May 4, 2022

How To Let A Guy Know You Like Him In 13 Subtle Ways

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Confused, about how to let a guy know you like him? It's absolutely fine there are instances in life when you like a guy but don't know how to let him know without being too obvious. If this is your situation you have stumbled at the right blog don't worry, I will give some nice and juicy tips to get make him come your way.

Men are mysterious creature and at times timid too, it can be really difficult sometimes to find out what's going in their mind and what they are about too.

If you like a guy and have already spent some time with him, you must have noticed that at times he will pamper you as if you are a queen of his heart and the other time he will totally ignore.

But now the question is how to let a guy know you like him without being obvious in a subtle manner? 

1. How To Let Him Know You Are Interested With Non Verbal Communication

I am speaking this from my personal experience that certain things can be conveyed in a much better way non verbally than one to one communication believe me it's a fact.

To be honest there's really nothing wrong in leading from the front sometimes to make a man realize that you are into him.

One look can speak more than thousand words, trust me your words will not ring the bell in his heart, but your love full look and gaze will do the job of letting him know you like him.

A gaze full of love can be incredibly powerful for any guy to resist, it can do the trick for you to bring him on the land of love.

Gazing with passion and love will attract his attention and send the right message that you are clearly interested in him.

If he too likes you then he might compliment you with a smile. Believe me you are doing nothing wrong just flirting with your eyes.

It is one of the best ways to let a guy to know you like him and at the same time you will also get a sense of what he thinks about you.

2. Don't Ever Make Him Feel Jealous

If you really want to let a man know you like him there's a very simple trick just make him feel jealous half the job is done- No No No"Don't ever do that".

There's a old saying if you want to catch a man's attention flirt with other guys to make him jealous, he will automatically follow me. But that's not true every time and it can put him off.

Whenever you are around him talk to other guys just like normal friends, but while talking with him, make him feel the difference between other guys and him.

Lock eyes with him, smile at him playfully drop him hints by asking questions about his personal life like family, job, work and in the middle of the conversation just ask him "does he have crush on any girl".

It will help you know what's in his mind and also give him a subtle hint that you are interested in him and looking for a relationship.

3. Look Attractive Around Him

As I always say men are visual creature, they fantasize what they see and even more what they do not see.

What most women do not realize that in the beginning attraction is built by visual appeal, true love develops at the later stages.

If you really want to let a guy know you like him, it's important to look attractive when he is around and make him believe you put effort into looking good for him in particular. This is incredibly vital part and cannot be skipped I will tell you why.

By looking good especially for him, you give him the impression that you are exercising and taking good care of your body, and taking care to look great when you see him. It will automatically make him desire you.

Looking your best will certainly make it simpler for him to feel interested in you, and it affect him on an emotional level too.

The point is that he appreciates you going out of your way to impress him. This will cause him to feel proud of being with someone like you. It will make it easier for him to think of you as someone with whom he can spend his life time.

4. Send Subtle Signal Through His Friends

If you really want to know how to let a guy know you like him, just get into his mind. You can do this very easily by sending him mixed signals through his friends. Believe me guys love that when they find out any random girl was asking about them. It creates a sense of mystery and urgency in their mind to know the reason why she was asking, what was the reason behind it.

And this is good especially if he too is having his eyes stuck on you. Getting a mediator to act between both of you might even make it easier as you might feel shy to express your feelings to him.

But find it easy to express it to his friends about him.

Try it, it just might work and it's helpful to make him know you like him mainly in the middle school as you are not very matured and also don't have the courage of speak your love full thoughts if he suddenly appears in front of you.

How To Let A Guy Know You Like Him Over Text
Talk Closely And Privately
 The Way You Say Good Bye Matters a Lotthe-Devotion-system

5. How To Let A Guy Know You Like Him Over Text

As I mentioned above most girls feel reluctant to express their feelings one on one I mean face to face with a guy, so I believe conveying your feelings over text can do the job very nicely.

Try texting him or sending an email to let him know that you like him. You might be surprised how the conversation ends up and the great thing is that he might be able to also easily express himself.

With the invention of social media it's very easy to interact with someone you love and also it turns out very interesting if done correctly.

It's because when you get the chance to express your feelings through indirect means, things become less stressful and even more exciting.

The main excitement builds up while waiting for the response from the other side, what and how he will reply to your text.

Also, you can express your thoughts and belief with very little fear and anxiety in your mind.

6. Compliment Him On His Appearance, Looks And Over All Personality

Girls you must realize one thing that compliments are not meant only for girls, but also for guys. Just like any girl. guys too love compliments.

If you admire any good traits or qualities about him tell him, it will boost his confidence and self esteem, believe me this is a kind of nutriment and support that every guy needs in his life.

It will be totally awesome if you are able to provide him with that extra boost. But even before you do make note of one vital fact.

Men are hypersensitive to hypocrisy and can distinguish insincerity very quickly, therefore, avoid flattering him with “false worship” out of the blue.

Don't ever try to mislead him with your sweet talks, just praise him on qualities he possess and believe me he too will respect your thoughts and in the process he might end up falling in love with you.

Use this tip in a genuine way and see how it comes chasing you.

7. Talk Closely And Privately

Soft music and dim light is a good reason to sit very close and chat. Of course you are not a couple yet, so you need to create a scenario to spend private moments with him.

To be honest tell him outright you want to spend some quite with him. I know it can be intimidating but sometimes you must before it's too late.

And one thing you must not forget is you are trying to let him know you like him and this is one way of doing it.

