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How To Make a Man Want You Badly – 8 Important Secrets Revealed


If you have been wondering how to make a man want you badly? This is the most perfect and thorough page you'll ever read. Trust me just keep reading.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The secret on how to make a man want you does not lie in how good you LOOK or how PRETTY you are. It actually depends on who you REALLY are. I hope it's clear to you now you can proceed

Yes, your looks DO matter – But there's a myth in most women that GOOD LOOKS is only thing what men crave for in a relationship.

As a result they kill their precious time decorating their wardrobe, applying makeup to look good and then in the end they get frustrated when their relationships fail to launch and never take off.

But that's not what will happen to you, I assure you by the end of this article you will have a theme of what you have to do in order to successfully and effortlessly attract a quality man into your life

Now check out this 8 important secrets if you are want to know about how to make a man want you badly?

8 secrets on How to make a man want you?

  1. Keep a Positive Attitude
  2. Be Like a Quality Women To Attract Quality Men
  3. Understand What Men Wants in His Sexual Partner
  4. Men Want a Woman And Not a Best Friend
  5. Be What You're Don't Try To Change Your Identity For Him
  6. Come Out Of Your Fantasy World, It Can Become Hindrance In Your Ways
  7. Don't Be a Doormat Set Certain Limitations With Men
  8. Come To Terms With Your Past and Future

So, let's understand what will flat-out help you to attract the man (and life) of your dreams right on to your doorstep?

#1. Keep a Positive Attitude

To begin with have you ever thought about your attitude?

When it comes to your look and body structure you care a lot - Right? But what about your attitude.

Quantum physics (the ‘science of possibility’) quotes that your attitudes and beliefs shape your reality. What’s happening INSIDE you is what determines the situation OUTSIDE of you.

So if you’re giving too much air-time to that Inner Critic who lives inside your head or if you’re holding yourself back with artificial, limiting beliefs about men and love …For instances you feel - "I’m too old to be attractive’, ‘I’m just not pretty enough’, ‘No-one wants to date a single mom’, or I'm single but not beautiful enough to attract a man and so on"

Then as I said above what you think inside you comes out in reality and eventually becomes your destiny, because that's what you've been thinking and doing all the time than how will you make a man want you.

If you seriously want to attract the right man, than you must build an attitude of gratitude’ and start APPRECIATING what you HAVE,  and stop thinking about what you don't have then slowly and steadily you’ll start to feel a paradigm shift – not only inside your heart, but also in your routine LIFE.

#2. Be Like a Quality Women To Attract Quality Men

It's very simple if you want quality, you have to be quality yourself in order to deserve the same.

Part of being a quality woman, and ending up with the sort of quality man that you REALLY want and deserve, is developing a little self-awareness, actually paying little attention to what’s encouraging you and what your REAL INTENTIONS are, and bringing them into line with who you are.

No false manipulation, or ‘pretending it’ is needed here. As I said above BEING quality will GET YOU quality – there’s just no short-cut to this.

Here are some awesome tips to help you and ensure that you’re not falling into trap of false, ‘clingy’, or accidentally-manipulative behavior just to please your man and keep him interested.

  • Don't rush to him whenever he calls you.
  • Don't cancel your plans all the times to make him feel important.
  • Don't expect his calls and messages every hour and every minute.
  • Go out with your friends to have your personal space and let him have his personal space too.
  • Don’t be the one he calls ONLY when he wants something
  • Don’t accept a ‘date’ after 10 pm (because at this point, it’s not a date, it’s a booty-call.)
  • Don’t be fooled by the belief that he will change for you.
  • Don’t get led on by that little string of hope he keeps dangling in front of you.

If you really wish that the man in your life should love you, respect you and genuinely care for you, then you’ve got to set the right scene.

You have to think and treat yourself with quality thoughts only than the man you're with will think and treat you as a quality, so stop thinking and wondering, treat yourself with love and dignity and become your own biggest fan. It will eventually get you respect, love and attention that you truly deserve.

#3. Understand What Men Wants in His Sexual Partner

There's a very thin line between making a man love you badly and doing something that will make him leave you. I want you to think deeper than what everyone else is preaching you. Think about it

Do you know what is the single most SIGNIFICANT aspect that a man looks for in his sexual partner?

You must be wondering what is it? Trust me it isn’t a awesome personality. There are endless of beautiful, sexy, and smart SINGLE women out there.

