May 5, 2022

How to Attract Men (12 Step Checklist Every Women Must Follow)

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Do you know how to attract men? In fact any men. What gives a man of thrill of chasing you down?

Don’t worry in this step-by-step guide you’ll learn exactly how to attract men – quality men and keep the interest going, you’ll never be without the affection you crave.

On one hand, it doesn’t take a lot to make your man happy.

On the other hand, it takes a conscious effort and a mind full approach to please him, to show affection and make him feel that what he’s found in you is the very best…the best of the best.

Use this list of crucial, important aspects of a loving, affectionate relationship that will make him crave you right into your arms.

Use them as a motivational and applicable tool for your relationship, and he’ll never be able to let you go.

#1. He wants you to respect him.

Your boyfriend may not be great at telling you that hey, you aren’t respecting his needs or opinion, but here it’s all spelled out for you.

He wants you to treat him as you would a best friend, and with all the respect you have for your BFF.

Don’t shun his opinion away like the plague, and don’t act as if his attitude or behavior means any less than yours.

For example, let’s say it’s your boyfriend’s “job” to take out the trash, or wash the dishes after you’ve cooked dinner.

It won’t help your relationship at all if you just stand there, tapping your foot on the ground and giving him a blank stare that suggests, “Hurry up! Take out the trash!

What’s taking you so long? Move it!”

That’s not acting respectful of his help, his time and his position in the relationship.

If you act like you’re irritated, if you act controlling or bossy, you’ll send him running the other direction.

It’s not him – it’s you, and your presentation while you may know that you respect him and you have since the day you met him, does he know it?

For example, however he helps around the house, or whatever offerings he brings to the relationship in any capacity, make him feel valued.

It’s not enough to smile as he takes out the trash and say “Thanks, hon!” or to remind him occasionally about how much you appreciate him.

#2. He wants to feel as if you desire no other man, but him!

Just as all men want if you want to attract a man make him feel validated, your man wants to know that you desire him, day after day.

Of course you’re turned on by him, but does he know it?

Think about your own needs to be desired. You want to feel wanted, and you need to be needed.

You may crave his affection constantly, such as a kiss hello and goodbye from him, and to know that he finds you sexy and irresistible.

After all, it’s a turn on to feel wanted, isn’t it?

The same goes for him, but if you’ve made the mistake that so many others have made, which is without telling him or showing him (through suggestive body language) that you crave him as much as he does you, your relationship will suffer.

There are never ending ways to show your boyfriend/love interest/long term partner that you still find him to be just as every bit sexy, attractive, hot etc. than ever.

Complement him on how handsome he looks in his new suit as he dresses for work. Buy him dinner (when he’s used to buying dinner for the both of you.)

Spend just one night changing up the intimacy, and seduce him.

When you change up your usual routine and make him feel as attractive to you as he ever has been, you’ll excite him in new ways, and ways that will leave him screaming, “More, please!”

In other words, he’ll give you a relationship of passionate kisses, sweet moments of connection, and the most powerful sex life you could ever hope for!

#3. He wants a playful relationship, and a spontaneous one.

Bring back the spontaneity, because when you do, you’ll discover that he has eyes for no one but you.

He doesn’t just want to have a serious, mind blowing sex life with you.

He wants to play around, have fun, laugh and flirt.

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If your relationship has encountered more serious moments of tension than anything else for the last few weeks, how much happier could the two of you be if you just eased the anxiety, and made a commitment to put off the serious conversations for later?

You’d be able to take back the good stuff of your relationship, and say goodbye to the bad (just for a little while).

Flirt with him. Allow him the opportunity to flirt with you.

Don’t wait until the dishes are done, or the trash is taken out, or until the casserole is out of the oven.

Flirt, have fun and laugh with each other in this very moment, and watch your relationship take off in new and exciting ways.

Have sex in a new place. Are you used to making love in the bedroom?

Do it in the kitchen, or the living room, or if you’re a risk taker, the balcony.


You should be, because with each moment of your relationship that you take control (even when a fight has just broken out and it becomes tense and awkward), you can lower the stakes by telling him something intimate that will put a smile on his face.

You can make the choice to let an argument go, for the sake of your overall happiness and his. You can revert back to having the energy and flirtation you had as a teenager, and make him want you forever.

#4. He wants a deep bond, just as much as you do. 

Are you in the pattern of asking your significant other what he’s thinking about?

