September 16, 2022

Best Crazy, Kinky & Romantic Places to Have Sex

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best crazy kinky and romantic places to have sex

For many people, the only time they may get to hear the term “kinky sex” is in adult-themed books and movies like Fifty Shades of Grey! For various reasons, your sex life may be stuck in a rut.

Whatever the reason, it is up to you to come up with some new ways to inject some much-needed spice into your sex life.

With so many great places to have sex, your sex life should be anything but boring! The bed, as common and comfortable as it is, isn’t the only place to go all the time. Be spontaneous and inventive!

After all, I believe most, if not all, have fantasies of getting freaky and frisky outside of the privacy of our bedrooms. Embrace your inner kink, take your sexual adventures to the next level, and try out those naughty and wild thoughts in unexpected places.

To keep your sexual desires alive, throw caution to the wind and engage in the most risqué sexual encounters with your partner.

If you’d like new ideas about the best, crazy, kinky, and romantic places to have sex, this post will share a list of some hot places to have sex. Keep reading and discover what you have been missing!

1. A Park

With visitors and possibly law enforcement, a park can be risky to have sex outside, but that risk factor can intensify the sexual escapade. Find a location where you can park, sit, or lie without being caught on camera.

Remember that parks are usually deserted at night and maybe patrolled by police. Therefore, a daytime adventure may be a better proposition. Bring a picnic blanket and a basket as your ‘reason’ for coming to the park -if asked what you’re doing there.

2. A Gym Shower or Locker Room

Yes, locker rooms can be humid and stinky. However, they’re where you’re close to others in bare minimum clothes. It should be on your list of crazy places to have sex.

If there’s another gym member that has caught your attention, and you have caught theirs, you two could think of sharing a locker room.

Alternatively, visit the gym with your partner and release some energy in a deserted shower or changing room. Steamy!

Don’t Miss it!

3. A Public Bathroom

A public restroom is not a designated area to have sex but could be one of the best places to have sex.

However, you and your partner are unlikely to fool anyone when you and you both emerge with your hair and clothing all messed up. Single-stall bathrooms with locking doors are ideal for allowing you enough time to get freaky with each other. Try to keep the noise down.

4. Campground


Camping may be the ideal blend of nature and kinky sex ideas. When you camp with your partner, you will enjoy this as one of the best places to have sex.

Few people will mind if you keep it quiet (save the industrial-strength vibrator for another time) and clean up after yourself.

5. An Airplane

an airplane

Yes, sex on an airplane is a bit of a cliché, but one of the most thrilling sex spots imaginable. You should not pass on the opportunity to make sex adventurous and get into the mile-high club!

The fact that it looks highly inappropriate makes it more tempting. Give your better half the naughty signals and follow each other to the plane’s restroom for a quick romp. The possibility of getting caught makes the idea even more thrilling!

You can give each other head, freshen up, and come out looking like nothing has happened!

6. At Work

It’s no surprise that having sex at work is risky and exciting. This is why it’s one of the crazy places to have sex.

Ensure you’re not too loud and don’t get caught. Think about having a quickie with that hot colleague giving you those naughty glances over lunch break! Alternatively, invite your partner to visit at lunchtime and get a quickie in the parking lot.

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7. On The Stairs

Feel like you and your partner won’t be able to make it to your room upstairs? Well, who said you had to? The stairs are one of the hot places to have sex and begin the action.

The thrill of succumbing to temptation is what makes this place so exciting as you explore unique positions.

8. In An Elevator

If you can’t wait to get to your office or hotel room, turn the elevator into a wild and exciting place for a little sexual fantasy or foreplay.

The likelihood of the elevator stopping on the next floor and someone coming in makes the experience even more thrilling!

9. Parking Lot

A parking lot is a popular choice and one of the most bizarre but hottest places to have incredible sex. It’s quiet and has a slight sense of inappropriateness, making it more exciting to indulge in some steamy and quick sex.

10. On The Kitchen Table

Who said the kitchen table is only fit for chopping onions and holding dishes? The kitchen counter awaits if you want to do something naughty or sexy at home!

You have to agree that the thought sounds a bit “wrong,” but that drives us to it. This can quickly become a favorite spot.

11. In Your Car

Although fumbling around in your car may feel like a flashback to your high school days, there’s something exhilarating and pretty hot about pulling over in a secluded movie theater parking lot and getting it on.

Choose the front seat or the back seat if you want to stretch out a little more for some good and steamy car sex!

12. On a Balcony

If staying indoors is your thing but still craves the thrill of sex outside, look no further than your balcony! If you have an enclosed balcony with enough space, you can spread a few blankets and enjoy the fresh air with your partner.

Alternatively, try leaning against a hotel room balcony while your partner positions himself behind you. Sounds so crazy, but a must-try. The perfect experience for us exhibitionists!

13. On the Couch

Don’t overlook couches and overstuffed chairs when looking for sexual adventure, as it is one of the best sex spots imaginable! They are comfortable and casual, and the low height (compared to beds) allows for various positions.

Straddle your partner’s lap and use the soft cushions to provide comfortable support for your needs. Holding hands while bouncing allows you to lean back further for heavier rolling and rocking movements!

14. A Dungeon?

What could be kinkier than sex in a dungeon or BDSM room normally reserved for bondage? Think about places like Misterb&b, which offer kooky rooms and rental spaces specifically for the LGBTQ+ community.

There are also kinky venues that rent out space. Some are dungeons or play areas, while others are like kinky beds. It could be the best experience yet!

15. In Front of a Mirror

If you desire to make sex adventurous, take things to your bathroom, closet, or anywhere you can strike a good pose in front of a mirror with your partner.

The visual stimulation of watching yourselves get it on in front of the mirror will make the experience even more pleasurable. What a way of watching all the crazy positions you have been meaning to try, up close and personal!

Numerous Studies and Research Support Embracing A Kinky And Crazy Sexual Lifestyle!

According to research conducted on Quebec, Canada residents, many people are into sex with a dash of voyeurism, fetishism, and masochism, all of which are behaviors classified as “deviant” by doctors treating mental health disorders.

People should not be shamed for their sexualities, according to Michael Aaron, a sex therapist, because it is an important part of our human experience and identity. He believes that sexual behaviors are healthy as long as they are consensual and come from a place of intention! 

In another study published in the Sexual Medicine Journal, people with kinkier sex are psychologically healthier than those with traditional love lives!

Tilburg University psychologist Dr. Andreas Wismeijer led the study. It involved 1,336 participants taking psychological tests on happiness levels, personality type, attachment style, and how they handle conflict and rejection.

The study discovered that those who practiced some BDSM were more open to new experiences and were more outgoing.

There is a need to destigmatize kink by making it more visible, encouraging people to listen to their desires, and being more open to trying sensual and crazy sexual escapades in unusual places. Add kinky sex to the normal bedroom with whipping cream or handcuffing yourself!


So, if you want a way to spice up your sex life and want to try something new and adventurous, why not give some of these positions a go? We promise that you won’t be disappointed! Tried any of these crazy wild places? Please share the crazy or wild positions you have tried in the past – we would love to hear about them!

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