It not looks what matters to men. Beautiful women get dumped every day.

Confidence is closer, but I still know shy timid girls who are deemed desirable.

So what is it? that make a man want you badly.

I know the excitement is building up in your mind and the answer will certainly blow your mind for sure.


that she’s a WOMAN... that's it. A man will always get attracted to a woman naturally. But the problem is most women do not understand this reality and try way too hard to make a man want them badly and in the process they end up getting on the losing side.

#4. Men Want a Woman And Not a Best Friend

If you seriously want to make a man want you, than try to be someone who’s completely different from him in every way.

Men secretly want to be with a woman who can heal his wounds with the touch of her emotions, one who can care and support him in testing times.

What men want is a woman who can teach him how to feel, how to love, and how to live life in its most fullest form and capacity.

And to be honest to be the woman of his dreams you don't need to be his best friend.

As far as I am concerned trying to build a friendship with a man you are attracted to, in the hopes of getting ‘more than’down the track, is a stupid idea and it rarely works.

If a man likes you. he’ll definitely tell you.

And if he’s NOT interested in you, then no matter how hard you try to impress him with sweet sugary words and fancy clothes or even getting close as a friend it won't work. It's simple he just don't want you - It's harsh to hear, but sooner you accept the better it will be.

It's because he wants to see the woman in you plain and simple. if he's not feeling that woman in you it's all over.

He wants to be with a woman whom he will reach out when he wants to discuss about his hopes, fears and dreams.

He will reach out to a WOMAN when he wants to feel loved, pampered or cared. He will reach out to a WOMAN when he wants feel the soft touch.

Understand that man wants a woman because she’s a WOMAN and not because she’s his “best friend.” 

Unfortunately, a lot of women mistake ‘closeness’ for ATTRACTION, and try to strike up a relationship by EMULATING a man … in the hopes that ‘alike’ will create DESIRE.

#5. Be What You're Don't Try To Change Your Identity For Him

Most women believe that following his passion and hobbies by doing things that he loves will help for stronger and closer bonding.

it's not true every time trust me it works sometimes but not always.

Most women at the start of a new relationship, come to a set of conclusions. when they hardly know the man they are with.

But they misguide themselves with very little knowledge of the man's personality they are with.

For instances - She'll start to make all these little ‘changes’ to her personality. She’ll suddenly start liking POP music just because he likes POP.

She’ll start drinking beer, even though she loves red wine. And she’ll start spending more time hanging out with in DISCO's and PUB's because that’s what his life revolves around.

Why She Does That?

Somewhere in her mind she believes that following his hobbies and passions will make him attracted to her. It's a myth that the more closely you resemble him that more he will like you.

And before she realizes it what went wrong, her real personality (which incidentally, is what attracted him in the first place) is GONE. Replaced by a bizarre replica of the new man in her life.

And I can bet you've been in this unwanted situation where a man goes to you when he wants to get drunk and be naughty… but NOT the girl he wants to talk to about love or his dreams?

This kind of thing occurs when a man don't see you as a WOMAN and to be honest you're solely responsible for this act.

Because that’s exactly how you made him see you which is the reason now he does not see you as a contender to be The Woman in his life.

Conclusion Be what you're don't try to change your personality, if he loves you he will accept you that way you are. YES there are times when you have to change to bit for the betterment of your relationship, to make it work and that's absolutely fine.

In the end be flexible and matured enough to understand the need of the relationship and take actions accordingly as it will help you to gain mastery in the long run. I hope you got my point.

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#6. Come Out Of Your Fantasy World, It Can Become Hindrance In Your Ways

If you're serious to learn how to make a man want you and only you and you really wish to be the kind of WOMAN that a MAN craves, then it’s time to shake things up a bit.

The problem with most women they have lot of conditions and if's and but's, they want to live in their fantasy world and want to picture and replicate their fantasy as it is into their real life.

This is the reason why they hesitate to compromise on what they’re LOOKING for.

They know the exact kind of guy they want, and they’re not ready to DATE anyone who doesn’t match the picture of their fantasy world they’ve created in their heads of Mr Perfect.

To be honest for me it is the best way to betray yourself out of a LOT of dates, and a LOT of great relationships.

