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30 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend Before Sleeping With Him

questions-to-ask-your-boyfriend before sleeping with him

Every girl falling in love with a guy is keen to know what’s going in her boyfriend’s mind. What sort of questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him from scratch.

You are worried about your present and future with him, but confused what questions to ask your boyfriend and how to initiate the game of “moment of truth” with him. I believe you don’t need to worry just stay relaxed and try to get intimate and it will get things going your way.

Getting intimate and cozy will surely help you and him both to get the answers to all the questions you wish to ask your boyfriend. So let’s go ahead and go try out these,

30 important Questions to ask your boyfriend To Know How Much He wants you and also to know him in a better way.

1. Do you remember the place first time we met?
It’s interesting to know whether he remembers or not where you guys first met. If he does remember, definitely you hold a very important place in his heart.

2. What is the ideal age for marriage?
Popping out this question will push him to think about marriage. Indirectly it will help you to find his views on marriage too.

3. Do you keep resentment in your heart?
This question will help you to know whether he is egoistic or liberal in his thoughts. It happens many guys take certain little things too seriously. Getting answer to this question will help you understand what kind of topics or words to avoid talking to him so that he don’t feel bad or annoyed.

4. Have you had one night stand with girls?
This is bit tricky but you need to ask this question probably he may or may not answer it. But his facial expressions will tell the real story behind it.

5. Have you ever told any lie to me?
Again this question will make him think why you are asking it, is some kind of story working in your mind or you just asked generally. But it will make him think seriously that’s for sure.

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6. What type of girl you like?
While asking this question better be sure you don’t imagine anything about keeping yourself in mind. Listen to his views and thoughts carefully because it will help you understand where you stand in his type of girl. Probably it might be the deciding factor for the future of your relationship too.

7. What do you expect from me in a relationship?
This is one of the most serious questions to ask your boyfriend. As you cannot assume that everything is perfect in your relationship and no change is required. Every relationship requires little changes to make it work smoothly. It will help you know what he expects from you to make things better in your love life.

8. What is your aim in life?
Being a girl it’s important to be with a guy who takes life seriously. This question will help you know what his goal is and how he thinks to achieve them. Nothing is more appreciating than being with guy who knows his goals and directions in life.

9. Do you know how to cook?
This is again one of the most important questions to ask your boyfriend. Note that it’s not about cooking, it’s about when you are sick or not well will he support you and share the responsibility. Those situations will prove the intensity of love and dedication he has for you.


10. How many relationships you had in past?
This could be little awkward but you should have some idea about his past. With how many girls he had been intimate with. Note that your emotional security also holds importance as it would give you little idea what he feels like being with you in the current relationship.

11. Do you admire my dressing sense?
Before you ask this question tell him straight to be honest. For a girl it’s important that her boyfriend likes the way she dress.

Ask him directly if he wants you to change your look little bit. Take his answers constructively as it will help you to improve.

12. Do you have crush on any other girl?
This is for me one of the best questions to ask your friend. Every girl somewhere in her mind is curious to know whether her boyfriend have crush on any other girl or not?

Note that he too will think twice before giving answer to this question as it could end up being funny or embarrassing for you. It all depends in what sense you take his reply.

13. What is your least favored way to spend time?
This question will help you to understand his likes and dislikes to certain extent. In future you will be cautious not to plan a date or trip that he might not find amusing.

14. How your relationship ended with your ex?
This is bit emotional questions to ask your boyfriend, but if he answers this one you will get chance to learn about him in more emotional way.

Because most relationships end only due to emotional reasons it can be anything anger, instincts, sentiments, circumstances, intuition, despair sadness it could be anything but only he can explain it in better way because he it was his situation once and it would also help you know level of emotions he holds in his heart for his ex.

15. Do you still love your ex?
Think twice before you ask this question to your boyfriend. His answer may tore you heart in pieces. If you have the courage to listen to what he will say than go ahead or else stop right there.

16. With how many girls you have had sex?
This question will help you know the number of counts of girls he had slept with and where you stand in that number. Probably not a good question to ask but to know him better this is one of the top questions to ask your boyfriend.

17. Do you like me having male friends?
This question will help you to know his level of intensity and possession for you. You will also learn whether he gets jealous or not watching you hanging out with other guys.

