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Learn How And What Makes A Man Fall In Love With Woman

Eager to learn what makes a man fall in love check this post

What makes a man fall in love? and what man want in a relationship from a woman. Well I believe love is a very unique feeling which is common to all men and women, but it has its own variations for both the genders. The emotions are same but the road map for achieving it is different for both men and women. Each has to go through different stages and adventure. It is very important for a women to know What makes a man fall in love. It is true that men always like bad girls, but in the end it’s the good girl who wins their heart and fall in love to make a happy living forever. This post will help any woman who is attracted to a man she wants to be with and make him fall in love.

What makes a man fall in love


For men it’s all about how is your physical appearance ( note not for every men) but in most of the cases it matters a lot. It is a source of instant attraction. Men have a hormone called testosterone they get attracted to a women only for their physical appearance initially. It matters a lot to them, He might not even know what qualities in that woman he likes, but if they find her external appearance attractive they might fall in love.


2.Gain attention

A good fragrance really attracts men, they like the smell of a woman they are attracted to. Whenever you are dating a man make sure the fragrance of your perfume keeps him engaged, they will not admit but will notice the smell and when you leave give a quick shot of your perfume on his shirt or car dash. It is something that will gain his attention later when you are gone it will make him think of you more and more driving him wild enough to fall in love.

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Anger is a very close friend of most of the men and they can sometimes turn very cruel and speak harsh words in moments of anger, which can hurt your feelings and turn you off. But they wish to be with a woman who forgive them even if they have done the worst possible things to her. A good woman is the one who is willing to love you even though you have done wrong to her. She is kind enough to handle your anger without getting irritated, though you are rude to her she doesn’t mind and prays for you to have a better living and hopefully change your angry attitude to have a good future. This things makes them realize their mistakes and gives a chance to resolve the situations instead of falling into unending debates which leads to nowhere.



Every men wants to be with a woman who is loyal to him. A woman who is pure hearted and loyal will stay with you forever no matter how worse the situation gets. Life is full of mystery you don’t know what the future holds, every day cannot be a happy day, circumstance can be good or bad, and if it’s bad it won’t be possible for you to maintain the same level of confidence, sex drive and intimacy in your love. There will be days when circumstances will not be in your control, at that point of time a good woman will always resist her feeling and temptations to support you. This are some of the things What makes a man fall in love with a woman.

Good listener

5.Good listener

Men always prefer a woman who listens to their thoughts, connects with their feelings and emotions. A good woman is the one who understands every bit of your heart, listens to you and allows you to speak without interrupting even though you are wrong, One who gives you a good advice and doesn’t fake you with false guidance. One who is from a different world than yours, she does not pretend to be good, makes you comfortable and cares for you. She constantly makes efforts to improve you in every aspects of life by giving right kind of advice to achieve your goals, more importantly she encourages you to be a better person.

A full package is what men want to fall in love with a woman. Men are attracted to lot of women that doesn’t mean he is in love with her. It only shows that there are some qualities about you that makes him pursue you. If you ever want to win a man’s heart make him want you by following the above steps. But in the real world the good girl is hard to find and if you luckily found her don’t treat her badly, don’t take advantage of her innocence be nice to her, respect her emotions. For me it’s a matter of concern all those women who has been treated badly, ignored, lost their existence. I know good women still exist and they have the power to make any men fall in love with them, It’s just the men who needs to respect and love them to keep their existence. This are all the good things What makes a man fall in love with a woman.

I hope you guys found the post on What makes a man fall in love useful. If you liked it please share and comment below.

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