May 5, 2022

Naughty Texts To Revive Her Sex Drive Again (Only for Men)

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There are many reasons why a woman may not be interested in or able to have sex. Let’s face it – indoor plumbing is a lot more complicated than outdoor plumbing. So guys here are naughty texts ideas to revive the spark again.

In this article, I’m going to offer you some naughty texts ideas about what may be at the root of her lack of interest and some ways that you can restore your sex life with or without intercourse by bringing up your past sexual experiences.

There are two common reasons women become uninterested in sex.

NO SEX REASON #1: “I’m not in the mood.”

If your woman is constantly not in the mood, there are a lot of reasons why her libido might be lacking.

She could be bored. She could be too tired. Her hormones could be out of whack.

If she is too tired, there are a few ways you can approach this.

Approach 1: Ask each other, how important your sex life is.

Sex should be equally as important as your relationship. Not something that can be shoved aside, allowing other things, like watching The Walking Dead, to take precedence.

You have to make time for it. This might mean negotiating and planning.

I know a woman who is a lawyer. Her job is full of long days and stressful encounters, and she often works weekends. When she gets home from work, the last thing she has energy for is sex.

All she wants to do is eat dinner, zone out in front of the TV, and crash early.

If she and her boyfriend waited for an opening in their schedule, they would never have sex. Instead of letting their sex life suffer, they make it a priority to schedule morning sex.

They do this by setting their alarm early enough so that they can get some loving in before they have to leave for work.

You can also work out a compromise. She might not be in the mood for sex, but is she in the mood for something else. Ask her if she would like a sensual massage or a long cuddle session.

Many times I’ve had a girlfriend tell me she’s too tired for sex, and I offer a massage or cuddle.

Nine times out of ten this turns into sex because she gets turned on.

The key is to truly be neutral about whether sex happens. If you are offering this as a way to manipulate her into sex, she will feel it.

You have to put 100 percent of your expectations aside and simply focus on enjoying the closeness of cuddling or massaging her and see what happens.

Believe me doing this makes her want you sexually.

Approach 2: Schedule a time that works for both of you.

Take the time to make the time. No pressure. Just communication.

Approach 3: Negotiate some other kind of intimate activity that you are both into, even if it doesn’t lead to intercourse.

She also might be saying, “I’m too tired” when what she really means is “I’m too angry.”

When women are angry, they tend to shut down sexually. If you suspect this might be at the root of your lack of sex, I’ve found the best way to handle it is to face it head on.

Shutting down sexually is not the way to handle anger.

I suggest saying something like, “I feel like something has been bothering you. I hope you know you can talk to me about anything.

I want to do whatever it takes to make sure we are OK and you are feeling SAFE.”

Make sure you pick a good time to have this kind of conversation when you know you won’t be interrupted and you both have the energy and emotional bandwidth.

When she speaks – LISTEN, instead of planning your defense.

This isn’t about winning or fixing anything. Often women just want to feel heard and understood.

A simple “I can totally understand why you would feel that way, and I’m sorry” can work wonders for your sex life.

The second common reason women lose interest is:


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NO SEX REASON #2: She’s not having fun and/or she’s bored. 

I have given you lots of kinky ideas for spicing things up in the bedroom in my past article that could be great remedies for curing boredom.

Sexual Role Playing

Hypnosis and Sex

Dirty with Respect -

The Porn Script

These are all real-life ideas for creating spark and spice in the bedroom.

However, women don’t always want a fancy new technique.

They simply want to do something together that really deepens intimacy, which will put them in the mood for sex.

So, if you have tried all of these and still don’t seem to be getting the results you would like, have GRIT! I have one more suggestion that might get her motor running.

I call this technique The SMARTS: The Sexual Memory Advanced Resurrection Technique Simulator.

For some reason, we as human beings are more prone to remembering painful memories rather than joyful ones.

Therefore, sometimes we get stuck in a loop and focus on all the negative things about our partner instead of all the SMART, wonderful qualities that drew us to them in the first place.

If this sounds like your situation, I have a technique that can help rekindle the passion by reminiscing about great times you have shared together.

The great thing about reminiscing is that it reignites all the same chemicals that were present at the time it was actually happening.

You see, your brain can’t really tell the difference between imagination and an actual experience. That is why you can think about a lemon and feel your mouth pucker.

A Moment of Sexual ZEN: Your Brain is a 3-pound, world-class simulator and you can use it to seduce a woman mentally.

And you can run simulations about anything and everything. The secret to happiness and the secret to great sex is to run simulations that MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!

Therefore, you can compound the pleasure of an event by making sure you talk about it together days, weeks, or even months after it’s happened.

This is truly capitalizing on a good investment – having fun times together.