18. Do you think of us living together?
This is a good question to ask your boyfriend. You would get to know whether he sees his future with you or not. But ask this question only after you both have been in relationship for sometime at least.

19. How you felt after your first breakup?
This question will take him into flash back and in most situations guys accept that breakup was very disheartening and tormenting. Also try to ask a quick question in the middle of conversation “how would he feel if he breaks up with you” After asking this question pause for a moment and look in his eyes. Believe me or not you will get your answer because in some situations eyes speak more than words.


20. Do you like kids?
This question will help you understand his views about having a baby after marriage. Also you would get to know how serious he is about being a father of a child and taking responsibility for the same.

21. Will you prefer watching porn with me?
Ask this question when you are planning to try some kinky sex ideas with him. It will be great watching porn with him if he agrees you guys can have long night full of thrilling sex.

22. Do you have any kind of addiction?
For me it is one of the most vital questions to ask your boyfriend. Because this question holds the key to your future life. If he has some kind of bad addiction it could ruin your life. So it’s better to know about it in advance.

23. Can you quit your bad addictions for me?
Again this question is continuation of the previous one. You can ask him to quit his bad addictions if he have any to live peaceful life with you.

Also you will know whether you are more important for him or his addiction. If he loves you he will definitely quit so keep your fingers crossed and wait for his reply. Because this one is good one for the survival of your relationship.

24. Do you fantasize thinking about any celebrity?
This one is funny kind of questions to ask your boyfriend. But I think after having a serious question answer session. It’s good to pop out a freaky sexual question to calm down the anxiety and keep things pleasing and comfortable.

25. What are your hobbies and passions?
This one is very obvious question that we all ask in couple hood. Getting answer to this question will help you guys find some common interests and hobbies that you could do together. Also it will help you to connect emotionally to each other in much better way.

26. What you think of foreplay in sex?
This question will give you idea on how romantic he is and how much importance he gives to foreplay in sex.

Note that foreplay is very important for great sex life without good foreplay sex is incomplete. Having a guy who is awesome in foreplay and sex is amazing for any relationship.

27. Do you think of leaving me?
A very serious question but the answer to this will depend upon what kind of relationship you guys have shared with one another over a certain period of time.

How effective is your communication and how you guys treat one another, you guys treat each other in good spirit or not. All this factors will directly contribute to his thought on leaving you or staying in relationship with you.

28. How do you define good sex life?
This is again one very important questions to ask your boyfriend. If he says that sex is important in a relationship but it should be enjoyed only when both the partners are willing to and comfortable with one another.

It means they consider sex to be mutual. Sex should not be forced and if for some reason any one of the partner is not in a mood to have sex. His or her decision needs to be treated with respect without trying to force him or her.

If you get this answer you are really lucky to have understanding guy like him. But if you are getting any negative answer, than it’s time for you to think before your relationship turns abusive and selfish someday.

29. Have you ever lied to me?
This is again very important question for existence and survival of any relationship. Lying and betraying cannot be tolerated in any relationship. Yes of course if the lie is said in good faith for the betterment of relationship.

It’s fine and acceptable, and I insist you to look into his eyes while asking this question. If he is honest he will answer this question looking straight in to your eyes. But if he gets anxious or tries to avoid looking in your eyes.

It’s obvious he might be hiding something from you. So girls keep your fingers crossed for the “moment of truth” as this is again quite serious question which might take your breath away.

30. Do you respect your parents?
Again this one is one of the top most important questions to ask your boyfriend. If he respect his parents, than only he can respect you and others around him.

Note respect is very important in any relationship. Probably this is not a question to ask because no guy would appreciate this sort of question so better tell him initially not to take this question in wrong sense or else things might get tensed and vulnerable.

These are top 30 questions to ask your boyfriend that I have listed for you. Note that the reason behind asking this questions is to try and find out his feelings towards you and his thoughts on being in relationship with you.

This 30 questions will definitely guide you to help you to understand your relationship in better way and that is the only reason why you would ask this questions to your boyfriend to find how compatible you guys are in your love life.

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I hope you found the post on questions to ask your boyfriend useful. If you really liked it please comment and share.

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