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Tips On How To Be Happy Alone

How To Be Happy Alone

You must have found hundreds of articles on how to be in relationship, how to love, how to build good marriage or relationship and many more. But you will hardly find any tips on how to be happy alone. In today’s generation no one expect you to be single, if a guy says someone they are single they will laugh and look at them differently which is the reason a guy or a girl will never be thankful of his or her status being single it kills them from inside. We all wish to be in relationship with someone. No doubt that a good and successful relationship is the best thing in the world you can ask for. But the enjoyment of being single is amazing. 

The definition of single life and happiness is different for different individuals. Before you try to learn the secret behind how to be happy alone, better dig in your heart and ask yourself what is the most important thing in your life that matters you the most. I believe you would get the answer to your question. Living alone is your choice not a chance, it also shows that being in a relationship with someone is not the primary thing you want. More importantly your happiness is not dependent on someone’s else’s existence in your life. If you are sure in your mind that you can manage your life living a single life than read this post to get some more insights, ideas and benefits on how to be happy alone.

how to be happy alone

  1. When you are in relationship you have to spend many hours on phone talking which is a total waste of time. You have to buy expensive gifts, Dinners outing, Vacation trips which doesn’t allow you to save money for your future.
  1. Being single keeps you free from the emotional blackmailing. You are free to flirt around as you are not committed to anyone and you have more choices and it gives you a chance to hang out with that cute girl you have been secretly admiring for long.
  1. You will not be accountable for anything and you won’t need to request your friends to lie to your girlfriend about any of your suspicious activities. You can do whatever you want on your will and no one can stop you at the same time there will be no need to hide your secrets from your girlfriend.
  1. You are free from sending those romantic texts in morning and nights which can be so irritating at times. Have you ever noticed you tend to forget your friends in the shadow of your new relationship it should not be the case as friends are integral part of your life. Being single allows you to hang out with your friends without having to seek permission from your girlfriend.
  2. Many a times especially in relationships you get stuck so badly that your days feel like they are merged and you feel so confused and drained. Your energy is down and all the excitement and thrill seems to be totally vanished. It’s because you give so much value to the other person in your life that you forget your own importance in your life. It all happens due to expectations and demands you are so much involved in this pity things in life that your life becomes more and more complicated. If you want to learn the art of how to be happy alone give importance to your needs stop expecting anything from anyone.

Watch this video on how to be live a single life happily 

This is some of the benefits of being single. It all depends on what you want in life whether you wish to be single or committed. Being in a relationship is not a bad thing. If you can nurture and allow your relationship to grow than you can enjoy a deep and intimate relationship in your love life. At the end what matters is your happiness if you have found your happiness in being single it’s great, and it is true there are lot of weird situations in any relationship which are tough to tackle sometimes and leads to lots of frustration and anger. This is the time when your mind moves towards the feeling of being single and be free from the unwanted emotional bonding. So, this are some tips on how to be happy alone, you wish to stay single or committed it is your choice you need to decide what’s best for you.

I hope you found this post tips on how to be happy alone helpful and if you liked it please share and comment below.

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