May 3, 2022

How To Keep a Man Interested in You Forever in 17 Amazing Ways

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Do you love a man, but afraid of losing him? Confused how to keep a man interested in you forever, especially if its the beginning of your new relationship? Read This.

I can understand, but relax you have stumbled at the right place and I ll tell what to do and how to keep a man happy in the beginning which will help you to keep him interested for the rest of your life.

Its all possible But one thing you must not forget, you need to follow this guide and have some patience. Keeping a man interested and committed to you for long term is not an overnight process.

First up all understand that, it will take little time to get into his mind to know what he wants from you.

Believe me once you are to able to know him better, you are all set in the right direction for a long term happy and strong relationship.

The basic theme is to win his love, attention and respect by fulfilling his most vulnerable desires.

Give him love, honesty and affection, but only if he deserves it. Never allow him to take you for granted, keep him under check all the time or else he may leave you.

After all, as long as he fears losing a catch like yourself, he’ll never put a toe out of line. I hope its making sense to you, if not slowly it will as you will continue reading further.

All the above ideas are possible and you will learn how to be the queen of his heart - So, come on friends. Lets learn some Never heard of amazing tips on how to keep a man interested in you forever.

1. Don't Follow Or Run Behind Him Let Him Come To You

If you want to know the secret sauce behind how to keep a man interested in you forever, don't try to chase him anywhere or everywhere he goes. It will make him take you for granted.

Trust me after writing so many articles on love, dating and relationship, I found that women who can make a man come to her have better chance of having long term relationship, than those who constantly run behind men for seeking their attention.

Being a women what you must realize is that you have the most powerful weapon on your side - your beauty, body language, eye contact and and attraction skills make him come to you.

Flirt with him, tease him, lock your eyes with him do all these stuff, but without making it feel obvious and at times avoid him totally to keep him confused which will keep the mystery alive.

But do this only if you believe that he is the Mr. Right or the best guy for you and or else you will be wasting your time and energy.

2. Do Not Hide Anything From Him

Being a woman, you may feel reluctant sometimes to speak something to your man.

You may feel confused whether to discuss about certain issues with him or not, as far as I am concerned, you must keep yourself open and discuss everything with him (of course only if you trust him)

Express your feelings with him, do not hide anything. If you feel that something is wrong and it might hurt your relationship with him in future, discuss it (but when he is in good mood, he will understand better)

I will tell you why I am asking you to do this, if you love him and you are wanting to spend your life with him, there's no point in hiding or avoiding things.

Try to be clear and precise, men really appreciate women who are true and honest in whatever they speak and do.

Remember its not communication, but right communication which holds the key to success of any long term relationship and you must reveal what you feel without any confusion or misinterpretation whether its good or bad.

3. Never Try To control Him

Never try to control or rule men, they consider it as disrespect. Most relationships and marriages fail because in the process of doing what we like, we tend to control the other person.

The problem is what we think is right for us, may not be right for our partner. We try to control the relationship with our perception and will, ignoring the other person's needs and wants.

Now, tell me if you try to control him, will it make for a successful relationship? Absolutely not in stead you must try to look after his needs, make him feel appreciated and that's the secret sauce to keep him happy.

4. Give Him The Value He Deserves

In order to learn how to make a man interested in you forever, You must give the best energy and value to him, you must truly believe in what you have to offer.

You must believe in your ability to improve his life through a long-term relationship with him.

If you do not truly believe in the value you have to offer him, you will fail to engage him with the full power of your influence and beautiful life energy and that's not something you want.

Think about it, how can you enrich his life? If so, picture that end result vividly in your mind’s eye. Envision how happy he will be and how much love he will feel for you.

Picture it so vividly that it spills over into the way you interact with him and believe me once he knows, how much you value him he will himself fall for you and get attracted towards you.

5. Believe In The Language Of Love

If you are not familiar with Dr. Gary Chapman's The Five Love Language - The Secret To Love That Last, Read this book its really worth your time and money, one of the best books on love and relationship. 

I will tell you why I am asking you to read this book, you see as you are reading this post now, you won't feel its importance, but when you buy something for few dollars, you really pour your energy into it (No offence Please)

But this book has the ingredients on how to keep a man happy and also to save relationships and marriages.

6. Keep Him Guessing With Little Secrets

Of course I suggested you not to hide anything from you man, but that doesn't mean you should spell out every tiny secrets of your life. Keep him guessing to push him coming back.

If ​you are planning a adventurous tip with your girl friends, don't reveal it in front of him. Of course do not hide, just give him a subtle hint to show how excited you are. 

It will make him chase you and he will never ever take you for granted.

By telling him you are showing that he is important for you, at the same time you are also making his realize that your life just don't revolve around him.

There are others too in your life who are equally important.

7. Keep Things Easy And Simple Without Getting Too Serious

I don't know your relationship is at which stage, But what I have found, In a new relationship most men are just having casual fun there's no love like feeling initially, believe me its a fact.

Men are visual by nature and attraction is what they desire for.

In a new relationship they want to experience positive emotions with someone who makes them feel good.

The feeling of being in love with a woman and really get connected with her emotionally develops at later stages when he has experienced and enjoyed the positive surface level interactions.

On the other hand most women are on mission to make the relationship the best from the beginning itself.