Do you stare at him staring at the game on TV, and wonder why you don’t have more to talk about because it seems like you just don’t have a strong connection anymore?

If he’s your equal, the connection you crave isn’t lost. And, whether you believe it or not, he wants a connection to you just as much as you want it from him.

The problem is, when you define the success of your connection in your relationship based on each day and the communication that occurs, you could set yourself up for failure.

You could also create fights with him out of thin air, by jumping to conclusions and asking the ‘mother’ of all “why’s – “Why aren’t you talking to me and watching the game?

Why aren’t you telling me about your day? Why?”

But if you want to learn how to attract men then remember that men are desperate for some time alone every now and then.

Did you know that their identity could very well be tied into their work performance?

Just imagine if you’re him – the love of your life – and you just came home after feeling like you’ve failed at work.

You didn’t make your sales quota for the quarter. You ran into an altercation with a co-worker, and your boss scorned you for coming to work a few minutes late.

All you want when you come home after a long day of work is retreating within, watching TV, and being quiet.

You probably don’t want to have to answer to anyone after such a stressful day.

If you put yourself in his shoes for just a minute, you can see that when it comes to connecting with him – your spouse, boyfriend, or new love interest – it’s not about you all of the time, and it’s even about him all of the time.

Give him a foot rub or a back rub, and whisper in his ear whatever will make him smile (get creative with this one!)

He connects differently than you do, though.

He connects on a physical level first; the emotional connection comes second.

He wants to feel excited in the bedroom with you, explore your body and get to know you, your pleasure points and your orgasm (which is the best sound in the world for him to hear) and then comes the intense emotional attachment to you.

#5. He wants to be able to make you laugh (like no other man can!)

There are some things you may know about men, but others – such as this one right here!

– that may have passed you by.

When was the last time he told you a joke, and you laughed out loud while saying, “You are so funny!”?

Has it been too long to remember?

There is nothing better than someone who can take a moment, and transform it into an opportunity for humor.

You may not know this, but take note – Making you laugh makes him feel oh-so good.

He wants to be your lover, of course.

But as important as that, he wants you to be happy, light, and carefree around him.

He wants to make you smile and laugh in a way that no one else can, and when you do, he’ll feel connected in the relationship and love his place in it.

Think about laughing at his jokes as an extension of your acceptance and approval of him in your life.

For example, if he tells a joke and you don’t laugh, the real joke is on him. You don’t think it’s funny, and that may translate for him as you don’t think he’s funny.

Have you ever been in a humor-less relationship?

If so, you know that it’s no laughing matter. It’s boring. Repetitive. Serious. And who wants that?

Laugh it up, and join in on the jokes yourself.

He’ll love your playful and comical banter, and it will lighten up the pressure on him to be the comedian all of the time, as well.


#6. He wants you to be independent, but need him.

This one is no secret to attract a man, but still something that you may have forgotten about.

Do you show him that you need him, but without being needy?

If you do, you’re on the right track. If you don’t, climb on board and learn how to show him that he’s needed in your life, without being clingy or coming across as desperate for him and his love.

He already loves your independence, and your feminine ways of talking, moving and even walking!

But to get him to know that you really do need him (despite all things you can do by yourself and on your own) will seal the deal with his love and affection for you.

Let him know that without him by your side, where would you be? (And then let him fill in the blank.)

#7. He wants you to act like a woman – feminine, soft and vulnerable.

You’re a woman, and if he wasn’t attracted to femaleness, you wouldn’t be together in the first place!

Work your woman wonder by enhancing what you’ve been born with – flowing hair, an amazing natural scent, smooth skin, sensitivity, intuition, kindness and compassion.

To burp, or not to burp in his presence – that’s the question!

He wants to see you act like the feminine, sophisticated woman that you are, and that doesn’t include any of the following behaviors he witnesses from his college buddies: burping, farting, making rude noises with your mouth or going to the bathroom with the door open.

Leave those things for another time, and another place.

The truth is, because he’s a guy, many of the stereotypical rules for attraction apply here – he loves the way your lips look in that soft shade of pink lipstick; he loves your long and luminous eyelashes, and he loves how you call him “Baby”, in that soft and feminine tone of yours.

Leave other behavior, (non-feminine behavior) for when your alone, or out with your best girlfriends.

Burp with them after a heavy meal and laugh about it.

