May 5, 2022

9 Insanely Sexy Tips On Making Hard Sex Gets Thrilling For Her

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Learn How Hard Sex or Rough Sex Can be a Thrilling and Insanely Exciting Sexual Experience For Your Girl.

Hard sex, rough sex or soft sex let it be or kind of sex, it is fascinating and integral part of life in any relationship.

Sex has its own importance but the kind of sex couples love to have in their sexual relationship varies from couple to couple and men to women.

Some couples prefer to take it slow and extend it to the next level incorporating wild sex ideas but softly and slowly.

Some love hard sex in which a guy penetrates hard or deep thrust hard into her. It involves biting, sucking, fucking everything but in a very ravish manner.

I believe hard sex can be made thrilling and exciting by making it less painful and more pleasurable and that’s what is important while having sex. In other words, something like BDSM.

Sexual pleasure with intense orgasm especially for women matters a lot, hard sex or soft sex ultimately it all boils down to woman’s satisfaction.

So guys let’s learn some tips to make hard sex or rough sex more adventurous for both the partners to have fulfilling sex life.

I request you to read this post till the end because I believe you will probably love it.

I have written this guide considering two important things, significance of women in sex and when and how to go for rough sex without hurting her sentiments.

#1. Convince Her First

The most important thing that you need to fix before trying hard sex with your girlfriend is to convince her.

Whether you are with long term girlfriend or in start of new relationship, before trying this sort of kinky sex ideas just ensure she is mentally prepared and comfortable with you.

Since, it might be the first time for her and maybe for you too it’s good to be on the safer side.

Note that hard sex for the first time is mostly painful and it takes as mush trust from both partners to make it loving and enjoying.

As it doesn’t involve the softness of vanilla sex that most couples stick to.

Hard sex involves lots of roughness and spanking to it.

So considering the comfort zone of a woman you can stretch it as far as she is ready and willing to go. You have to stop if it gets freaky and irritating.

#2. Hard Sex mixed with soft biting

Soft biting is all about starting softly but making it painful to be considered hard.

Start with gentle bites on her neck and earlobes to get her horny, which is the most sexual thing while giving pleasure to your partner.

Now it’s time to dominate her by squeezing her boobs as hard as you can and concentrating on her best sexual assets what I mean is her sensitive points.

Squeezing the boobs hard and biting the neck softly will build two different kinds of sexual tension of pain and sweet pleasure simultaneously which is very important to make her enjoy hard sex.

#3. Start with soft Spanking

Spanking is altogether different from soft and sensual seduction were a woman enjoys and moans with sexual pleasure when you subtly run your fingers on her neck, her heart races when touch her thighs and slowly push your fingers between her gaps without touching her G-Spot.

In spanking, you can start softly to win her trust by doing this stuff to get her in the mood

Later you could start spanking her butts to make things kinky.

A quick tip while spanking her butt is to mix it up with a light caress on the spanked area it will soothe her little bit of ecstasy and pain.

Spanking is all about how you dominate her and how much she enjoys that particular moment.

#4. Talk Dirty to Build Sexual Tension

Talking dirty to her during sex is very important to have good rough sex.

The verbal dirty communication builds the required sexual tension and stimulation in the woman’s mind while performing hard sex.

While she is already sexually aroused dirty talk will add more spice to take her sexual excitement to the next level.

Some examples of dirty talk you can use while having hard sex below.

• Hey Babes how do you feel when I touch you there?

• You are such a fucking whore, but I love you I want to make love to you, want to fuck you hard all night.

• Oh Honey! Stop talking dirty to me, and start playing dirty to me.

• I love the way you ride me staring deep into my eyes.

• I can spend the whole night between your legs sucking, licking, tasting your hot juices

• You Bitch, tonight I will fuck you so hard that you can’t walk right next morning.

• I love your smell Baby, it drives me wild and crazy.

• I want you fuck you harder, deeper, dominate you and I want you to be my sex slave all life.

• Wanna spank your butts and punish you, you have really been a very naughty woman.

• What a sexy and sweet ass you have, I want to dig deeper into it tonight.

• I want all my cum over you, and cover your face with my hot juices.

• Grab your waist and fuck you hard with my dick Baby!

• I will fuck you on my will whenever and wherever I want to.

• I am your toy play with me all night long

• Rough sex is what I want do with you, Be ready to take the pain sweety.

• You whore undress yourself, I want to fuck you right now.