Basically they want to get into the serious state and in the process when things do not unfold as per their will, they get frustrated and that's where the relationship issues kicks in.

Being a woman what you must realize is man are on a different time scale and he will take your serious approach negatively.

It’s this negativity that kills the relationship in the initial stages as woman allows her frustration or negative feelings to appear on their face.

If you really want to keep him interested from the beginning, Don't do that just keep it simple and easy, enjoy the little moments, get to know him and than move on to the next stage.

8. Always Look Attractive And Sexy Around Him

I always stress on one very important factor when it comes to building attraction with man. Men are visual by nature and they fantasize what they see and even more what they don't see.

Its absolutely fine you want to be comfortable and cozy at home around friends.

However if you are not taking good care of yourself and your body he will not appreciate this.

If you keep your hair dirty and wear casual clothes when he sees you, no matter how comfortable it feels to you, definitely he won't feel comfortable and believe me you would feel the same if you were in his place.

Note that men love women who take good care of their body and they appreciate it even more when you make them feel, you are doing this for them.

It makes them fall in love with you with a true sense of deep connection and belongingness.

9. Be Creative

Its not that only women love to be surprised, even men love surprises. Plan a candle night dinner or create a romantic Ambience when he is inside taking shower or every now and again leave a sweet little note for him in his pocket or wallet or lunch box.

Just make sure you are not very predictable.

I am saying this because little surprises lead to bigger happiness in the long run and they really influence your relationship in many ways. They tell the person you're with that they're worth a little bit of planning to show that you care.

10. Smell Like a Goddess

Good smell is something that every men and women get attracted to. Always smell great around him especially when you are on date with him. 

Spray it on your wrists the back of your neck, or mist it into the air and walk through it, make your smell so tempting that when he drops you in his car after the date, your smell keeps him reminding of you constantly driving him crazy and wild as if you are the only thing in the world he craves for.

11. Be Awesome in Bed

Show your true power and confidence with your erotic hot sex moves to keep things kinky. Place a mirror in your bedroom.

Seeing yourself in the throes of passion can be a real turn on for both of you. What I want to tell is show your sexiness and confidence to make him desire and want you more and more.

Remember the sense of vision doesn't just influence motionless features, it also captures movements.

Some expressions and movements can be very stimulating in the bed like licking your lips, crossing your legs, caressing your thigh with a hand or suggestively biting your lower lip are all these sexy gestures will drive him crazy and also spice up your sex life.

Believe me if you to know how to keep a man happy just do this and see how it transforms your relationship with him. Note: Do within your limits do not overdo anything as it may create a bad image meaning "Sound Sexy Not Vulgar"

12. Make Yourself Desireable

Note that men are really jealous creature and they will never appreciate their girl talking to some other guy.

Talk to his friends (of course in limits) and make them think and believe  you’re a great girl, probably the best girl for his friend, this will keep them praising and chasing you.

At the same time it will also make him a bit jealous and he will always have the fear of losing a girl like you.

Note: Don't overdo this step and do it in a nice way without hurting his sentiments)

13. Support Him In Adversity

This is the most important factor of all if you want to keep a man interested in you forever. Support him and give strength when he’s low on confidence.

Help him with his probelms by giving a shoulder to lean on, Reassure him and help him confide his problems to you.

Be his lover, guide, teacher and his warm pillow when he’s in the dumps and he’ll treat you like a goddess

14. Respect Him And His Ego

If you want to keep a man interested and happy, you must know how to give him respect and satisfy his ego.

Respect him and agree on his decisions if he is wrong somewhere explain him when he is in good mood.

Never ever try to prove him wrong, as doing this will hurt his manly ego and you don't want to do that.

Praise his success and give him a pat on his back when he’s proud of something. Make him feel like a man and he will stay your man.

15. Never Let Him Doubt Your Love For Him

Have fun time with your other guy friends, but never at the cost of his insecurity. Never ever cross your limits as it may push him to doubt your love for him.

When you are with him, you are just with him, shower all your and give everything you have hug him tight, it will make him feel proud to be with a girl like you.

16. Be a Good Cook

There's a saying that the way to Man's heart is through his stomach. Of course not everyone can be a great cook, but at least you can try to cook good food.

Spare sometime to watch good recipes and cook his favorite meal. It will really make him feel appreciated and loved, more importantly he will feel more proud when he will see your efforts of trying to impress him. 

17. Don't Forget Yourself

In the process of trying to keep your guy happy, you may forget about your own needs. Don't do that, its important to keep track of right balance in a relationship or he may start taking you for granted.

Show him that you love him, but you’re not a doormat and you won't love him at the cost of your own self respect.

Make it clear and hint him that you have the strength to move on if he is doing wrong or abuses you or behaves badly.

If you want to keep him interested in you forever, you must make him feel that you are the the biggest achievement of his life and if he happens to lose you, he will lose his life.

Note that you don’t have to show him how precious you are, it should just always be on the back of his mind that you love and respect him with all your heart and soul and you too deserve the same in return from him.

I believe these 17 tips will do the job for you and keep him interested in you forever, if followed correctly meaning without arrogance and proud.

Just follow all this steps with true love and respect for him in your mind and you will certainly receive the same in return.

Before I end, I want you to watch a free video on how to keep a man happy and interested in you. Watch The Free Video Here Below and take action if you like it, if you really want to have the best life with him.

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