Do it in your boyfriend’s presence, and he may not think it’s all that funny – or attractive.

#8. He wants you to value his independence.

Give him a man cave, or don’t?

Offer up (voluntarily) that he go out and have a great time with the boys, or don’t?

If you do, you’ll continue to attract him to you, day after day and year after year.

If you don’t, you may just repel him from you.

Just think back to the days of your hunter and gatherer ancestors. Those hunters of two million years ago walked for miles and miles in preparation for the ‘hunt’.

It became a survival mechanism for them as they pounced on their food, and processed their thoughts.

Consider your man of today a sophisticated caveman, who needs a cave of his own to hibernate, retreat and have that necessary alone time in.

Don’t give him some room to breathe, and he may just wonder out of the relationship and into someone else’s arms.

Take to heart what he’s dying for you to know: Give him some space to clear his head after coming home from a long day at the office, or even after getting into an intense argument with you – his one and only.

When you give him some peace and quiet to chill, cool down or just zone out all by himself, he’ll feel like you’re on his team. You ‘get’ him.

You’re down with whatever he needs, and as a result, he’ll love you more for it.

#9. He wants your burning love – and your affection!

What made you think that it’s only women – and most specifically, only you that wants more hand holding, passionate kisses and long glances of yearning?

He wants it too, even if he may not be able to spell it out for you, verbally.

Here’s the thing to know about him, in order to keep him overly satisfied in your relationship – are you paying attention?

You should, because just this one tip alone could virtually change your entire relationship and the communication that currently exists!

It’s no big surprise that he wants more frequent sex in his life. It’s something that all men want (and honestly, if he didn’t, there would be a bigger problem to deal with!)

But have you ever considered the real reason he wants more sex? Sure, he’s a physical being that loves the big “O” as often as he can get it.

But what he really wants is to show you love, express his love and make you feel desired by his love.

Get it?

It’s pretty powerful to think that if you can just meet him half-way in your sex life (which you can have a great time doing, by the way!) that he won’t just feel more committed and connected to you.

He’ll feel that you desire him just as much as he desires you!

And when that happens, your relationship as you know it to be today, will explode with mind blowing sex, sensuality, passion, affection and most of all, non-stop romanticism.

#10. He wants to feel successful.

Attract him to you when you apply this next littletrick – make him feel that is successful in the relationship and outside of it, and you’ve just boosted up your ‘attraction factor’.

You’ve just turned him on, exponentially!

What you needs to know about men goes like this – He needs to feel that evenwhen times in your relationship are a bit rocky, and the waves you’re riding on together aren’t exactly representative of smooth sailing, you’ll be just fine.

He needs confidence in the both of you, as a couple, that blue skies are just around the corner.

He needs to be successful in his career, but he also needs to be feel successful in his place within your relationship.

This means that you cannot emasculate him by telling him how to take out the trash and when; leave those details for him to figure out.

You can’t tell him how much he can spend on groceries when it’s his turn to go to the store and pick up some milk, eggs and bread.

When he comes home, don’t laugh at him in a condescending way for forgetting the milk and picking up cookies instead.


Because it’s vitally important for him to know that he’s successful in this relationship.

Do any of the following comments from past boyfriends sound familiar?

• “Why don’t you go out with your friends tonight? No, really, I’m fine staying here by myself!”

• “It’s not you. I’m just not in the mood tonight.”

• “It’s been a long time since we’ve gone out. Sometimes, do you ever think about how you used to get dressed up, hit the bar and just had a good time together without all the drama?”

Newsflash: When your long-term boyfriend starts reminiscing about the beginning of your relationship, beware.

What he’s trying to say to you is,” I want that, not this. I want the excitement, the “chase”, the thrill of the hunt, the mystery.

What I don’t want is nagging about doing the dishes, or when I’ll paint the bedroom like I promised you.

I want to call the shots. I want to feel desired by you, and feel the rush of adrenaline like I felt when we met.”

If he’s not in the “mood”, that’s an even bigger problem because, well, men are always in the mood.

That’s just a fact.

So what’s up, and how can you change it into something good, affectionate and based off of love, not annoyance?

By attracting your partner to you each and every day, and more specifically by using the following tools to boost up your natural beauty!

The Attraction Factor – How to attract men and Keep Him Yours Forever!

Where have all the bouquets of flowers gone?

The lack of romance in your life may have less to do with him, and more to do with how you’re speaking to him.

