May 5, 2022

How To Talk Dirty To Your Girlfriend [Definitive Guide With Examples]

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Have you ever wondered thinking how to talk dirty to your girlfriend or a woman you have a crush on?

If yes! Read this. Today, I'm going to teach you exactly how to talk dirty to your girlfriend or any woman immediately, tonight, to drive her wild and make pleasure to her.

More importantly, talking dirty with dignity, with respect without sounding vulgar or weird.

I’ll also show you how ridiculously easy the idea of dirty talk is and how simply you can put into practice immediately.

Let's get started.

So many men overthink dirty talk. Take Jason, for example, one of my email subscriber.

He really wanted to say lusty things to his girlfriend Meagan to get her in mood during sex – stuff that would really turn her on.

In other he desperately wanted to give her the best orgasm of her life.

But during sex, he had always been mostly silent. He was fucking terrified that his attempt at dirty talk would sound silly or worse yet – be offensive.

He actually misunderstood and didn’t knew the concept of how to talk dirty to a woman without being actually sounding dirty.

Jason was a classic “nice guy,” endlessly worried that girls were full of landmines and that saying the wrong thing might completely kill the mood.

And Jason was right to worry. Saying the wrong thing CAN kill the mood.

So week after week, they would have sex, but Jason knew something was missing. He knew it could be better.

But the animal, I-want-to-fuck-your-brains-out lust was missing. The bottom line is that Jason knew he wasn’t really making love to her like a pro to sexually blow her mind.

Being great at the physical parts of sex is one thing, but being able to psychologically fuck her brain extremely well using the power of dirty words– that’s a whole other universe and it’s what sets you apart from all the rest.

Mastering it will make you a major-league sex player.

That’s why I’m going to lay some foolproof ground rules right now about where to begin with the concept of dirty talk.

Understanding the basic principle behind the talking dirty to your girlfriend or any woman means you don’t need to know what she likes or what she doesn’t like.

There are universal truths that are basically guaranteed to work on any woman if you do them right.

As you progress, however, you can begin to expand your dirty talk vocabulary as you get to know more about what really turns her on. Whether it is sexy texts messages that turns her on any kind of physical touch.

It depends from women to women.

But let’s start with some basic building blocks first.

Talking Dirty to Your Girlfriend with Respect

Principle #1

Where attention goes, energy flows:

Our attention determines the sensations we experience. For example, as I type this, I’m completely unaware of the sensations in my feet.

If I take the time to bring my attention there, I become aware that they are slightly cold and tingly.

As I continue to focus on them, I begin to feel a very slow, vibrating pulse happening in both feet. There is a whole world of sensation that I am now aware of that I wasn’t aware of before – just because I focused my attention on it.

What we perceive is what creates our reality. If we don’t perceive something (smell it, taste it, hear it, feel it, see it), then it doesn’t exist for us.

Principle #2

Creating our reality isn’t a one-man show.

We influence each other’s perception of reality (in this case through sexual lust) in two ways:

Being certain of our lust, heat, connection

Getting agreement from others about our certainty

By getting agreement from others, you expand and solidify your experience of reality.

For example, I hear a creepy sound coming from the bedroom. I look to my friend and ask, “Did you hear that?!” My friend agrees, “Holy shit – YES!”

Instantly, we have certainty and agreement. Reality has been created and now we are both thoroughly convinced we may need to call the police – or an exorcist.

If I am alone, I may be slower to overreact and perhaps wait to hear the sound a few more times before coming to any solid conclusion about what action to take.

Reality is really a collective punchbowl of group guesses about what is going on at any given moment.

Therefore, two truths that seem contradictory can both be correct because you make up your reality as you go along.

So does your partner. You are both looking to each other for clues about reality.

Why is this important when it comes to dirty talk and sex?

Because people generally don’t talk much during a sensual experience – so the shared reality can be kinda fuzzy.