Sounds crazy maybe but do it ask him to come out, this way you will also give him a subtle hint you like him.

If you get this chance better ensure to make correct use of this opportunity. Sit close to him, touch him on the arm or the shoulder to get things moving.

This will give him a sign you are interested in him and more importantly comfortable touching him. It's an indirect way of letting a guy know you like him without being obvious.

8. The Way You Say Good Bye Matters a Lot

After you have spend some private time with him, it's important not to let your effect fade away soon from his mind.

As you leave the way you say good-bye is even more significant than the way you said hello. Studies have shown that in couples the end results matters the most, meaning how you make someone feel in the end.

To create a great last impression, don't just say good-bye. Instead, make him feel important hold his hands and tell him it was the best evening you have ever spend with someone.

It's important make him feel appreciated and respected this will turn the wheel in your favor, trust me girls try this tip, if this is your situation and see how dramatically it transforms his likeness towards you in true love and affection.

9. How To Approach a Guy You Like On Phone

If you think there's a bit of chemistry and tension cooking between you and the guy you like, you can try to turn this chemistry and tension into reality with this approach.

To be honest in order to make this approach work, you have to be confident, calm and relax only than try to use it on the guy you like as this is as good as once and for all deal. This approach initiates with a bold and direct conversation

Mitchell decides to give John a call. She figures it would be easier to accept a rejection if it wasn't face-to-face. She calls John, and the conversation proceeds as follows:

Mitchell: Hey John. I know you're not used to getting calls from me, and you're probably wondering what this is about, so I'll just talk straight out and tell you.

I think you're into me but you don't want to admit it. We both like each other, so why won't you just ask me out? 

John: uh…Well…I think…um…thanks. I mean, that’s real nice you see me that way

Mitchell: (She interrupts him in the middle) So you don't feel the way I feel. It's alright. You can tell me. You don't have to beat around the bush

John: No, it's not that it's…I just…this is a surprise and I wasn't expecting your call, and... I guess I didn't see it going down like this. Maybe we can get together to talk.

Conclusion: In most situations (if not all) a guy will appreciate your boldness and fearless attitude and fall for you.

Even if he is not accepting it on the call, in his mind he will be more than happy to see you call him. Try this trick if you really want to know how to let a guy know you like him.

10. Cook Good Food For Him

There's a saying that a way to man's heart is through his stomach, whenever you get a chance try to cook delicious meal for him. Every now and again surprise him with his favorite chicken dish and When his birthday rolls around, bake him some brownies or cookies.

Men love to eat, and more importantly if it is served by the woman who loves him the most. Believe me if you can take this pain, it will be literally hard for him to avoid a woman who is going out of the way to prepare a meal for him. Even if the gesture doesn’t make him realize that you’re interested in him, it will push him to build an interest in you.

11. Acknowledge His Need To Impress

Do you know the girls in high school who seemed to have a way with guys? I’m not talking about anything slutty, but something more subtle and powerful.

This are girls who very well know one important aspect about guys.They understand that a guy will fall all over himself for a girl who recognizes his need to impress her.

These girls play up there feminine appeal by sometimes putting on the “damsel in distress” impression.

Note that it's not the most feminist way of asserting and showing your girl power, but you have to admit it works.

And some intelligent women incorporate that bit of knowledge into their interactions with the more mature version of those same boys even to this day.

How can you boost your romantic appeal by making use of his need to impress. Just do it impress him with your beauty as I said above men are visual creature, let them visualize and fantasize about you.

Push him with your beauty to the point of no return, build the sexual tension and the right chemistry using your feminine power. 

12. Stay Confident And Positive

Note that men love women who are beautiful, but even more women who are confident and positive.

So, when you’re trying to show him that you like him, it is absolutely important to keep your confidence and independence high. 

Follow him but don’t try to catch attention every 10 seconds. This will only make you look desperate and clingy, woman and I can bet this approach won't help you far in the game of love.

So have patience, stay cool and positive believe me he will appreciate the way you live your life and automatically he will be attracted to you.

13. Last But Not The Least Flirt in a Way He Just Can't Resist

  • Give him a long once-over from top to bottom, then bring your eyes back up to his face to make him feel appreciated and convey that you loved what you saw.
  • As you walk past him, then slowly swing around your head halfway toward him, rest your chin on your shoulder and smile. This asymmetrical pose shows that he's hot enough to literally turn heads
  • Pull out a copy of a sexy magazine from your bag and say, "Would you be interested in joining my book club
  • Tell him he looks so much like a friend of yours that you just had to say hello
  • Say that you're trying out a new perfume, then hold out your wrist or expose your neck and ask his opinion.
  • Instead of asking what time it is, lightly slip your fingers around his wrist and check for yourself on his watch
  • Guys love to hear their names — throw his into conversation a couple of times, and he'll know you're into him.
  • Get near him in a crowded room and, as you pass by, touch his lower back, rest your hand on his forearm or steady yourself on his biceps.
  • Snap his picture and explain that you wanted proof that you saw the hottest guy in
  • This little piece of tricks I have stolen from 

I believe these are 13 incredibly easy tips you can follow to let a guy know you like him and in the process win his heart. I would recommend that you fully admit it and let him know that you are really trying to make a new relationship with him and you really want to do everything you can to make it work. 

He will be happy that you are putting in effort, and it makes him really feel like he wants to invest more into the relationship because you are investing in it and slowly and steadily if everything goes well you guys can get into a long term relationship.

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I will conclude here hope you have a beautiful life with the one you love, if you really liked this post please do not forget to share it with your friends on social media. See you again in another post have a great day.

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