He loves the thrill of spotting you, chasing you and winning you over.

But how on earth can you spark the romance in him when you’re in a relationship, and all you want is stability, security and the romantic partner you once knew?

Pick the right words, and you’ll get the right response.

Or, in other words, it’s not what you’re saying but how you’re saying it that matters most.

Feeling chatty lately?

Communicate in a way he won’t feel attacked by, and form a stronger bond than before!

Here are some of the basics about men and communication – that many women do not know and may never know.

Read them and apply them into your own life, and hit your relationship in high gear, braving new and passionate territory as a result of your newfound knowledge!

#11. Be wary of the words you use.

Keep the thrill of the chase alive for him by saying the right words, and at the exact right time.

For example, when was the last time you told him how handsome he looks in that suit, or how much you appreciate the fact that he invited your sister out to have dinner with the two of you when she was feeling sad due to a recent breakup?

Do you avoid giving him a compliment like the plague?

There could be many reasons for this – not paying attention to detail in their relationships, being too occupied with personal or professional demands, high level of stress and worry, or just out of the habit of being positive, grateful and appreciative for your partner.

It’s easy to do – after all, you live a busy life and it’s not difficult to miss those small but significant tokens of appreciation that your boyfriend is offering.

It could be that as a working single mom of two children, you have the rare opportunity to go out for a romantic dinner with your boyfriend.

Did he call up and arrange for a babysitter so you wouldn’t have to worry about your child’s care?

Wow. That’s pretty romantic, and you can bet he sure thinks it is.

If he took care of the details of your babysitter, did you thank him?


That’s an opportunity lost to show him your appreciation, and to help him feel validated by you.

This doesn’t mean that you have to shower your boyfriend with compliments and words of appreciation for every little thoughtful thing he executes.

But, it does mean that you shouldn’t go weeks without telling him how much you adore him and are thankful he’s in your life.

Whether he finally got around to putting together the crib, or fixing the leaky kitchen faucet, say thank you. Smile. Give him a passionate kiss to let him know you’re here for him, too.

Words are very powerful, and when you speak from the heart – not in a cheesy way, but a loving way – you’re sending him a text message of not only appreciation, but encouragement to keep it going!

Then comes the fun part for you: He’ll become motivated to continue finding ways to be thoughtful.

And when that happens, an increase in romance that was missing before, comes into play in your life.

Remember if you want to attract a man: Make him feel validated and desired just as much as you do, and just be verbally telling him through positive statements – otherwise known as romantic affirmations – you can ease the blow of the “thrill of the chase” for him, long after you’ve been caught.

#12. Say goodbye to sarcasm if you want to attract a guy.

Sarcasm may be a habit of yours, but it doesn’t go off to well to your love interest, boyfriend or husband.

That’s because while it may be something you do as a habit, it’s a major turnoff, especially when your partner has just done or is in the process of doing something romantic and thoughtful for you.

Romance for him comes in many shapes and sizes.

From taking out the trash to planning a special night away in a five star hotel

(yes, it may have to do with sex for him, but still, it’s the thought that counts!), the last thing he wants to hear from you or see you do is roll your eyes while muttering something sarcastic under your breath.

How do you speak to him? Are you genuine in your tone, your body language and your words?

Do you let him know that no one else can do what he does? Or, do you say comments that make him feel disposable and replaceable?

As different as you and your partner may be, one thing is clear: your negative energy spreads like wild fire.

If you feel annoyed and think, “Seriously?

This is his attempt to be romantic?!” and say with a sarcastic tone, “Oh. Thanks”, he’ll feel it.

He’ll feel your appreciation and think, “Why do I even bother anymore?”

You don’t want to go down this road – cutting him off at the knees when he’s made an effort to be romantic, and to show you his love.

So, it may not be your idea of romance all of the time. But he does offer romantic gestures that you see as romantic some of the time.

So, remember that, and encourage him to continue the thoughtful trend!

Don’t scorn him for bringing in his idea of romance to you, only to be criticized later.

Don’t nag about what’s he’s not doing or not giving you.

Appreciate what you have, and work with what you’ve got. For a man that’s trying to show his love for you, trust us:

That’s more than what many women all over the world have to work with. Guaranteed.

I will stop here. I believe you love reading this article on how to attract men. If you really enjoyed reading please do not forget to Watch This Powerful Video Presentation Below.

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