It’s easy to get lost in stupid shit in your head and miss the deliciousness of the moment – the reason why you got naked in the first place.

It also means that you are missing rich opportunities to expand and solidify the reality of lust and excitement happening between you and your partner in that moment.

I am not bragging but almost all my articles on dirty talking and sex are so powerful that you can call them “The Zen of Hot Sex”.

By verbalizing what is going on – out loud to each other, reality will suddenly become MORE REAL for both people. Smoke on that for a minute.

Dirty talk is SUPER easy because all you need to do is notice what is happening to yourself and to your partner – AND SAY THAT OUTLOUD.

Step 1: Turn Your Sex-Language Brain ON.

Verbalize the things you are noticing that turn you on to your partner.

By doing this, the sexual experience you are engaged in becomes more three-dimensional.

From a neuroscience point of view, this is also expanding sensation in both your brain and your partner’s brain. You are literally activating her sexual brain.

Specifically, you both will expand your experience from simply activating the sensory part of the brain, which is all about sensation, to now also turning on the temporal lobe regions where language is created. 

The more parts of the brain involved during sex means the more powerful the experience will be!

How to Talk Dirty to Your Girlfriend

Write down these specific examples:

Noticing her:

You’re getting so swollen!

I can’t believe how wet you are!

Your pussy is so beautiful, swollen, wet.

I love how flushed/pink your skin gets when you are turned on.

Your feel so tight on my cock.

You have the most perfect tits.

All I have to do is look at your tits and my dick gets hard.

I love watching your tits bounce while you’re riding my cock.

You look so sexy/beautiful/fuckable right now.

You have the most perfect ass.

Your ass turns me on so much.

You smell amazing.

My mouth waters just thinking of you.

Can you see how saying, “Holy shit!

You are so wet right now!” draws her attention to the wetness of her pussy, and that by drawing her attention to this part of her experience, you have now intensified and expanded the experience for her?

Step 2: Pick any three phrases above and use them during sex – tonight.

Use your words to create lust-filled sexual realities.

Noticing yourself:

I’m so turned on right now my cock is as hard as a rock.

You are so tight. It feels amazing to be inside you.

It’s hard for me not to throw you down and just fuck the hell out of you right here, right now.

You make me so fucking horny.

My heart feels like it is going to pound out of my chest.

My cock is throbbing for you.

I can’t get enough of your sexy body.

I love the way it feels when my cock slides down your throat.

It turns me on to hear you gagging on my cock.

You are giving me such amazing head right now.

Now she knows how you’re feeling. This will turn her on and also boost her confidence as she touches you. This is important when it comes to talking dirty to your girlfriend during sex.

Step 3: Have The Attitude of Admiration.

No matter how lusty and raw I get, the woman I am with knows that I appreciate her, I’m super into her, I’m admiring her, and I’m enjoying being with her.

Can you see that by sharing what is happening in your own body you are focusing your attention in a way that intensifies your own experience and hers?

This is because nothing makes a girl more wet than knowing you are desperately horny for her, that you find her completely irresistible and adore everything about her. Adore her and she will love it.

A nice side effect of this dirty talking technique is that it also keeps you both in the present moment (this is the Zen part of sex), which safeguards against getting caught up in boner-destroying mental chatter about whether or not you are doing it “right.”

Bonus Thought: Stop Orgasm Chasing

I want you to remember – Sex isn’t about orgasm chasing. A girl can sense if you are too goal oriented about her orgasm during sex.

And trust me on this, the stress of that expectation will kill any potential orgasm that she may have.

That’s one of the reasons that girls fake orgasms – so they can escape the awkward attention on their orgasms.

So, just stay in the moment, notice what happens next, and many mind-blowing, earth-shattering orgasms will cum!

I will stop here. I hope you loved reading this article on how to talk dirty to your girlfriend or any woman you have crush on.

Now, before I stop. I want to share with you something special, if you really want to be the master her thoughts in the bedroom and outside.

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