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14 Magical Tips On How To Get Over A Guy You Love Madly

The realization of loving a guy deeply and not having him in your life is really the worst feeling in the world. The most frustrating part is how to get over a guy you love madly and stop obsessing about him.

The one who had been residing in your heart for so long, how to forget that intimate connection and love in your heart that you shared with him. The saddest part is he just do not feel what you feel and that’s what hurts the most.

Being a girl you need to know you are not the only girl who has been in this heart wrenching situation. There are other girls too out there with a broken heart so don’t get dishearten better take this this experience as learning curve in life.

Take it positively and if you really want to know how to get over a guy convince your mind for one thing. Love yourself before you love others and that’s the only way to get over someone.

Once you start to love yourself your acts of love would heal your broken heart slowly and steadily which is possible only when you accept the fact that you guys are separated. So girls let’s learn some tips on how to get over a guy to accept the reality to move on and start loving yourself.

1. Convince your mind to avoid him

Very first thing you need to do while getting over someone is to avoid any kind of contact with them. You need to convince your mind not to talk or meet him.

Note that I said “convince your mind” and not your heart. It’s because I believe love is connection between two hearts and not with mind. Heart is selfless and true but mind is diplomatic and selfish.

At this point of time you need to play selfish for yourself as it is the need of the hour so use your mind and not the heart. Avoid texting or calling him to divert your attention to something else.

If he texts you just reply generously but don’t get involved too much. Note that getting too involved will hurt you and not him, so better avoid a situation where you hurt yourself again.

2. Stop Thinking About Him

If you want to know how to get over a guy just pause for a moment and ask a question to yourself. Does thinking about him making you feel better?

Believe me or not you know the answer to this question better than anybody else. Your friends have boyfriend and you don’t. Your friend’s guy treats her like princess and yours treat you like shit and eventually dumped you.

All this negative questions would only fill up the space in your mind with negativity and frustration. Ask yourself do you want this frustration or peace of mind? Stop thinking that a girl always needs a guy to complete her life, no doubt it’s true but not always. 

If you are with a guy who made your life hell, who doesn’t care about you then what’s the point in staying in such controlling guy in a abusive relationship. Better keep this point in your mind and stop thinking about him.

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3. Help Others in Need

There’s nothing in the world that can make you feel better than helping someone who is desperately in need. Helping could be in any way like you give beggar a blanket who is shivering in cold.

You could do some charity in orphanage institution or you can donate some blood (but only if you healthy enough) to hospital that might save someone’s life in future.

Note that this little thing will help you heal your broken heart, because you are sharing someone else’s pain with yours. It’s very satisfying feeling when you help someone you fall in love with your inner heart, you get to know yourself better than before.

Girls if you really want to find better way on how to get over a guy try this tip help someone in the process of helping someone you will eventually help yourself believe me it is a very important secret if you want to know how to get over a guy you love.

4. Improve Your Dressing Sense

It’s fact that every girl loves to look sexy and hot in their boyfriend’s eye.

But now things are different in your life he is not with you anymore. But that doesn’t mean you would stop loving yourself and dressing good.

It’s shouldn’t be this way just stop crying and move on because you deserve to be treated better.

Hopefully you may find true love again, but for it to happen you have to forget the past and open your palms for new relationship and new life. Don’t hold your past in your palms it would give you nothing but tears and pain and you better realize you have already cried a lot

Look straight up in to the mirror and wear your best outfit, wear your favorite pair of shoes, apply nice red lipstick and go out with friends to enjoy the beauty of the world.

Note that looking good will also change your sad mood and you never know in the middle of the road you might meet your ex. And if he looks at your amazingly hot and sexy avatar he would definitely feel jealous and guilty of not being with a sexy girl like you.

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5. Be Friends With Your Sadness You'll Love It.

It is very difficult to handle the phase of loneliness as you are going through lot of pain and grief.

It’s good to feel lonely and sad for some time as your sadness also defines the intensity of your love for your guy break up with your boyfriend was not in your hand, same is the case with loneliness it’s also not in your hands. 

You cannot avoid it as you heartache and break up is still fresh in your mind. So be friends with it and ride it till the time you feel comfortable with yourself again.

If you can learn to live alone in sadness, you will also learn how to avoid the urge for something in life. Understand that loneliness doesn’t mean that you will be lonely forever.

It’s just a phase and experience in life that would only make you mentally strong from inside.

6. Make New People And Make New Friends

Its very important especially  when you are obsessed over a guy to spend some time going out and meeting new people to keep yourself engaged. Meet someone who you see regularly but you are not friends.

Like someone you see in your class room, or at gym or someone who lives just next to you but still you guys are stranger to each other.

The idea behind meeting them is to avoid that painful feeling of getting lost in your unhappy past. When you get stuck in past you won’t entertain someone new in your life.

Instead of crying over your past relationship woes divert your attention to someone new. Maybe you might end up meeting someone who shares common interests and hobbies with you.

Don’t let your past sorrow intrude in to your fresh start which is again very important if you want to have any idea on how to get over a guy and who knows you might find love again in the process and it will also help you forget your ex and get over him.

7. Say a Big No to Social Media

It is obvious when you are sad you would upload sad status and images on your social media profiles.

