May 5, 2022

How To Make Him Crave You (Not Sex But With The Tone Of Your Voice)

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Have you ever wondered how to make him crave you or how to make a man sexually and emotionally addicted to you?

If yes! Use my Slippery Slope Technique to Make Him Crave You and Fall Deeper Into Passionate Love With You.

The Slippery Slope technique is all about creating IMPULSIVE desire in his brain by triggering the right, instinctive brain chemical reaction.

The way to do it is a certain method that makes him instinctively sense that you perceive depths to his character and individuality that nobody else sees or notices.

When you do this right, he will literally chase you and respond instantly and automatically, because it speaks to his deepest need (that all humans, and especially MEN have) to be recognized in an extremely powerful way for the traits he holds dearest about himself.

Do this right, and it creates a ‘slippery slope’ effect in his brain where he literally feels so much desire and happiness just from being around you that he can’t stop himself responding.

This is strongly related to the concept of unconditional love every man dreams of having a woman in his life who loves him unconditionally, for who he really is.

That means that you don’t withhold your love or support for him just because he occasionally pisses you off – you love him WITHOUT CONDITION (unconditionally, geddit?) for the man he really is.

And a BIG part of that is being noticed for who he really is.

So, not only must he sense you love him unconditionally, but he must also sense that YOU notice all the beautiful, mysterious hidden depths about him that everybody else overlooks.

The main thing is, for this to pack a punch to the core of his PEA centers and make him feel holy crap, she understands me better than anyone else, the key is to pick up on the stuff that’s SUBTLE about him.

For example, I have a guy friend, Rajeev, who spends a lot of time at the gym.

He eats right, he works out, and he occasionally partakes in bodybuilding competitions.

As a result, the dude is RIPPED. He looks like a cross between Arnie and a walking anatomy chart.

And you can imagine, he gets A LOT of compliments on his physique.

‘Wow, your body is amazing!’

‘Are you just naturally buff?’

‘How did you get such a great physique?’

‘You obviously like to take care of yourself. ’and so on, and so on, AND SO ON. See, Rajeev likes those compliments to an extent.

But as someone whose body is OBVIOUSLY in great shape, he’s a little tired of being complimented and noticed for the exact same (obvious!) thing over and over.

See, Rajeev actually likes to think of himself as a highly intelligent, creative guy.

He’s a jock, sure – but secretly, he desperately wants to be noticed and acknowledged for his LESS-obvious traits.

Like all of us, he wants to be seen for who he really is, deep down – and then openly ACKNOWLEDGED for it.

Now, Rajeev writes short stories and poems, and has even been published a couple times in minor literary magazines.

Very few people know this about him, and honestly?

Even the ones that do usually overlook it to go straight for the ‘noticeable’ stuff: his amazing body.

So Rajeev gets a little bored. He desperately wants to be noticed and acknowledged for the things about him that are ‘deeper’ the things that aren’t so obvious to everyone the things that are deeply IMPORTANT to him.

One time I was having a drink with him in a bar, and one of Rajeev’s cute female acquaintances came over to talk to us.

As we were talking, he happened to drop into the conversation a subtle little ‘hook’: a quick, off-the-cuff mention that one of his stories had been published in a magazine recently.

It was subtle, he didn’t go on about it by any means, but I noticed his eyes sparkling and his teeth shining as he grinned when he mentioned this and I wondered to myself, ‘Hmm … I wonder if she’ll pick up on it?’

Know what? She was a smart, perceptive woman, and she did.

Her face lit up and she squealed, ‘OH my LORD!! You got a story published in a magazine?

That’s incredible, I love short stories and they were off.

Just like that, Rajeev’s entire body language changed, he started leaning in eagerly towards her, his face was shining with happiness and desire, and by the end of the night he’d taken her phone number and told her he’d be privileged if she’d come out to dinner with him the following night.

It’s that easy. If you want to learn how to make him crave you.

All you have to do is watch out for his face – the shining eyes, the smile – when he talks about something dear to his heart, and then NOTICE IT in conversation.

Praise and appreciate him for what he WANTS to be praised, and make him feel like you out of everyone in the world see his amazing individuality, his depth of character and strength of nature, that nobody else sees.

And now it’s time for the most important step – your key to making a man crave you and love you.

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Use the Emotional Hunger technique to make him CRAVE you.

How do you create an INSTANT surge of deep, passionate emotional hunger in a man’s heart and mind?

Simple. From now on, you don’t just TALK. You croon, as if he’s a combination of your very own Prince Charming and a tiny little newborn baby.

Here’s why.

Your tone of voice plays a HUGE role in the physical, chemical effect you have on his brain.

Men him automatically respond to your tone of voice, and it happens on an extremely powerful, unconscious level.

