May 5, 2022

How to Hug a Guy Romantically & Keep Him in Love With You

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  • How to Hug a Guy Romantically & Keep Him in Love With You

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Have you ever wondered thinking how to hug a guy romantically and keep his attention only on you?

In this guide, I will show you the secret behind how to hug a guy in a way that will trigger him emotionally to be with you

The great part is you can use this little method daily if you'd like.

What you're going to do is to hug your guy. Now you may wonder, "A hug? That's it? It's too simple!

Are you sure this is going to do anything?"

But I challenge you, do this method a few times a week over the next 2 weeks and watch how much more intimate and affectionate your guy gets with you.

You see, this is not a typical hug. This is a special hug. I call it the "love hug"  

There's many types of hugging style on the planet but this "love hug" technique is special.

You see the word "love hug" in itself feels like soft, cuddly, and lovable.

And that lovable, soft cuddly energy is what this method is going to create between you and your man.

How to do it: What you want to do is approach your man. It can be anytime really.

My wife always hug me when I am either leaving to work or am out for a week of two and we haven't seen each other for some days.

What you do is walk up to him, open your arms and give him the biggest hug you can.

Now here's the key: Be sure to wrap your arms around his neck, and let his arms hold your waist.

Hold this hug for about 10-20 seconds. And squeeze firmly. Not too tight.

And as you're holding him whisper one of these phrases into his ear:

"You wanna know a secret? 

When you hold me? I feel sooooo good and safe and secure in your arms babe.

Like I can do anything"

"Babe, everything feels so right when I'm in your arms"

"You know when you hold me like this I feel like everything is going to be alright" 

***The keywords are YOU make me feel SAFE***

Why it works when you hug a guy and say these phrases:

All men want to feel wanted and needed by their partner. Both physically and verbally.

And when you combine the 20 second hug, which is physical, PLUS the verbal phrase, he'll feel absolutely empowered.

This method makes your man feel he is still powerful in someone's eyes, even if he's struggling to gain power and control in other areas of his life.

Remember, like I always say in most of my articles: Men spend their entire lives trying to prove themselves to the world that they are worthy, in their job, in their hobbies, with their spouse.

They biologically crave to protect and make their loved ones feel safe.

This is why the damsel in distress ideology works so well with men.

If a man is told by the woman he loves periodically that he makes her feel safe, he'll want to prove that and live up to that statement.

Your problem as women is you tend to forget to verbally tell our guy how much he means to us. Why?

Because the entire world makes you believe all men need is physical stimulation(aka sex) to be satisfied! 

Totally not true. Men need to hear it from you too.

This "love hug" method works off a psychological principle called commitment and consistency, which states:

"A person will try and live up to their identity, or an identity they approve of given to them by another person."

So basically when you tell your man he makes you feel happy and safe, he will want to go out of his way to prove his new identity-that guy that makes you feel happy and safe

(**Note: A lot of the methods in this mini guide use this commitment and consistency principle, because it's so powerful)

Now you want to do this "love hug" method often. One time won't do it. You should mix it up to. Come up behind your guy and grab him.

A good way to make it even stronger is right after you do it, walk away and go do something.

This ignites a "push pull" dynamic. Where one moment you're on him, next minute you're gone.

And the push pull will make him chase you. So don't be surprised he starts following you around!

A few awesome results of the "love hug" technique is it’ll make your guy want to hold you and be close to you more often.

Also, he will find ways to prove that he's the type of man who makes you feel safe and secure.

Extra Tips on how to hug a guy:

● You can use this methodology if you're attempting to get your rekindle the fire with an Ex.

What you do is remember a time where your Ex helped you, saved you, or made you feel safe.

For example, let's say when you two were together your car broke down. And he fixed it for you.

You can send him a text saying,

"Hey hope all is well. My car just broke again and it reminded me that time you put the alternator in it.

Just wanna say thanks for making me feel good and safe that day:

The key to this is you want to have a reason why your texting him, so in the example your reason why is that your car just broke down.

Whatever you do, don't send him text without a "reason why" because that comes across as needy!

● You can use this to attract that guy who pays you no attention by "appearing helpless" around him.

If he's a co-worker simply ask for his help with un-jamming the printer

The whole goal is to trigger that "hero instinct" in his brain whenever he is around you.

I will stop here. I hope you loved reading this mini guide on how to hug a guy and if you seriously loved it please do not forget to watch this amazing video below by renowned dating and relationship coach Felicity Keith.

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