you may have.

Not only that, but they are willing to get down to the Knitty-Gritty parts of sex that may be too embarrassing to say out loud.

So take your time whilst searching for your answer, since you may find some interesting blogs along the way!

Tip 5. Confidence is Key When it Comes to Enhancing Your Sexual Prowess.

Whilst there are a lot of physical techniques that you can try out to see if that will improve your sexual prowess and ability, there is nothing more attractive than a sexual partner confidence.

The last thing that your partner wants to see in the bedroom is a person who is too shy to truly expose themselves, emotionally and sexually, to them.

Everyone knows that confidence is sexy. This is because a person's confidence can affect everything that they say and do.

Think about it, a sexual atmosphere depends on what sort of show you are willing to give.

Act brazen whilst you are taking off your clothes and that will make your partner feel confident enough to give you a similar show.

Whilst you may feel a little silly at the start, in the long run, it will really be able to start off your night on a high.

If you are looking to spice things up, you may even want to enhance your show with:


Sexy Music

Role Play

Lap Dances

It does not matter if you make mistakes or slip up during any of your sexy numbers.

Laugh them off and show your sexual partner that you have the confidence to carry on no matter the problem.

This will ease the tension and allow both you and your partner to get into the mood. 

The fact that you have also personalized your show for your partner is bound to get her excited.

So be sure to pay attention to the things that turn them on.

That way you will be able to surprise them and enhance the fire in their core.

They certainly will not be able to resist you after you give such a confident show.

Final Thoughts

When the time comes when you want to be intimate with your partner, you may start feeling an overwhelming sense of dread when a horrifying prospect dawns on you:

That you need to perform. But honestly, whilst you may want to be the best in the bedroom and utterly enchant your partner, there is no need to be worried.

Your partner is with you because they have grown attached to you and want to show that they love you.

Even a brief fling or hook-up contains natural feelings of attraction, thus your partner will not judge you on how well you perform.

If they do, then they are certainly not worth your time.

It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to prepare in advance.

If a little preparation will assist with your self-esteem and confidence, then there is no harm in seeking the advice of others and searching the internet for tips.

Just don't let these worries consume you.

Either way, you will have a great night, and if something goes wrong, simply laugh it off and move on. Your partner certainly is not going to mind.

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