#5. Dirty talk and comfort

Note that dirty talking during sex is as good as spanking and biting, it should not be taken as disrespect, it is part of imagination and role play while performing sexual act or sexual games.

But you need to understand the importance of dirty talking in relationship.

Don’t use words that would make your partner uncomfortable.

More importantly, use your words at the right time to make her feel sexy in order to enjoy the heat of the moment.

Create a situation where she is pushed so hard that she admits that it was the best sexual experience of her life.

No one else made her come as hard as you did. After all, that’s what matters the most in sex, the mental and physical satisfaction of the body and the mind.

#6. Handcuff her

Handcuff is bit weird kind of hard sex for me.

But if you can assure her that she would enjoy the adventure without going through much pain than you can try it out.

Tie her arms and legs with any soft material or scarf so that it doesn’t hurt her too much.

During sexual foreplay many times a woman craves to move her hands and legs all over your body in excitement.

But you need to make sure you don’t allow her to do it by pinning her arms and legs.

The best way to perform this sexual act is by making her stand against the wall.

To make it more exciting intensely kiss her lips, holding her tightly from her back with your one hand and use the other hand to put your fingers between her gaps.

Rub her clitoris with your fingers she may try to push you away, but you keep penetrating her deep with your fingers as far as possible.

To me hard sex is all about not showing any mercy, but still making sure that you are not hurting her and giving the required pleasure and pain.

#7. Pull her hairs

Pull her hairs while she is moaning with pain and pleasure and stare into her eyes with animated look on your face.

To build more sexual tension make your way towards her neck and lick it, slowly caressing her earlobes with your fingers.

Kiss her hard passionately sucking her tongue into your mouth in between pull her hairs tightly to treat her like a slave and the very next moment move your fingers slowly on her clitoris making round circles till her juices oozes out.

Make her groan in excitement and slowly whisper in her ears”

Babe I am going to fuck you deep and hard and I don’t care if hurts, because hurting you is what I want tonight”.

Saying this words slide down your tool in her gap start slowly by the time she gets wet speed it up pushing hard into her.

Continuing with the fuck stare into her eyes and ask her how it feels to see her response.

If she says she wants more “shove inside her furiously and make her feel every inch of your hard rod slipping in and out in her until it hurts” that’s what hard sex is all about.

#8. Discuss Your Desires and Fantasies

Getting into mood of rough sex can ignite the craving for unrevealed desires and fantasies.

It may be earlier you never discovered your fantasies in your mind because you never tried doing them in real.

Now that you have done so much getting involved in hard sex, you can explore all the possibilities of rough sex by talking with your partner about your needs.

Talking about your fantasies could help both of you to portray perfect scene and situation of what you expect your partner to do during sexual foreplay.

It would help both to stay in the line of action and not go off into unchartered waters were you both won’t appreciate and love to do.

#9. Do not cross limits

When you are exploring the possibilities of having hard sex there has to be certain limits in your act.

You cannot go on exploring new things, because it’s not only about exploring and spanking.

You also need to care about the emotional needs of your partner.

Note that every woman has her limits what one woman might like, maybe the other woman won’t like.

In the end, it all boils down to what you love most in rough sex is it spanking, biting, fingering, nail biting it could be anything.

But safety is also important because I believe hard sex is all about perfect combination of pleasure and pain.

These are some useful tips on hard sex and again the last thing what I want to tell is make your girl feel special, secured and wanted allow her to trust you.

Note that women too are highly sexual creatures just like men.

If you treat her nicely she would definitely trust you and get turned on to experience anything that you have to offer her.

Doesn’t matter if it is rough sex or normal vanilla sex, being a man you need to be sure that the spanking and biting never reaches a point where she is forced to say “listen, I just don’t want to do that, I am not enjoying it”.

You have to build that trust and authority first before you push her to accept your dirty talks and ideas as real and true.

Remember one thing behind the curtains all women love to be treated like a bitch every now and then.

But it’s during sexual play which is different from real life situation.

If she acts like a bitch during sex play in the bedroom, doesn’t mean she would love to be called bitch outside the bedroom.

So guys understand her emotions to build authority and then move forward with the idea of rough sex.

This way you would always be the man of her dreams who understands her feelings and emotions.

I will stop here if you loved reading this amazing guide on the insane power of rough sex and thrilling hard sex then do not forget to share it on your favorite social media and also do not forget to watch this video presentation below.

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