It's important to adjust with the situation. Don’t get too comfortable. Loosen up your ideals a bit and try dating people ‘just to see what happens’, instead of dating to ‘find someone'

There are still things you are being called to learn and grow from. If you believe you have reached the pinnacle of your success, you have nothing left to achieve.

The minute your life seems to be just the way you like it, STIR THINGS UP. Do something that scares you just a little bit.

Here’s another common situation: the situation where you spend all your time striving hard to get things as per your terms’, and you’re not ready to be compromise or accept UNTIL you get things as per your terms.

  • I will be happy when I will have a great relationship.’
  • Or, ‘I’ll be able to relax and enjoy only when I'll meet my Mr .Perfect
  • I wish he could love me the way I wanted too.... A bit more 

Note that life is not always about living on your own terms, in fact it's about treating life in a good way as it comes and adjusting with the situations so that life too treats you in a good way. Same holds true for your relationship with your man too.

If you want a great relationship, get rid of your own irresistibility, Don’t focus too much on things you want in your man. Instead focus on things that you actually need your man to have the best possible relationship.

If you’re afraid of changing your thoughts than trust me it will become your weakness and insecurity and that's not what you want to pursue, definitely not if you're reading this article - Right?

Conclusion - Being with a man is something that will turn up in your life when you’re able to chill and relax – not when you’re fighting with your own insecurities, and DEFINITELY not when you’re ditching all kind of man from your life just because they ‘don't match up'

#7. Don't Be a Doormat Set Certain Limitations With Men

Have you ever heard the phrase "Doormat"?

MANY women in the process of making a man want them try so hard that they eventually turn themselves into a  "Doormat"

How do you define a "Doormat" in case of relationship terminology or in connection with men?

For me the ideal definition would be when a Women surrenders ( or can't help to avoid some situations) when they actually don't WANT to surrender.

In the process of making themselves more desirable they do things going by out of their way, just to create that strong emotional connection.

But while doing this they don't realize that they're digging their own grave meaning this allows the man they're with take them for granted.

And this process of building that strong emotional connection by being attractive actually results in losing your own dignity and self respect and also poor treatment, which is a MASSIVE turn-off.

Eventually leading to more frustration, disrespect and unhealthy arguments and this are sheer signs of a bad relationship.

Do you want this things to happen to you?

If not set certain limitations from the start of the relationship.

Learn the art of being clear and concise and recognize that trying to make a man want you by doing what things that he likes will eventually end up doing more harm than good for your relationship.

The best way is learn to say "NO" when its 10 O' clock in the night and he's asking you to come to his place (especially when your relationship is new and you hardly know him)

Saying "No" at the right time will save you and your relationship from dooming and it will also make him realize that you're not someone to be taken for granted and it will eventually enhance the quality of your personal relationshipI hope its making sense to you.

#8. Come To Terms With Your Past and Future

To illustrate this I would love to share with you an example that I read in a article 

There were two Buddhist monks sitting quietly together under a tree. After many years of imprisonment and torture, they had finally been released from their cells and were free to go.

One monk turned to another. ‘Have you forgiven your imprisoners?’ he said.

The other monk looked appalled. ‘Of course not!’ he said. ‘How on earth could I ever forgive them for all the things they did to me?’

The other monk regarded him calmly. ‘Then I suppose you’re still imprisoned,’ he said.

The parable of the monks is similar to your own, if you’re still lugging around baggage from the past.

If you are permitting pain from the past to shape the reality of your life as it is right now, then you’re in a prison of your own making.

You’re CHOOSING to accept the fact that the past will forever have a hold on you, and that you would rather LIVE in the past than move on and live in the NOW.

The key here is to learn to move on and not to hold the past as it will eventually burn your present. Men wants to be with a woman who's positive, optimistic and creative with things and not someone who has pessimistic approach towards life.

Forget the past if something bad had happened take it as a learning curve and lesson that life taught you.

 Free yourself from the emotional burden of looking at life from a past perspective, and accept that you are ready to move on WITHOUT bringing forward baggage or burdens from past.

Some women have GREAT ideas for their lives … but they change their minds every few months (or weeks or days.

The result? They never accomplish anything. They lack the initiative to set a plan of action to help them achieve.

Better set a goal for yourself, and STICK to it. Start sticking to your word. Don’t lay awake at night worrying if you made the right decision or whether you’d like something better. ANY decision is better than no decision at all!

I hope these 8 points will help you understand and attract the man of your dreams.

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