Here is an example of how you can remind her of past sexual memories by combining that experiences with pickup lines to make her horny and seduced again.

One of my email subscriber David sent me to share with you. He and his girlfriend, Holly, had hit a rough patch and had been arguing a lot.

He made a point of regularly doing this with her. Soon he noticed a significant decrease in the amount of time she spent being irritated with him.

Sound like something worth trying? If you have the naughty texts secrets- then fuck YES!!!!

Here’s a sample of seducing words and Naughty texts in Action. 

Remember this sequence of naughty texts messages are based on your past sexual experiences that you both once shared together and now you are using those sexual experience to increase her sex drive again.


Hope you got the point.

D: Hey babe. Do you remember that time we got a couples massage at the Marriott?

H: I do. That was a lot of fun!

D: Mmmm. Yes. Sit back and listen while I replay it for you.

H: Okay.

D: We walked into our room on the top floor, overlooking the city, and there was a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us. It was late in the day and the sun was setting. We were both so excited and happy to finally be there with all the outside distractions gone so that we could really focus on each other.

D: I poured our champagne and we toasted. It was our three-year anniversary. Then we headed down for our massages.

D: They took us into a room together. I remember you got the hot stone massage with cocoa butter, so the whole room smelled of chocolate.

D: I could hear you sighing in relaxed pleasure and had a hard time trying to keep from getting a hard-on thinking about you all oiled up and getting rubbed down.

D: After our massages were over, they filled a Jacuzzi tub for us to soak in and then left the room.

D: I pulled you in close and kissed you deeply. I felt you relax in my arms as you melted into my body.

D: We were both completely naked. I rubbed my hands down your ass and squeezed. I licked you and tasted chocolate. My cock was at full mast and I pressed it hard against you.

D: You whispered, “I want you so bad.”

D: The soothing massage music was playing in the background.

D: I sat you down on the edge of the table and spread your legs apart. I looked at you and said, “You better be quiet. I wouldn’t want them to catch us fucking in here!” Then I put one of those towels soaked in cucumber and ice in your mouth.

D: After that, I kneeled down and began licking your sweet pussy. You were already so swollen and wet. In no time, you were shaking and muffling your moans as you climaxed and orgasm.

D: I then pushed you back onto the table and crawled on top of you. It felt so naughty to fuck right there on the massage table!

D: I pushed my cock in your tight little pussy and kissed you hard to keep from moaning too loud.

D: You were gyrating your hips against mine as we found a perfect, synchronistic rhythm. I could hear the sound of the unused Jacuzzi tub and the birds chirping on the massage soundtrack.

D: Time felt suspended. I looked into your eyes and told you that I loved you. That you were the only women for me and that I would love you forever, and then came hard inside you.

D: We both got a little teary-eyed after that and just held each other, until we heard a little knock at the door letting us know our time was up.

D: I will never forget that evening. You looked so beautiful and I felt like the luckiest man alive! And you know what?

H: What?

D: I still feel like the luckiest man alive!

Notice how he recalled so many details about the evening by using dirty and naught texting language.

The sounds, images, sensations, and feelings. Throughout, the story he let her know how much he still cares about her and how much he appreciates her.

Step 1: Recall A Scene From The Past

The first time you do this, it may help to write it out ahead of time. Grab your journal or pull up a new Word document to use for your creation.

We are going to use David’s story as an outline and substitute your own personal details as needed.

Think about a time you made love that was memorable. If you can't think of something incredibly memorable, you can feel free to embellish, too.

Jot down the answers to these things:

Where exactly did this experience take place?

What were you wearing?

What day of the week and time of day?

Foreplay activities

Intercourse and positions

Revel in the Afterglow

Step 2: Deliver them in form of dirty and naughty texts to pleasure her sexually again.

The point is you are going to let her know that you have a story to tell her. She can sit back, listen, and enjoy.

If you are delivering it by the way of sexy and naughty text, remember to send just a few sentences at a time. Space each message by at least 10 - 20 seconds at the fastest. That way, your texts will deliver in the order you've sent them.


You also don’t have to be this detailed or elaborate or even recall an event involving sex, although it’s a lot more fun this way!

However, making it a normal habit to recall in casual conversation with one another fun times that you’ve had together is also a great way to stay connected and keep each other focused on the positives in the relationship.

Step 3: Focus on What You Want

Ultimately, I'm training you to become a sexual adult. And at some point, as sexual adults, we have to ask ourselves – what is it that we really want in our relationships, in our sex, and in our lives.

Ultimately, it's your beliefs about sex that are fucking up your Mojo. So think about what you really want, and keep upgrading your life – and your sex life.

I will stop here. I hope you loved reading this powerful naughty texting article to enhance your sex life again.

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