May 5, 2022

6 Main Things Men Wish Women Knew (Secret to Man’s Heart)

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Ever wondered what men wish you would do more of? In this guide,  I’ve compiled a sort of ‘laundry list’ of the 6 things men wish women knew.

6 amazing qualities that most men secretly wish you knew about. Check it out – and enjoy the mind expanding results.

#1. Things He Wish Women Knew How to Praise Him Lots.

You know how great it makes you feel when the man you care about notices how great you look, and actually bothers to tell you about it? 

Or when he writes little notes telling you how much he loves being with you and what a wonderful woman he thinks you are?

Well, guys feel exactly the same way, but more so, when YOU notice and appreciate him for all the little things he does.

And when you don’t notice and appreciate the things that he does for you, he tends to ‘get pissy’ and stop wanting to give so much.

Ever wondered why men tend to ‘give’ so much more in the ‘early days’ of a relationship?

It’s because most women are generally in an APPRECIATIVE mindset in those early days, which encourages men to give more and more … … because they KNOW they’re going to be appreciated for it.

Well, here’s the secret to life: he will NEVER stop appreciating you for it.

So if you want to have a healthy balance in your ‘relationship account’, keep noticing what he does well, and then SAY IT OUT LOUD.

#2. Things Men Wish You Knew (But You Don't Do It Too Often)

Let’s say the grand total of all possible efforts in a relationship comes to 100%.

So if there’s a total of 100% to be ‘shared out’ between you, and YOU – like most women – are giving MORE than 50%, then you’re automatically preventing him from giving as much as you.

If you’re giving 80%, then you are only giving him the ROOM to give 20% back. Make sense?

This is something that MOST WOMEN are NATURALLY INCLINED to do, too:

They give and give and GIVE, in the hopes that he will somehow ‘notice’ how much they are giving, and how much MORE they are giving than him … … but of course, that’s not how it works.

He’s just going to assume that you are HAPPY to give as much as you are; and will ASSUME that you’re giving only what you think is ‘fair’.

I.e. he won’t realize that you’re hoping he’ll reciprocate … he’ll think that YOU are reciprocating for what HE has already given. Get it?

If you push forward too far, you prevent him from giving in return.

You will encroach on his turf and UNMAN him.

Many women need to learn how to give a man the room and space to give in return.

If you feel like you’re giving too much, then, as John Gray suggests in Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, ‘treat yourself like you have the flu, and take a rest from giving’.

Seriously, this is NECESSARY.

If you keep giving and giving and giving, he is going to assume that you are giving because things are ‘equal’ and he must have done at least as much as you have … because otherwise, why would you still be giving?

#3. Men Wish You Knew How To Really Enjoy Having Sex With Him.

Many women don’t actually take much responsibility for their own ‘bedroom experiences’.

Instead, they spend all their time HOPING for more … instead of actually MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Well, guess what? If you want to have magnificent relationships where the passion literally increases every day, then it’s time to stop hoping, and start living.

If your sex life isn’t what it could be, figure out why by asking yourself this question: what sort of ‘bedroom experiences’ would you LIKE to have on a regular basis?

Once you’ve figured this out, gracefully ask him to join you in creating the kind of sex life that you (both) really want.

And ladies … men LOVE this.

You have no idea how many men write in to me EACH DAY with some sort of bedroom based complaint about how women never take the initiative, they never seem to care about sex all that much, and they never ASK FOR WHAT THEY WANT.

Taking some responsibility for your own experience, and learning to create what you desire, solves ALL of those complaints in one swoop.

BUT … make sure you do it attractively.

Don’t attack him with negativity, complaints, or pronouncements about how ‘Your libido is too low’ or ‘We never have sex any more’. 

Trust me this is not something your man expects from you and it can turn him off.

Instead, say, ‘I would love to talk more about sexual fantasies with you!’ or ‘Feel like coming to bed early tonight, honey?’


Even the STRONGEST women have the ability to grow dependent on a man for compliments and positive feedback. 

Example: many women grow to ‘expect’ daily doses of admiration and compliments from their man; and then, they become resentful, weepy, and sad when they don’t receive what they ‘expect’ to get.

Do NOT become that woman!

Desperate’ love is always the hardest way to do it – and the easiest way to keep yourself from those awful clutches is by continuing to like, and love, YOURSELF.

In other words, don’t depend on HIM to do it for you.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t expect compliments from your man; hell no!

What I AM saying is that expecting to be complimented is a gigantic turn-OFF, and also a wonderful way to ensure that he never wants to compliment or praise you ever again.

It’s much more rewarding, effective, empowering, and FUN, if you can just take hold of your OWN reins and ‘set a good example’ by loving yourself first.

Though I am a Man but I request you to take my personal suggestion P.S: real love is a verb, not an opinion.

When you love yourself, you TREAT YOURSELF like you do, by doing nice things for yourself.

This translates into: taking yourself ‘out’ more to do things YOU want to do; spending more time with people who make you happy.

(Hint: this is often a good thing if those people are NOT always your significant other); taking yourself to a yoga class.

Even buying yourself a new pencil box, for Christ sake, as long as it’s something that YOU want to do and that reaffirms YOUR OWN love for yourself, so that you don’t have to ask him for any.

(Hint: men tend to give the most love, and really mean it, when they don’t feel PRESSURED to do so.) and these are things men wish women knew.


Don’t stop taking care of yourself. Spend time and money on your appearance.

Groom. Wax. Spend time exercising.

Eat nutritious foods. And please, refrain from thinking it’s ‘a drag’ to do so.

Don’t you want to look and feel good?

Don’t you want to be admired by others?

Don’t you want to value yourself properly, and attract the sort of men who are interested in doing the same?

Now, this isn’t to say that you need to get obsessive about ALWAYS looking your absolute best.

I’m not talking about living life like it’s some crazy glamour shot, or constantly being red-carpet ready.

It’s not like you can’t spend time in your sweats with a nude face.

But, as a whole, treat your body like it is your temple: make offerings to it regularly and take the time to wash, brush, and groom it accordingly.

Not only will he notice, but you will feel sexier - and thus, more passionate - too.

One of my old girlfriend once said, ‘Sweetie, I don’t get do waxes for you. I do it for me. It’s pure convenience that you happen to like them too.’

Talk about self love – and men love this attitude and these are the little things men wish women knew.

#6. Men Wish You Knew To Tell Him When You Want Something.

If there is something you would like, that your partner is not currently supplying you with, learn to ask for it without making it ‘his fault’ for not giving it to you already, and without making it a big deal.

Be gracious and calm, and simply ask for what you want – whether it’s more support, more time together, whatever.

Don’t get frustrated that it’s not already yours, and don’t WORRY about the asking itself; lead gently. He will follow. And that’s a promise.

I will stop here. If you loved reading this amazing guide on 6 things men wish women knew then you'll also love this powerful video presentation below. Watch it if you want to make your man or any man sexually and emotionally obsessed with you.

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