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Memories of a loved one you have lost

Memories of a loved one

It is often found in love stories the person we loved once no longer exists. Most of the love stories around the world end sadly. When we look back and think of past memories, we realize that the one we loved so much was once a part of our life. It is a dreadful situation to be in, finding somebody we knew who no longer exists, and memories of a loved one haunt us.

There are times in life when we love one another to the fullest. We make promises to spend our whole life together, still end up getting separated and not able to live with each other, what is the reason behind it? The only reason is love requires understanding and compromise at different stages of life. Compromise is a choice, you can either make it work or not to. Not all people in a relationship are willing to sacrifice. This is the deciding factor for any relationship to work. If we can handle each other in bad times, than we certainly deserve to live together in good times. But it doesn’t happen in most of the cases and we end in hope to find somebody we knew, who will never ever be a part of your life again, what left is the only the memories of a loved one.

Everyone deserves to be happy, but to experience happiness you also need to go through lots of pain. It’s not possible to feel and experience happiness, unless you have understanding of sadness. We feel happy and stress free, when we are doing well in our love life. But love is also like two sides of a coin happiness and sadness, of which happiness is one side and sadness is the other one which is full of misery and pain, which we never imagine.

What does it means to love someone, when we love someone we tend to consider only the good feelings and avoid the bad ones that is where we go wrong. Love is not only about the good feelings we share, but also about the bad feelings which makes love the most beautiful thing to be in. There is no other way to understand the true meaning of love, but to accept the good and bad both the situations equally.

Sometimes breaking up is the only option left in our hand, the worst thing in life is letting go the most important person from your life. The reality is when you lose love and respect in a relationship, the love that we shared once also goes along with them. As time goes on things change, people change and relationship change. The love that you had once fades away, the person who was everything for you suddenly becomes a stranger and we are left only with memories of a loved one.

No matter how many years pass, the love that we lost cannot be recovered, as if a part of us is removed from the body. The pain of that loss lasts forever. Still life goes on, sadly on a different track than we thought. With time the distance between lovers goes on increasing and we lose touch, the person who we loved once becomes a stranger and as days pass by everything fades away. Loving the person we loved once becomes impossible. Sometimes it’s the only option left in our hand which becomes the only way to live life.

memories of a loved one

All we need to do is to think good and live with the memories of a loved one, cherish them and move ahead in hope to find somebody to live a peaceful life without repeating the mistakes of past.

I am sharing a poem on memories of a loved one hope you all will like it.

I cherish the happier memories of my past

Hanging out with her and having a blast

I still remember the way she use to smile

Ignoring every mistake of mine

Time which I cannot bring back even if I try

As tears roll down my face when I cry

I wonder what went so wrong that we had to part

The warmth of your breath i still feel in my sad and lonely heart

Don’t know what the future holds good or bad

But, right now life without you is very sad

…………………………………………………………. Manish

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