The right tone of voice can FLOOD him with dopamine, serotonin, and PEA (that amphetamine- like ‘love high’ that literally intoxicates him with desire)

While the wrong tone of voice can make him tighten up, pull away, and INSTANTLY shut down.

Let me give you a little example.

My friend Anna is a beautiful woman.

She has no problem being asked out on lots of dates, and men’s jaws drop and heads turn whenever she walks into a room.

But she rarely gets into a serious relationship or a lasting, happy relationship with a man, because Anna has a little problem.

Her tone of voice is totally out of control.

In fact, she has kind of a temper problem.

See, Anna’s parents are both Italian (she’s first-generation American) which most men find charming AT

FIRST until she loses her temper and starts yelling. The second she’s crossed, her voice hardens, she goes ‘cold’, and her volume shoots through the roof.

She has an Italian temper and her relationships are SUFFERING for it.

It can happen over the tiniest stuff, too.

And it doesn’t matter how sweetly she apologizes later on, or how good she looks in the bedroom that night the visceral, physical memory of the tightened gut and unpleasant emotions any guy experiences when a woman yells or uses an ‘angry’ or ‘hard’ tone of voice will stay with him and TOTALLY CHANGE the way he feels about you.

That’s because your tone of voice automatically controls his mind, emotions and the CHEMICALS being dumped into his bloodstream by those ‘desire centers’ I mentioned earlier.

See, if you use the wrong tone of voice, it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are, how sweet and charming and funny you usually are, what kind of underwear you’ve got on, or how pretty your face is.

You could be sitting there buck naked holding his favorite meal in the world that you cooked yourself, but if you use the wrong tone of voice, he’s STILL going to clench up like an angry little fist on the inside.

On the other hand, use the right tone of voice, and you can instantly mesmerize him with desire and hot passion as easily as a snake-charmer hypnotizing a cobra.

This is the key to making him crave you and feel that powerful Emotional Hunger for you he will respond instantly, and will find himself dropping EVERYTHING to give you the emotional and physical intimacy you crave from him.

Let me give you another little example.

Know what Marilyn Monroe’s greatest asset was?

Not her beauty, not her amazing figure, not her skill at acting.


It was her sweet, girlish, ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly’ tone of voice. It absolutely hypnotized men everywhere.

She could get away with saying anything in that breathy, soft tone of voice she had –insults, ‘shocking’ comments, anything - because of the emotional and physical effects her voice caused in the BRAINS of the men listening to her.

So here’s what I want you to do.

The best way for you to modulate your tone of voice is THIS.

Whenever you talk to him from now on – ESPECIALLY if you’re feeling peeved or aggravated about something (which is when your voice would normally harden up and go ‘cold’) I want you to think these words inside your head:

“I am in love with you because you are The One for me.”

Just think these words inside your head when you’re talking to him, and 3 things will automatically happen:

 Your voice will soften and sweeten DRAMATICALLY. He literally won’t be able to stop himself responding to this. This is the KEY to creating that Emotional Hunger you want him to feel.

 Your face will soften.

 Your eyes will soften.

In fact, use the right tone of voice (by thinking the magic phrase I just gave you) and he won’t be able to stop himself feeling ‘drunk’ with desire and responding INSTANTLY to you.

Here’s a little reason why.

A cold, hard, ‘tough’ tone of voice – the kind most women use when they’re feeling offended, pissed off, or taken for granted - makes even the best men go dry and passionless.

They literally can’t help it, because it’s all physical and happening on a CHEMICAL level. It’s out of his control.

But a soft, loving tone of voice – the kind that comes to you AUTOMATICALLY when you think that magic phrase to yourself – multiplies his desire by at least 50 times and he will automatically see you as appealing, intriguing, DESIRABLE and irresistible woman.

It also triggers something absolutely fascinating, called the Masculine Protection principle.

This is the principle that men’s ‘gladiator instincts’ are automatically triggered by a woman who seems soft and safe to be around.

If your voice and your face exude subtle but noticeable signs of ‘love’ you AUTOMATICALLY make him crave and want to cherish you, appreciate you, and protect you.

This is what Marilyn Monroe’s voice did to men all over the planet – it made them instinctively sense that she was soft, sweet, and in need of his powerful, masculine protection.

(The truth was, as people who worked with Marilyn attest, she was an incredibly strong, hard-headed businesswoman with a drive to succeed – not at all the sweet, helpless wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly woman her VOICE would have you believe she was.

She was a smart lady though who KNEW the power that the right tone of voice had in the human brain!)

Do this right and he will literally feel actively terrified of losing you, and will fight to make sure you feel constantly connected and loved.

That’s how important using the RIGHT tone of voice is. It plays a huge role in his chemical reaction to you, and he will automatically, INSTINCTIVELY respond.

So use that magic phrase correctly if you want to learn how to make him crave you.

I will stop here. If loved reading this article you will also love this POWERFUL VIDEO PRESENTATION BELOW.

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