But by doing this you send a negative message to your guy, that you still think about him and love him madly.

Also stop stalking at his Facebook or Twitter profile, unless you avoid you cannot get over him.

Better block all his profiles to keep control on your emotions and try not to unblock him at least for month or two.

The most important tip, it happens many times you block someone and then after sometime in emotions you try to convince your heart to unblock them for some moment to see what they are doing.

Don’t do that mistake prepare your mind and heart mentally and accept the fact that it’s all over and there’s no point stalking at their profile as it will only end up hurting you more and more.

8. Learn From Your Past Mistake

The best part comes here when you are trying to forget someone you love you need to know two things that are very important.

It’s not only about forgetting him but also learning from the mistakes of past and making sure not to repeat them in future relationship.

Second thing is ask your friends what they think about your past, I believe they are in neutral position so they can judge the truth and reality better than you.

Don’t get me wrong your friends are no one to decide what’s wrong or right, what I mean to say is your friends can convey the truth without being partial.

Note that since, you loved him you will always try to protect and defend him. You will pretend your heart saying he loves you, he is right.

But somewhere in your heart you also know the actual truth about your relationship.

So better trust your friends opinions and look for patterns when and what went wrong. Look for the bad points and promise you would avoid those unwanted points in your next relationship.

Simultaneously identify the good points and commit to use them effectively to improve the future love life.

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9. Listen Music To Heal Your Heart

Music is one of the best ways to get over a guy you love madly. Music is an awesome stress buster especially when you are sad and lonely, music heals your soul such is the power and gravity in it.

Make a playlist of songs depending on your mood, if you are sad listen to some sad music.

When you feel like dancing in your bikini listen to some rock or pop music.

Nothing beats good music just celebrate your new single life without looking back in the past. It will help you tremendously getting over your guy and also change your sad mood.

10. Prepare a Checklist

Make a check list of all the bad things that you hate about him. I believe hating someone is not the solution always pray for the one you loved. Even though he is not part of your life now, but to forget him you have to do this task. Make note of all those times when you needed him badly, but he wasn’t available for you.

Remember the time when you desolate, lonely and desperate to talk him but he didn’t picked up your call. Make a note if he loved you he wouldn’t have treated you badly.

A man who plays games with your emotions will only use you for sex and material benefits. If you really want to know the secret behind how to get over a guy better make a note of all this points.

These points will keep reminding you of all the bad things he has done to you and simultaneously help you to forget him easily.

Remember once you happen to forget him after some time better forget all this points too. Because I believe love never believes in hatred, it only believes in loving and forgiving so forgive him and move on you will be at peace in your heart and mind believe me I mean it.

11. Set Goals And Work on it

Let yourself get upset first. You have to wash yourself of the pent-up emotions for him in your heart before you even try to heal your broken heart. Let your heart burst into tears by watching a sad movie, reading sad love poems or having a good cry. 

Take your time to get adjusted, but then quickly work on getting over it. I find the most helpful method of getting over another person is taking time to focus on yourself by setting up new goals.

Try working on goals you had set in past, or pursue a new hobby you've always wanted to try but where not able to, get so busy that you just don't have time to think about him. Success will be the best revenge possible, at the same time you will feel better about yourself in no time.

12. Go for Rebound Relationship But Carefully

Of course getting over a guy can be irritation but if you can get involve into a rebound relationship carefully it can work like charm. Now many people would advise you against it, but we say otherwise. Its because your heart is already broken and you don't want the same thing to happen again.

But try to think in a different way, may be this guy will be better than your ex boyfriend and if true love has to happen, it will! And if it’s not, you don’t care. The only thing is be careful not to hurt yourself again and also do not hurt the sentiments of the other person involved with you.

Just enjoy and chill around as Rebound relationships can rekindle that relationship like feeling again, at the same time help you forget all about your painful past.

13. Try To Bring Out The Best in You

Yes its true you are broken and lost, but that shouldn't stop you from living your life.

Try to bring out the best in you and believe in your mind you are the best, unless you believe It’s there you cannot bring it out.

Stop looking for it in the eyes or arms of another.

And when you bring out the best in you, it automatically raise your self confidence and you will learn to know yourself better than before.

At the same time you will be able to share it with someone who brings out the best in themselves, too.

14. Trust Time as Time Heals Pain

Healing from break up is not something that will happen over night.

It's a process that takes time and you must trust time for it of course the first few days and weeks following a break up is going to be tough and painful. 

Its because the memories keep haunting you the Candle night dinners, Birthdays, anniversaries and those lovely feelings you shared will constantly remind you what’ you have lost, even if you were the one to make the decision to get apart.

But have faith in time as it will help you heal your pain slowly and steadily.

I am telling you this because I don't want you to rush and do something that might make you regret later.

There are many points but I believe these 14 major points are more than enough to get over someone you love.

Understand the reality and face it as facing is the only way to get through and you cannot avoid it. It’s a fact memories keeps lingering in your thoughts but you cannot hold them in your palms.

You need to break free and move on someday you will definitely find someone who will love you deeply and madly.

But for that to happen better stay strong to get him out of your mind. Love yourself first and then try to fall in love with someone you will always be at peace.

I hope you found the post on how to get over a guy you love madly useful. If you really liked it please comment and share with your friends.

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